The Journey

by John McCarthy
(London, England)

Hello Chuck,
Many thanks for sharing your story. I can only imagine the amazing benefit your writings must be bringing to so many people.
As for myself I have know idea how your first email popped into my mail box but I am very grateful that it did.
From reading your articles what I have found amazing is the similarities between your journey and my own which also started in an hospital 20 years ago only difference was that I was the patient. It has only been the last few years that I have really started putting everything together but absolutely agree with your interpretation of LOVE as everything.
Although your journey, at least it seems now anyway is a public one mine has and still is a very private one, in main due to nature of surroundings ie people, some or many who hold beliefs outlined in your writings. I do wish that maybe one day I could perhaps serve people by relating my story but that will happen as you know through the grace of the Universe if it is to be.
Anyway just felt the need to share with someone, thank you for opportunity.
Big Love,
John McCarthy.

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