by Susan - 27
(Sacramento, Ca)

I started reading this page on my phone at work yesterday, here at 8 am I've just finished.

It was a bit lengthy, BUT I think it's "enough time" to convince people that they are not alone in their negative thought processes, and that it doesn't have to be that way.

I am truly looking forward to your next edition.

For me personally, this was received in my inbox at just the right time. Perfect.

I appreciate all your work, and look forward to learning with you.

Thank you Chuck :)

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Chuck's response to Susan...

Hi Susan,

Thank You VERY much for sharing your thoughts. Reading a 20 plus page newsletter on your phone!! WOW!! Now THAT is what I call drive and commitment!! :) No easy task either I’ll bet.

And you are SO right that people aren’t alone in their “chosen” thought processes. Although I have no desire to “convince anyone” personally, I do the best I’m able to show those who are willing to see how “choosing” that quality of thought process CAN and DOES lead to less than desirable results in life.

And you’re so right, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way, but by the same token we all have the right, the ability and were “freely provided” the GIFT that enables us to choose that for ourselves.

I LOVE that about life. I also LOVE to do the best I’m able to assist those with the desire to make the shift, choose consciously so they might begin to experience a quality of life that better with what they desire.

Some will, some won’t but that’s OK too…either way. It ALL serves a meaningful purpose…regardless. It’s always perfect. It’s just a matter of us choosing to see that individually or not. The timing for each of us is, from my perspective ALWAYS perfect whatever we choose, wherever that leads and WHATEVER it might be that we experience individually as a result.

I’ve just adopted the mindset personally, to do the very best I can to assist those who are open, willing and receptive to finding a new truth; a more empowering truth; what I believe to be and label as the Higher Truth and those who aren’t ready for whatever reason and who also attempt to impede or downplay what I KNOW, I simply “Love those folks from a distance.”

That’s the best I know to do at this point.

Thank You for sharing your thoughts and experience regarding the newsletter Susan. I and the rest of the community as well as others will, no doubt benefit from it in some way, shape or form, whether we do so consciously and SEE that benefit intentionally or otherwise. In the “bigger scheme” It’s ALL good, it’s all perfect and it ALWAYS serves a “greater good.”

For some, it just doesn’t “seem that way” sometimes.

Thank You again Susan for your contribution. We’ll learn and grow from each others input as we move forward.

The VERY Best For You Always,


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