Thanks And A question

by Ugochukwu
(Port harcourt Nigeria)

Thank you Sir for your eye opening journal,your system of teaching is unique in that you have bigger picture approach that aims at a better individual and a better world.

My question is this; I have been an avid reader of inspirational material since my youthful days but have not achieved my long cherished ambition for years. Please what is responsible?

I am now contemplating joining the Roscicrucian AMORC to learn there method as well but I want to know from your vast experience whether there is a negative side effect of joining them.

My religious organization see them as agents of the devil, the fear is the only thing holding me. Hopping for your timely response.

Chuck's response to Ugochukwu...

Follow your heart Ugochukwu, not what others "tell you" that you "should or shouldn't" do. Every path you walk serves a purpose...a "greater good."

Fear is not of God. Love is. Fear is created by listening to, believing and adhering to mans "short sighted" and limited perspectives of God.

Tune into your heart and follow it's lead...wherever it leads.


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