The how to of Meditation

I read this article in one sitting because the explanation of "be still and know thyself" really grabbed my attention.

I internalized everything you said because it sort of connected with my brain and made absolute perfect sense to me. I do believe we choose our own path.

I definitely want to choose the 'simple' path and struggle with staying on the simple path everyday.

I also struggle with meditation. How doe's one meditate when the brain will never 'be still' long enough to allow the quiet to happen?

How doe's one still the brain or find the quiet in between the thinking to allow the eye of the soul to benefit them?

I would really love to hear you thoughts on these two questions.

Carol Mitchell

Thanks for being here!

Chuck's response to Carol...

Hi Carol,

Glad to hear you found benefit from this edition.

There are many forms of meditation. I can't be certain what you are doing to meditate.

A lot of people think that sitting still in a quiet place is all that needs to be done. This can be done, but most find, as you have, that it requires assistance to learn the art of meditation to become efficient at doing it with the greatest result in the shortest timeframe possible.

Not all methodologies of meditation are created equal, I'll assure you. :)

Some require much discipline and years to master. The reason is because they don't instruct on how to transcend the mind. Many forms of meditation activate the mind by focusing on an object, etc. This methodology does nothing more than keep the mind engaged and active.

Meditation is intended to still the mind so it can be transcended. This is where a sense of "knowing", peace, and indescribable sense of assurance is achieved.

I have utilized a form of meditation that I and many others have found to be profoundly effective and enables deep meditative states to be achieved without years of practice.

That system is called Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation.

It's much more than just a meditation system. It also includes a lot of educational material, a guided meditation as well as an "unguided version" once you're comfortable doing it on your own after learning how to do it effectively through the guided version of the program.

Hopefully the link above will provide you with more of the information you're looking for and that you find this answer helpful.

And...You're welcome. "Thank You" for being here and leaving your input.

The Very Best Always,


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