The Initiation

Module 1 Of The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy

The Initiation Provides You With Profound Knowledge
, Wisdom and Insight PLUS The Step By Step Action Plan To Achieve "Total Life Transformation"

"Dare To Become More Physically, Financially,
Relationally, Emotionally and Spiritually"

The Initiation : Module One Of The Delfin Knowledge System

Module 1 of 3 Of The Delfin Knowledge System

The Initiation : An Enlightening And Profoundly Empowering Introduction Into The Philosophies Of The Delfin Knowledge System

"The Initiation Will Awaken And Empower You
To Reach Your 'True' Potential"

The Initiation is an introduction to the philosophies and principles of The DELFIN Knowledge System Trilogy™ which provides the essential foundational understanding of the true power that you possess to take conscious and intentional control of the events, conditions and circumstances in each and every area of your life.

The Initiation will enable you to take control over your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being and destiny. It will instruct and guide you to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the circumstances of your life instead of remaining in the common condition of most of mankind, which is being a creature or victim of circumstance.

It is your guide to achieving personal wisdom, a deep and profound understanding concerning the daily unfolding of the events, conditions and circumstances which make up your life, and finding your life's purpose.

The Initiation will enable you to clearly see why some areas of your life are working, why others aren't and what you can do to make certain that they do.

This self-study course provides a practical yet powerfully transformational approach to achieving success in all areas of life.

It consists of a 282 page book and accompanying MP3s which contain profound knowledge, wisdom and life transforming techniques that will enable and empower you to become "More" in every aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

The Initiation provides the serious student with the ability to understand, recognize and master the necessary aspects of the process of creation enabling "Total Life Transformation" and awakening the user to newly discovered power as well as their ability to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances which collectively make up the physical life experience.

The Initiation provides an eye opening and profoundly in depth look at the process of every aspect of creation, the events, conditions and circumstances which collectively make up the human experience through masterfully blending and exploring the spiritual, the metaphysical, quantum mechanics, cosmology, ancient philosophy, spirituality, the human physiology and through the simple unfolding of nature providing a new and heightened sense of awareness with regard to your abilities to mold and shape your life.

Through the profound yet clearly communicated presentation of the knowledge contained within the Initiation, you'll become enabled and empowered to clearly see that although often observed as "seemingly" separate avenues of understanding, each of these modalities are all at their core expressing and leading to one and the same message.

The Initiation forms the necessary foundation and a profound awareness concerning how all things, both the seen as well as the unseen come into existence. It explores the deepest realms of creation explaining in intricate detail the process of manifestation beginning from the ethereal or unseen and the unwavering, unfailing and predictable process of transmutation into the physical.

The Initiation takes a deep look into the various aspects of the physical as well as the spiritual/metaphysical world individually and enables the student at the conclusion to clearly see, understand and experience the interconnectedness of everything in the Universe as well as ones ability to attract and experience whatever can be conceived in the mind.

The Initiation analyzes the human physiology, nature, space, time, consciousness, in a crystal clear and easy to understand manner bringing the student to the inevitable conclusion of "Oneness" eliminating the possibility of separateness thereby increasing individual ability to understand and implement the necessary processes for bringing only desired results into the physical experience.

It is through the depth of understanding that the Initiation provides that brings the student to a place of much deeper understanding and further enhances and solidifies the necessary "faith and belief" of the unseen desires which is a crucial aspect of bringing that which is sought after and desired into physical reality.

The Initiation does not conflict with any particular religious doctrine or belief but rather enhances the understanding of what has been taught by spiritual teachers for thousands of years and with the development and advancement of recent technologies is being validated and documented by modern day science.

Prior to each audio chapter within The Initiation, a short meditation exercise (guided visualization) is utilized enabling the student to enter into the Alpha brainwave state enhancing the overall learning experience and dramatically increasing the retention level of the material presented at a deep subconscious level enabling and empowering the student to retain and directly apply the wisdom gained in day to day life.

The Initiation also provides a simple step by step practical application process enabling you to implement the knowledge into your day to day life and experience the benefits through the tangible physical outcomes realized and experienced as a result.

The Initiation provides an in depth and crystal clear understanding of your personal power to create the life that you desire consciously, intentionally and purposefully in each and every aspect of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

At the conclusion of the Initiation you will have a crystal clear understanding of the "True" power that you personally hold providing a level of hope, faith and assurance that you can Be, Do and Have whatever you make the choice to experience in your life and the steps for making whatever it might be into a physical reality.

The following provides a chapter by chapter overview of the 25 chapters which collectively make up the Initiation.

Chapter By Chapter Overview Of The Initiation

The Initiation - Chapter 1: The Origin of Power, Health, Happiness and Prosperity

Chapter 1 provides an in depth understanding of the Source of all in our lives looking deeply into aspects of energy as well as consciousness or individual thought. You'll discover how individual and collective thought forms make up the physical results in your world. By understanding the nature of consciousness, both individual and collective or Universal Consciousness, combined with individual free will or choices made, we gain conscious control of our reality which enables and empowers the student to, through application of the knowledge discovered, consciously create a life of fulfillment and harmony physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Initiation - Chapter 2: The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Chapter 2 of The Initiation begins by bringing you into a conscious awareness of your individual thought processes, emotions, and beliefs, and how they collectively serve to mold your life experience. Chapter 2 then progresses to provide a crystal clear understanding with respect to the individual characteristics, functions and effects of the conscious and subconscious mind. You'll discover how the subconscious aspect of mind connects you with the unlimited creative potential of Universal Consciousness or "Source" and how the conscious mind can and does direct the activities of the subconscious aspect of mind enabling you to clearly see and begin to exercise and implement the inner power that you personally hold to consciously manifest desired effects.

The Initiation - Chapter 3: Mental, Emotional and Physical Interaction

Chapter 3 begins by providing a guided approach to becoming aware of the continuous unconscious activity of mind and purposefully quieting the thought processes. You'll be provided with an in depth explanation of the limitations of "reason" and how the current thought processes experienced create limitation in your physical life. You'll discover how to harmonize mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being enabling you to maximize your external results. You'll develop the awareness of the two different information-gathering systems in our bodies from a physical and spiritual perspective and explains what we need to do to integrate these two systems eliminating fear and enabling us to maximize who and what we truly are utilizing 5 simple creative steps disclosing what can be accomplished and experienced in life as a result.

The Initiation - Chapter 4: Who Are We

Chapter 4 begins by making you keenly aware of the power emotions have in changing your human physiology as well as awakening you to the fact that you have control over the emotions experienced by you. You'll learn about the true essence of who and what you are and how that essence is much more than a physical body which is restricted to restrictive physical outcomes. You'll understand the spirit essence of the true you, the divine "I" that utilizes the physical body as a tool and the mind for expression and how to consciously utilize the power discovered to create a fulfilling and harmonious existence. As the only power a spirit possesses is the power to think, we need to become aware of our thinking, the emotions that thinking ignites and how to use this knowledge constructively for desired outcomes.

The Initiation - Chapter 5: Directing the Subconscious

Chapter 5 provides a guided process to align and harmonize the physical, mental and emotional aspects of self and how we can consciously utilize the dominant subconscious aspects of mind to attract, become and experience the more that you desire to become by becoming aware of and directing the creative mental power possessed that lies in the subconscious or spirit aspect of mind maximizing creative ability. You'll discover the limitless potential individually held by becoming more within, harmonizing with and enabling you to consciously tap into the limitless potential of Universal Source to create desired and specific external results.

The Initiation - Chapter 6: Universal Mind

Chapter 6 begins by clearly demonstrating the power of mind more specifically visualization to initiate specific physiological changes in the body providing the realization that the deepest aspect of mind cannot differentiate between perception and physical existence. The knowledge contained within this CD provides an in depth look at the limitless possibilities of the individual aspect of mind through Universal Mind, which is the life principle of all that exists. We learn that we are but a creative channel for the differentiation of the Universal Mind. You'll discover that you can be what you choose to be, do what you choose to do and have what you choose to have without boundaries or limitations by simply changing the internal aspects of self.

The Initiation - Chapter 7: Idealization, Visualization, Materialization

Chapter 7 provides an extremely empowering conscious awareness of how your previously experienced thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits have created the results that you are currently experiencing in your life. You'll develop a clear understanding of the process of the physical materialization of the events conditions and circumstances through establishing an ideal, mastering the process of effective visualization technique empowering you to begin consciously fulfilling desired outcomes regardless of currently held perceptions or beliefs concerning possibility and potential. You will discover your true limitless creative power and the specific steps necessary to bring effects from the spiritual or omnipotent Universal Source into physical reality.

The Initiation - Chapter 8: Imagination as Constructive Thought

Chapter 8 explores the life transforming power of creative imagination and enables you to understand at a deep level where all things physical were derived from regardless of their current physical form. It enables you to clearly understand the concept of cause and effect in such a way that few explore or ever develop the understanding of. You'll understand the interconnectedness of the spiritual and the physical aspects of all current effects, conditions and circumstances regardless of perceived form. You'll discover how and why things that are most desired in life are often never realized and in many cases the opposite of the desired outcome is experienced in the physical due to the unrecognized internal processes within the individual. You'll clearly understand the internal shift necessary to consciously and constructively experience different results without limitation. You'll become keenly aware that many thoughts and words perceived as "positive" or constructive by the individual are in fact "negative" or destructive in nature and can only produce results that harmonize with this misunderstood process.

The Initiation - Chapter 9: Change the World by Changing Yourself

Chapter 9 begins with you constructing the internal vision of the more that you have a desire to become. You'll develop the understanding that it is through direct application of knowledge acquired which is the key to changing your external outcomes. This application begins in the internal world of thought, feeling and emotion and clearly shows that external effects can only produce limited outcomes when created through external means. You'll develop the awareness as well as the ability to change the internal processes at a deep subconscious level which will prove to dramatically shift the external results experienced. You'll discover that you do have the ability to change your world your way.

The Initiation - Chapter 10: The Law of Abundance

Chapter 10 begins with an exercise enabling you to enter into the Alpha state of consciousness while internally harmonizing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself. This chapter of The Initiation continues with clearly describing the unlimited abundance which exists in all aspects of the Universe including your mind. You'll become aware of the connection available to you which enables you to touch and experience the abundant supply available through your choice of merely accepting and therefore drawing to you the type of abundance you desire to attain rather than an abundance of the undesirable events, conditions, and circumstances. You'll discover that what you perceive as "logical" is many times what limit’s the abundance that is available to all who choose to recognize the limitless resources available to you. You'll be introduced to the concept of abundance not only in your physicality but in nature, space, and every other aspect of creation as well as your right to claim the abundance which is available to you.

The Initiation - Chapter 11: Cause and Effect: The Law of Attraction

Chapter 11 begins by providing an exercise for reprogramming the subconscious aspect of mind with a specific technique. You'll gain the knowledge concerning the underlying process for all of creation and why so many in our world perceive themselves as creatures or victims of circumstance. This chapter provides and combines specific spiritual teachings with practical knowledge that clearly shows how cause and effect ( The Law of Attraction ) operates in unwavering certainty. You'll have a crystal clear understanding of what you can do as an individual to begin consciously and purposefully become a creator of circumstance. You'll develop a deeper understanding how the Law of Attraction correlates with the human physiology and brings into physical manifestation the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in every aspect of life.

The Initiation - Chapter 12: Your Power to Create

Chapter 12 directs you to correlate and harmonize the physical aspects of your beingness with the spiritual aspects of creation by providing the knowledge discovered through modern day science and compares side by side spiritual teachings and ancient spiritual texts enabling you to clearly see and understand how these two seemingly opposing aspects of understanding join to form a single understanding separated only by an individuals previously established beliefs, choices and perceptions. You'll clearly understand the intimate connection of everything within the Universe and begin to fully understand the life changing power you personally hold within yourself to mold and shape your physical outcomes. You'll learn and discover the importance of tapping into the ultimate source of power.

The Initiation - Chapter 13: Predominant Mental Attitude

Chapter 13 of The Initiation provides an in depth view enabling you to clearly see the difference between resistance and going with the flow as it pertains to your day to day life and how it affects the events, conditions and circumstances experienced based on the choices that you make. You'll be provided with the simple steps required to learn to harmonize with this flow which can only begin producing desired results.

You'll have acquired an understanding as to why so many in the world struggle just to survive and the necessary process for creating real and lasting wealth in every aspect of your life.

The Initiation - Chapter 14: The Source of All Power, Wisdom & Intelligence

Chapter 14 is an incredibly enlightening look that begins with your physical body and then from a clinical and scientific view walks you to the depths of who and what you truly are at the core which makes up the body and everything else that exists in the entire cosmos.

You'll become absolutely amazed at the depth of self awareness gained and begin to clearly see and understand how and why you are and can, consciously, intentionally and purposefully create desired outcomes in your day to day existence.

The Initiation - Chapter 15: The Law of Growth

Chapter 15 of The Initiation takes you into a much deeper and amazing new level of enhanced awareness with respect to The Law of Growth and provides you with a crystal clear understanding of how this unwavering creative law continues to unfold each and every day not only on a macroscopic but a microscopic scale.

You'll gain and understanding that will provide a whole new outlook and and an uncommon depth of awareness as to how each of the events, conditions and circumstances in your life come to be in the physical world and the simple clearly defined steps for putting this newly acquired knowledge into practical application in your personal day to day life providing results based on conscious and focused attention and intention that will enable and empower you to begin experiencing results that prior appeared to be out of your reach. As you'll soon discover it was only an appearance.

The Initiation - Chapter 16: The Nature of Wealth

Are you ready to discover the "True Nature" of wealth? Contrary to the "perceptions" of the vast majority, Real wealth means MUCH more than a predefined sum of money or monetary gain.

Chapter 16 of The Initiation provides an in depth look at what real and true wealth is about, enabling and empowering you to begin acquiring and experiencing Real, lasting and sustainable wealth for yourself...physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Your newly acquired understanding regarding the "True Nature of Wealth" will enable you to begin moving quickly and effortlessly toward the kind and quality of wealth that you desire for yourself yet few realize which is precisely why so few experience it for themselves.

Finally you will.

The Initiation - Chapter 17: The Law of Vibration

To the novice and uninformed the power of vibration can seem a complex and insignificant aspect of life. Chapter 17 of The Initiation reveals and makes very clear both the importance and the significance of The Law of Vibration and how it impacts each and every aspect of your life and the world around you.

This understanding in and of itself could very well shift and transform your entire world awakening you to the power that you already possess to be, do and have whatever you choose in each and every aspect of your life.

The Initiation - Chapter 18: Changing the Thought of the Human Race

Chapter 18 of The Initiation makes it very clear of the importance and necessity for you to accept personal responsibility for your own life and the power provided to you to impact the world in a significant way through your individual "conscious choices."

The wisdom revealed in this chapter has been instrumental in transforming lives of lack, continuous struggle and mediocrity into wealth, abundance and limitless prosperity.

The Initiation - Chapter 19: Ultimate Cause

Chapter 19 of The Initiation reveals the science behind Ultimate Cause which transcends the common human understanding of the underlying cause that most perceive as being real.

You'll discover the One True Cause of ALL effects and how to use this newfound understanding to begin consciously and consistently controlling, molding and shaping each event, condition and circumstance that unfolds in the various areas of your life.

The Initiation - Chapter 20: The True Business of Life & The Spirit of You

Who and what are you? What is the purpose of your existence and the "true" meaning of your life?

The answers to these questions are revealed and will enable and empower you to discover what these answers are for you individually.

You'll understand the misconceptions held by the vast majority regarding the real purpose and meaning of life moving you one step closer to experiencing the harmony, joy and fulfillment that is, always has been and always will be available to you.

The Initiation - Chapter 21: The Secret of Power

What do you "perceive" power to be? If you choose the path of the vast majority it falls FAR short of where your true power lies.

Chapter 21 of The Initiation clearly conveys that the "perceptions" man holds with regard to what real power is, are the very perceptions that create outcomes that fall far short of tapping into and experiencing the limitless power that you and every other human creature possess to experience the fullness and infinite potential that all have equal access to.

By discovering this "real power" and choosing to exercise it in each aspect of your life, is where "true freedom" is found and realized.

The Initiation - Chapter 22: The Law of Health

The shortsighted perspectives of the world at large regarding health is the very reason that a "lack of health" continues as a reality in the physical world.

Chapter 22 of The Initiation reveals the underlying cause of "less than optimum health" and what you can begin doing immediately to create, enjoy and experience a kind and quality of health for yourself that few are aware is theirs to experience whenever they choose it for themselves.

The Initiation - Chapter 23: Prosperity Consciousness

Most are completely unaware of the quality of consciousness they are choosing for themselves and for very good reason.

Chapter 23 of The Initiation provides a profound yet extremely transformational look at what "true" prosperity consciousness is and how it impacts the various aspects of your life.

The vast majority "perceive" that by having more will enable them to do more and as a result will enable and empower them to become more.

This is a sad and extremely disempowering view of life as you'll this chapter clearly reveals.

You'll clearly understand how to begin acquiring and experiencing more of whatever more you might choose for yourself and the correct order in which to acquire it, whatever it might be for you.

The Initiation - Chapter 24: The Theory and Practice of Harmony, Health and Abundance

Chapter 24 of The Initiation recaps what you have learned throughout this module and how to begin consciously and consistently utilizing what you have gained to begin shifting and changing the undesirable events, conditions and circumstances in various aspects of life into those which you do desire.

You have gained the profound yet fundamental understanding that will both enable and empower you to begin consciously, intentionally and consistently creating a life limited only by what you choose for yourself.

The Initiation - Chapter 25 - 29: The Next Steps

The last 4 chapters of the Initiation provide the step by step roadmap for applying all that you've learned from the previous chapters of The Initiation into a powerful, practical process for instilling in your day to day life the wisdom and knowledge that will transform your entire life.

You'll be guided through steps that will enable and empower you to establish a crystal clear vision for what it is that you have a desire to experience and accomplish in your life and the step by step process for making it a physical reality. You will discover your deepest hidden passions and purpose and smash through the barriers that until now you may have perceived impossible to break through.

You have discovered the first and most important aspect of The Delfin Knowledge System, The Initiation which lays a solid and exciting foundation for a life that most perceive to be unattainable. Now you'll clearly understand that you "Truly Can" Be, Do and Have ANYTHING that you have a desire to experience.

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