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The Greatest of These is Love

Part 3 of 3

Let's Talk About Love, YOU, Your Choices, Actions and The Unending Flow of Moment By Moment Miracles that are ALWAYS Unfolding In Your Life as a Result With Unerring, Unwavering and Predictable Certainty...Unconditionally

The Greatest of These is Love

Creating an extraordinary quality of life is profoundly simple. If it feels like
Love, focus on it, move and DO something with it. If it doesn't, accept it,
shift it, move beyond it, forget it and/or wait till it does.
- Chuck Danes

Welcome to Part 3 of The Greatest of These is Love. Although this is the 3rd and final installment in this months edition of Enlightened Journey, I'd venture to say, based on my own experiences so far and the paths I've personally walked, that for YOU, it will prove to be (at the very least COULD be) the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT installment if you truly desire (and are serious about) being, doing and/or having more in your life.

That's what this final installment is going to show you HOW to do so you might actually RECEIVE what you DO EVERY aspect of none.

Receiving in the easiest, simplest and fastest way possible isn't so much about doing and having as it pertains to BEING though. The doing and having is "physical finite stuff." Based on where many are, that's MOST important in their mind. And in a "physical world" kind of way, receiving and having the physical and finite stuff is important. VERY Important. I don't downplay that...whatsoever.

The reason I don't downplay the physical and finite is because I've come to KNOW after many years of "path walking" and a very diverse range of both tangible and intangible experiences; some extremely painful and others way, way beyond amazing and profound, that physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony is necessary to FULLY experience; in a tangible kind of way, the kind and quality of life that we ALL CAN and which so many are "trying so hard" to achieve.

But "getting there" in the easiest, simplest, fastest and most fun kind of way requires "consciously applying" the intangibles FIRST. Consciously aligning and harmonizing the spiritual, mental and emotional FIRST enables and allows the DOING, RECEIVING and HAVING to seem like child's play actually.

And YES, "child's play" means it's FUN...A LOT of fun (or at least can be) too.

It only depends on which YOU choose for yourself.

That's what so many DON'T do which is the ONE and ONLY thing that keeps so many DOING so much, working so hard, WANTING and ALWAYS trying to "get there" all the while not having ANY (or at least very little) fun as they do whatever they do in their attempts to HAVE whatever they desire to have.

In the vast majority of cases, how MOST go about it is the "hard way." That's the "not so fun" way.

Point being, the intangibles are FAR MORE important but at the same time, if results aren't tangible and measurable, they're NOT results. And in physical life, those tangible results ARE important.

But they're not the Main Thing.

They're not because at a deeper place, the "physical kinds of doing and the finite stuff" we get as a result is not REALLY important at all. Not initially at least. BEING is most important. That's what determines EVERYTHING else...what we do, how we do it, the quality and quantity of that DOING and what we receive and HAVE as a result.

That's pretty deep. Deeper than MOST choose to look let alone understand and use. But it's SOOOOO important if you're sincere and serious about HAVING those desires; WHATEVER they might be, fulfilled.

There's an even deeper level though; another all too often overlooked level that reveals and enables us to KNOW who and what we "Truly Are" and what we're TRULY CAPABLE of being, doing AND having. At this level the physical and finite stuff is completely and totally irrelevant. It means nothing. It has no meaning, no substance and holds no value whatsoever.

You MAY disagree at this point. Or you may even wholeheartedly agree yet aren't fully aware of how to access this "deeper level" which; when accessed and used "consciously, intentionally and on purpose," reveals just how "true" that is.

It's proven to be "In the blink of an eye true" for me and many others who I know time and time again.

It CAN BE for you too...if you allow it to be.

That's why this MAY BE the most important installment for YOU. It's going to show you how to "allow it" to be true for you too. It is because it's going to introduce you to (or in some cases remind you) what IS important. What's MOST important. The ONE and ONLY thing that's truly important in fact.

I personally refer to this ONE thing we'll be looking at VERY CLOSELY as "The Main Thing."

The reason I KNOW (and you may find) this to be the most important installment is because it's going to reveal this Main Thing as well as a Very Simple, often overlooked, yet Immensely Powerful approach (or at the least a concept) for getting to the heart of the matter, living life to the fullest and receiving what you do desire...whatsoever you "truly desire" the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of your life.

The reason I KNOW that's "true" is because I've used it personally MANY TIMES.

I've used it without "intentionally doing so", without even being aware and realizing I was AND I've used it consciously, intentionally and on purpose. Initially I used it "accidentally." You could say I've used it unconsciously and unintentionally without being "aware" that I was, as well as "consciously and intentionally" KNOWING I was. I've also personally seen and witnessed it's Mind Boggling, Heart Expanding, Awe Inspiring Power and have since come to KNOW in a VERY up close, personal and real world kind of way, that it IS The Main Thing and that it's a NEVER failing approach...not EVER!!

It NEVER errs, it NEVER wavers, it NEVER fails and it ALWAYS delivers predictable results once you're "aware of it", SEE it and make the choice to "consciously and consistently utilize" it. Doing so is a choice that enables the "less important" physical and finite stuff to "show up" too.

Although it may not make rational and logical sense at this point the reason it does is VERY VERY simple. Here's how simple yet often seemingly irrational and illogical it is...

"The Greatest of These is Love."

That's where our Real Power lies. It's the level where the physical and finite stuff doesn't matter. At the same time it's where the physical and finite stuff comes from. It's also what enables us and our lives to BE at all. You could say it's the "essence of life" that enables what has been, is and what's going to be, possible at all.

Once we get it, once we understand it and begin to use it on purpose, once we make it our choice to project it into the world, we begin to see and use it's power as well as OUR Power in a powerfully leveraged and seemingly miraculous kind of way.

That's when life becomes Whole, complete and fulfilling on ALL levels.

But the first step is understanding how vast and powerful it is. It requires looking and SEEING beyond the physical and finite forms of power that so many place so much focus and emphasis on.

The Fact of The Matter is, It's a Form of Power that IS, Always Has Been and Always Will Be "Powerful Beyond Measure" or Comprehension Due to It's Infinite Nature

So what DOES at all that mean?

If you'll recall in the Welcome Edition, I made reference to the FACT that you are Awesome, Amazing and Powerful Beyond Measure. That was MUCH MORE than some hyped up, motivational, rah rah feel good statement.

You ARE all of those...Literally AND Unconditionally.

That's quite "difficult" to grasp for most. That's why I'm going to ask that you DO your VERY best to disengage your MIND for just a bit and place all emphasis on tuning into and OPENING your heart.

Here's WHY I ask that you DO that...

The mind cannot; in MOST cases "conceive" just how Awesome, Amazing and Powerful beyond measure that you are. That we ALL are. Nor can it conceive or imagine how Awesome, Amazing and Powerful Beyond Measure the statement, The Greatest of These is Love is as it pertains to assisting us to tap into, use and benefit from that Awesome and Amazing Power that WE ALL possess in a conscious, intentional and consistent kind of way.

The head (the mind) finds it difficult; and in some cases "seemingly impossible", to conceive and imagine that. That's what keeps so many "seemingly stuck" and keeps the tangible materialization of their "heartfelt desires" somewhere in the future.

But the Heart KNOWS it and can FEEL it when we "choose" to allow it to. But to do so, it's going to require, in 99% of the cases, that you "Get OUT of your head and OPEN your heart" so you might tap into it, KNOW and "feel it" too.

That requires doing your best to look and SEE beyond the physical meat suit you and all the scary stuff that might be happening in your own life as well as what "APPEARS TO BE HAPPENING" in the world out there.

Once you KNOW it and FEEL it, you can begin USING IT in ways that MOST CAN'T (or at least AREN'T) only because they are "choosing" NOT to without realizing that they are in fact "choosing" NOT TO.

The greatest insight that I hope you receive from this final installment of The Greatest of These is Love, is the FACT that we're ALL using this Power already. We're ALL using it ALL the time, yet MOST are using it "unconsciously" without even realizing that they are. Because of that, most are SEEING and consistently EXPERIENCING less than they truly desire in life.

They're unconsciously and unknowingly trapping themselves within a "seemingly inescapable cycle" of fear, doubt, worry and less than desired results.

That's the ONLY reason that most don't believe nor SEE, nor ever experience in a real, tangible and measurable kind of way that they "truly can" be, do and/or have "Whatsoever ye desire" WITHOUT limitations or restrictions of ANY kind.

Put simply, because so many place so much emphasis on all the physical and finite stuff in their lives, combined with what's happening in the world "out there", we can't see the forest for the trees and/or we can't see the light because of the imagined and perceived darkness programmed and stored in the mind.

So, bottom line, what follows is my very best "heart centered attempt" at revealing to YOU and assisting you to SEE, REALLY SEE, well beyond what the "average mind" can conceive, imagine or comprehend, or that the "physical eyes" can see.

I'm going to DO my VERY BEST to assist YOU in "Getting out of your head and into your heart."

What follows is going to reveal not only WHY The Greatest of These is Love...literally, but also how you might begin to use and consistently APPLY the Indescribable, Incomprehensible, Awe Inspiring and All Pervasive Power behind this often overlooked and/or misapplied "timeless wisdom" that so simply and clearly conveys (and at the same time PROVIDES) The Key...the Master Key which opens the FLOODGATES to a life of Real Joy, Real Meaning and Real Purpose that INCLUDES yet at the same time extends well beyond all the physical and finite stuff that so many WANT.

It "includes the stuff too" simply because what we'll be discussing is "All Pervasive." There's nothing that it's not and there's nowhere that it's not.

But to DO that it's going to require that you become "aware of it" and then, USE and apply it. More than just applying it...Consciously and consistently "applying it" in such a way that enables and empowers you to begin SEEING and experiencing this Awe Inspiring Power at work in both "tangible and intangible ways." Real, profound, often overlooked and "seemingly miraculous" in a "blink of an eye" kinds of ways that transcend common logic, rationale and reasoning when consciously and consistently chosen...and YES...with PREDICTABLE and unwavering certainty too.

It doesn't matter which area of life it is. The same applies equally to ALL areas...physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual.

But, just so there's no misunderstanding, it's going to require "getting into your heart" FIRST, to become enabled to HEAR and SEE that.

Your "physical eyes and ears" won't enable you to, so PLEASE, take a moment (or HOWEVER long it takes) RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and do your very best to quiet, tune out of and shut OFF your mind, make the shift and DO your VERY best to simply tune into and open your heart.

The reason that is SO important is because the Heart KNOWS and the mind suppresses that KNOWING due to what it "thinks it knows."

More about that in a bit.

If you’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 of this edition of Enlightened Journey, you’re aware of the "make you weak in the knees" miracle that unfolded right before my eyes in that hospital emergency room. It was an event that revealed to me just how "real, true and literal" it is that "The Greatest of These is Love."

If you haven’t read part 1 and 2 yet, I recommend that you do so before reading this one. What follows will make much more sense, hold far greater meaning and if INTERNALIZED and applied, enable you to experience FAR GREATER results in your own life without a doubt.

"Seemingly Miraculous" results in fact.

One thing I KNOW based on my own experiences, the first of which I shared in the 2nd installment of this edition, is this. The more you choose to internalize and apply what follows, the more you'll personally experience what you love and "truly desire" in your own life...perhaps even some "make you weak in the knees" miracles that most have no idea that they CAN experience IF ever and WHENEVER they make a "conscious, intentional and purposeful choice to DO SO.

One thing I KNOW for certain is the fact that you can...regardless...IF and/or WHEN you "allow yourself" to.

The KEY phrase in that statement is "IF and/or WHEN you "allow yourself" to.

That's not a choice I can make for you. It's not a choice that ANYONE "out there" can make for you either. But it's one that YOU can make for yourself AND might I add, with mind boggling and heart expanding consequences that follow of the most pleasing, profound and loved kind.

In a moment I'm going to convey some of the insights I’ve gained since that "seemingly miraculous" event. They're insights that apply to all of us without exception and CAN be utilized by all of us without exception too. All that keeps us from DOING so, is our choice. It actually took many years of intense research, thousands upon thousands of hours of study and a number of other VERY PROFOUND and heart expanding experiences following this first “pleasingly miraculous” and awe inspiring event for me to "figure that out."

So, I'll share, in the best way I'm able, what I've learned from that as well as a number of other "seemingly miraculous experiences" here so you might become enabled and empowered to "figure things out" much quicker than I did without having to engage in all the "mind bending" research and study that I "chose" to before "figuring out" the utter SIMPLICITY of it all.

Before I get into those insights, I think, due to the nature of that first event, it’s VERY important that I make a few things VERY CLEAR up front.

The first thing has to do with us "figuring things out."

There's Really Only One Thing That Needs To Be Figured Out...or Not. The Greatest of These is Love and It's This
Same Love that is Driving the Bus...Always

You and I have learned MANY things over the course of our lives. One thing that we're ALL taught is the importance of figuring things out. Due to what we've learned combined with our predominantly intellectual human nature, we're ALWAYS trying to do that..."figure things out."

Let me assure you, I was DEFINITELY attempting to "figure out" what I could do to assist my son so I could FIX THINGS without him undergoing surgery. I found myself where I had SO MANY times before.

Fearful, anxious, horrified, seemingly trapped and because of that, Wanting and NEEDING to "figure out" how to FIX things.

That was NOT FUN and NO FUN came from it, I'll assure you. Here's what I've since "figured out."

First and foremost we don’t have to figure anything out with the exception of ONE thing. It's this ONE thing that enables and empowers us to get to the heart of the matter AND transform matter...ANY matter whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. And this ONE thing is understanding the "real, literal, unerring and unwavering meaning" behind the statement, "The Greatest of These is Love."

Because REALLY and TRULY that's ALL that needs to be figured out. That's all that's necessary to move from where we don't want to be; from worrying, fretting and being anxious to experiencing the harmony, joy, peace, well being and "seemingly miraculous results" that so many want and are "trying so hard" to make happen in VERY limited and counter productive ways. Ways that we've "learned" and believe things need to be done.

That's what must be "unlearned" to understand, begin using and benefiting from the kind of power that we ALL have at our disposal.

Once we've "figured out" that The Greatest of These REALLY and TRULY IS Love", all that's necessary, is to DO the VERY BEST we can to "consciously and consistently apply" what we've "figured out."

Once we've figured that out and begin DOING that, we begin to SEE and realize that our greatest form of "control and power" comes through doing the best we can and once done relinquishing control and power rather than "trying" to figure things out.

That's when the Real Power takes over in a pleasing kind of way.

The more we choose to do that, the easier and more "seemingly miraculous" life becomes. As it becomes easier and we develop a greater form of TRUST in the process, we DO it more and the more pleasing the moment by moment miracle/s which we ALL receive, see and experience every second of every minute of every day, become.

Here's something that is SO important to understand though.

It's really NOT so much about DOING or TRYING at all. The most POWERFUL form of DOING comes from the NOT doing and relinquishing the "perceived NEED" to control, fix and figure things out.

That's a VERY uncommon approach!!

I KNOW how crazy that might sound. Depending on where you are, what you believe and how you perceive things, it may even sound "airy fairy." Perhaps even too good to be true as many "choose" to believe.

Trust me when I tell you...I'm keenly aware, based on where I was before I made the choice and began "figuring that out" just how simplistic and unrealistic that may sound too. But there's really and truly nothing more to "figure out" with the exception of how to LET GO, "apply" it and understanding the importance of DOING so consistently AND Unconditionally.

And when I say "apply it", I'm referring to applying it in ALL aspects of life every second of every minute of every day. Consciously, consistently and intentionally applying it in ALL that we think, say and do. In our work, in our day to day interactions, in our homes, with our husbands, wives, soul mates, kids, the neighbors, the school staff, the guy that nearly cut you off on the highway and then had the gall to flip you off too!! WHATEVER area of life and in any way, shape or form that you can possibly conceive or imagine.

I'm also well aware of the fact that on the surface that may initially "seem" an impossible task. That's what our "minds" would have us believe. But it's VERY simple and quite DOABLE once you begin DOING it and get the hang of it. It's simply a matter of making the commitment to yourself and DOING it. The more you DO it, you begin to make the paradigm shift from fear, doubt, worry, resistance and struggle to Love, ease and flow.

It's really just a matter of making a "paradigm shift."

That takes some DOING initially simply because we have, for the most part been programmed and conditioned throughout our lives to REACT in "fear based ways" based on "conditions" that we see, rather than consciously RESPONDING in "loving ways"...unconditionally.

Put simply, due to what we've learned, we have a tendency to resist, avoid and move away from what we fear rather than "allowing", flowing with, opening ourselves to and moving toward what we love.

The reason I've come to KNOW that's "true" as well as VITALLY IMPORTANT in "getting what we want", is simply because after seeking, searching and trying really really hard to figure out HOW and WHY a "miracle" of such magnitude could happen for someone like me, I discovered and have since come to KNOW that EVERYTHING has all been figured out and put in place already.

What is that? I've said it and shared it countless times in this edition and it's SO profoundly simple..."The Greatest of These is Love."

The reason it is because what's been "figured out" is ALWAYS working for YOU, ME, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else too. But sadly, that's what so many in the world haven't yet "figured out."

Get this because it's SOOO VERY IMPORTANT...There's NOTHING to figure out with the exception of the literal, unerring, unwavering and miracle creating nature of the statement "The Greatest of These is Love."

All that is required of us is to figure out how to align, harmonize, use and BENEFIT from what HAS been figured out and put in place already so we might begin experiencing more "pleasing" results. No, it's not "required" in that you HAVE to but rather "required" (an optional kind of requirement) in order to become enabled and empowered to first BE, and then DO and HAVE more of what you Love...what you "truly Love."

It's VERY simple yet due to what we've learned and BELIEVE, it "seems" or at least CAN seem really hard and complex. We get to CHOOSE which of those we experience for ourselves.

It's as "simple" or "seemingly complex" as this...

Give love, receive what you love. That's how Love designed it...simple and powerful too. It can't get any more "simple" than that can it? What you "put out there" comes back. What you focus on expands. What you feed grows. Put out "Love", focus on Love, feed Love, respond in Love, REGARDLESS of how much "fear" you may be experiencing in your "programmed mind" or your "physical body" and you receive more of what you Love.

Here's the "thing" that so many overlook which keeps them from SEEING how real, true, simple and POWERFUL that is...

The polar opposite also holds true. When we consistently "choose" the opposite, when we diminish or suppress Love in our OWN minds, when we think, speak and act in less than loving ways, we often "receive the opposite" yet we don't believe, perceive, judge or label that as Love.

But it is!! It's Love doing what Love ALWAYS does. Love ALWAYS says YES. Love is ALWAYS providing and reflecting back to us what we are choosing. When we consistently "seem to be" receiving the polar opposite; when we consistently RECEIVE what we CLAIM we don't want, it's only US "choosing" to "BE" something "less than loving" in some way, shape or form.

We Have The Right, The Choice and The Free Will to Miss the Mark as Well as the Right, The Choice and the Free Will to Hit The Bulls Eye

Let's talk briefly about "missing the mark."

If you're a "religious minded person" and were "trained and taught" as I was early on in life, it's going to be vitally important that you "Get out of your head and into your heart" to enable what follows to make sense, penetrate and open "your heart."

It has to do with what so many are "taught" have learned and "believe to be true" regarding the "words" sin and evil.

First, let's look at the word SIN.

Although the word SIN has varying meanings based on "learned and inherited beliefs" and is "perceived" in various ways, SIN is nothing more or less than missing the Love mark at varying degrees.

Look it up. Trace it to it's origin. That's what sin means. To miss the mark.

We have the right, the choice and the ability to "Hit the mark" or "Miss the mark." We get to "choose that." Love provided us with the Free Will and "the gift" to CHOOSE as we choose...however we choose.

...and LOVE ALWAYS in ALL WAYS says YES and delivers JUST as we choose...unconditionally.

Now let's look at the word EVIL. That's a "scary one" for most. It certainly was VERY scary to me until I made a conscious choice to look beyond what I'd been programmed and conditioned to believe it meant and decided to become an "independent thinker."

Let's look at the word evil.

I was personally taught that evil was some dark powerful force "out there" somewhere that I better look out for, dodge, avoid and run away from. I learned that this "evil force" was out to get me. That only served to provide me with a "fear based" focus. Yet "The Book" clearly states more than 300 times..."Fear not." It also "clearly states" that Source is NOT a Source of fear but of Love.

I could go on and on. Here's what I discovered regarding's REAL meaning.

Evil originated from the Hebrew Ra ; meaning calamity/disaster/adversity. Seeing and knowing that enabled things to become very intellectually simple for me. It enabled me to stop placing so much FOCUS on fear and evil and place focus on The Main Thing...Love.

Maybe it will for you too.

Here's how "simple" it is for me...

If I miss the "Love mark", I'm DEFINITELY going to experience some calamity, adversity and disaster in my life. Depending on how close I come or how far away I choose to get from expressing and projecting Love, the closer or further away I can "expect" to get from experiencing calamity, adversity and disaster in my life.

Put simply, I can choose to "Miss the Mark" or "Hit the Bulls Eye" and my life will reflect that "choice."

Making the shift from "missing the mark" to Hitting the BULLS EYE consistently, requires nothing more or less than learning to Love Unconditionally. That includes events, conditions, circumstances, people and especially YOURSELF.

That's what I've figured out and DO my best to apply in ALL I think, say and do. That's what enabled and allowed the seriousness of what my son was experiencing to be transformed in the blink of an eye too. The Love I felt, the Love I projected in spite of the immense fear, worry and anxiety Hit The Mark....the Bulls Eye in fact and what "seemed so bad and scary" and seemingly horrific, transformed in the "blink of an eye" to what was loved, desired and needed in that moment.

It took me MANY years to "figure that out." Here's what I missed and what I've since discovered SO MANY miss today. This is REALLY going to require "getting out of your head and into your heart" to SEE, benefit from it and begin "using it" in a way that brings what you love and desire in life.

It's Love that figured it out. It's also Love that created it. It's also Love that drives and sustains it ALL. It's this SAME Love that LOVES us...YOU...ME and EVERYONE else...SO fully and UNCONDITIONALLY that He/She/It enables and "allows us" to CHOOSE our experiences in life based on what we "think and believe" we have figured out.

Since Love is such a LARGE all encompassing, all pervasive and Infinite Being and the word, Unconditionally is also such a LARGE all encompassing, all pervasive and Infinite "Way of Being", that's also why it's such a difficult concept for MOST "humans" to grasp and understand, let alone "apply."

We haven't been TAUGHT how to do that. More accurately, what we've been taught has caused us to FORGET that. That's why MOST don't choose or act in Unconditionally Loving ways.

But it's a choice that we each CAN learn AND make in ALL that we do as we show up in the world or not. And it's a VITALLY important choice because how we "show up" determines with unfailing and unwavering precision what "shows up" in our lives.

In EVERY area of our lives...unconditionally.

We don't SEE that only because we don't KNOW who and what we truly are NOR do we realize how "truly powerful" we are for the simple FACT that we overlook and "choose NOT" to acknowledge the kind of Power; Real Power that's been "freely provided" to us to choose, use and experience in life as we choose.

EVERY aspect of life!!

So let's look at it this way. I'll use one of the ancient texts from the Judeo Christian Bible as well as what 20th and 21st century science has discovered to make the point.

Spiritually speaking...

"You were created in the image and likeness of God."

If the label God doesn't work for you based on what you've been taught, replace it and use WHATEVER label works best for you, based on what you believe to be true.

Call He/She/It Universe, Energy, the field, Brahman, Yahweh, Jesus...WHATEVER suits you. Those LABELS don't matter. Love doesn't care which you choose.

For the sake of finding "neutral ground", I'll refer to He/She/It as Source. You were created in the "image and likeness" of Source.

Even the most "religious minded" have at least a "basic understanding" that Source is Love. Most every religion teaches that. Religion also teaches that Source is The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End, The All in All, The I AM.

That pretty much covers EVERYTHING doesn't it?

If we're created in the "image and likeness" of Source (Love) we too are Love with the right, the ability, the free will and the choice to BE what we are OR choose the polar opposite...FEAR...EVIL...and CAN if we choose "miss the mark."

Here's where the "rubber meets the road" and applies to ALL of us including you.

From a strictly "spiritual perspective"...

Source Loves us SO MUCH that He/She/It enables and allows US to choose either Love or Fear as our predominant way of being and depending on the kind and quality of choices that WE make followed by the actions that we take, Source delivers to us precisely what we choose...unconditionally.

From a more scientific perspective...

The same "applies" when you look at what science has discovered regarding energy. E=MC2. Everything is energy. There's nothing that energy is not. It's The Source of everything. It's what enables EVERYTHING to BE. It's what enables you to BE and exist too.

Without energy, nothing could be. It's the Source of everything that is, was or ever will be...including YOU. You could say that science has discovered that YOU were created in the image and likeness of energy...Source.

Energy isn't judgmental, discerning or rational. Let's use Law of Attraction lingo. The "energy" we project determines what we attract. What we put out there comes back. If we "miss the mark" and project a "different quality of energy" than what we desire to be, do and have in our physical world, we don't and CAN'T be, do and have (receive) what we desire in physical life.

What does that mean and how does it apply to Love and what we experience in "physical life?"

Love has a different frequency than fear. Love emits and projects a "frequency" that feels MUCH better than fear.

All we have to do (or at least have the right, the free will, the ability and CAN do) is make a conscious, intentional and purposeful choice to align and harmonize ourselves with Love in ALL we think say and do in the best way we can, let go and allow nature to take her course.

It's VERY VERY simple. Not easy to understand initially. Not EASY to apply initially either, but VERY VERY simple. It CAN become easy. It DOES become easy. The more we choose to understand it, the more we choose to DO it, the easier and simpler it becomes. But to get to the EASY and simple part, you have to get through the hard part first. The "hard part" is waking up and becoming conscious. The hard part is "unlearning" what you've been told and TAUGHT you are and relearning who and what you truly are. The hard part is "unlearning" what causes us to REACT in less than loving ways. The hard part is learning to RESPOND in Love rather than REACT out of fear.

The simplicity begins to reveal itself when you BEGIN where you are and make a conscious choice to begin making "the shift" from fear to Love and once done DOING IT consistently in ALL you think, say and do.

That's when it begins to becomes "easy." The easier it becomes the MORE you do it and the more you receive what you love.

That's also where many "miss the mark." They just never begin. But the reason THAT'S true is VERY SIMPLE too. It's because of what we've learned, believe and think is "true" regarding ourselves.

That's why the ancient Greek aphorism, "Know thyself" is SO VERY important.

Sometimes...most times in fact we have to relearn who we are, what we are, how to Love and accept ourselves and our less than loving choices just long enough to forgive ourselves for "missing the mark", letting it go, forgiving our "short comings"..."allowing them" to be OK and simply refocusing on doing better next time...being more "loving" the next time.

When we DO that; IF we "choose to do that", we begin to feel differently. We stir and ignite "pleasing emotions." We begin to feel better...AWESOME in fact. Then we begin to think, speak and act in more "loving ways." And when we DO that, we begin to see that things "out there" begin to change.

What I can tell you based on my own experience in the hospital emergency room that evening is that sometimes change CAN and DOES take place in "seemingly miraculous ways" and these "seemingly miraculous" results CAN reveal themselves in the blink of an eye.

The ONLY determining factor is how close to the Love Mark we choose to get. That's another KEY point to become "aware of" though.

What, Why, When, Where and How

We ALL know what we want. We have this image in our minds eye of WHAT that WANT is. Although in MOST cases we only have a surface level understanding of WHY we WANT it, many times we never get to the heart of the matter to determine WHAT it is that we "truly want" and WHY we REALLY DO want it.

At the Deepest levels, the fulfillment of ANY WANT is to be happy and fulfilled. That's the underlying WHY behind ANY personal WANT.

We also tend to think about WHEN and HOW our WANT will show up. Many times, because we WANT it so badly, we can get clingy and anxiously attached to WHEN and HOW we're going to GET this thing WHATEVER it is. That's a "mistake" in the strictly physical sense of the word. It IS simply because when we don't see what we want and begin thinking about WHEN or IF it might "show up", we automatically stir and ignite fear within ourselves in varying degrees.

Because the when and the how isn't our job. Our job is to focus on and move toward the WHAT and the WHY. The WHAT is Love. (Desire) The WHY is Love. (The reason for the fulfillment of the Desire which is to be happy and fulfilled)

In the case of "My Miracle" and what took place with my son, the WHAT was healing. The WHY extended beyond ME. It had something to DO with me but had much more MORE to do with my son.

Here's the point as it pertains to YOU and what you WANT...

When the WHAT and the WHY are limited to US without consideration of OTHERS, we, in a sense limit and/or suppress The Power available to US.

The more we focus on ourselves and limit our what and why to ourselves and what WE ourselves WANT, the when and the how CAN become more difficult to see. The more we extend our what and why outside of ourselves the more love is expanded and grows and the HOW reveals itself.

Do you know what's REALLY REALLY COOL about that?

The WHEN speeds up exponentially. Sometimes it transcends space/time as we know and understand it and it quite literally "shows up" in "the blink of an eye."

The ONLY thing that determines THAT is how close or how far away you come from "Hitting The Bulls Eye." One thing is certain. That CAN happen for YOU or ANYONE else if and/or when you enable and allow it to. Many...most perhaps simply aren't enabling and allowing it to.

Not because they don't WANT to, but rather because they don't understand The Power behind it, all the while "believing" that you CAN'T and/or WE can't get what we want..

Here's How to Recognize WHY You May Not Be Getting
What You WANT AND How to Begin Getting More
of WHAT You Truly Desire

If it "seems as if" we're doing our best to focus on and move toward Love; as we do our best to think, speak and act in loving ways, yet we continue to receive less than desired results, it's only necessary to take a deeper look within ourselves; get to the heart of the matter, become conscious, aware and "figure out" how we're thinking, speaking and acting in "less than loving" ways as we think, speak, act and do whatever it is that we do.

That's certainly NOT hard to figure out. We KNOW...or at the least CAN become conscious and aware of HOW we're thinking, speaking and acting. We CAN get to the place where we know when we're reacting out of fear or responding in Love.

It's really just a matter of becoming conscious and aware of which areas of life we're consistently choosing to "lovingly respond" to and which areas that we're "choosing" to fearfully react in. You can know that without "becoming conscious" actually. It's only necessary to become "aware" of how you consistently feel.

There's another way to determine that and it's VERY simple. Just look at your results whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Once you see that and accept responsibility for WHAT you're seeing and experiencing in those areas, then it's simply a matter of "becoming conscious" of what's taking place at the mental, emotional and/or physical levels to determine why.

What are you DOING at one or all of these levels that are out of alignment with the fulfillment of your desired outcome.

Here are some questions to ASK yourself...

  • Are you loving yourself?

  • Are you open to receive?

  • Are you DOING what it takes to receive?

  • Is what you're thinking, feeling and doing aligned with Love?

  • Does EVERYBODY get to WIN as you think, feel and do whatever it is that you THINK, FEEL and DO in your attempts to GET what you WANT?

  • Does EVERYBODY get to WIN if and when your WANT is fulfilled?

That's what's necessary to experience Real Harmony, Real Joy and Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom in life.

Once we're "aware of that", once we recognize if we're "in alignment" or "out of alignment" with what we'd love to see and experience, we have a starting place. If we recognize that we're out of alignment with that...WHATEVER that is, then it's simply a matter of making a "conscious and intentional choice" to move from fear and shift back to Love in whatever area that we may be "missing the mark" in. Once we make that shift, we begin "hitting the mark" more consistently which enables us to begin seeing and experiencing more of what we love.

Sometimes...many times in fact, perhaps even MOST times, it's US treating ourselves in "less than loving ways."

If that's the case, all that needs to be figured out and DONE is becoming aware of and making a "conscious choice" to begin "unlearning" all the fear based nonsense we've LEARNED and/or inherited which enables us to begin realizing and understanding that The Greatest of These is Love...which is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS The Main Thing, applies to EVERYTHING. It applies to US individually and how much we are "loving ourselves."

It's certainly NOT limited to us but it definitely BEGINS there. Because the limitations of love that we give to others is limited only by how much love we have for and GIVE to ourselves. The more we "love ourselves" the more we can "shine our light" and project that Love Light out into the world. The more light we project and shine out into the world the more light comes back our way.

We not only get to see but experience The Light. Let's look at Love, Fear and Light as having "value."

Love Has Ultimate Value and Fear Only Has the Kind, Quality and Quantity of Value That We Ourselves Choose to Give It

Let's discuss Value. In fact, let's replace the word Love with the word VALUE to enable things to become more tangibly feasible. Are we projecting the kind of VALUE that can provide the kind of VALUE that we WANT?

If NOT...we simply need to make a very simple adjustment and DO that. "seemingly miraculous ways", the world RESPONDS and sends that Love Light back. The darkness begins to disappear and dissipate. The more we DO that, the more Loving, Abundant and Joyful life seems. The more it "seems like that", the more Love, abundance and joy we enable and allow ourselves to "put out there" and the more of it we "get back" and personally experience.

That's important simply because EVERYTHING we receive and how we choose to respond or react to the "things out there" enables and allows us to SEE and become keenly aware of how close we are to, as well as how far away we may "perceive ourselves to be" from Love and RECEIVING the kind of VALUE (love) that we desire in our lives.

But we're not close or far away from Love actually. We're already there. We're a PART of Love. EVERYTHING is there already because it's all there is. The Greatest of These is Love simply because Love is all there is in spite of our learned, inherited and VERY LIMITED beliefs and perceptions.

A "seeming lack" of ANYTHING is only a "choice" not to give and project the kind of VALUE (Love) that can and DOES provide a mirrored reflection of that CHOICE.

That takes some soul searching in most cases followed by a self examination based on transparency and honesty...self honesty and in MANY cases brutal self honesty.

Another VERY IMPORTANT clarification before we continue...

Something utterly astounding happened in that hospital emergency room. There's No denying that. The projected Love I "put out there" (value) enabled what I Loved (valued most in that moment) to unfold in the blink of an eye "in spite of the value I was "unconsciously giving and placing on fear."

Because of that, fear lost it's value and it's power. What I feared lost all value and it disappeared. It transformed in the blink of an eye, from what I didn't want to what I "truly desired." It revealed that Love's Value supersedes, diminishes and eliminates "fears value" REGARDLESS of how much "perceived value" we place on fear or how "real" we think, believe and perceive that it is.

It has NO VALUE whatsoever except for the kind and quality of VALUE that WE ourselves place on it. That's what enables and allows us to "feel badly." Yet we don't HAVE to "feel badly" because Love...the thing that enables and allows us to FEEL AWESOME and "transform what is feared"...matter

The reason WHY is simple and I've said MANY MANY times throughout this edition...

The Greatest of These is Love.

Loves VALUE took over when I enabled and allowed it to. I enabled and allowed it to "unknowingly and unconsciously" granted, but only because I couldn't personally make the "conscious and intentional shift" from the limited value of fear to the All Pervasive and All Encompassing Value that Love is.

So you could say that "Love" did it for me.

But this is also KEY and VERY important as it applies to YOU and those you love...

I'm NOT suggesting that ANYONE put off or deny their family needed medical treatment. Had it been necessary, as much as I didn't want to, I would have signed those consent forms and my son would have received the surgery that was recommended by the medical team that evening.

Although I use that experience as one of MANY examples to convey and show you where I was at the time; what I thought and what I believed about myself, what was possible or not possible, how life worked, what I BELIEVED I was "worthy or NOT worthy of receiving" and many other less than empowering things I “thought” were true about life in general, it’s really not about that event at all.

It’s not about me, it’s not about my son, it’s not about healing and really it’s not even about miracles. That's just one of my "seemingly miraculous stories" that I share so you might benefit from the insights I've gained from it in your life.

This is ALL about YOU receiving more pleasing results physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Point being, due to FAR too many factors or "probabilities" than can be covered here, it's "possible" that a hospital emergency room and some "procedure" is a part of RECEIVING the kind of "pleasing results" that we all desire and aspire toward.

Here's one thing I KNOW...

We're met where we are unconditionally. Where I was was in a state of immense fear, doubt, worry and anxiety based on what I was "looking at" and "thought" was so real yet underneath all these REACTIONS was a very intense form of Love combined with a complete and total surrender which enabled Love to do what Love always does.

Love met me and my son where we were...unconditionally.

My intent and purpose isn't nor will it ever be to say or tell you what you should or shouldn't do. It IS to convey and share in the best way I'm able, the importance of understanding at the deepest levels that The Greatest of These is Love. And I share that ONLY in the hope of assisting and empowering you based on the experiences I've had, the lessons I've learned and what I’ve since come to understand and KNOW that we’re ALL quite capable of GIVING and RECEIVING since personally witnessing that "seemingly miraculous" event.

And it was Love that did the trick...THAT'S it...nothing else.

Admittedly, that took me many years and a lot of path walking to figure out. In my interactions with people from ALL walks of life and from every culture around the world, one thing stands out...

We as a people; a global people, whether individually or collectively, just don’t know or understand in MOST the VAST MAJORITY of cases in fact, just how utterly powerful and Unconditional Love is. We also tend to overlook; or at least temporarily forget the fact that we were “created in the image and likeness” of whatever the Source of your understanding might be.

If you were taught, think and believe as I did for MANY years regarding the nature of Source; that very well could have you thinking and believing that we’re “supposed to be” keeping score, making a list and checking it twice, be reactive, judgmental and condemning when others don’t THINK, SAY or DO what we think they should. That line of thinking COULD have you thinking and believing that we’re to take matters in our own hands; that we’re “supposed to” "judge, label, condemn even, get revenge and exchange an eye for an eye."

Because of that we overlook how “truly powerful” we are, the kind of power we've been "freely provided" and what we’re truly capable of achieving. We simply don’t understand how awesome, amazing and powerful we are both individually and collectively.

When we act in "less than loving" ways, The Love reveals itself in what "seems to be" less than loving events, conditions and circumstances. We create a cycle. Not a fun one either.

Because of this widespread and “less than empowering fact”, when we look at, view and "judge" this cycle, we tend to intensify, REACT to that and consistently think, speak and act in less than loving ways. What I’ve since discovered that many “choose not to see” is the fact that when we “choose” to think, speak or act in less than loving ways” we can only receive “less than loved” results.

Limiting and/or suppressing Love in our own minds provides what we think, believe and perceive to be less than loving, limited and/or suppressed results.

But it's WE ourselves choosing that.

It's how things work. It's how they've always worked. Take a close look at the VERY simple, unerring and unwavering process that reveals itself in nature. You plant a "seed", the harvest you reap is a mirrored reflection of the kind and quality of seed.

Since there are SO MANY varying beliefs and perceptions regarding WHAT and WHERE this seed level or "process begins, the "seeds" we plant as well as their kind and quality begin at the level of "consciousness." We have a tendency to plant fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and judgment seeds all the while hoping, wishing and praying that we'll GET a harvest that we love.

Forgive my "bluntness and candid approach but That's insanity!!

But that's what MOST do. We do that with others and we do that with ourselves. Because we do, we also “limit ourselves”, question ourselves, doubt ourselves and inevitably get in our own way. We unconsciously plant seeds and we unknowingly sabotage the possibility of RECEIVING a "harvest" that we love. In other words, we "unconsciously" plant a kind and quality of seed that CAN NEVER and WILL NEVER provide a "harvest" that we claim to WANT so badly. Due to those “less than loving” choices, we often keep ourselves from being, doing and having what we truly love, desire and are always “working, struggling, striving and trying so hard to GET” in life.

One thing is CERTAIN when we "choose" that approach...

We "work and try" MUCH harder than we HAVE to yet due to that short sighted "choice" we STILL receive LESS than we CLAIM to want and desire to have.

At the core of it all…ALL of it…what we’re REALLY after is to fulfill an innate desire we ALL possess which is to be happy and fulfilled as I mentioned.

But there's something deeper that enables and allows that to happen also. Being "happy and fulfilled" can be traced to a "deeper desire" to be loved, accepted and appreciated.

It looks like this. We think and believe that if we "get what we want" we'll be happy and fulfilled. The desire to be happy and fulfilled stems from our desire to be loved, accepted and appreciated. But MANY times what we want and have the sincere desire to receive is offset and sabotaged by HOW WE CHOOSE to go about getting it.

The question is WHY? The ANSWER, from my perspective is simple...

We have "fears"...some conscious and some unconscious about NOT receiving that. Because we fear losing or not receiving this love, acceptance and appreciation, we more often than not trigger a REACTION when things don't align with how we THINK things should be, REACT in “fear based ways”, think, speak and ACT in "less than Loving" ways and RECEIVE less than desired results.

Those REACTIONS stem from a fear of losing that love, acceptance and appreciation that we ALL have an innate and inherent desire to receive. But we don’t HAVE to. We choose to without realizing that we ARE in fact choosing a self-limiting and self-sabotaging way of doing things.

Point being, we often REACT in fear somehow thinking that we’re going to RECEIVE love.

Case in point…

Immediately following my “personal miracle”; after my friend Eddie's visit the evening he gave me the plaque, I perceived the series of events that unfolded had something to do with what he was consistently yet gently prodding me to believe about his views and perspectives on religious matters. I wasn’t sure. That definitely crossed my mind. At that point in time, I had no other explanation. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. All I knew is that based on what I "thought I knew" to be true regarding myself is that I wasn't "worthy" of receiving such a miracle.

I was, in essence REACTING in a "fear based" way based on what I "believed and thought" was true.

But something AWESOME and AMAZING happened; well beyond ANYTHING than I “thought or believed” could happen. What did happen was certainly WELL BEYOND anything I could have personally enabled, allowed, attempted to force, or “make happen”…FOR SURE.

But it did happen nonetheless. The question that arose and stuck with me in the years following was why and how? It certainly conflicted with everything that I’d been taught and thought I knew at the time.

It was the Love that snuffed out the fear, doubt and worry.

I recall, initially thinking and relating to that awesome event unfolding and revealing itself as it did as having something to do with religion. And in some way, shape or form I related to it in my own mind as some form of "religious experience."

I really and truly began to think that because of the talks my friend Eddie and I had about “religious matters”; even as apprehensive and closed minded to those as I was at the time, that maybe...just maybe he knew what he was talking about. How else could HE have known to buy me that plaque and provide what I needed to validate that experience?

But his message to me during those conversations was in a sense "fear based." He was worried I was going to end up someplace where NONE of us want to go. His religion taught him that.

It wasn't religion or fear or being unworthy. It was Love. Eddie was "tuned into Love" and received the message I NEEDED to MEET ME where I was.

Eddie was passionate about what he believed. He cared about people and he was doing the best he could based on where he was and what he believed was the best thing to help others. At times he would do his very best to convince me to see things his way. I really and truly thought at the time, based on what "I thought I knew" which really stemmed from a lack of understanding regarding what I didn’t know, that because he was involved in religion, that this "miracle" MUST have had something to do with him and some form of religious affiliation.

Although at that point in time after a little thinking, analyzing and trying to "figure things out", I came to the conclusion that this turn of events happened as a result of taking the first steps toward thinking about "changing my ways" and "being good", I’ve since discovered it had absolutely NOTHING to do with that at all.

And actually a few years later, it played a major role in me making some new choices; VERY uncommon choices based on where I was, to engage in, IMMERSE myself in and begin walking the religious path. It wasn’t because I wanted to be religious or be viewed as a “good guy.” The reason I did is because I was sincere and began actively seeking answers over the course of about the next 7 years looking for those answers through a number of denominations in the Christian based faith and afterwards a few other religions as well.

I didn't find an all encompassing and all pervasive LOVE in those circles. Because I didn't, I didn't "hang out" that long.

That's when my exploration process went beyond that. WAY beyond that. I began tracing the ancient texts back to their origin. I explored many fields of science, psychology and many other paths. I was trying to “figure things out.” And being the intellectual type, I wanted to KNOW what happened, HOW it happened WHEN it did and HOW and WHY it could and did for someone like me.

Each of those choices; each and every one of those paths proved to be a very important and necessary part of my personal journey. They proved to be VERY revealing, eye opening and for ME a necessary period for learning, gathering information and doing my best to understand what "truly happened" and WHY.

It's simple. All that path walking, all that gathering of intellectual data and all those years spent DOING that showed me how real and true it is that The Greatest of These is Love.

My choice to explore various religions revealed some things as well. They were ALL VERY important and meaningful things. Some were what I called at the time as being VERY good and helpful and some that didn’t add up with what I knew in my heart at some level although I wasn’t “conscious or keenly aware” of exactly what that was. I just felt it. We ALL feel it though. But in MANY cases we allow what we "think we know" and our analytical "thinking processes to keep us from RESPONDING to those "love feelings" that we ALL have.

There were many things I was told, taught and observed in religious circles that didn't add up or align with what I believe I was shown through some other experiences; what can only be described as very intense, direct, profound, mind blowing, eye opening and heart expanding experiences that I'll save for now and perhaps share in a future edition.

For the sake of brevity, I'll just say that some of what I was told was NECESSARY to do, that I must do and definitely should do or else, during my exploration period in religion, conflicted BIG TIME with what I experienced and as a result came to KNOW in an unshakable and indescribable kind of way through direct experiences…experiences that were of profound and mind boggling proportion yet at the same time indescribable with the limitations of human language.

They were literally incomprehensible due to what I “thought I knew.” Although I personally chose to leave what I refer to as "man-made structured religion", that period led into MANY other areas of study and exploration...intense study and exploration for many years.

So...many years later, armed with a sincere desire and passion (love) to learn and understand more, a lot of "path walking", much growth and a number of equally as profound experiences since, here's what I now understand, believe and have personally concluded to this point...

With regard to how or why Eddie knew to buy that plaque, I've since come to understand it was an intuitive thing. He followed a "feeling." In other words, he was sincere in his beliefs and had an uncommon openness and caring about him. He had a very open, sincere and genuine kind of love for people.

Because of that he also had a genuine caring, empathetic and compassionate nature and as a result remained open to and followed “heartfelt direction” and heeded the “whispers”, the “heart nudges” he felt he was getting. You could say that Love spoke to him. He was open and receptive to it and followed the lead he felt he was getting with ACTION. Due to his openness and willingness to remain open and follow what I refer to today as “heart based direction” he purchased and provided me as a gift, that plaque which served as my needed validation that a “profound miracle” had actually taken place.

It’s what I needed at that time to show me that there was something going on; something far bigger and more powerful than he or I was “consciously aware of” at the time.

I also discovered years later that it wasn't his chosen religion or any religion for that matter, it was him. It was his openness and willingness to follow a feeling…a nudge…a Love feeling that he did follow and actually DID something with. He received direction, an intuitive message; a message that I needed, although he didn't know why and he followed its lead without knowing, without questioning, without rationalizing and without trying to figure out or understand why. He just followed it, did something with it and the rest is history.

And what I now understand is that Source, whatever you might choose to believe and label Source as, used Eddie as the validation I needed to meet me where I was in my understanding at that time. It unfolded in a way that I couldn’t or wouldn’t overlook it, question it or write it off as something less than it was. I was provided precisely what I needed based on where I was in my understanding at the time. I’ve also since discovered that we’re ALL met where we are.

ALL of us...without exception. You could say we're ALL met where we are unconditionally. To enable and allow our "meeting place" to become of a more "loving kind", all that necessary for us is to follow our Love nudges, "Give more love" and receive more of what we Love.

Little did I know at the time that the years following and the journey that ensued would lead me to understand the importance of “unlearning” many things that I had learned to that point and thought were “true.”

It was, as I've since discovered another of those common threads that ties us all together. For now, let's call it All Pervasive and An Interconnected Love Consciousness that we as individuals are all an integral part of, ALWAYS have equal access to yet don't often slow down long enough to tune into, listen, hear, let alone follow for many reasons.

We'll cover more about how our individual, collective and Universal Consciousness are, like Love all tied together into One in later editions. In actuality they are ALL one and the same. There is no separation and we ALL have the ability to tap into this One Love Consciousness anytime we choose.

The point is Eddie received direction; an intuitive nudge and he was open, tuned into it and followed it which provided ME with ALL the tangible and measurable proof I needed to overcome my cynical, pessimistic and “learned” reasoning processes, which I might add played a necessary and vital role in coming to the conclusion I choose to "believe" today.

Here's what else I've since discovered and KNOW to be "true"...

We have ALL been provided with the same ability to create (or if you prefer co-create) and experience even the most "profound miracles" anytime we choose. But at the same time, it's not something that can be forced or "tried." In fact, I’ve discovered that it's very non-forceful and non-trying in nature for lack of a better description.

But the first choice I believe we MUST make; not MUST as in HAVE TO make, but MUST to experience uncommon and/or extraordinary results, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually is do our best to "Choose Love" or "allow Love to lead" in ALL we think, say and do.

And that includes in EVERYTHING, with EVERYONE and regardless of what "seems to be or appears to be" happening around us.

...and then, once we've done the best we can do, once we’ve acted in this “loving way” as best we know how and as best we can in any given moment, we simply "let it go."

It's really all about holding an intention of Love, DOING the best you can in alignment with that intention, followed by "allowing"...a total letting go, handing over of or "submission" to Something or Someone "larger than you" if you will.

It doesn't really matter what you’ve been taught or "think that this Someone or Something is or what individual label you might choose to place on whatever the Source of your understanding might be. What DOES matter is that you question and analyze what you’ve been taught so you might discern if it’s “really true” or merely someone elses “beliefs and perceptions” of truth passed down to and inherited by you.

And THAT is SO KEY to understand and DO!! Yet SO FEW do it.

I've since come to understand in a very personal and meaningful way as a result of a number of other experiences, that doing those 2 things; Love and let go are not only the wisest and most miracle creating choices we can make, those are the ONLY choices that need to be made at the mental and emotional level.

Then we "carry that over" into the physical level. We DO what we love. We DO it with the intention of serving and giving others love through our DOING what we love. We love ourselves enough to receive. And when we DO, we receive what we love.

Because doing so sincerely and with heartfelt intention releases a Power that you, I nor anyone else will ever FULLY GRASP, understand, nor EVER be able to conceive or imagine. Because it’s a Power of Infinite Proportion; a power so VAST and so Love that it can’t be described or put in a box regardless of what ANY of us believe, perceive or “think is true.”

And it really is as simple as doing our best to allow Love to lead in all we think, say and do and simply get out of our own way.

It doesn't have to be in nor limited to a hospital emergency room. It doesn't have to be related to an illness. It doesn't HAVE TO BE limited to or BY anything. What's important for creating the most pleasing and desirable kind of "tangible and measurable" results, in ANY and EVERY situation is to project Love in all you think, say and do and then simply let go.

In the case of my personal miracle both of those; both Love and surrender took place simultaneously and automatically. There was no trying or struggling or hoping or wishing involved, although I WAS doing that in a sense.

I simply did the BEST and ONLY thing I knew to do and without even being conscious of it, I also "let it go" in a sense. I didn’t “let go” consciously or intentionally. I certainly didn’t WANT to let go. I WANTED to FIX IT. But I was forced to "let go", simply because there was nothing I could personally do. I was rendered helpless which automatically placed me in this “surrender state” I found myself “seemingly and helplessly trapped within.

And the most "miraculous thing" happened and unfolded in the blink of an eye...effortlessly.

In this case, because of the love I felt for my son; the "allowing" love to lead and the intensity of that form of love was a given. It was automatic and it was already in place simply because of the "love" I have, felt and as a result projected on my son’s behalf. There was no "needing to love" or "trying to love" necessary. It was already a natural part of me as it is with most parents, so it didn't require DOING anything to "make the love happen."

In the same way, the surrender was automatic as well. In this case, it WAS forced in a sense but also automatic simply because, as badly as I wanted to, I was rendered completely and utterly helpless and unable to "fix this problem" myself. I was unable to personally DO anything to help someone I love so much REGARDLESS of how badly I WANTED to or felt the need to.

This state of helplessness; being literally backed into a corner and not being able to DO anything about; what was SO REAL and SEEMED so horribly obvious and apparent, activated the "surrender" if you will. There was no trying to figure out how to do it, it happened on its own through a perceived helplessness and inability to “fix things” and resolve the “issue” myself.

And it was those 2 factors combined; the strong emotional projection of Love and the total letting go that I now KNOW enabled and "allowed" this desirable miracle to unfold as it did. Love took over and DID what I couldn't DO myself. And what’s more, it did so in such a way that transcended the limitation of space/time as we know and understand it.

After many years of searching and seeking answers, what I now understand and currently "believe" to be true with regard to receiving desirable outcomes in life is this.....

  • The witnessing of Miracles have nothing to do with being engaged or not engaged in a structured "man made" religion

  • They have nothing to do with us being "worthy" or good.

  • It isn't through the physical action of getting on our knees and verbally (as well as blindly) praying "shallow prayers"

  • It has nothing to do with anything external to us at all

  • It DOES have EVERYTHING to do with Love and choosing to consciously tune in and project the Love that’s within ALL of us and let go of any “need” to make or force things to happen

  • We just do the best we can based on where we are in the most loving way possible and let go...surrender it.

If that's NOT working in the way you'd "love for it to" get inside yourself, be still and listen for the nudges. That's what NEEDS to be done...or not.

In the case of my "miracle", it didn't have anything to do with anything except a "welder" loving his son, finding himself completely and utterly "helpless" to FIX what I perceived as being "wrong, flawed and broken" and due to my inability, entering into a state of complete and total surrender...forced surrender.

And THAT is SO key. Projecting an intense feeling of Love and caring...Unconditional Love, caring, empathy and compassion followed by “surrender.”

And a "desirable miracle" of IMMENSE proportion "showed up" out of nowhere with no logical, rational or even feasible explanation based on where I was and what I “thought I knew” at the time.

And the same holds "true" for ALL of us and IS not only POSSIBLE FOR all of us, we are engaging every second of every minute of every day in the tangible creation of miracles.

And what I now personally KNOW is this...

The ONLY THING...the ONLY THING that NEEDS to be "figured out" is to "Choose Love" in EVERY situation as best you can, let go and allow Love to do what Love ALWAYS does. And when you slip; and you will as we ALL do, Love yourself enough to "allow that" to be OK too, move forward and do your best to do better next time.

There's no NEED to figure anything out except “figuring out” the importance of choosing Love in all you think, say and do and surrendering, let go and allow Love to take over. The Love part of that equation INCLUDES others as well as yourself. But it requires BOTH. It’s self-serving in one aspect because you "desire" to receive what you love. Yet when you love yourself enough to love yourself enough to "give love" to others AND yourself...unconditionally, it’s not self-sabotaging.

You receive what you love and it completes the Love cycle. And the process continues and snowballs even.

There’s no need for “figuring anything out” because it's ALL been figured out and put in place already. It NEVER fails, it NEVER errs and it NEVER wavers. "Figuring things out" based on what we've been taught, believe and think we know is what causes us to make "fear based choices" that lead to fear based actions, judgments, finger pointing, blaming, condemning and labels which only provide "less than desirable results" (create and sustain unpleasant cycles) in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Because we DO that “unconsciously” in most cases, we think and believe that something’s wrong, something’s flawed, something’s broken, yet it’s only Love providing us PRECISELY what we ask.

It’s true individually and equally true collectively. Events, conditions and circumstances that we judge, label and perceive as being bad, horrific, ugly, sinful, fearful, grand, magnificent or awesome are choices made, actions taken and tangible things “showing up” that always align harmonize and reveal themselves as a mirrored reflection of the choices we make and the actions we take…period.

And here's what else I KNOW...

There is no limitation, obstacle, barrier, hurdle, border or ceiling as to what can happen in YOUR life when sincere and heartfelt Love is the intention and surrender is the choice...regardless.

And I don't care what ANYONE claims. I don't care how educated, religiously or spiritually aligned, gifted, self-righteous ANYONE claims to be who might disagree and attempt to "convince me otherwise."

I KNOW what I KNOW because what I've come to KNOW comes directly from where ALL KNOWING and ALL events, conditions and circumstances in life do.

And I also KNOW in a very deep place that we are met wherever we are by whatever your definition and perception of Unconditional Love might be. We just earnestly do the best we know how to do with an "intention" that aligns with our understanding of Love and let the rest go.

It doesn't matter whether we're engaged in a religion, or not engaged in a religion. It doesn't matter if we are judged, labeled and perceived by those in the world who "choose" such labels as "good people" or "bad people."

It doesn’t matter if we "perceive ourselves" as worthy or unworthy. Love always reigns, it NEVER fails and "desirable miracles" happen when we do the best we can to Love, step aside, let go and "allow" the Light of Love to shine through.

The better we get at consciously aligning and harmonizing all we think, say and do with Love, the more "desirable kinds of miracles" we'll see and experience in both tangible and intangible ways, in our lives.

But at the same time Love always does shine through...regardless. The Higher Truth is that Love can't NOT shine through. Love is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS the driving force behind EVERYTHING we experience regardless of how we might "choose" to judge and label "what shows up" based on our limited and short sighted understandings, our unconscious choices and actions and the ignorance we project and/or choose to engage in.

We just don't see it at times due to our short sighted perspectives based on what we've been TAUGHT, accepted, adopted and believe to be true about love and life. That’s what determines the thoughts we think, the judgments we choose to make, the quality of actions we take and the many labels we choose to place on EVERYTHING in life that “shows up” as a result.

At the core of it all…in the bigger scheme of things it’s Love that determines, enables and allows ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that that we choose to unfold and happen just as WE CHOOSE, REGARDLESS of what it might be.

It sure doesn’t seem that way sometimes. That I know too. Yet when it doesn’t “seem that way”, it's our chosen focus, our perceptions, our judgments and the various labels we choose to place on ourselves, on things; on people, on events, conditions and circumstances, on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that are "less than Loving" that shifts the vibrational intensity of Love due to what we "perceive love to be" which determines what we "put out there" and as a result, receive...unconditionally.

The further our "choices" are from love in our thoughts, words and actions, the "less desirable" our experiences become...period.

One of the ancient texts (the Judeo Christian Bible) makes it so very clear...

  • As we sow, we reap.

  • You are the light of the world.

  • As we decree and WHAT we decree, the Light (LOVE) shines upon our ways and we GET JUST WHAT we decree EXACTLY AS we decree.

  • As a man thinketh IN HIS HEART so is he.

And Love delivers...unconditionally. That's how UNCONDITIONALLY Loving Unconditional Love is. "Truly Unconditional."

Love doesn't discern, rationalize, judge, make our choices for us nor deliver what He/She/It thinks we need. Free will would become obsolete. The gift would be taken away. Nor does Love intervene when we are "unconsciously choosing" the polar opposite of what we "claim" we want.

Quite simply...Love always says Yes...unconditionally.

From a more but very "brief and simplified" scientific perspective, it's the energy that we project and broadcast through our thoughts, feelings and emotions; the energy projected through our "Chosen way of Being" that projects a vibratory output (our consistently expressed and projected "prayer") which determines what we are asking for, what we attract and those are always aligned and ALWAYS harmonious with whatever the outcome might be.

And the ONLY exception to the “belief rule” that I've discovered and experienced thus far is when Love is projected unconditionally.

In my particular case it was an intense feeling and projection of Love that proved to me to be MUCH stronger than my "fear and anxiety" (even though I FELT the fear so strongly) which was ignited due to a VERY LIMITING set of beliefs I’d adopted and "thought" were true. But the Love was “stronger” than the belief. The Love snuffed out the "perceived" darkness and shadows. This Love Light, when combined with "Surrender" or "letting go"...what could also be referred to as "allowing", resulted in an outcome that I and a number of others perceived, and at the time labeled as a miracle.

It WAS as all outcomes ARE, a miracle. It was just of a very profound, PLEASING and DESIRABLE quality that extended beyond what I “thought” was possible..

In closing...

Every aspect of creation is a miracle. Creation always is. Seeing and perceiving what unfolds in life as anything but stems from ignorance and misunderstanding. It creates "less than loved and seemingly inescapable cycles.

As forgetful and confused as I can become at times; even though on occasion I STILL find myself "trying to figure things out" I have also come to "know" and understand this...

Every millisecond of every minute a miracle is unfolding around us. Every minute of every day of every week of every month of every year is a miracle, a creation, an effect, the outcome of which is only determined and limited in scope by what we allow it to be based on the inalienable right of free will that has been provided to you, me and everyone else with the capacity to think, reason and rationalize.

We can choose and allow Love to lead and guide our choices and we can choose and allow FEAR, doubt, worry and anxiety to lead our choices.

The better you get at "allowing" Love to lead in ALL you think, say and do, the more you'll SEE what so many judge, label and "perceive as being" miracles.

And believe me when I tell you, based on the quality of my life choices at the time my "miracle experience" happened (and many more "less than wise" life choices I had made prior) combined with the fact that I had what many would call a "lack of belief" or a "a lack of faith" regarding MANY things; not the least of which was a "lack of belief" that I could personally witness and SEE a MIRACLE unfold right before my eyes; then I KNOW that if under those circumstances that I CAN, that YOU and ANYONE else can too...regardless.

And that's precisely where I was at the time my "personal miracle" revealed itself. Making life choices; a kind and quality of life choices and engaging myself in such a way that many of today's "religious minded people" would label as "sinful" or "evil", and all the while NOT believing that such a thing could possibly happen for ME.

Yet it still DID.

And a very important thing to bring attention and focus to regarding the unfolding of that miracle is the fact that I had no "conscious belief or faith" that it could or would happen.

That may very well conflict with EVERYTHING you've ever learned about "belief" being necessary to achieve, accomplish or acquire anything in life. Especially in the case of receiving a BIG, heart expanding, make you weak in the knees miracle. And I'll happily submit that based on my level of understanding currently, in MOST every case and in MOST EVERY area of life, the "belief rule" certainly does apply.

You could say it's "true" that a belief in something specific happening for you or anyone else is vitally important for receiving "desirable outcomes" in MANY cases. But I also KNOW that it's NOT definitively true that you HAVE to or MUST believe in EVERY case. There are ALWAYS exceptions. I KNOW there are simply because I experienced one of those exceptions.

And that exception is Love.

I’ll also be sharing the “exceptions” I’m referring to in an upcoming edition as well which, when I discovered WHY there are exceptions and WHAT it is that makes the “need to believe” obsolete and unnecessary, I was BLOWN AWAY…literally. It not only blew me away, it changed my life, how I looked at life and what I do my very best to DO in life…BIG TIME.

For now I'll just say it was a very profound, eye opening, belief busting and heart expanding exception that became a "tangible and measurable" reality right before my eyes without "believing" that it could or understanding WHY it did.

I'll take it a step further regarding faith and belief in something being necessary to receive whatever that thing might be...

Even if you're "unsure or doubtful" that there's such a thing as a Higher Power, (whatever you might perceive that to be or NOT be) you CAN STILL experience what many label and refer to as miracles IF and WHEN you project a strong intensity of Love. And I KNOW you can because I DID experience the Miracle I told you about WITHOUT being sure there was a Higher Power WHATEVER you might choose to label Him/Her/It.

Now that's a statement that's bound to raise some eyebrows. Maybe even generate some hate mail. If you feel compelled to do that though, please read all the way through what follows and hear me out before writing and hitting the send button. If you'll do that and you still feel like debating or arguing that point or telling me how "dead wrong" I am, save yourself the time and energy. I don't respond to those.

That may sound brash and maybe even harsh, but it's not.

I say that only because I'm not here to debate or argue about such things. It's a HUGE waste of time. More than that, it creates division; a form of "perceived separation" if you will. And it's something that MANY people "choose" to do without being aware that it's that VERY THING that creates so much hate, anger, conflict and many "less than desirable" events, conditions and circumstances in our lives individually as well as the world at large.

And it's needlessly happening simply because, in the bigger scheme of things, there is no division or separation between you, me or anything else including this Higher Power that so many “claim to know” yet still feel the need to debate and argue about when someone else doesn’t “believe or see things” in the way THEY think they should.

That makes it VERY CLEAR to me that they don’t KNOW…although they might really and honestly believe and “think they do.”

I certainly had no"conscious belief" that a Higher Power was driving it all. I wasn't absolutely, positively certain that there was a Higher Power. I KNOW there is now but I also KNOW He/She/It, whatever you choose to call Higher Power is of a far different nature than I was once "told and taught" that He/She/It was.

Here's what I mean by that...

Growing up, I had heard about a God for sure. I was told and taught that He went by the name God. But the God I'd heard and learned about and the All Encompassing, All Pervasive Source I KNOW today are like night and day differences.

And I mean that literally.

The God I'd heard about and learned a bit about was a pretty scary guy actually. Pretty much pissed off too most of the time and just waiting for me or someone else to screw up so HE (that's what gender I was taught The Source was) could send down His wrath or pay somebody back for their evil, sinful and dastardly ways.

If they didn't follow the rule book, it was going to get ugly.

Today I KNOW just how utterly ridiculous that is. The reason I do is because I had an encounter, a number of them actually following this "initial miracle" of the most profound kind that showed me otherwise. Bottom line I’m not scared anymore and actually profoundly grateful these close encounters happened so I didn’t have to be afraid anymore or “wonder” or listen to what somebody else told me.

None of us do. We can ALL have this close encounter of the most profound kind if ever and whenever we choose to. But we DO have to choose to. Most don’t because MOST don’t know they can. But we can. That’s MUCH different than what I learned growing up too.

This God that I'd learned about was what I refer to today as a Santa Clause God. He was making a list and checking it twice. Based on what I was taught and "thought I knew", He said yes to some, no others and "we'll see" to still others. And those that He determined were "naughty"; because He was so Unconditionally Loving, he would judge and send those who chose this "naughty" way of doing things into some temporary holding tank for some unknown length of time if they were kinda bad and into some eternal fire if they were REALLY bad. And yes, I was told He did that because he was Unconditionally Loving. Now I don't know about you but that didn't sound or feel like the kind of caring and Unconditionally Loving God that I wanted ANY part of.

But again, that's ALL changed now. DRAMATICALLY changed in an infinitesimally DRAMATIC kind of way.

The Source I KNOW today IS Unconditionally Loving in a "Truly Unconditional" kind of way. In fact, the All Pervasive and All Encompassing Source I KNOW today has many "labels" which are taught, learned, believed and chosen by us individually and is really and truly "Unconditionally Loving" well beyond what MOST believe or can even conceive or imagine for that matter.

Point being, I have quite a different view of Source today than the fearful, judgmental, pissed off and "If you don't follow this law or DO this and that you're going to PAY" view I was taught about, told I better believe in (or else) and because of those "inherited beliefs", feared so many years ago.

That's perhaps the single BIGGEST reason why I "believed" that a "miracle" could never happen for ME if this God that I learned about really and truly did exist.

And maybe...just maybe you're in the same place that I was. I've found since personally experiencing this miracle (and many more since) that MOST are. And that’s also what keeps MOST from personally KNOWING this Source. They’re choosing to without knowing they are choosing.

So what do you believe about miracles? What do you believe about the Source of your understanding? Regardless of what you believe have you ever thought about WHY you believe whatever you do?

For WHATEVER reason, maybe you don't think or believe you can experience a "miracle" either. It's quite possible that you find yourself where I eventually found myself; blindly choosing to accept, adopt and believe whatever you were told, taught and because of that, are "choosing" to do things in such a way that keeps you from SEEING, experiencing and KNOWING just how awesome, amazing and powerful beyond measure you TRULY are and what you're "truly capable" of being, doing and having in life.

Because as I learned firsthand, you CAN create (or if you prefer co-create) miracles even if you don't believe it and are totally oblivious to the fact that miracles ARE real and they DO happen.

Bottom line, belief is NOT necessary to experience a very profound outcome when this “Love exception” I’ve mentioned is present…NONE. That INCLUDES any miracle that so many “think and believe” just happen for no apparent cause or reason. I know it looks and seems that way to a lot of people.

And that's part of the problem. The "perceived problem" that is. And it is only a "perceived problem" because division and separation IS only a perception based on learned and inherited beliefs. Separation only happens in people's minds based on WHAT they believe, which needlessly results in individual opinions, judgments, labels and actions that DO "seem to divide us" and give the illusion that division and separation between me, you, everyone else and everything else is "real."

On the surface it becomes real.

But it's NOT REAL at all even though "it seems like" it is.

Modern day science clearly understands this. Reality is an illusion and our reality unfolds just as we “perceive” it will. Perception IS reality in fact but it only OURS. It only shos up based on how we "perceive" things.

It only becomes "SEEMINGLY REAL" in the Newtonian world of shape and form and shows up in tangible and measurable ways because of what people believe, perceive and "think they know" to be true. In MANY cases those factors and the choices that follow suppress our "loving natures." And because of that we as individuals as well as WE collectively are choosing and as a result "enabling and allowing it" to unfold just as we're choosing for it to.

And Source; whatever the Source of your understanding might be, is providing just that, just as we believe, perceive think and do. Put in simple terms, Source enables and allows us to experience Oneness or "perceived separation" just as we choose.

Which brings us to a vitally important point...

Please do your best to understand that I'm not here to attempt to "convince" you or anyone else about anything. I'll never ask or imply that you or anyone else should or must believe that what I say is "true."

But I would ask that you thoughtfully and carefully consider this as you make your way through what follows...

There Are Vast Differences in KNOWING, What There Is To KNOW and What You Think You Know

I often say, "We don't know what we don't know." That is SO very true. It's a simple truth but one that many don't grasp or understand. But there is a HUGE difference; a life transforming difference between what we "think we know" and what there is to KNOW.

And for the sake of clarity when I use the word "know" (no caps) and "KNOW" (all caps), I'm relating to knowing as what we've learned, believe and "think we know" and KNOWING as a vast, awesome, magnificent, Infinite and unshakable form of knowledge, understanding and wisdom that no one in the world out there in the world can EVER take away or change.

Put another way, knowing is based on and acquired through an intellectually acquired understanding of something; ANYTHING, based on what we've been told, taught and believe is true. Intellectually acquired understanding can be equated to learned truths that we're told we "should believe" or "must believe" and KNOWING is based on an experiential understanding that FAR TRANSCENDS the intellect. It isn't and cannot be limited to or by ANYTHING learned, taught or even believed since birth.

Put another way, KNOWING transcends the intellect but at the same time reveals how the intellect creates both desirable and less than desirable events, conditions and circumstances in our lives both individually and collectively.

What I've come to KNOW through my own experiences and the many years of intense research and studies in MANY areas of an intellectual nature that followed my personal miracle (and a number of other life shifting miraculous events since) is MY truth. What I KNOW to be a very empowering and life enhancing truth. It's a KNOWING that can't be shaken or rattled regardless.

I KNOW what I KNOW. YOU don't HAVE to know it, believe it or accept it and I HOPE you won't without doing your own exploration and if you choose EXPERIENCING the kind of KNOWING I'm referring to for yourself.

Although it is MY "Soul Purpose" and I’ve made the choice to commit and dedicate my life to sharing and conveying what I've come to KNOW through my own experiences, it's my truth. You don't have to believe it and it's certainly not designed or intended to step on any toes, offend or piss anybody off.

Quite the contrary.

What I AM here to do is SHARE with those who are open, willing and receptive to learning and understanding something that I've discovered MOST aren't aware of. I certainly wasn’t until I EXPERIENCED it and came to KNOW it for myself.

If you’re not open and receptive, I understand. I accept that. I honor that if you choose that. But what I KNOW to be true for ME is a kind and quality of KNOWING that I've found to be a far more empowering, expansive, freeing and unified way of looking at, viewing and engaging in life than most "allow themselves" to see the transformational power behind, let alone DO.

So, are we on the same page there? Do you understand what I'm saying? My point is, I'll honor and respect whatever you choose to believe and I'll ask that you do your best to offer me the same courtesy. Fair?

But I'll also warn you up front; since the view I hold today extends well beyond what I was taught and for many years believed to be true; chances are good that it will challenge and maybe even conflict with some, much or maybe even ALL of what you were taught, told and believe is real, right and true about life as well.

But at the same time I have no intention or desire to judge, belittle, argue or downplay whatever you choose to believe. Nor will I EVER ask or tell you that you should believe ANYTHING that I say. I share what I do so you might take a good hard look at yourself and your life; become conscious and keenly aware of exactly what you DO believe, WHY you believe it and then discern and decide for yourself if those beliefs are "really true" and if what you do currently believe serves you or is taking you in the opposite direction of where you "truly desire" to be.

If you find and decide that your current beliefs aren't moving you toward those desires; your "heartfelt desires" and my sharing assists and enables you to replace those with more empowering beliefs that better serve you and enable you to get more of what you "truly desire" in life...AWESOME.

That's ALL I'm here to do. Assist you and everyone else I can in the best way I KNOW how, with the hope and intention of assisting you and all who choose to, to create a kind and quality of life that aligns and harmonizes with what YOU "truly desire" in and for your life.

So do your best to understand that I only share my views so I might assist those who are truly open and willing to SEE, KNOW and EXPERIENCE things; "seemingly miraculous" things that extend well beyond what MOST believe they can. It's far more expansive, unifying and profound than I once believed or thought it could be FOR SURE.

Because as I can attest, based on where I was at the time my personal miracle unfolded, my "beliefs" and my understanding about those sorts of things unfolding; let alone unfolding for ME in the way they did right before my eyes, simply didn't exist.

The fact of the matter is, you already are creating miracles every second of every minute of every day. They're unfolding ALL around you, me and everyone else. You MAY very well be unable to SEE just how real and true that is currently. But make no mistake; it doesn't mean that they're not unfolding nor that you're not creating or if you prefer co-creating them.

Because you are, I am and so is EVERYONE else ALL the time...unconditionally

And Source, whatever label you might choose to place on Source is providing these miracles just as we ourselves are choosing. That's what I've come to KNOW since shifting from my learned and inherited fear based beliefs about life, Source and how I thought things worked into EXPERIENCING and KNOWING how I believe things "truly work."

That's not based on some wild and ridiculous theory or speculation. Nor is it based on or derived from some airy fairy wave the magic wand "New Age" philosophy that's become so prevalent today. It's not a conclusion arrived at based on the most recent ground breaking discoveries of 21st century science either. Those are quite profound, informative and eye opening in MANY cases, granted. As I've since discovered those recent scientific discoveries align and harmonize perfectly and precisely with my own experiences and what the mystics, sages, masters and philosophers since antiquity have taught and KNOWN for a long, long time. Long before 20th and 21st century science began exploring and discovering in a tangible and measurable way, what they have.

Yes, I've walked that path and explored plenty of that too since my personal "miracle unfolded. But what I've come to KNOW doesn't come from walking that intellectual path. Nor does it come from reading a book, a hundred books or even a thousand books for that matter. And it doesn't come from listening to and buying into others views and opinions about life or what's true or untrue in life.

Just to be clear and make certain there's no margin for misunderstanding, what I've come to KNOW doesn't come from ANYWHERE, ANYONE or ANYTHING in the world "out there." It's based on what I've experienced personally and KNOW. And I've since discovered that those experiences conflict with and defy MUCH of what I was taught and much of what's being "taught" in the world out there even today.

And maybe it conflicts with what you think you know too. And that's OK. Because it doesn't matter to me what anybody else claims to know or thinks they know. What I've come to KNOW can't be rattled, shaken or taken away...regardless.

That's an AWESOME place to be. It can be best described as a KNOWING; a very personal and profound KNOWING that comes from a place "within myself" and ironically, at the same time, extends well outside of myself into Infinity. It's a "heart based form of KNOWING" that's not limited to externally acquired teachings that determine what so many "claim to know" and/or "think they know" because of what they've been taught. That's the bottom line.

It's what I refer to today as a "Higher Truth."

And believe me when I tell you, it's a much Higher Truth not to mention a far more "Liberating, Empowering and Loving Truth" than what I'd been taught, believed in and as a result of those factors, walked a much longer painful, agonizing and fear filled path due to refusing to accept and open myself to the Higher Truth that I unknowingly and unintentionally chose and refused to KNOW or understand for many years.

I've found that to be the case with MANY people. They simply refuse to fully open to and accept a far more expansive Higher Truth than they think they know based on what they've been taught, believe and "think they need to do."

Why? Fear based beliefs plain and simple. Fear keeps us trapped in our self limiting boundaries and in so many cases our self created prisons.

So what exactly is this Higher Truth I'm referring to?

We'll be covering more about that in great detail in a future edition. For now, for the sake of brevity and to eliminate about 30 (or more) paragraphs, let's relate to this Higher Truth I've mentioned as Unwavering Fact. That's the "label" we'll use for now. Because that's what Higher Truth is in my mind. It's Love plain and simple which is why I've come to KNOW that the greatest of these is love always holds true...regardless.

It's based on fact and due to its' unfailing and unwavering nature, it is, always been and is always going to remain Unwavering FACT.

Because it is immutable, unwavering and never changing FACT, you, I or no one else; whether it be your Mom, Dad, aunt, uncle, a scientist, the Pope, your preacher, the President, the leader of any country, any college, professor, institution or grouping of institutions, regardless of how educated or powerful or saintly they might "seem to be" or claim to be, can ever tamper with, screw up or change it.

You could say as the the ancients texts make VERY clear, truth is eternal.

In other words Higher Truth; what we'll be referring to as FACT for now, is immutable, unwavering, unchangeable and it NEVER EVER fails in providing what we choose....REGARDLESS.

And the reason I call it FACT and KNOW that's true stems from many personal experiences; very intense and eye opening experiences which led into many discoveries to follow spanning a number of years. One of the main reasons I engaged in this intense and expansive “intellectual discovery” process initially is because of this “miracle” I’ve already told you about as well as a few other indescribably profound experiences prior to personally witnessing the "miracle" I did in the hospital that evening.

But here's what's MOST important and my reason for sharing what I have...

ANYONE...and I do mean ANYONE, including YOU can experience the same kind of miracle and the same kind of change anytime YOU choose. "Seemingly miraculous" things AND seemingly miraculous change. It only requires a choice to DO so. A "conscious choice." And really, the choice and the DOING that follows which "enables and allows" this change to happen, begins by simply UNLEARNING much of the GARBAGE that so many of us have been "programmed and conditioned" to believe.

I've also since come to KNOW that it's this same form of self-limiting and self-sabotaging programming and conditioning (garbage) combined with a "choice" to remain "seemingly trapped" within its "seemingly limiting" and "seemingly inescapable" grasp, that keeps so many from not only seeing but becoming "keenly aware" of the MANY miracles unfolding all around us ALL the time.

YES...ALL around us ALL the time.

Miracles aren't limited to BIG, mind blowing and make you weak in the knees miracles. It's also these very same factors that can (and more often than not DO) keep us from actually creating and experiencing a kind and quality of life that we all have sincere hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations to experience. You know; the pleasing kinds of "little miracles" in the physical, financial and relational aspects of life that CAN make life even more wholesome, enjoyable and fulfilling.

And based on my discoveries in a wide variety of areas that I've researched and explored extensively over the years following the BIG, mind expanding and make you weak in the knees miracle I'm referring to, in the vast majority of cases; especially the "little miracles" regardless of the many individual beliefs and perceptions we choose to hold based on WHAT we've been taught, "think we know" and make our life choices by, it really all boils down to one thing.

One VERY IMPORTANT yet often overlooked thing...

Our perceptions of our OWN worth and value. What we believe to be true regarding our Self Worth and the value we are yet, in SO MANY cases have been programmed and conditioned to "think and believe we're not."

And THAT my friend is a LIFE TRANSFORMING thing to not only discover but become keenly aware of, clearly understand and DO something about IF you're serious and sincere about creating what many would call "Miraculous Change."

Because it's the individual perceptions we hold regarding ourselves; namely our worth and how valuable or "worthless" (or anywhere in between) we "think and believe" that we are which determines how we view ourselves. And how we view ourselves determines our levels of self-esteem based on these individual beliefs and perceptions we "choose to hold" onto regarding our individual worth and value which we reflect into the world making us think and believe that others are less valuable than they in fact ARE.

And it's that belief, perception and view of OURSELVES; what we "think we're worth" which determines how we feel, what we believe, how we think, what we do, don't do, the quality of WHAT we do and believe we're worthy of receiving or not receiving. In FAR too many cases our "perception of ourselves" also limits the immense value we can provide and the invaluable contribution that we CAN ALL make in the world.

And ALL of these perceptions; as limited or freeing as they can be, stem from what we've been taught to believe about ourselves and what's possible or not possible for us.

My personal self-image was such that my beliefs and perceptions aligned with the fact that since I had chosen to make the life choices I had made to that point, I couldn't and didn't see myself as "worthy." And because of that limited, shortsighted and learned view of myself, I fully believed that I wouldn't be enabled to experience "a miracle" simply because I didn't believe I was worthy of receiving one.

Much of this came from what I'd learned growing up which I carried forward into adulthood. It was FAR LESS than empowering and sometimes; MANY TIMES VERY VERY painful and scary, I'll assure you. No need to go into graphic detail about all that right now. The bottom line is, based on what I'd been taught, how I chose to think and engage myself in day to day life, combined with many "FAR less than pleasing life experiences" that followed; experiences that I viewed, judged and labeled as being anything BUT a miracle based on my "perceptions" at that time, I simply didn't believe that a BIG and desirable kind of miracle was possible for ME.

But then, one evening; literally in the "blink of an eye", all that changed. More accurately, it marked the "beginning of many life changes" in the years that followed.

Profound, Transformational and Irreversible changes that I didn't KNOW let alone believe that I could personally experience.

And those changes took place on many more levels, were of FAR greater magnitude and of far greater intensity than I could have possibly conceived or imagined that they COULD be at the time. They were also far greater in number than I can possibly share or accurately describe here or a thousand books, 100,000 newsletters or any “limited form” of human.

But what I can and will say is that the changes that took place in my own life which followed this "miraculous event" can only be described as "profound, transformational, IMMENSE, irreversible and lasting change."

The greatest and the most important change following this miracle was that my beliefs, perceptions and AWARENESS were enhanced dramatically which in turn opened many new doors and pointed out many new paths which I chose to walk down.

And then, through making this "conscious choice" to walk through, explore and investigate these previously unexplored "doors and paths", many more things were revealed. Things well beyond what I "thought I knew" when this whole process began which enabled many other "profound, transformational, IMMENSE and irreversible changes" to take place also.

All my doubts and apprehensions regarding the materialization of "miracles" were enhanced exponentially in a very short period of time. Almost immediately actually.

In the years that followed many more of my limited, cynical and pessimistic views about life were recognized and eliminated and at the same time my beliefs about Source, myself, others, life, possibility and potential were enhanced exponentially.

I've spent many years since earnestly seeking answers that could explain this "miraculous event" in a humanly comprehensible kind of way. Although I have no "formal education" past the 10th grade and at that point in time I was in no way what you might call a "spiritual seeker" or even "spiritually curious" for that matter, my choice to engage in this "self-education" process provided a far more empowering, beneficial and "profound education" than ANY formal education that we're offered in our limited and often BLINDING and “dumb you down” public education systems EVER could.

I wasn't, at that point what some might call an analytical kind of guy either. But not long after experiencing this "miracle", I felt an almost overwhelming hunger to educate myself so I might better understand in a rational, logical and intellectual kind of way not only what took place but HOW and WHY it did.

I KNEW something took place; something quite profound and mind boggling. But I didn't know WHY it did let alone HOW it possibly could have or WHY I of ALL people was enabled to receive and witness it. It made absolutely NO sense to me in an intellectual kind of way.

It literally conflicted with everything that I believed and “thought I knew" at the time.

And it's ironic in a sense. Although I KNEW it happened experientially because I saw it unfold right before my eyes, intellectually I lacked the capacity to fully grasp and understand how or why. And the what; meaning the "label" I placed on it at that time based on what I understood, was "miracle."

A BIG ONE too.

You could say it was an event that marked the beginning of what would prove to be a very intense, enlightening and transformational journey of discovery; both intellectually and experientially, spanned a number of years that followed and which still continues today.

The reason it does continue today is because I've since found that the path never ends. What there is to KNOW, discover, explore, understand and experience is quite literally Infinite in nature. It has no beginning and no ending. It transcends and at the same time, in a sense DISPROVES EVERYTHING we "think we know" regarding space/time...sort of.

More about that too in a future edition.

As I look back I realize that I initially chose that path of discovery because I wanted to and thought I needed to "figure things out." And believe me when I tell you based on where I was then, I had A LOT to figure out!!

That initial choice paved the way to yet more choices, pointed out many more paths, resulted in MANY mind blowing discoveries and far too long a long list of "profound insights", equally as profound "changes" and many more "miracles" that have taken form in my life since.

And it all began and stemmed from that one eye opening, paradigm shifting, life transforming and awe inspiring moment. The moment that "a miracle" of profound proportion unfolded right before my eyes AND did so in "the blink of an eye."

In fact that single event played a major role in leading, guiding, directing and encouraging me to discover and walk some paths I hadn't previously considered walking. I couldn't walk them actually simply because I wasn't "AWARE" that those paths existed for me (or anyone else) to walk down and explore.

And unbeknownst to me at the time, it's that journey that would eventually lead me to the path I'm walking and happily navigating now, engaging in my "Soul Purpose" and ultimately sharing with you, what I KNOW today can transform ANYONE'S life...including YOURS...regardless, IF and/or WHEN YOU make the choice to "allow it" to.

There's only so much that can be covered in a newsletter. If you'd like to learn more and expound on what I share here, you may find that The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation can, as it has for many, prove to be a valuable resource for you to expand beyond what can be shared here.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation was initially held as a live online interactive event, consists of an 8 1/2 hour prerecorded live interactive conference that conveys, in an "intellectual kind of way" many of my own personal insights and discoveries over the years in a way that I can't possibly nor fully share through written text.

Should you choose it as a resource, use it and apply what you learn, you'll KNOW for yourself what an invaluable resource it can be as you navigate your chosen life paths.

KNOWING is certainly important and so is application for receiving tangible and measurable results.

Experiencing harmony and fulfillment in life really is as "simple and complex" as that. Learning (actually unlearning in most cases), using and applying what you learn.

As the 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation reveals, it really doesn't matter if it's in the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual aspect of your life. The same immutable, unwavering and never failing underlying principles govern and determine it all.

The magnificent, the grand, the good, the bad, the ugly and the seemingly horrific.

Perhaps The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation can assist you in seeing just how "true" that is for yourself and assist you in making the shift from knowing to KNOWING.

Only you can be the judge of that. One thing I "do KNOW"... EVERYTHING we personally experience in our lives is the result of a individual choice or a series of choices.

And those choices are yours and yours alone to make.

There is no such thing a "not choosing." What many "perceive to be "not choosing is also a choice.

We can make choices "consciously" or "unconsciously" but the quality of those choices as well as the results we experience are always based on and harmonize with whatever individual choice or series of choices that we ourselves choose to make.

I know first hand how true that is, because as I've shared, I've walked both paths and "I've been there and done that."

KNOW this...

Where there are CONDITIONAL forms of love and acceptance, there are, always have been and always will be what “most” judge, label, refer to and experience as “problems in life.” To enable and allow perceived problems to become obsolete is as simple as adding 2 simple letters to the way conditional ways of BEING that most unconsciously and unknowingly choose.

Those letters are U and N.

It looks like this…UNconditional love and acceptance.” Include those in your life as best you can; DO THAT in ALL you think, say and do. Love yourself enough to be "unconditional" with yourself and you’ll KNOW that ANY and ALL “perceived” problems in life are, always have been and always will be SELF-chosen and SELF-created. And soon you'll clearly see that it ALL begins and ends with U...unconditionally.

And if you haven't yet "truly grasped" or fully understand what I've shared above; if you're unable to wrap your mind around it at this point, do yourself a HUGE favor and try this.

Get out of your head and open your heart.

Because all that you really and truly have to "figure out", consciously APPLY and KNOW to consistently experience desirable miracles in life is..."The Greatest of These REALLY IS Love."

Give it a try, do your very best to choose to express just that in everything you think, say and do; in EVERYTHING and with EVERYONE, let go, allow nature to take her course...surrender and life will become as grand, awe inspiring, profoundly fulfilling and as unconditionally amazing as you "allow it" to be...regardless.

That's all I've got for now.

It's my hope that you've found immense benefit and insight in what I've shared this month.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions suggestions or even your "personal experience of miracles" that you feel comfortable sharing below will you?

Your personal input is most certainly welcomed and without question HIGHLY valued. If you feel compelled to share any thoughts, insights or questions that might serve the community, there's a place below to share and convey what's on your mind.

I'll be connecting and interacting with and responding to those that choose to do so. Our interaction may prove to be helpful to you and also prove to be of HUGE benefit to others as well.

We'll connect again in the next edition. Till then...

Here's To Love and You Being, Doing and Having More of What You Truly Desire,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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