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Simple Is Best - Most DEFINITELY Best

Experiencing the Peace, Joy, Simplicity and Perfection of Life Isn't
Nearly as Elusive, Difficult or "Seemingly Complex" as So Many
Have Been Taught, Learned, Believe and Think That It Is

This month we're going to be covering a topic that CAN simplify and at the same time dramatically enhance your life in astounding ways. Perhaps in far greater ways than you can possibly conceive or imagine right now.

That will depend on you of course. I can't possibly know what you'll do or not do with it. What I do know after personally experiencing the transformational power behind the topics and concepts we'll be covering here, is the fact that they're more than worthy of your time and attention.

Your undivided attention.

That's important because the world is undergoing many changes. There is a new paradigm emerging. A MAJOR shift is happening. A lot of shifts actually. These shifts are creating a lot of waves and a lot of changes. These waves of change are BIG too. As with any change, there's only one of 2 choices to make as these changes unfold.

You can catch the wave and ride it or enable it to drown you.

Change is nothing new of course. It's always happening. What's different about today is that these changes are happening more quickly and with greater intensity than ever before. Because of that, more and more people are opening their eyes and beginning to become "aware of" and understand things that at one point were considered irrational, illogical, impractical and in some cases taboo.

That's a matter of opinion and perspective of course.

If BEING, doing and/or having more is important to you at this point in your life and you're serious about getting it, this month's edition of Enlightened Journey, titled 'Simple Is Best' is especially for you.

I'm going to be introducing you to a few very simple concepts this month. Yes, they are very simple but they're important to understand. They're VERY important if you're sincere and serious about achieving more in life in the simplest way possible. They're important because they're topics that CAN, if you choose, master the waves of change and provide what you truly desire in any and all areas of life, both tangibly and/or intangibly.

Ironically it's these same concepts that CAN just as easily and "simply" keep you from receiving what you do desire.

The concept we'll be covering here in Part 1 of Simple IS Best, is Paradigms.

Paradigms are a VERY IMPORTANT concept to understand because your individually chosen paradigm is what determines the kind and quality of your life. I'm not going to get into all the spiritually centered, scientific or philosophical how's and why's that reveal why that's true here, although we will be taking a closer look at the underlying forces that determine that in the near future.

For now, I will say this...

Whether you think paradigms play an important role in your life or not is immaterial really...they DO. They determine what you think, how you think, how you feel, what you do and how well you do it. Each of those factors determine what you'll have and experience in life.

Paradigms also determine if we'll ever experience Real Harmony, Real Wealth, Real Happiness and Real Freedom in our lives or not. Point being, paradigms are VERY important to become aware of and understand if you're sincere and serious about experiencing the greatest quality of life that you possibly can.

Let's Take a Close Look at What Paradigms Are and How They Determine The Kind and Quality of Our Lives

The paradigm we exist within extends beyond how we think, what we believe, or how we feel.

Our paradigms determine every aspect of our lives at EVERY level including the spiritual, mental, emotional and the physical. At this "physical level", our paradigms determine the kind and quality of our tangible and measurable results.

Paradigms also determine the "intangible" aspects of life.

You could say that our chosen paradigms are all encompassing and all pervasive as they pertain to our "individual experiences" and the kind and quality of those experiences.

Sadly most "experience" lack, limitation and discord in at least one, and in many cases, several areas of their lives. The reason most do is simply because most operate in and function from a "scarcity paradigm."

The sad fact is, most people do. When they look at their lives, they see lack, limitation and discord of varying degrees. These "less than desirable" outcomes reveal themselves as a lack of money, a lack of time, a lack of love, a lack of health, a lack of joy, a lack of happiness, etc. etc. etc.

In other words, some experience lack, limitation and discord of an "intangible nature", some experience lack, limitation and discord of a "tangible nature" and some experience the same lack, limitation and discord both tangibly and intangibly.

Experiencing lack and limitation in ANY area of life is no fun. Experiencing it in ALL areas of life is "horrific." Not only is it horrific it's unnecessary, although we CAN choose that. We can also choose a life of that provides plenty in the outer world but lack in the inner world.

We can choose the opposite too. We can feel happy, fulfilled and full on the inside, yet still have lack and limitation on the outside.

Whichever we experience aligns and harmonizes with our beliefs about what harmony is in one or both areas. We get to choose that and our chosen paradigms reveal it

In my opinion, it requires both to experience Real Harmony though.

A Perceived Lack of ANYTHING in ANY Area of Life Keeps us From Living and Experiencing a Life of Real Harmony.

Harmony can mean different things to different people. That all depends on the paradigm that you exist within.

A lot of people "think" that once they're "rich" they'll become enabled to experience harmony. They construct and exist within a paradigm that can never enable and allow harmony to become real. Others "think that when they "get" the right partner, they'll FINALLY know what it means to experience harmony. Others think that when they achieve some predefined level of health that they'll once and for all experience harmony.

Experiencing Real Harmony in life has nothing to DO with what we get or have in physical life. Harmony is a "way of BEING." It's not about getting or having anything "physical." Put simply, Experiencing Real Harmony has nothing to do with stuff in and of itself, regardless of how much stuff we have or don't have.

The reason WHY, is because when we get this "stuff" we always WANT more stuff. That's where paradigms play a role.

WANTING or NEEDING more "stuff" keeps us trapped within a "scarcity paradigm" which keeps Real Harmony from becoming REAL.

You can be filthy rich, poor and destitute, healthy, sick, have the most awesome partner or be lonely and still exist within a scarcity paradigm.

The reason why is because it's NOT the "stuff" that makes the difference, regardless of how much "stuff" you get or don't get. A LOT of people have a lot of stuff but still exist within a "scarcity paradigm."

Others have very little "stuff" but experience internal harmony. They're happy...regardless. That's where Real Harmony stems from.

Shifting from a "scarcity paradigm" to a "prosperity paradigm" is an inside job. It is, simply because if the "inner stuff" isn't aligned and harmonized with "prosperity", all the "Outer external stuff" will NEVER enable and allow you to experience Real Harmony, Real Joy and Real Fulfillment in life.

In a sense, Real Harmony is an inside and an outside job. But it ALL begins "inside." When you have harmony "inside" it becomes much more "simple and easy" to experience outer harmony.

Based on my own personal views and perspectives, it requires both to experience Real Harmony. The reason I think that, is because the "outer stuff" serves a purpose. It's here to be experienced. It CAN enable and allow us to fully experience life and continue to experience Real Harmony as long as we keep our priorities in check.

Keeping our priorities in check is important too. When we don't, we can get so focused on the "outer stuff" that "inner stuff" shifts and Real Harmony goes away. We end up with some stuff but lose our sense of being in harmony.

Outer "stuff" in and of itself, ALWAYS leaves a "void" which only serves to put us in and keep us "seemingly trapped" within a scarcity paradigm. The reason it does is because whatever you have; regardless of how MUCH or little you have is NEVER enough to fill the void that gnaws at you from "within yourself."

That's why those who have so much "stuff" are always WANTING, NEEDING and "trying to get more "stuff." They think that more of this "stuff" will fill the void but it NEVER does and NEVER can. The only way to permanently fill the void is to first develop "inner harmony."

What Determines the Quality of our Paradigms
and Where Do They Originate From?

Paradigms are formed over time due to a multitude of habits that we engage in over time; mostly unconscious habits that are anchored and deeply embedded at a subconscious level. The kind and quality of paradigm that we exist within as individuals is made "seemingly real" based on a combination of our beliefs, perceptions and past experiences.

Those beliefs and perceptions are initially formed based on what we're taught. Essentially, we learn, we accept and we adopt the beliefs that others teach and condition us to believe.

Sometimes they're helpful and sometimes they're not. It's up to us to determine that at some point.

Unbeknownst to MANY, how we view ourselves, others, our lives and the world at large is what molds, shapes and determines how our lives unfold. It doesn't fail, it never wavers and never errs. The paradigm you exist within determines EVERY aspect of your life and everything you experience in your life. It determines what you experience physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There are NO exceptions. It determines how you view the world which also determines how you show up in the world, which in turn determines what you'll have or not have in the world.

If you're not receiving what you desire in life it's because others have molded and shaped your paradigm in such a way that keeps you from whatever it is. That's why it's important at some point to become conscious and aware of what you believe and why you believe it.

The paradigm you've chosen at some point in the past is what has determined your past as well as what your experiencing now. The paradigm you choose now is determining your NOW and is going to determine what unfolds in your future.

Point being, the paradigm that WE as individuals "choose" to exist within is VERY important. As adults, everyone exists within a paradigm of their choosing. What's "good" about that though is the fact that since we do choose ours, we can change them if we don't like what we're experiencing anytime WE decide to.

The key to enhancing the quality of our lives in astounding ways is to enable and allow ourselves to get to the place where we can begin making a conscious decision as to what paradigm we'll mold, construct and exist within.

Although VERY simple, doing so is seldom easy at first. Initially it came seem to be quite difficult. It is difficult for most. That's why most don't do it. But it's worth doing it. WELL worth it. It is, because once you get through the "seemingly difficult" part, life not only becomes much easier, it becomes "harmonious."

That's what EVERYONE "wants" in life. The ONLY reason so many WANT it is because they "lack the AWARENESS" that enables them to HAVE and experience it. Very few realize they CAN experience harmony which is why so many are always trying to get more "stuff" so they can FINALLY experience it.

Let's look at a few very specific examples of just how important paradigms are and WHY it may be worth it to you to explore this concept as well as the concepts that will follow in future editions of Enlightened Journey.

Our chosen paradigms determine...

  • Why and HOW rich people get richer

  • Why and HOW the "middle class" remain in the "middle class" even though they "claim" they don't WANT to

  • Why and HOW poor people "seem to be" hopelessly stuck and remain seemingly trapped in poverty

  • Why and HOW some "seem to" float effortlessly through life DOING much less than others while still receiving "windfall after windfall"

  • Why and HOW so many struggle just to survive and get by no matter what they DO, how much they DO IT or HOW hard they "try"

Your chosen paradigm also provides the Why and how YOU will (or won't) receive your "heartfelt desires" and/or continue on getting more of the same ole same ole that you've been getting.

That's what this edition, Simple is Best is going to reveal to you.

If you have a sincere desire to enhance the quality of your life but haven't been able to FIND the time to read other editions of Enlightened Journey because you've been "Way too busy DOING other stuff" so you can survive, get by and/or "make life better", I HIGHLY recommend that you FIND the time to read this edition as well as EVERY edition in the future IF you're sincere, serious, committed and you'd like to find a "FAR more simple, quick and easy way" to DO things than most others understand.

That's entirely up to you of course.

Regardless of what you do or don't do, Simple IS Best COULD, as it HAS for countless others before you, prove to be the "missing link" that so many ARE anxiously and frantically looking for, "trying" so hard to find and DOING so much to attain.

Let's take a closer look at why DOING that is important.

Imagination is The Greatest Creative Force in The Universe

A number of years ago, Nobel Prize Laureate Albert Einstein came to the conclusion that imagination IS the greatest creative force in the Universe.

We ALL have an imagination. Our imagination, like everything else finds it's root in "consciousness." You already have consciousness and you DO have an imagination.

That means that YOUR imagination is a powerfully creative force too.

As true as that is and as powerful as our imaginations are, ironically, that's the foundational reason why most don't receive what they truly desire in life. They don't, simply because they are unable to conceive or imagine that they can. They "think" that where they are is as "good as it gets." They just can't seem to see or get beyond where they are.

They exist within a "scarcity paradigm" and project that scarcity through their "imagination."

Others "try" to do their best to conceive or imagine what life "could be or might be like" but, based on what they SEE going on in the "world out there", they simply don't believe that they can get there from here. They "imagine" that what's going on out there is keeping them from the life they'd love to experience.

They exist within a "scarcity paradigm" and project that through their "imagination."

There are still others that consistently "imagine" how hard, tough, difficult and/or unfair life is.

They exist within and project that scarcity mentality" through their "imagination."

I can only assume that you've joined the Enlightened Journey Community, are here and reading this right now because you desire more of something in your life.

So I'll ask you...

Is getting that (whatever it is) important to you...I mean REALLY important?

Equally as important, are you willing to DO what's required of you to enhance the quality of your consciousness and your "imagination" so you might "shift the paradigm" that keeps you from it into the kind and quality of paradigm that will enable, allow and empower you to get WHATEVER it might be that you DO desire?

If it's not all that important and/or you're NOT willing to DO what's necessary, (something different than you HAVE BEEN doing) unless you just love to read, there's no need to waste your time reading further. If you're like most, your time is VERY important and equally as limited. If that's the case for you it's simply because you spend MOST of your time trying to get what you WANT, surviving and getting by and/or "trying to make life better" as MOST do.

If having more of what you "truly desire" is important to you though, it's going to require DOING; or at the very least considering DOING something that most don't and won't do.

The first step in the process is enhancing your "awareness" so you might begin "imagining" bigger and better things for yourself so you can enable and allow the necessary "paradigm shifts" to occur that "enable and allow" you to EXPERIENCE the harmony that so many WANT.

If you're sincere and serious about having a quality of life that most only hope, wish and dream about, read on because what follows CAN provide you with an uncommon level of insight, understanding and direction that most certainly CAN and if you'll apply it, WILL point you toward and propel you forward into EXPERIENCING a kind and quality of life that you really and truly DO LOVE...on ALL levels.

Let's cover some very simple "basics" first.

Are You Blindly, Futilely and Hopelessly Trying
to "Make Life Better" or Consciously Choosing to Focus on and Exist Within a Life of Harmony?

Nearly everyone I connect with, tells me they are "doing their best" to "make life better."

It's amazing to me...sadly amazing that so many in the world are anxiously scrambling around, doing this, doing that, seeking this, seeking that and always in search of more stuff, more systems, more techniques, more processes, more secrets, etc. etc. with the hope and intention of "making life better."

It doesn't matter who they are, what they've achieved thus far, how high up the ladder of "success" they've climbed, where they live or what they do. When you talk to those who do that, the answer they provide as to WHY they're doing that, is almost always the same.

They're doing so to "survive and get by" or in the hope of "making life better."

If you've followed my work for any time at all, you're keenly aware of the "power of your mind." You get the fact (at least to some degree) that what's programmed into our minds is what determines our thoughts, words and actions which collectively determine our reality.

If you DO get that; I mean REALLY get it, you also understand this next statement...

Holding beliefs and perceptions about Making life better is never going to enable and allow life to become what we "truly desire" for it to become. Beliefs and perceptions that have you consistently "struggling to survive and get by" aren't going to enable and allow you to move beyond the constant struggle to survive and get by.

Not "long term" at least.

If you don't understand WHY that's true right now, but you're REALLY serious about experiencing the greatest possible quality of life, it's going to be important; VITALLY important that you DO what's necessary so you can "get it, internalize and apply" the simple concepts that "enable and allow" you to, if you hope to "get" the quality of life that so many "claim" to want yet seldom receive.

Sure, you may get some new shiny thing on occasion, yet in no time, the newness wears off. When it does, you'll be right back out there once again doing your best to survive and get by and/or trying to "make life better."

The cycle continues for as long as you choose to enable and allow it to continue.

Point being, "trying to make life better" in this limited and shortsighted way only serves to keep you "trying" to make life better. Some do that their entire lives and never receive what they "truly desire."

No one "truly wants" to merely survive and get by any more than they WANT to always be trying to "make life better." What we "truly desire" is to experience a life that we love.

What we're all "truly" looking for, trying so hard to find and DOING so much to get is a life of harmony. A life of harmony is a life that we Love. When we get to the place where we Love EVERY aspect of our lives, we experience this life of harmony.

That's what we're truly after. And we can get there. But we're going to have to DO something differently. Something that we're not yet aware of or simply haven't done yet.

It may "seem" difficult and perhaps even complex initially but experiencing harmony in EVERY aspect of life is much more attainable and FAR MORE simple than many realize. Certainly more "simple" than the way most are trying to get it done.

The way MOST are DOING that (and NOT succeeding) is by focusing on survival and getting by and/or on "trying to make life better." They remain "seemingly trapped" there in a less than desired cycle. But this cycle is being created based on a "paradigm." The paradigm that they themselves are choosing and remaining "seemingly trapped" within without realizing they ARE choosing that.

That's WHY the concept of Paradigms is so important to understand. The reason is "simple."

All that's necessary to move from mere "survival and getting by" or "trying to make life better" to a life of Real Harmony is a paradigm shift.

Shifting the quality of the paradigm shifts the quality of the "cycle"

That paradigm shift in this case is to simply STOP focusing on surviving and getting by or trying to make life better and START focusing on enabling and allowing yourself to "imagine" how AWESOME it is to experience a life of harmony...a life that you Love which enables and allows Real Harmony to take form and become "tangibly and measurably" real.

Although a subtle shift; and based on how most think, a "seemingly insignificant" thing to DO, it's a VERY powerful and potentially transformational paradigm shift to enable and allow yourself to make.

The reason it is so powerful is simply because it shifts your ATTENTION, INTENTION and FOCUS from the fear of NOT "Surviving and getting by" or "Wanting to make life better" and enables you to consciously choose a FOCUS that enables and allows your life to BE, right here, right now what you LOVE.

That's what's necessary to enable and allow life to become all that it has the potential of becoming in tangible and measurable form. A kind of life that we ALL "truly desire" and are "trying so hard to MAKE happen. A life of Real Harmony.

Yes, there's more to do to create a life of harmony and personal fulfillment, but it ALL BEGINS with a "paradigm shift."

Although it "may" sound crazy at this point, experiencing Harmony in life is as "simple" as making the shift from fear to Love.

If you DO choose to DO that and apply the other concepts I'll be sharing with you in the future, you will, without question learn to "enable and allow" the necessary paradigm shifts to occur which WILL enhance your life as much or as little as you choose in both tangible and intangible ways...on ALL or as many levels as you choose, whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

My purpose and intention for doing what I do is to assist those who are SINCERE and SERIOUS about doing so to achieve Real Harmony. An ALL encompassing and ALL pervasive form of Harmony that INCLUDES experiencing phenomenal results in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

It's an ALL level form of harmony that I often refer to as Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment, Real Prosperity and Real Freedom to become real. Combine each of those and the sum total equates to Real Harmony.

Reaching this place of Real Harmony goes well beyond acquiring more "money and shiny new stuff." Real Harmony includes those things too but it's not limited to them. It's an ALL level kind of harmony of tangible and intangible proportion. Take any of those tangible or intangible aspects out of the equation and you fall short of personally experiencing what Real Harmony is.

There's no need to take any of them out of the mix though, because you CAN if you choose, have them all or any combination of them that you "truly desire."

Before I reveal HOW and WHY you can experience Real Harmony for yourself, I'll ask you...

How AWESOME would it be if you discovered that you REALLY and TRULY could do that?

It would be Over the Top AWESOME wouldn't it?

Let's cut straight to the chase and I'll reveal HOW you CAN DO that one simple and easy step at a time, if you choose to.

First, let's take a closer look at some specific paradigms that MOST exist within "unconsciously" which also has them "unintentionally and unknowingly sabotaging or suppressing" what they do desire and claim to want. Doing that will assist you in understanding the IMPORTANCE of making "conscious choices."

A Paradigm of WANT or a Paradigm of Attaining Heartfelt Desires are 2 VERY Different Paradigms and Ways of BEING

First and foremost, just in case there's any doubt or apprehension in your mind regarding what you CAN or CANNOT do, you CAN experience a life of Harmony...REGARDLESS of where you are now.

Real Harmony.

Put into one sentence, here's how "simple" it can be. Perhaps you're familiar with what has become quite a famous quote over the past several decades...

"BE the change you wish to SEE in the world."

It's much more than just a famous quote. It's very profound, wise and accurate direction that MUST BE followed and adhered to first if you ever hope to experience a life of Real Harmony.

Put simply, to experience harmony you must BEcome harmonious with whatever the desire is. Most are NOT harmonious with what they desire to be, do and/or have. That's precisely WHY so many are always working so hard and doing so much to survive and get by and/or make life better. They're WANTING harmony yet never experience it.

That's the "bad news."

The good news is, that you CAN BEcome harmonious with WHATEVER you desire when you choose to. EVERYONE can. There's NO ONE who truly desires to that CAN'T. Unless of course they choose not to. That wouldn't be a "true desire" though. That would be a WANT. A LOT of people claim to WANT a "better life." That's what 99% of those who contact me about my coaching/mentoring services claim to WANT.

They just WANT a better life they claim. I can't assist those who WANT a better life to create harmony for themselves. Only they can. A paradigm shift is the first order of business.

What we're all looking for really, is harmony. Everyone claims they WANT this, WANT that or WANT this other thing. What underlies these WANTS is the hope of finally experiencing some form of harmony. As much as everyone "claims to WANT" harmony in their lives, few will actually follow through and DO what's "truly necessary" to receive and experience the harmony that they claim to WANT.

Yet gaining the understanding of HOW to do so is simple. It becomes "simple" when you understand where harmony or anything else in the world stems from.

Where is that? Consciousness. Nothing could exist, currently exists or can exist; whether tangible things like money, cars, cell phones, houses or WHATEVER wants someone claims to have without "consciousness."

In the same way, there are no intangible things that can exist or be felt, like feelings, emotions, love or fear without "consciousness."

Everything we do, everything we think, and everything we say finds it's root in our "consciousness."

BEING the change begins at the level of "consciousness." That's the first level or if you prefer the "seed level" that determines everything including but not limited to WHAT and HOW we're BEING.

Although most don't realize it and have no "conscious awareness" of how important consciousness is and how literal it is in determining what we think, say and do, most blindly attempt to achieve as well as define the "harmony" they WANT as "wanting a better life."

Without DOING what's necessary, most never reach this much WANTED and highly sought after, "better life." They simply don't get it. It's that simple.

But just because MOST never do, doesn't mean that YOU can't because you CAN. As I discovered first hand after "thinking I couldn't" for longer than I care to admit, it's NOT a matter of whether you can or can't. We ALL can. That's a exceptions. It's a birthright. It's YOUR birthright. Although EVERYBODY that I've ever spoken with claims to WANT it, MOST don't receive it. But the ONLY reason MOST don't "receive it" is simply because most just don't choose it.

Whether you'll experience harmony or not, is simply a matter of whether you'll choose to "enable and allow yourself to" or not. It can't and doesn't happen by "trying to make life better", it only CAN happen if YOU choose to enable and allow life to become what you desire for it to be.

That's what MOST overlook or if they claim to "know that already" they simply don't and/or won't DO IT.

Whether you will or won't DO what's necessary to experience harmony for yourself is only a matter of choice. That's what everything in life ALWAYS boils down to. That's what always determines who does and who doesn't. Whether you will or won't is more often than not determined by whether you "think" you can or can't.

In fact, that's what determines if you will or won't. Yes there are always exceptions. In this case the exception is .1%. As I shared in The Greatest of These is Love, I've personally experienced one of those exceptions.

You could say I was fortunate enough, or as some would say, "lucky enough" to have experienced the "exception to the rule" and witnessed a miracle that I wasn't aware nor did I believe could happen. It happened without any "conscious awareness" on my part. If you've read that edition you're well aware that I didn't even believe that it could happen. Point being, that was an exception...sort of. I won't go into HOW or WHY I've since discovered that it was "enabled and allowed" to happen here.

I WILL be covering more about this "exception" in great detail in future editions. Since the title of this edition is Simple is Best I'm going to DO my very best to keep things as "simple" as possible.

Point being that "seemingly miraculous" event "seemed to" go against all odds.

But 99.9 to .1 odds aren't the best odds. They're definitely not the kind of odds I'd want to bet my life on. You CAN switch those odds around though if you choose to. You can do what's necessary to ensure that you win and experience the harmony that we ALL claim to WANT, NEED or are consistently moving toward.

Your best bet, if you're sincere and serious about experiencing Real Harmony or even if you're only interested in enhancing 1, 2 or more aspects of your life at this point, is to develop the understanding of and make a conscious choice to enhance your beliefs, elevate your awareness, expand your "imagination" so you can "enable and allow" yourself to shift your paradigms.

Understanding paradigms and HOW you mold, shape and create YOURS is the starting place. Although it is, most don't know that. It's the all too often overlooked piece of the puzzle that so many think is missing and can't seem to find. It's the ONLY missing piece that has so many WANTING and always scrambling around in their frantic yet futile attempts to "make life better" once and for all.

I can only assume that you're here reading this right now because YOU "want to make life better" in some way, shape or form.

If you don't think you can or at this point you're just not really sure THAT you can right now, but you really want to personally experience just how AWESOME doing so can be, it's going to be necessary to learn and understand that you can.

It's of vital importance to know how and why you CAN FIRST, if you're really serious about doing it.

Have no fear though. It's VERY simple to do once you embrace another VERY simple concept. I'm going to reveal this other "simple concept" in Part 2 of Simple IS Best.

As simple and transformational as these concepts are, they're not going to "apply themselves." They'll only apply to you and the quality of YOUR life if you "apply them." Put simply, it's going to require some DOING on your part.

If you've bought into much of the hype and Pollyanna "airy fairy" nonsense that's become so prevalent around the net, claiming how quick, cheap, easy and "effortless" it is to create an AWESOME quality of life without any doing on your part, on the surface, that may not "seem to be" good news.

The good news though, is that learning, knowing and understanding HOW to do it and then actually applying and DOING it, isn't nearly as difficult as most think and believe it is.

In fact, it's VERY simple and it's based on a number of VERY simple and easy to understand concepts. What's even better than that, is that it's equally "simple" to do once you know WHAT to do, how to do it and then DO it in the order that things need to be done.

It's certainly nice to think that you can just close your eyes and visualize yourself from where you are to where you WANT to be, but as I mentioned, in 99.9% of the cases it's NOT that EASY. It CAN become easy once you understand and "choose" to DO the right things in the right order but learning and understanding HOW to DO that is a process. It's a necessary process to engage in if harmony is to become a way of life.

Doing things in the right order is what MOST overlook. They do because they have no idea that a life of Real Harmony is even attainable let alone what order to do things in such a way that "enables and allows" a life of harmony to become real. That's why so many are always struggling to survive and get by or consistently "trying to make life better" without any long term success.

That's where the topic of paradigms comes back into play. It's a simple concept to grasp. It's perhaps the single most important concept to grasp if you're sincere and serious about experiencing harmony in your life. It is a VERY important and VERY powerful concept but at the same time it's VERY Simple too.

What's even better than that is the fact that ANYONE can embrace this concept and do it regardless of age, gender, geographical location, marital status, religious preference, ethnicity, level of education, material status, etc etc.

The reason that ANYONE can, is because we ALL already have anything and everything we could possibly need to get the job done. It's simply a matter of realizing that we do and making the choice to learn, understand and become AWARE of how to use what we already have in a more conscious, intentional, purposeful, meaningful and/or a more laser focused kind of way.

A lot of people aren't aware that they have a choice in the matter. But we do. We ALL do. Once you're aware that YOU do and realize just how AWESOME enabling and allowing yourself to "consciously choose" to do that can be, it's a very simple choice to make too. In fact it's a no brainer once you realize how simple it can be and how AWESOME life can become if you "enable and allow" yourself to learn, understand and become AWARE of how to choose consciously.

Choosing consciously is the kind of choice that not only enables and allows, but empowers you to DO what's "truly necessary" to experience this AWESOME kind of life.

The first choice is as simple as making a paradigm shift. The KEY word is FIRST. It's a choice that MOST never make. That's why so many "think" and "claim" that they, or someone else "made the wrong choice" which is why they are experiencing what they judge and label as bad results.

Let's Take an Under The Radar Look at HOW Our Perceptions and Judgments of Right or Wrong Choices as Well as Good or Bad Results Isn't the "Wisest or Most Beneficial Choice" for Experiencing Real Harmony in Life.

At some point in our lives, we've all learned that there are "right and wrong" choices. We've ALL been taught that. Most all of us "believe it." But there is a Higher Truth. This Higher Truth is, there is no right or wrong choice. There's only YOUR choice. It's that choice and that choice alone that will determine if you experience an awesome quality of life or not.

Most label the choices they make as "wrong choices" when they don't EXPERIENCE the outcome that they "claim" to WANT.

Based on where most are, they would label experiencing an awesome and harmonious quality of life as good and NOT experiencing that as bad.

Experiencing an AWESOME quality of life or NOT isn't good or bad in and of itself. It's merely a choice. A simple choice. It's a simple choice simply because there is only 1 of 2 choices to choose from. It's either yes or no. Either we choose to or we don't. The one we choose; whether yes OR no, is the first of many choices to follow that determines every tangible outcome we experience. EVERY none.

Those choices determine how we think, what we say and what we DO.

Some waffle between yes and no and never make a choice at all and they don't DO anything. They "think they don't" at least.

But they do. We ALL do even if we never "consciously choose" to. We're ALWAYS choosing and DOING something. You can't NOT choose and you CAN'T not DO. You ARE YOU and because you ARE YOU you cannot NOT choose and NOT do. In the vast majority of cases though, we're making "unconscious choices" which have us DOING the opposite of what so many "claim" to want.

The kind of doing that keeps harmony from becoming a way of life.

Where this "choosing and DOING" begins is at the mental level. Most don't consider that DOING anything but it is. It's what we DO at this level that determines the kind of DOING and choosing that follows.

Even the "wafflers" who "think" they aren't choosing, really and truly are. The reason that's true is simply because NOT choosing is also a choice.

We CAN do that. Many do. What most don't "think about" and consider though, is the fact that NOT choosing more often than not leads to others making our choices for us. That's also what has us DOING things that we "claim" we don't WANT to do, all the while thinking that we have no "choice" to do anything else.

That happens in the vast majority of cases in our "chosen" career fields.

We can allow that too if we choose to. It's not a "wrong" choice. The results we receive aren't "bad results" either. But it's not the wisest, simplest or the most desirable choice if you're sincere and "truly desire" to experience a life of harmony, which I might add is the most awesome, amazing and desired quality of life to experience. The reason it's NOT the wisest choice is simple.

It's as simple as this...

When we "choose" to enable and allow others to make our choices for us, they determine and tell us what we can have or not have. They tell us when we must go to work and when we can go home. They tell us how much money we'll make or not make. They tell us what we can do, when we can do it and when we can't. They tell us how much "time" we can spend on leisure activities, with our children, grandchildren, spouses, mates and those we love. They tell us when we can go on vacation and when we can't. They'll tell us how long we can stay on vacation.

Point being, we're ALWAYS choosing even if we "think" we're not. The outcome, regardless of what you believe or how you perceive it is never good or bad though. Good or bad are merely opinions we have about the outcome that we ourselves ALWAYS choose.

Most "believe" that the outcomes they experience in life are the cause for their happiness and unhappiness, joy and sadness, and/or pleasure and pain.

They're NOT.

The outcomes, regardless of kind and quality are nothing more or less than effects. All effects stem from a cause. As it pertains to YOU experiencing an AWESOME or "seemingly horrific" quality of life, (or any outcome in between) choice is ALWAYS the cause.

As it pertains to YOU and your life, that choice is, always has been and is always going to be YOURS and yours alone.

Since YOU make your choices, that means YOU are at cause.

Although very simple to see and understand, that's a tough one for most to accept. Because they don't accept it, they can't SEE how they are at cause, they definitely don't understand why, so MOST never do what's necessary to enable and allow themselves to make the shift and "choose consciously."

We'll be looking at why that's so prevalent and WHY it can "seem so tough" later in this edition.

The point is, if you desire to change the effect into something more desirable, it's going to be necessary to change the cause. Just as there are no right or wrong choices nor any good or bad effects, there are no right, wrong, good, or bad changes either. Only changes (or what "seems to be" no change) based on your choices.

There is no such thing as "no change" either. Change is a constant. When it seems like things "aren't changing" it's only because the beliefs, thoughts, actions that are causing the "effects" haven't changed.

Judgements of right, wrong, good or bad, whether choices, results or changes find their root in your personal thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and opinions about the outcome. (the effect) The labels right, wrong, good, or bad are only based on our personal judgments and opinions. Opinions stem from beliefs and perceptions. The quality of our Perceptions determine the quality of our personally chosen paradigm.

Those chosen paradigms play a MAJOR ROLE in whatever future choices we make and determine the quality of life we'll experience. That quality of life, REGARDLESS of it's kind and quality is also an effect that can always and is always traced back to a cause.

Cause and effect is no Secret. That's VERY basic science. For every action there's an equal or opposite REACTION. For every cause, there's an equal or opposite effect.

How does that pertain to you and what does that have to do with YOU experiencing or NOT experiencing harmony in YOUR life?

It's VERY VERY simple really.

  • Our beliefs determine our predominant thought processes

  • Our thoughts and beliefs determine our perceptions

  • Our perceptions determine the kind and quality of our choices

  • Our choices determine what we do or don't do

  • Each of those factors combined determine the kind and quality of personally chosen paradigm that we exist within

  • The resulting paradigm molds, shapes and determines the kind and quality of our lives just as we believe and perceive it will

We choose all of that don't we? If you think YOU don't and you're shaking your head no, I'll share a few very simple facts that MAY change your mind.

No one can force feed and MAKE you believe anything. No one can determine the quality of your perceptions. No one else can MAKE you "think" any specific thought or series of thoughts that you choose not to think. No one can MAKE you think, believe, speak, or do anything that you "choose" not to "enable and allow" them to.

And finally, the last but certainly not any less important FACT is that no one can or does create your chosen paradigm OR the quality of YOUR life. YOU do.

Since that's true and we DO choose ALL of those, doesn't it make rational, logical and practical sense that we are at cause for ALL of our effects?

It's true that we don't create every event, condition and circumstance in the world "out there." At the very least though, we're at cause for how we respond or react to ANY effects that we don't play a "personal role" in creating.

Because of what we think, believe and perceive, we more often than not REACT out of fear rather than RESPOND in Love. That's what has so many DOING so much, scrambling around anxiously DOING this, DOING that and DOING this other thing in their hopes that they'll do what's necessary to survive and get by or that someday they might be able to "make life better."

MOST are DOING all that just to "get by." They struggle really really hard to merely "settle and get by." They CAN never and WILL never experience harmony. It's a scarcity mentality plain and simple. A scarcity mentality automatically places us in a scarcity paradigm.

If we're existing in a scarcity paradigm due to our beliefs, perceptions and choices, and we think it's BAD, don't we have the ability to enable and allow ourselves to make new choices so things can be "good?"

Of course. If the paradigm we currently exist within is one that we choose and we consistently experience what we've been choosing to label as bad, we can just as easily choose a more pleasing and empowering paradigm and change the effect to one that we would judge, label and see as good.

Point being, Nothing, NO THING is truly "right, wrong, good or bad" with the exception of the choices we make based on what we believe and perceive to be "true" about the "effects" we see.

That's pretty simple isn't it?

Another Concept That Could Simplify The Process of Creating Real Harmony Even More

It may not "seem that simple" right now which is why I've decided to introduce you to and share another concept; a very simple, VERY IMPORTANT and potentially transformational concept that enables and allows us to experience the harmony that so many are blindly and futilely "trying to find." It's a concept that enables you to SEE and discover for yourself just how simple it CAN be to transform a scarcity mentality into a "life of harmony" mentality. A VERY simple and profoundly powerful concept actually.

But I'll warn you up front...

Although it is VERY simple and those who DO it see it as VERY profound and pleasingly effective, it's definitely not a Secret. It's not a "new way" of doing things nor is it a "new concept" any means. In fact it's a concept that has existed for as long as mankind has inhabited the earth. As true as that is, over time, most have forgotten not only how SIMPLE it is, but how AWESOME life can become if and when they adopt it as a concept that they believe in, see the value of, the power behind it and make a conscious choice to USE and apply it it in the way it CAN be used and applied.

We have to DO something though for the simplicity, profound nature of it as well as the awesomeness to become known. Put simply, we have to understand and "apply it" before we'll be able to EXPERIENCE the AWESOME effects that DOING so always provides.

It's more than a simple, profound, powerful and awesome concept. It's a very important one and equally important to DO, if you're sincere, serious and "truly desire" to shift from a paradigm of scarcity to a paradigm that enables, empowers and allows you to experience an awesome quality of life that everyone "claims" to want.

Even as awesome and IMPORTANT as it is, at the same time, it's a very simple choice to make. There's no "wrong choice." Either you do or you don't. Either you will or you won't. You either say YES or NO. The yes or no is up to you. Although MOST don't realize that they have a choice in the matter, as we make our way through this edition, I'm going to reveal in very clear and simple detail, why you DO.

Once you're "aware of" WHY you do, HOW to shift things and "choose" to follow through and do what's necessary, you'll see for yourself just how simple life is as well as how awesome it can be.

You know, it's ironic yet sad in a sense. Of those who discover the concept I'll be sharing soon, most don't "choose" to do it because it is so "simple." It's not because they wouldn't if they thought and believed that it would provide them with a life of harmony. But rather because we've been programmed and conditioned to see things in life as complex.

Due to our "complex belief systems" combined with being taught that life is for the most part, hard and complex, if anything is presented to us that's "truly simple" we have a tendency to think, believe and perceive that it's "Just too good to be true."

It's no different as it pertains to choosing a life of harmony.

Down deep, we ALL KNOW we can. But that faint knowing that's within ALL of us, is often buried beneath layers of indoctrination and programming. It's a form of indoctrination and programming that we've adopted and believe which drowns out the KNOWING we all have. Because we've "chosen" to adopt, believe and hold onto what we've been told and were taught to believe as being "true or untrue", we are unconsciously making choices that determine what we CAN or CANNOT be, do and/or have.

We've forgotten who we are, what we are and what we're "truly capable" of achieving in life. We CAN REMEMBER though, if we choose to, which "enables and allows" the paradigm shift to occur on it's own...effortlessly. No force or trying necessary.

Because of this "programming" and the many layers that cause this "curable form of amnesia", it's simply a matter of REMEMBERING what we've forgotten. That's when we realize that we could have, can and if the choice is made WILL become enabled and empowered to BE, DO and HAVE whatever we choose.

As those who have done it will happily and excitedly tell you, once they remembered and KNEW that they could, they did. No one that I'm aware of has EVER "consciously chosen" NO. Many have "unconsciously" chosen no, but they didn't choose NO because they didn't WANT to experience harmony and an AWESOME quality of life.

Many "unconsciously choose" NO because of the programming and indoctrination they've received. Because it is SO simple combined with what they've learned, believe and think is true, combined with how "simple it is" (or at the least CAN be) many "believe that it's "Just too good to be true."

So they never choose to break the chains of their self limiting paradigms so they might explore and understand it. They never question the beliefs they've acquired to see if it's "Really too good to be true" or if it's a belief and perception that keeps them from experiencing an AWESOME quality of life in the simplest, quickest and easiest way possible.

Who doesn't WANT that? The ONLY reason anyone chooses no or make no choice at all and allow other to make their choices for them, is simply because they've forgotten that they DO have a choice. They've simply forgotten that they CAN. Because they've forgotten, they've "unconsciously and unknowingly bought into the BIGGEST LIE of all which is that it takes hard work, struggle and in many cases, immense sacrifice to "survive and get by and/or to make life better.

That's why so few ever reach the "preferred destination which is to experience an AWESOME quality of life.

The reason we have forgotten is due to the fact that, over time, due to the programming and indoctrination we've received, bought into, believe and make important life choices by, combined with what we've received as a result, (a series of less than desired effects) we've developed scarcity mentalities. We have because that's what we've been taught, learned, and yes...have chosen to do.

We've allowed that. Since we've allowed it, can't we also, just as easily change our minds and make a new and more empowering choice to disallow what we have allowed previously?

Although many think DOING so is difficult, complex and seemingly impossible, it's really VERY simple.

We disallow it by allowing something new in; NEW information and data that supports and empowers, rather than suppresses and sabotages the desires we ALL have.

In essence, we make a conscious choice to replace and overwrite our scarcity mentalities. Mentalities that only serve to limit and self sabotage. By "choosing" a more enabling and empowering CAN DO mentality, we CAN break the chains of bondage, remember how "unlimited we are" which in turn enables and empowers us to bravely face the world, overcome our imagined fears, our insecurities and all the learned and inherited garbage that keeps us from "enabling and allowing" a life of harmony to become our "new way" of life.

Make no mistake. That's what it takes to "enable and allow" the shift from lack, limitation, struggle and self sabotage to a whole new quality of life to take place and become real.

It's a choice that MUST be made to experience Real Harmony simply because the ONE and ONLY thing that keeps us from DOING what's necessary to experience this AWESOME quality of life that we ALL "claim" to WANT is a programmed and conditioned MIND that that houses a dis-empowering and self sabotaging mentality.

More specifically, a "scarcity mentality."

What's really sad and even somewhat scary about that is the fact that most aren't even aware that they have adopted "scarcity mentalities." More than just adopting them, over time we've developed and are consistently USING these "scarcity mentalities" unknowingly and unintentionally every single day, 24/7/365 without any "conscious awareness" that we are in fact "using them."

That's precisely WHY nearly EVERYONE is constantly on the lookout for new answers, new things, new methodologies, "New Secrets" and always seeking a more simple, effective and efficient way of DOING and GETTING things so they can "make life better."

But there's a problem with HOW most are DOING it. A "perceived problem" that is. It's only a "perceived problem" because it can be dealt with, changed, rectified and eliminated as soon as WE make the choice to DO so.

What is this "perceived problem?"

Most keep looking for their answers and solutions "out there" with the futile and false hope that they'll become better equipped and more easily enabled to "make life better." They think, believe and do that simply because they don't realize that we have all the tools, understanding, knowledge and wisdom that we could possibly need to create a life of harmony...Real Harmony, already.

We just don't use those "tools" in the way they CAN BE used. We don't use them in that way though simply because, in MANY cases we don't realize that we DO HAVE them and CAN "choose" to use them in any way we choose and decide to.

In other cases, as I've mentioned we don't DO what's necessary simple because we honestly believe that it's "Just too good to be true. It's JUST too SIMPLE to be effective" we say.

Here's a KEY point...

We don't HAVE to choose or decide to use these tools. We only have to decide if we want to use them "consciously." The reason that's true and SO important to "get", is simply because we're ALWAYS using them. Most are just "using them "unconsciously" which is WHY MOST are always on the lookout, seeking, searching and scrambling around "out there" with the futile and false hope that something "out there" is going to change so they might move beyond "surviving and getting by" and one day become enabled to "make life better."

We've constructed and become "locked into" our existing "make life better" paradigms in such a way and to such a degree that we're; without even realizing it, asking for and inviting more scarcity into our lives without understanding HOW. What's ironic (most would say "what's worse") is that we're DOING so without even realizing that we are.

Here's a little Secret that really isn't a secret at all...

Choosing to remain within the self limiting confines of a survive and get by and/or "make life better" paradigm can only lead to the materialization of a future paradigm that keeps us seemingly trapped within the very less than desired paradigm we're "trying so hard" to escape from. It keep us on the hopeless and tiresome path of ALWAYS "trying to make life better."

There is no TRY in life. Either you DO or you DON'T. Either you will or you won't. Either we ARE or we're NOT. We ALWAYS are creating one of the two. MOST just don't realize that they are. That's the ONE and ONLY thing that has so many anxiously scrambling around, ALWAYS trying, consistently looking for and seeking out more so called "solutions", systems, processes, techniques, answers and new found Secrets "out there.

It's all nothing more than surface level "stuff" that we honestly think we NEED and due to our self limiting programming, "believe" is going to somehow magically make life better.

That's why we're always "trying new things "out there"; regardless of how "simple or complex", effective or ineffective, on target or airy fairy they might be. But we keep choosing and DOING that over and over and over again in our constant yet futile struggle to "make life better."

Doing things in that way IS futile and it IS a struggle and it's always GOING TO BE a struggle as those who choose that way of doing things will tearfully tell you with a tired and pained look on their face.

It's ironic, but as much as we'd LOVE to experience lives of Real Harmony, it's the beliefs and perceptions that we hold which point to a NEED of something more to make life better that molds, shapes and defines the very paradigms that we exist within.

Yes it's true; we DO truly desire a more abundant and fulfilling quality of life, yet we're unknowingly and unconsciously trapping ourselves within a scarcity paradigm, sabotaging the VERY thing that we "claim to WANT" all the while hoping, wishing, praying; sometimes kicking, screaming, scratching, clawing as we DO whatever we do only to receive more of the same of our "chosen" yet less than desirable results.

That's WHY life can "seem" so complex and difficult at times. It's why it often "seems to be" such a struggle too. It's also the very reason why it can seem to be anything but simple to make the necessary paradigm shift that enables and allows a life of harmony, joy and fulfillment to become "our chosen" way of life. That's also what makes it "seemingly impossible" to enhance our self limiting beliefs, perceptions and fear filled paradigms that follow so we might finally open ourselves to receiving whatever it might be that we DO truly desire in life rather than resisting it.

That's also the very reason WHY things "out there" in the world around us can "seem to be" so random, chaotic, scary and uncontrollable too.

But it only "seems" that way. The reason WHY is simple. It's really as simple as becoming aware of which paradigm we ARE choosing, HAVE chosen and will at some point in the future, continue choosing for ourselves if nothing changes at the causal level.

We'll continue "looking and trying and anxiously scramble around "out there" trying to "make life better" without ever experiencing this "better life."

One VERY simple concept to understand is this...

If nothing changes nothing changes.

Without changing the cause; the underlying, unseen cause, there's no hope of changing the effect regardless of WHAT you believe, what you DO or how hard you TRY. You can certainly "try that" but you'll soon discover as so many before you have, it's not only futile, it's MOST DEFINITELY NOT simple nor easy.

Mental, emotional and physical depletion is sure to follow at some point. I KNOW that because I DID that. I watch as MANY do the same...needlessly.

The simplest, quickest, easiest, cheapest and least painful way I've discovered for enhancing quality of life is this. If you find that you've been choosing a scarcity paradigm, changing it to one that personally suits YOU and the fulfillment of your "heartfelt desires" is as simple as making a conscious choice to become aware of and take a closer look at our beliefs and perceptions, and how WE ourselves "choose" to go about DOING things.

That's what determines the kind and quality of our paradigms. But it's necessary to look "below the surface" to SEE that so we might consciously choose to "change things for the better."

It really boils down to a self examination. We don't need doctors, nurses, personal development programs, systems, processes, techniques or New Secrets to do a self examination. All we need to DO is to slow down, tune in and use what we already have. All we NEED to do is "choose" to take an honest look at ourselves and our lives to see if a paradigm shift is in order. If we decide that a shift is in order, we make it. If we decide that no shift is necessary we don't. If we decide NOT to choose anything, rest assured someone else will choose for us.

There are only 3 choices we have to choose from. Choosing YES, NO or making NO choice at all. Not choosing is choosing too. It's simply saying NO to harmony.

As we've covered, there's not a right or a wrong way of choosing and there's no right or wrong way of doing things. That too is nothing more than an opinion. There's a simple and easy way and there's a difficult and seemingly complex way. Most haven't yet become aware of and figured out "the simple way" and so, they have no idea how simple or AWESOME it can be.

That's why so many unknowingly and unintentionally choose the difficult and seemingly complex way. They either have no idea that a simple and easy way exists, they haven't yet made the choice to find it, or they aren't using and applying WHAT they've found.

Because of that, without realizing what we're doing or HOW we're doing it, we've enabled and allowed our beliefs and perceptions to be molded and shaped in such a way that create and has us, not only existing within, but "seemingly and hopelessly trapped" in, a self created paradigm of scarcity.

When I refer to a paradigm of scarcity, I'm referring to a quality of life that falls short of Real Harmony. It's what we could easily and often do label as being a "status quo paradigm that, over time, results in many (most perhaps) giving up on attaining or achieving their heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations.

Because we choose this "status quo paradigm" without realizing or being aware that we are, it becomes quite easy to settle for a quality of life that isn't a life of quality at all simply because it's a paradigm that has MOST struggling, surviving and getting by.

Whether you're aware of it or not, that's what the vast majority are "trying their best" to do....survive and get by. That's also why so MANY are always TRYING to make life better.

They've enabled and allowed a paradigm of scarcity to dictate and determine the quality of life they'll experience. And many struggle just to survive and get by!!

That's also why we're always "trying" to make life better but never quite reach or experience the "better life" that we claim to WANT and keep trying so hard to find.

But we're doing so of our own accord. We're USING our free will just as we're "choosing to. We ourselves have chosen, are choosing and CAN continue choosing a paradigm of powerlessness, helplessness, lack, limitation, struggling, surviving, getting by and scarcity if we choose to. Or we CAN make the shift to a more pleasing and desirable paradigm of Power, certainty, hopefulness, assurance, abundance, ease and plenty.

It really and truly is this simple...

Whatever paradigm we "choose" to create in our minds we "get to" exist within. Although most "believe they HAVE to, the Higher Truth is, we "get to" experience it precisely as we choose too. And based on our own short sighted and self limiting choices, sadly MOST experience and remain "seemingly trapped" within a paradigm of scarcity.

We CAN shatter and break through those scarcity paradigms and replace them with more empowering ones for sure. Unbeknownst to MOST, DOING that is much more DOABLE and far more simple than most believe. It's just as simple and DOABLE as "unconsciously choosing" a scarcity paradigm.

Most just don't realize that. They simply have no awareness and don't understand how "simple" it CAN BE.

That's why I've decided to candidly share what's taken me decades to discover through my own research, study and a very long and diverse list of personal life experiences. As I would discover, the "seemingly horrific" experiences came about due to my own short sighted, unconscious choices which led me into and kept me seemingly trapped within my own Less than desired" paradigm of scarcity.

Although it seemed as if I was trapped, I wasn't. Neither are you. Neither is anyone else. The only way we can become trapped is if we choose to be. No one WANTS to choose that yet many do without ever realizing it simply because they honestly think and believe that they are trapped.

We're NOT. Your NOT. None of us are. Unless we choose to believe, think and "perceive" that we are. We get to be right....EVERY single time, without fail, we ALWAYS in ALL WAYS "get to be right."

If you STILL are unable to SEE how or why that's true, perhaps it will make more sense as we move forward.

I'm going to break things down into simple and easy to digest bite sized chunks and do the best I'm able to explain and convey a perspective; what I and many like me have found to be a VERY empowering and life changing perspective that will reveal the simplest, quickest, easiest and least expensive way that I'm aware of for making the shift from a paradigm of scarcity, lack, limitation struggle and discord to one of prosperity, abundance, plenty, ease and harmony.

I'm going to explain and convey in great detail HOW to do that as well provide you with all the information you could possibly NEED that reveals not only WHY but HOW you can. Although I AM going to provide the HOW and WHY in great detail, I'm going to do that in a very simple and easy to understand kind of way so you might SEE for yourself just how "simple" it is...or at least CAN be to shift from a paradigm of scarcity to a paradigm that matches and suits your own personal desires.

At the conclusion of this edition, you'll have all the insight and understanding you could possibly need to DO just that. I'm going to go a step beyond that too though. I'm not only going to provide you with the understanding, I'm also going to arm you with one of the most empowering and paradigm shifting tools that I'm aware of which assisted me IMMENSELY in shifting my paradigm from one of lack, scarcity and "perceived helplessness" into a kind and quality of paradigm that automatically enabled and allowed me to finally experience a kind and quality of life that I truly LOVE and for many years, desired.

Point being, what I'm going to reveal CAN and if you choose to use and DO something with it WILL enable and empower you to create a life that YOU Love, enabling and allowing any want, need or desire to become obsolete.

Then it's simply a matter of choice as to whether you'll use those resources or not. That will be, as it always has been, up to you although I think you'll find, DOING it, not only proves to be VERY AWESOME on many levels, it's also very simple.

That's what I hope and intend for you "to get" out of this edition Simple is BEST - Most DEFINITELY BEST.

Think about what we've covered today. Ponder it, roll it around in your mind and equally as important take a bit of time to DO a self examination of yourself and the quality of your life so might "consciously choose and decide" if a paradigm shift is in order.

If so, Stay tuned. Because if you're sincere and serious about enhancing the quality of your life, what follows is going to provide you with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could possibly need to DO just that.

We'll connect again in Part 2 of Simple is Best in a few days.

Until Then, Do Your VERY Best to Shift and Enhance Your Current Paradigm by Thinking Empowering and Prosperous Thoughts

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
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