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STOP Resisting and Start Having

If You Find Yourself Consistently Running Away From, Fearing, and Resisting What You Don't Want, I've Got Some POWERFUL and Transformational Advice To Share With You This Month...STOP IT!!

This month, let's talk about change. More specifically "resistance to change." It's a vitally important and enormously vast topic, simply because change is a constant. More than that it's unfolding EVERYWHERE...ALL the time. Nothing stands still. Change happens, is happening and will continue to happen in ways that most have no awareness of.

How can that be? Simply because the level that change begins at isn't an observable phenomenon in the way that we can observe a car, a house, or some tangible event, condition or circumstance unfolding in our lives.

What we look at, see and experience are the effects of the initially "unseen"

The foundational place where change begins cannot be looked at, seen or shifted with the limitations of the 5 human senses.

The surface level changes, regardless of their kind and quality are easy to see. Ironically, it's these, most generally the "appearance of things", that creates the very resistance that generates a kind of "tangible change" that conflicts with what we desire to have and keeps us from reaching the levels of success where we desire to be.

As humans we have a strong tendency to resist, avoid and fear those kinds of changes.

The many changes that are underway in the world, as well as how to create meaningful and lasting change for you, in whatever area of life you desire change in, is quite simple really once you clearly understand how resistance to "less than desirable change" only supports, solidifies and results in even more resistance as well as more of the same conditions that we don't want and that we're "trying so hard" to get away from.

There's no denying the fact that we live in times of great change. You can't escape change, but you can learn to deal with it in a very pleasing and productive kind of way.

In the past decade alone, the world has evolved, enormous change has taken place and the size, scope and magnitude of the many changes unfolding all around us, impacts each of us in different ways.

Although the change that’s being experienced around us is one and the same in a substantive, tangible and measurable kind of way, how we look at, see and perceive the many changes taking place, varies from individual to individual.

The reason why, is because we each hold unique beliefs and perspectives about ourselves, others and life in general, which forms the means to perceive and view these changes in different ways.

Although it can initially seem to be difficult (or in some cases, seem impossible) to comprehend, grasp and understand how and why "less than desired change" happens, the WHY and HOW behind these changes, as well as the “perceived differences” and how we respond or react to them, is really quite simple.

VERY VERY simple actually...

It’s what we “believe to be true” about the changes that take place.

For some, change causes anxiety, pain and suffering and for others, the very same change creates pleasure and happiness. Same change, different experience. What it really boils down to, is that it all depends on how we, as an individual respond or react to the many changes that are underway.

Although we’re ALL experiencing this change as a collective species, we each have our own way of looking at, seeing, perceiving and dealing with it.

There are 2 primary ways that we do that…

  1. Some “consciously respond.”

  2. Others "habitually react."

I like to think of responding in desirable ways as "consciously responding out of love" and habitually reacting as "unconsciously reacting out of fear."

We choose which we'll do as individuals, which also explains the difference in our results, even when dark and bleak outer changes are taking place.

Whichever we choose, we receive and undergo an “experience” in that moment that always aligns and harmonizes with the choice we make. There is no “right or wrong” choice really. There’s only A choice…OUR choice, that determines our unique and individual experience.

Although we call experiences that we don’t want “bad” and those that we love “good”, these “judgments and labels”, regardless of which they are, are only made based on our “belief.”

One sees something as good and another sees the same thing as bad. Who's right and who's wrong?

Any event, condition, circumstance, person or idea can only become one or the other (good or bad) based on our unique way of looking at them, which in turn determines how we as an individual respond or react to them.

Whichever way of BEING we choose, combined with the way in which we "choose to view these many changes" that are underway, one outcome becomes the EXPERIENCE we undergo.

"Consciously Responding" creates happiness and pleasure at varying degrees and, in the same way, although the same tangible event is occurring, "Habitually Reacting", creates pain and suffering.

One feels awesome and the other, not so much. In MOST cases, we experience a bit of both MOST of the time, sometimes (MOST times in fact) without even understanding or realizing why we react the way we do. Those who don't realize it, never take the time to understand, or do anything about their "unconscious reactions", never find out how much BETTER and more pleasurable life could be, if they only learned HOW to "consciously respond."

At varying degrees, MOST everyone experiences "suffering" even though, they don't have to, due to these "habitual reactions."

Let’s use a habitually reactive way of being to clarify how “choosing” to REACT creates pain and suffering.

Suffering is ALWAYS fear based, which causes a REACTION. Reaction can be equated to what scientists, psychiatrists and psychologists refer to as a fight or flight response. It’s created by the beliefs we hold, the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take or don’t take.

Each and EVERY one of these factors plays a role in determining the kind and quality of our life experiences in each and every moment.

In most cases, when a fight or flight response is discussed, “fight or flight mode” is perceived as being a “good thing.”

A fight or flight response IS a “good thing” in certain situations. Actually it's an AWESOME, useful and life saving thing if a car is barreling toward you at 100 miles per hour and you need to get out of the way quickly. When your fight or flight mechanism is triggered, it automatically get's you out of harm's way, really quickly and efficiently.

Point being, a fight or flight response keeps you safe and alive in that circumstance.

Unlike a "fight or flight reaction", a "conscious response" is always healthy, good, efficient and keeps us safe. But there's another kind of fight or flight thing that we do....some of us, A LOT, that not only isn't good, it doesn't keep us healthy and it MOST CERTAINLY doesn't keep us safe by any stretch of the imagination.

Quite the opposite actually.

It's called a Fight or Flight Reaction and it is NOT GOOD at all, in ANY way, shape or form...humanly speaking that is.

How so?

Unlike a "healthy response" that gets you out of harm’s way, when imminent danger that can harm your body is present, a fight or flight REACTION is EXTREMELY unhealthy. Not only "physically ill" unhealthy, but in many other ways as well.

When there is no eminent, physically harmful danger threatening you, and you choose to engage in an “unhealthy self limiting reaction”, many things happen.

  • It ALWAYS in ALL ways clouds your judgment

  • It dumbs you down,

  • It tears your body down in ways you can't imagine

  • It leads to DOING things that you "didn't really mean" or want to do

  • Ultimately, it keeps you from consciously responding to and moving steadily TOWARD what you "desire" in the most effective, efficient and desirable way possible.

It's ironic really, that a fight or flight response causes you to react and get out of harms way and a fight or flight REACTION, creates harm "needlessly" and puts you IN harm's way. Fight or flight reactions, consistently experienced over time will make you ill, or when experienced consistently over time, will actually KILL you...literally.

You know what's crazy? It's VERY common, but it's still crazy...

Most of our “fight or flight REACTIONS” do not stem from anything physical at all. They are simply "unfounded fears" which are “intangible in nature”, and as such cannot physically harm your body.

These unfounded fears DO ignite doubt, worry, anxiety and sometimes, "REALLY crabby people" and those harm you, but the fear that creates and ignites that within us, isn't physical at all.

A LOT of people are in and remain in fight or flight Reaction mode without even realizing it and because it's never addressed, without realizing it, they're dying a slow painful death. It's a form of suicide in a sense, although we don't realize that we are in fact killing ourselves.

How can you find out, so you can know if you are or aren't doing the same?

It's a very simple diagnosis in MOST cases. So simple you can do it all by yourself.

Here's how...

If you experience fear, doubt and worry...even the slightest form, yet you are in no "physical danger" when it happens, you are in fight or flight REACTION mode....the REALLY unhealthy, less than efficient and non productive kind that is making you sick and will, slowly but surely, kill you.

Most times, the fear, doubt and worry is ignited due to past experiences. Those experiences cause fear, doubt and/or worry to ignite resulting in reacting in an unhealthy way in the present.

Why though?

Past experiences can't hurt you. Past experiences are LONG GONE. They aren’t “tangible and measurable” in the here and now. They exist as a memory. A “memory has no substance” with the exception of the “memory picture” you hold in your mind.

But those past pictures impact and effect us in less than desirable ways, because we have these less than desirable and imaginary "fears" that the bad or "less than desired" things that happened in the past, might happen again in the future.

The majority of the fears we hold, never even take tangible form in the way we fear they will. Yes they can impact our health. But the tangible and measurable materialization of some event, condition or circumstance that we fear, in more cases than not never happens.

The reason WHY is a whole other newsletter, the HOW is a very deep subject and requires MUCH explaining, so we won't get into that right now.

Point being, unfounded fears and the doubt and worry that follows, due to memories of the past, puts us and KEEPS us in, a fight or flight REACTION mode, which only serves to cause pain and suffering in the here and now.

Suffering is the result of some form of resistance to, or avoidance of, what’s unfolding around us now, or a fear that something bad might, or is going to happen to us in the future.

Resistance and avoidance are ALWAYS “fear based.”

In the same way, happiness, contentment, joy and pleasure is the result of “accepting”, learning to appreciate and “consciously responding to” whatever event, condition or circumstance we’re experiencing in any given moment.

Most will tell you that "fear is normal and natural" because they view much of what’s unfolding around them as scary and out of their control. They “claim” that these “less than desirable events, conditions and circumstances in the world are the “cause of” their fear, pain and suffering.

Due to the fact that MOST see things that way, perhaps you think the same, so I’ll ask you…

  • Who determines the kind and quality of the beliefs you hold?

  • Who chooses the thoughts you think?

  • Who selects and utters the words you speak?

  • Who decides which actions you’ll take or not take?

  • Who determines what you’ll have or NOT have in life?

YOU do of course. Each of those factors play a role in what you create and experience. The foundational place where it ALL begins is consciousness." The kind and quality of our consciousness can be likened to a seed. The kind and quality of the seeds that "we choose" to sow determines the kind and quality of harvest that we reap and receive.

Since it’s YOU that plants the "seeds" which creates and determines the kind of EXPERIENCES that you DON'T WANT, could it mean that you can “turn the tables” anytime you "choose to", start believing, thinking and DOING things differently and begin creating, RECEIVING and experiencing what you “truly desire” instead?

Whether you "think you can or NOT", you CAN. MOST don't or won't for any number of reasons. Most times because they "claim" they don't have the time to do that "inner work" stuff or they don't think (and/or realize) that they CAN.

MOST claim they don't have the time. That one blows me away, and too is a WHOLE other newsletter that I'll write another time.

As long as they think and believe in that way, they get to be right of course. But it doesn't mean that they couldn't do things differently, "be right" in a more pleasing, healthier and more wholesome kind of way and experience far less "pain and suffering" both short and long term

The reason they don't, is only because they don't choose to. Some will say they don't know HOW to, yet in today's world answers and solutions are everywhere.

I have a LOT of people write to ask me if I can alleviate their pain and suffering?

I have an enormous amount of empathy and compassion for those in pain, but I don’t and can’t do that FOR anyone, anymore than you or anyone else can do it for me. In the same way, you nor I can make anyone happy and feel good either.

We can be a blessing or a curse in someone's life but how they're "feeling" is up to them.

No one can make anyone think, believe or feel any way that they choose not to, unless of course we “enable and allow” someone else to do so. I'm doing everything in my power right now to assist those who choose to read this, with everything I've got, to create a very fulfilling and wholesome quality of life. For those who aren't fond of reading, I create specialized audio courses so they can learn in their preferred way and in their own time.

That's why I founded Enlightened Journey Enterprises and what this newsletter is ALL about...not, alleviating "pain and suffering" but rather providing the necessary assistance to enable and empower those who "choose to", to know and grow in Love. I do that, so everyone who reads it or listens, gets it, internalizes it and DOES something with it, so they can be and remain happy and feel good...regardless.

There are those that are experiencing much pain and suffering because they HAVE allowed, are allowing and will continue to allow, others to mold and shape their beliefs...maybe even you.

Don't feel alone if that's the case though. You're not alone in that, at all. Far from it. The fact is MOST have done that. But just because MOST do it, it definitely doesn't make it the "best, wisest or most liberating choice."

That’s what MOST have done, are doing right now and will continue to do, unless and until they discover and become "keenly aware" of ONE VERY SIMPLE FACT.

What is this fact?

Many HAVE allowed and are continuing to allow influences from their past to dictate and determine not only HOW they respond or react to various things in the here and now, but are also enabling and allowing that "influence of others to "keep them from" HAVING what they truly desire in life.

How so? That too is simple.

The beliefs we hold, the thoughts we think, the perceptions that determine our unique view of the world, which causes responses and reactions of both a positive and "less than positive" quality, in more cases than NOT, are those we’ve adopted and acquired from others.

We couldn't help adopting the beliefs of others as children. But as adults, we CAN help it. We can help ourselves, starting right here, right now by exploring, discovering, paying close attention to and doing away with the beliefs that cause "unhealthy reactions."

But rather than do that, many choose to remain where they are, fully believing that they have no control or say so in the matter.

But we do. We ALL exceptions. If we can think, reason and rationalize, we CAN change things in our own lives REGARDLESS of what's happening inside or outside of ourselves. When we change what's going on inside, we discover that what's going on in the world out there changes too.

We can't change the fact that others make choices that create what we look at as less than desirable, but we CAN change how we view them and learn to "positively respond."

Since we each determine and have a say so in the kind and quality of the beliefs we hold, the thoughts we think, what we say, as well as what we do or don’t do, it’s safe to say that, before we can truly hope or expect to experience greater results, we MUST each accept complete and total responsibility for the choices we make every moment of every day at each and EVERY level.

When we learn it's US driving the bus and we accept responsibility for everything in our lives, and make a choice to enhance, expand and do away with the beliefs that ignite our unfounded fears which needlessly create our pain and suffering, we can stop all the "needless suffering" that so many go through and endure. With a little practice and consistency, we get really good at it and do so on demand.

Demand isn't even necessary simply because, once we've enhanced, elevated and done away with harmful beliefs and replace them with those that align with Higher Truth, a new habit is formed. We learn to consciously respond automatically, regardless, rather than unconsciously REACT based on conditions and circumstances.

But in MOST cases, we don't do that. Many don't even begin, let alone get better at doing so.

No one WANTS to suffer, and it’s a given that no one in their right mind would “intentionally create” conditions in their lives that would cause them to. Yet unintentionally we do it all the time. You could say we unknowingly and unconsciously think, speak and act in ways that creates “suffering”, even though we "claim" that we don’t WANT to experience the very “suffering” that we’re creating.

How we think, speak, act, perceive and view the world, stems from our learned beliefs. If we have less than we desire in our lives, it's only because we have a "flawed" or "wrong" or less than true belief that creates fight or flight REACTIONS...which as you're quite aware of by now, if you weren't already, are VERY unhealthy, quite self limiting and definitely, self sabotaging.

The great news is, those less than pleasant beliefs can be "unlearned" and changed anytime we choose. The not so great news is, in most cases, we don't choose that. The result is we often habitually react to various things consistently and continue to experience "needless" pain and suffering created by fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety, over and over and over again.

But we do, only because our “choice” to consistently engage in habitual reactions based on our long held beliefs that DO NOT serve us, can only cause us to RESIST, REACT and provide what we “claim” that we don’t want…which in this case is some form of suffering.

I don't care how intense or mild the suffering might be, whether a physical form caused by bodily damage, or in a mental and emotional kind of way, it's not fun and it's certainly not healthy.

What's really crazy is, even though it's not fun at all, combined with the fact that MOST suffering is "imagined" and self created, at the mental and emotional levels, we actually "choose" to suffer, even though we don't have to.

We may not realize it or fully understand HOW or WHY we're "choosing such a thing", but we are nonetheless when the "suffering" isn't caused by physical harm or trauma.

Here's what A LOT of "chronic sufferers" overlook that COULD eliminate 99.999% of the "needless suffering" they experience.

Suffering is often looked at and thought of as a strictly “tangible experience.” It is tangible in a sense. It’s “felt” in our bodies making it “seem as if” the “cause of our suffering” is something physical, tangible and measurable.

But it's not.

Even the ugly, horrific, dark and shadowy things happening in the world can't cause US pain and suffering unless WE enable and allow it to.

Although experienced in tangible ways, the Real Cause of our fear and suffering isn’t tangible and measurable at all. The fact of the matter is, it’s intangible in MOST EVERY case and has no shape, form and doesn’t exist as a tangible thing at all.

How so?

Well, let's dig a bit and take a close, conscious look below the surface.

Where does ALL "stuff" come from? Where does all the "good stuff" come from? Where does all this "stuff" that you DON’T WANT come from? Where did each and every “tangible and measurable” thing in our lives and in the world begin, prior to being in the tangible and measurable shape and form that they exist as in the here and now?

They ALL come from ONE and the SAME place...regardless of what they are.

Each of them, without exception began as a thought, an idea, a conceptualization. The various thoughts, ideas and conceptualizations we produce in our minds have no tangible substance until we take action and DO something with that "intangible thing."

Tangible things can be measured. They have substance which can be seen, tasted, touched, smelled, heard, spent, traded, and/or used in tangible ways as we go through life.

At this stage, the thinking, idealizing and conceptualization stage, they can’t be seen or measured. They are “intangible” in nature.

Where do these thoughts, ideas and conceptualization come from? Each, without exception is derived from and can be traced back to “consciousness.” The quality of “consciousness” that we adopt, adhere to and make our important life choices by, varies from individual to individual, but EVERYTHING...EVERY THING, without exception begins there.

In the same way, suffering begins at the “"consciousness level" just as happiness, joy, contentment and pleasure does. Each reveals itself and becomes an experience, the kind and quality of which is dependent on what we believe and perceive it as being.

The way some think and view things causes suffering regardless. The way others view things, it causes happiness and smiles regardless. It only depends on HOW we view things and what we look for.

There's bad that can be found in every good thing, just as good can be found in every bad thing.

What IS in the world currently, isn’t necessarily what it “truly is”, but rather what we believe, perceive and how we view what is, based on those factors.

Because of how MANY believe, perceive and view things, there's a LOT of "needless suffering" that a lot of people are undergoing due to those beliefs and perceptions.

We honestly believe that what’s happening in our lives, or on a larger scale, in the world out there, is what creates the suffering that we experience. Due to this “unaware and uninformed choice”, we are consistently triggered by, and as a result react to, what’s unfolding around us.

The only time we suffer is when we have, and believe, a thought that argues with where we are and "what we’re experiencing” right now. When the mind is calm, focused and perfectly clear, when we keep our focus on the desirable form of vision that we’d LOVE to SEE and we hold it in our minds consistently, we can get to the place where we “accept” "what is" in this moment so we can move through and change ANY “event, condition or circumstance” that we “prefer not” to experience.

I have clients tell me ALL the time, that they can't calm their mind. REALLY? Anyone CAN, who chooses to learn the art of meditation. That's just a small fraction of what meditation does. Calms the mind and a WHOLE LOT more as those who DO it will happily tell you.

It not only calms, it enables you to develop "clarity of thinking." Thinking ALONE doesn’t “get it done”, but that is MOST CERTAINLY where it ALL begins.

MOST are thinking about and focused on WANTING. They WANT this, WANT that or WANT this other thing, never realizing there is ZERO need to WANT. What's more, WANTING is NOT pleasurable. Wanting can and often does create pain and suffering...sometimes VERY intense forms. WANTING anything is a form of fight or flight REACTION in disguise.

HAVING what we “truly desire” in both tangible and measurable as well as intangible ways, on the other hand, creates a "positive response which is IS quite pleasurable.

Pleasure NEVER comes from WANTING, yet it definitely can come from having. It can that is, if we develop clarity, remain focused and consciously design what we receive to ensure it's always pleasurable to us.

Otherwise, it does what can't, doesn't and NEVER will serve us...puts us in a fight or flight REACTION mode at varying degrees and creates more pain, suffering, illness and even death.

Point is, we can WANT and WANT and WANT some more, because what we want isn't in the here and now, yet it's NOT going to provide it. In fact WANTING only serves to create a "seemingly inescapable cycle" of MORE wanting, which only leads to more pain and suffering.

One of the most forward thinking agents of change in the world today, Byron Katie, gives a great example of how futile and frustrating WANTING and reacting is…

"If you want your reality to be different than what is, then you might as well try to teach your cat to bark. You can try and try and in the end the cat will look up at you and say 'Meow'. Wanting your reality to be different than what it is in this moment, is just as hopeless. You can spend the rest of your life trying to teach your cat to bark."

If you’ll choose to get still, focused and pay very close attention to what’s going on in your mind, you'll notice that you think "resistant thoughts" that put you in "fight or flight REACTION mode all the time.

Whenever the words should or shouldn’t pop into your head, that's PRECISELY what is going on.

Specific examples are…

  • …"I should be thinner, or I shouldn’t be this overweight.

  • …My business colleague should be less sensitive and/or shouldn’t react in the way he/she does.

  • “My spouse should be more attentive and/or shouldn’t spend so much time with everyone else.

  • ”My bank account should have more money in it and/or shouldn’t be so low

Our shoulds and shouldn’ts stem from a desire or need to change and/or control someone or something that’s taking place in our lives.

We can’t control the choices and actions of others and we can’t change what is in this moment by simply snapping our fingers for sure. What we CAN do is begin making more "conscious, intentional and meaningful choices and begin doing things NOW that make our short and long term “future outcomes” MUCH more pleasurable, far more desirable and a WHOLE BUNCH more FUN.

That's when MUCH, if not ALL "suffering" ends. That all depends on how "good" you get at responding in love...unconditionally.

Contrary to much of the airy fairy “Law of Attraction NONSENSE” circulating the world today, you can’t merely “think, visualize and meditate your way into” prosperity.

A lot of people bought into, "thought" and tried that. Many "claimed to believe it. They couldn't believe it at the deepest parts of themselves because it isn't TRUE, it's never been true and it's never going to be. We can't "really believe" what isn't true at the deepest levels, although we can "want to believe" something.

A lot of people "want" to believe something, so they'll "claim" they do believe it. But when it's not a belief that aligns and harmonizes with how the creative process was designed to work, it's NOT going to provide the "desired result" regardless of HOW badly we WANT it or how MUCH we "claim" that we believe it.

That too does nothing more or less than causes more pain and more suffering.

Many tried and even hung with the "visualize your dream life" into being nonsense. Many still are, only to EXPERIENCE a bunch of needless suffering in "tangible and measurable" ways because they're "wanting and waiting" for their "dream life" to be dropped in their lap.

It's a form of self created lack, limitation and ultimately, sabotage.

Whether it's creating abundance and prosperity or poverty and paucity, "thinking alone" can't, doesn't and never will create any end result of tangible and measurable form in and of itself.

What we create, receive and experience in our lives, whether desired or NOT desired, could be looked at as, the result of a multi-level process.

To have what we "desire", we MUST think, speak and ACT in ways that align and harmonize with the thing or things DESIRED and take ALL focus and emphasis OFF OF what we WANT and DON’T have.

Then we must DO what MUST be done at the intangible level and remain FOCUSED on the "desired result"...regardless and what "needs to be done" in a way that aligns and harmonizes with it, so we might HAVE and experience what we desire in tangible and measurable form.

Consistently saying or thinking, "that should be this way" and "this shouldn't be that way", doesn't and can't get the job done in the best, simplest and most pleasurable way that it CAN BE done.

It's a way of doing things that only serves to cause our "needless suffering."

These shoulda, woulda and coulda as well as shouldn't, didn't and can't thoughts are self limiting and self sabotaging. They're ways of wanting reality to be different than it is.

By consistently resisting and avoiding what is, makes it much harder (and in some cases IMPOSSIBLE) to get to where we truly desire to be.

The point is, all the fear, doubt, worry, stress and anxiety you feel in your life at this very moment is caused by resistance to, avoidance of and/or arguing with "whatever it might be that you’re seeing and experiencing now."

I’ve got 2 words of on target and life enhancing advise for dealing with that based on "personal experience" and MUCH personal suffering…

STOP IT!!...IF you "really and truly "desire" to experience greater and more pleasing results.

Doing anything less and expecting a different result than you've been getting, is, as Albert Einstein can be quoted as saying, INSANITY.

If you “truly desire” for things to be different, it’s going to require DOING things differently. The FIRST thing that MUST be done before you can reasonably expect desirable, meaningful and lasting change of a very pleasant kind to take form in your life consistently, is to CHANGE the QUALITY of CONSCIOUSNESS that’s creating the “less than desired” outcomes that “seem to be” the cause of our "imagined" fears, doubts, worries and the paralyzing anxiety that stems from them.

The kind and quality of CONSCIOUSNESS necessary to EXPERIENCE greater results has MANY labels and is described in different ways by different people.

You can call it whatever you like...

  • God Consciousness

  • Wealth consciousness

  • Christ Consciousness

  • Prosperity Consciousness

  • ...or WHATEVER label best suits, feels and works best for you.

Labels don’t matter. What makes you FEEL best, MOST alive, confident and empowered is what does matter.

Whichever of those labels you prefer and choose, there’s a common theme amongst these “seemingly different” qualities of consciousness that MUST be applied to experience the happiest, most fulfilling and prosperous quality of life.

What is it?

It’s an acceptance of and surrendering to what’s happening in the world around us right now.

You may be thinking, "But if I simply accept things as they are, then I will become passive and nothing will change."

Surrender and acceptance in the way I'm using them here, doesn't and isn’t implying that a form of passivity or complacency is the approach at all. It has nothing to do with expressing apathy toward or acceptance of what is, as in “That’s just the way things are, so I might as well suck it up, grin, bear it and live with it.”

That's what MOST do. They "think they have to "settle" even though they really don't.

Acceptance and surrender is a state of mind that keeps you calm, centered, focused on and moving toward the kind and quality of results that you desire to see, REGARDLESS of what's happening around you.

It's a way of BEING that disarms and snuffs out all the resistance INSIDE, regardless of what's going on OUTSIDE, which enables you to remain focused, on track and moving steadily toward where you "truly desire" to be...regardless.

What's happening INSIDE you when REACTION mode is taking place, leads to inaction in some cases, or at best, only allows you take a FAR less efficient and effective form of action than it COULD, be by choosing to respond.

Responding frees you and enables and empowers you to FULLY engage in a more clearly focused, efficient and desirable quality of action.

It enables you to "feel better" too. MUCH better in fact.

Which of these statements "feels better" and makes more sense to you?

"Man, I wish I hadn't lost all that money" or "What can I do right now to create more income?"

Accepting and surrendering to "what is" doesn't mean you give up and settle for the way things are. It’s a “mental and emotional” form of acceptance and surrender that BEGINS at the “consciousness level.”

Where do ALL things stem from, whether awesome, grand, so so, or horrific? Consciousness right?

Everything that follows the quality of “consciousness” that you choose, both tangibly and intangibly, aligns and harmonizes with that “choice.”

When you choose an "acceptance and surrender" form of consciousness...unconditionally, nothing...NO THING, person, place or event can "rattle you."

You may choose to "Love some person or thing from a distance, but by loving and clinging to what doesn't honor, respect or serve you in the way that you DESERVE to be honored, respected and served, is another form of self degradtion and sabotage.

Consciously choosing who and what you should love up close or from a distance keeps you centered, stable, consciously responsive and moving toward where you desire to be. You don't get shook up, upset and start DONG what leads you away from, rather than closer to what you "truly desire."

That's what is required to feel good and have what we desire to. It's important to learn how to "love your less than true beliefs from a distance too. You do that by LEARNING and adopting new ones that serve rather you rather than hinder.

Then you can "think clearer", feel better, experience greater health, DO things more effectively and efficiently and ultimately, HAVE MORE of what you "truly desire" in your life.

The fact of the matter is, it can transform your ENTIRE life, in EVERY way.

Often times it's a process that takes time, practice and the discipline to become and remain "keenly aware" of what you're thinking and saying most of the time. In MOST cases, it requires DOING it consistently for a time until you can learn to recognize, accept, release and shift the thoughts that create "suffering" into those that "feel better." Before you know it, this new empowering way of thinking becomes a new habit.

The old self sabotaging habitual pattern dissolves and new, more empowering and "healthier" pattern, takes it's place.

Then you start feeling better, doing better and HAVING far more pleasure and far less suffering.

What it really boils down to at varying degrees, is that you begin to automatically respond out of love rather than REACT out of fear.

Although it takes a bit of time and discipline initially, it's time well spent because it WILL change your life in ways that you "may" be unable to conceive or imagine right now.

Developing and mastering your ability to DO that, enables and empowers you to stay clear minded, calm, centered, focused on and consistently moving toward, whatever it might be that you DO "truly desire."

That's the kind and quality of DOING at the "intangible level" that’s necessary, vital and in fact mandatory, if you ever hope to create meaningful, long term, and “desirable change.”

Don't misunderstand, DOING IT isn't mandatory. In fact, it's optional. Whether YOU choose to do it or not is all dependent on how much you desire change.

A LOT of people experience A LOT of suffering before they discover and realize that. Take it from someone who has "been there and done that", suffering can lead to us to exploring and doing A LOT of things that we never understood or "thought" we could or would do.

I learned that first hand, the hard way, before I discovered The POWER behind accepting and surrendering.

Acceptance and surrender at the mental level provides emotional centeredness and stability. It doesn’t mean you “settle” for the way things are. It simply means that you accept what is right here, right now and in the process, give up all the resistance, inner struggle and "self created" turmoil that "needlessly causes suffering", by merely learning to RESPOND in LOVE rather than REACT out of fear.

Consistently REACTING is always followed by hoping, wishing or praying that things “should be” different or “shouldn’t be” happening.

Let's briefly "touch on" what "should be" or shouldn't be happening.

There is NOTHING…and I do mean NO THING that “shouldn’t be” happening. It’s all happening JUST as we are “choosing and allowing” for it to.

The creative process is PERFECT and precise in what it delivers. It NEVER FAILS, NEVER WAVERS, NEVER ERRS, NEVER DISCERNS< NEVER JUDGES and NEVER provides what “shouldn’t be happening", although it CAN “seem like that.” If it "seems like that to you, the sooner you learn and understand this, the sooner things can become better and more aligned with what you really desire.

What has been, is, as well as what will be, is a reflection of YOU. You created it and YOU can change it IF ever and WHENEVER YOU decide to.

That change begins at the "intangible level" and at some point, transforms the less than desired "tangible things" that "seemed bad" at one point, into something that most humans call "AWESOME and good."

So what can you DO that makes that real for you...consistently?

If you’re less than satisfied with where you’ve been, where you are or where your headed, enhance your beliefs, change your mind, change yourself, start accepting rather than resisting and start DOING things in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with the future you "truly desire" to see.

Make a conscious choice to Respond out Love, rather than REACT out of fear.

As I often share, Love, allow, accept and surrender...unconditionally.

That's how "simple" creating the life of your dreams is, although MOST can't SEE that because MOST don't DO that.

EASY? NO. Not initially. Simple? YES. It is, always has been and always will be "Profoundly Simple."

If you ever decide to do what "seems to be" REALLY difficult initially, perhaps one day you'll SEE and EXPERIENCE for yourself, just how SIMPLE, unerring and unwavering it all is.

When you become able to SEE that, when you KNOW that at the deepest place within yourself and you clearly understand how "real and true" that is at the "tangible and intangible" level, life can. does and WILL become UTTERLY AMAZING.

The REALLY REALLY GREAT thing is, you CAN SEE that, KNOW that and EXPERIENCE for yourself, whenever YOU make the choice to.

If you'd like to know all the details about HOW you can and WHY you can, I recommend getting, listening to and applying what I share in The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation. It's changed the lives of A LOT of people from all around the world.

Now, it's up to you.

That's it for this month. Until next time, "Allow It" to be an AWESOME one, will you?

Do yourself and the world a HUGE favor and NEVER, EVER stop doing THAT...regardless.

To You and Your Success,

Chuck Danes

PS - If you feel inspired, compelled or just want to share something that's on your mind, share it the form below. Your questions and comments serve others as well.

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