Thank you!

by Debbie

Just wanted to say thanks and that I'm looking forward to the next newsletter.

Not really sure where I am at the moment although I have experienced a change in my heart! A feeling of love, peace,& joy. The bible tells us to gain wisdom and understanding and that is how I found your sight. Thanks so much because what I have read so far is enlightening!

Chuck's response to Debbie...

Hi Debbie,

So glad to hear that my "work" is providing benefit to you. I like to think of "a change of heart" as "shifts" made in the mind. Gives a whole new meaning to "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind" for many. Head shifts that align and harmonize with "Heart based direction" are certainly the most beneficial kind I've found for providing Real Love, Real Peace and Real Joy consistently. The aftershocks of that experience are far reaching to say the least.

In many cases (it was certainly the case with me and many others who I connect with) it's simply a matter of "unlearning" much of the limiting "fear based" things we've been taught and have been led to believe about God, ourselves and life in general and "relearning" what Unconditional Love truly is which I believe is the "essence" of Source, whatever "label" someone might choose to describe Source.

The VERY BEST for you as you move forward.

Thank You For Sharing Your Experience Here,


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