Thank You Chuck

by Tamara
(Louisiana USA)

Dear Chuck,

I would Love to thank you for the Enlightened Journey news letter. I learn a lot, I do consciously think my thoughts and I see a difference. Every day I read your guided meditation system and it is all true. By reading it gives me a new way; a positive way of thinking and its amazing.

Again thank you from my heart for sharing your experiences. You are a most valuable person to the world.

Yours Sincerely,


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Jun 06, 2015
by: S. N. Tiwary

Happiness: Acquired and Innate
Satya Narayan Tiwary

Neurobiological science has proved that there is a happiness centre in the brain which is closely linked with learning centre. Learning brings happiness. Learning process can be accelerated by activation of nucleus accumbens. Nucleus accumbens can be stimulated by positive experiences, happiness chemicals, drugs, addictive substances and alcoholic beverages leading to happiness. But such happiness is not natural and may be harmful.

Psychology has proved that everything happens first in the mind. Mind makes or mars. To conquer mind is to conquer the world.

What we are is what we think.

Nothing is either good or bad, it is our innate and intuitive gut feeling which makes good or bad. Life is all about choices. Happiness is a choice.

Choose happiness and be happy.

Happiness is inborn because the cause of our birth is the happiness and enthusiasm of our parents. Hence, it is genetic. Everybody is in pursuit of happiness but there are many innate and acquired things which annihilate our genuine gut feelings in this troubled world.

First and foremost, the fear is our biggest and deadliest enemy on the planet earth. Second is unlimited desires and expectations and third is lack of willpower.

In order to be peaceful, blissful and successful in life, one must minimize above mentioned three factors. Fear can be minimized through self-realization that we have come with nothing and will go with nothing. Hence, there is nothing to lose. The sense that, there's nothing in life to lose will make us fearless. Thinking about death leads to happiness because we feel dissociated from the material world.

Yoga and meditation elevate us to a place of wellness and peace leading to happiness.

When we transcend our consciousness of outer world and enter the inner realm, we experience inner divine eternal bliss.

Desires are unlimited but if we concentrate our mind on one desire, then we can achieve our goal.

Invincible and indomitable determination, devotion, dedication and discipline will definitely lead to achieve ultimate happiness and greatness.

Be happy. Disseminate happiness. Happiness you give, returns to you. Spread Universal happiness.

Apr 20, 2015
Thank You Tamara
by: Chuck

Hi Tamara,

Thank You for your kind sentiments and for sharing your experience here. You're VERY welcome. Be assured the pleasure is mine. The ability to share my experiences with the hope and intention of enhancing the lives of others around the world is a blessing and a gift that I'm extremely grateful for and will never take for granted.

Your willingness to share your own experience here, serves others as well, so once again Thank You for taking the time to do that.

I wish you the very best as you move forward and progress down whatever your chosen path might be.

To Your Health and Happiness Always,


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