The Journey

Module 2 Of The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy

The Journey Is the 2nd of 3 Transformational Personal Empowerment Modules Providing The Integration and Practical Application Techniques Gained Through The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy : Module 1...The Initiation

The Journey : Module 2 of 3 Of The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy

The Journey builds upon the transformational insight and wisdom gained in Module 1 : The Initiation which consists of Part 2 of 3 of The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy.

The Journey challenges you to both understand and accept the fact of your importance, your "true power" and your individual responsibility to "consciously utilize" the power provided to you to make your way in the world.

The Journey will assist you in eliminating and rising above the predominant mindset of the worlds population who perceive themselves as being creatures and/or victims of circumstance.

The Journey, created and narrated by DelfinWorld founder Leslie Fieger, provides an enlightening, practical yet potentially transformational look at you...the "Real You" and the world around you that will enable and empower you to begin creating and experiencing a kind and quality of life that the vast majority "perceive" as being reserved only for the lucky and fortunate few.

The Journey clearly reveals that you are neither a creature or victim of circumstance unless you choose that for yourself.

You'll understand that life and the acquisition of real wealth and success is NOT destination oriented but rather designed and intended to be a continuous Journey to be savored and enjoyed as you progress toward being, doing and having whatever your individually held hopes, dreams, desires and visions might entail.

The Journey will assist you in clearly seeing and initiating your "true power" through a deeper understanding of yourself that will empower you to discover and answer for yourself, the fundamental questions regarding yourself and your life that most never come to understand.

You'll develop a dramatically enhanced awareness that if applied and utilized will enable you to develop the ability to reach a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual calmness and open your eyes to a world that so many overlook and as a result are never enabled to fully enjoy and experience.

As The Journey CLEARLY conveys, It's YOUR Journey and the kind and quality that you personally experience is only dependent on you and your individual choices.

The Journey will assist you in making your individual Journey all and more than you might currently "perceive" that it can be should you choose to internalize and apply what you'll gain in this one of a kind module.

Chapter By Chapter Overview Of The Journey

The Journey - Chapter 1 : Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust

Chapter 1 of The Journey reveals that you are much more than most perceive themselves to be. You consist of physical components that extend well beyond skin, bone and organs and you are much more connected with the world around you than most are aware of.

You'll gain an uncommon depth of understanding regarding yourself, the functions of your body and your external world that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Chapter 1 concludes with a a number of thought provoking questions to ask yourself as well as practical application techniques that will enable you to become more and enable you to feel and personally experience your interconnectedness with the world around you.

You'll clearly see and understand, perhaps for the very first time, who and what you "truly" are.

The Journey - Chapter 2 : Tears of Joy

Chapter 2 picks up and further enhances the understanding gained through Chapter 1 of The Journey and provides you with an even greater understanding of how emotion and the human physiology merge. You'll discover how these emotions harmonize without fail with the events, conditions and circumstances that unfold in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

You'll discover specific steps you can take to harmonize your beingness with those things that you desire to experience in your life and as a result enable and empower yourself to create and experience them consciously, consistently and intentionally.

The Journey - Chapter 3 : Sunny Days, Starry Nights

Chapter 3 of The Journey clearly reveals your relationship and interconnectedness with the Macroscopic world around you.

You'll discover the one thing that you have complete and total control over which enables and empowers you to both create and change your external results anytime that you yourself choose to do so.

Chapter 3 concludes with an integration exercise that will further strengthen your ability to become conscious and aware of the power you hold to be, do and have the aspirations that you choose for yourself.

The Journey - Chapter 4 : Love Is

Chapter 4 reveals 2 aspects of love that will serve to enlighten you to the greatest and most powerful force known to man.

What you'll gain from understanding and applying these 2 extremely vital aspects of Love will awaken you to the power you possess and motivate you in such a way that draws you closer to rather than taking you further from "real success" in the world.

You'll be challenged to make a choice and a decision to become and as a result experience more that is harmonious with the individually held desires that you choose for yourself.

The Journey - Chapter 5 : Express Yourself

In Chapter 5 you'll be awakened to the fact that there are many ways that you communicate in the world, a number of which you are not even aware of.

2 predominant ways of communication that are continuously engaged in by you will be covered in a way that will bring forth new insight and understanding as to how you call forth various outcomes in life in many cases without being consciously aware of how you are doing so.

You'll gain an extremely empowering and positive way to begin expressing yourself that will provide significant results that harmonize with more of what you desire for yourself.

The Journey - Chapter 6 : Believing Is Seeing

Are you ready to discover the "Real Truth" about what you see and experience in the world around you that those who are asleep fail to grasp?

Chapter 6 of The Journey will awaken and empower you to see beyond "the illusion" that the vast majority "perceive" to be reality.

Your choice to grasp and apply this "profound understanding" will enable you to "consciously and consistently" enable you to enhance your "beliefs" and as a result, the outcomes that show up in your life.

You'll clearly understand that seeing is NOT believing and those who must first see to believe will NEVER see but rather continue throughout their lives in "wishful thinking" mode.

The Journey - Chapter 7 : Self Knowledge

Chapter 7 of The Journey will disclose what modern day science has discovered with regard to what most "perceive" reality to be.

You'll clearly grasp and understand that the world around you is not an "objective reality" at all but rather a "subjective reality" that you have been provided the ability as well as the right to transform anytime that you choose.

You'll be challenged to look where most choose not to that will both expose and enable you to create a life of joy, harmony and fulfillment in whatever area of life that you choose for yourself.

Now all that stands between you and the application of the gifts provided to you is your individual choice as to whether you will or won't utilize them.

The Journey - Chapter 8 : Cosmos

Have you ever given any thought as to how you fit into the bigger reality picture of the cosmos?

Chapter 8 of The Journey provides a profound and enlightening look at the macroscopic aspects of life and how you, being the unique and magnificent individual that you are, impacts both the macroscopic and the microscopic world that you exist within through your individually held quality of consciousness based on your chosen perceptions, judgments, beliefs and uniquely held view of the world around you.

You'll discover where your "true freedom" is derived from and how to begin consciously and consistently utilizing the gifts and tools provided to you to mold and shape the various aspects that make up your life.

The Journey - Chapter 9 : Evolution

Many "perceive" evolution to mean something other than a spiritually based unfolding of the physical world.

This is a very shortsighted and inaccurate perspective that keeps many from recognizing and clearly identifying themselves as an integral and creative part of the bigger reality picture.

Chapter 9 of The Journey provides an "accurate and profound look" at what evolution "truly is" providing the student with a much deeper understanding of the importance of accepting personal responsibility for the events, conditions and circumstances that unfold in life on both an individual as well as a collective level.

You'll become much more aware of who and what you "truly" are, what the world around you "truly is" and as a result become more enabled and empowered to begin creating for yourself a kind and quality of life that harmonizes with your individually held hopes, dreams and desires.

You are an EXTREMELY important part of the process whether you currently realize it or not.

The Journey - Chapter 10 : The Void

Chapter 10 of The Journey provides an uncommon understanding of how your inner conscious awareness interacting with your outer conscious awareness enables you to enter into and personally experience the profound nature of "The Void" where your true power is both recognized and experienced.

You'll grasp and understand that the void is that of Universal Consciousness where the purest and most profound aspects of Love exist absent individual perceptions.

You'll understand that you are an integral part of the whole rather than individual and separate, providing you with new insight and the ability to be, do and have more.

The Journey - Chapter 11 : Wisdom

What is wisdom really? Chapter 11 of The Journey clearly shows that wisdom is a continuously expanding state of being that is limited only by the expansion of consciousness of you individually as well as the collective consciousness of the worlds population.

You'll understand that your most heartfelt dreams and desires are based on and only limited by your individually chosen depths of wisdom that you have both the right as well as the ability to choose for yourself.

You'll be made keenly aware of how modern day technologies are advancing and growing numbers are discovering and utilizing these rapidly expanding resources to enhance awareness, understanding and through practical application enhancing quality of life.

Your quality of consciousness will be expanded resulting in the expansion of the kind and quality of events, conditions and circumstances experienced in your physical world when you choose to integrate this understanding into your life and future.

The Journey - Chapter 12 : You Are Light

Chapter 12 of The Journey reveals that the vast majority of what you observe in the physical world is light...quantum light packets that are molded and shaped based on your observation.

You'll understand that you yourself are light based on the latest in scientific discoveries revealing the power you hold to shine your light in such a way that harmonizes with the external experiences that you desire to have in your life.

The Journey - Epilogue

This module of The Journey discusses quotes made by the masters of the past and how what each of these masters shared, although stated in different words, when looked at from a deeper perspective, conveys the very same message.

You are the creator of your reality and it's your individually held perceptions, judgments and unique way of viewing the world that determines how your individual world will unfold.

You'll be challenged to grasp and understand the miracle that you are and your ability to create the miracles that unfold in each and every area of your life without fail.

Walk on...enjoy the Journey...savor the the Journey.

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