The Love and Fear
of Giving and Recieving

What You Love or Fear Giving Plays an ENORMOUS Roll in What You'll Have or Not Have, Even If You Think Not

love and fear of giving

In previous articles which make up the Love Seed Series, we've covered MUCH on the topic of love, love seeds and the fact that life (or if you prefer, Love) provides us with whatever we choose...unconditionally.

In Love Seed #4, we also touched on what miracles really are, where they come from and how you can begin creating some really desirable ones whenever you decide it's time.

If you haven't read the previous installments, and don't, you'd be doing yourself a disservice. If you haven't and choose not to, what follows may, and more than likely will seem unrealistic, confusing, irrelevant and perhaps even, untrue.

It's not. It's a way of BEING and doing things that enables and allows a life that most only dream about to become a tangible reality.

Today we're going to get into some of the more tangible things you can start doing to apply what we've previously covered. I'm going to do my very best to describe the best way I know of to do them too, so you can start having and living a life that you love, in EVERY capacity.

There's a very good and simple reason why most don't. Without realizing or understanding that we are doing it, some (and in many cases MUCH) of what we DO keeps us from HAVING that kind of life.

Do you know what one of the main saboteurs is, that keeps us from being, doing, having and experiencing a life that we DO love?

Fear. I's the kind and quality of seed that creates ugly and less than desired things, tangibly and intangibly. Fear is stress which is responsible for more than 95% of ALL illness and disease. It's also "the cause" of not creating, living and experiencing the kind and quality of life that we all can.

Although in most cases, we love the idea of giving and having any number of things, at the same time, we fear not having, losing what we do have, or fear we won't have enough if we do give.

The bottom line is, what we fear is a "lack of" something. It's a way of BEING that sows seeds which keep us in a "lacking" state, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Fear has many faces, many of which we overlook and are unaware of. Any form of "perceived lack" finds it's root in and stems from some form of fear.

You may not recognize the following examples as having anything to do with fear, but they have everything to do with it.

  • Lack of time

  • Lack of resources

  • Lack of understanding

  • Lack of ____________

Those are just a few overlooked examples. There are many more. An infinite number actually. We can't possibly list them all, but any perceived form of "lack or limitation" IS fear based. What's more, it's a mindset that often keeps us from doing what's necessary to change things, until the fear becomes overwhelming.

Let's use time as an example. We ALL have the same amount of time. The wealthy and the impoverished each HAVE 24 hours in a day. We don't "lack" time, anymore than anyone else. It's what we DO with our time that determines whether we experience a lack of it, or more than enough.

There is no "lack of time, lack of resources, lack of understanding or lack of anything" with the exception of what we choose to believe and see as lack. The same is true of resources, understanding, or WHATEVER you might believe you lack.

We believe and perceive ALL kinds of "lack." We've learned to. As a result we sow many "lack seeds" without realizing or being aware that we are, which, as we've covered previously, can only provide a harvest of more lack and more to fear.

The seeds you sow mentally, emotionally and physically determine the quality of your "tangible and intangible" experiences. When each is aligned and harmonized with what you love, fear and lack stops and love grows.

Fear creates misalignment and conflict. When the mental, emotional and physical aspects of you are misaligned or conflict with one another, lack "shows up." It all begins and stems from a lack mindset. A lack mindset sows seeds of lack.

Choosing to sow those kinds of seeds provides a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seed, which only keeps us hopelessly and seemingly stuck in lack. Ironically, that's also what keeps us from GIVING in such a way that provides what we "claim" to love. We have desires, and we often hope, wish and pray for something, but the mindset we hold, combined with the way we go about trying to get those things, often provides less and in many cases, the opposite.

It's a mindset that keeps us from receiving an abundance of what we "truly love", in the size, scope and magnitude that we COULD if the "fear" (inner conflict) was acknowledged, dealt with and neutralized.

In MANY cases, although we consciously think about how we'd love to give, subconsciously, we fear not having enough left if we do.

The fear of loss or not having enough creates a harvest and a "seemingly inescapable" cycle of not having enough.

It's not the love of giving or having that limits outcomes. It's the fear of loss which leads to the fear of giving which keeps us from DOING it in the way we could. The fear of loss sabotages, at varying degrees, what "could be" received, enjoyed and loved.

It's so vitally important to understand that love is inherent and fear is learned. We've learned to fear all kind of things, not the least of which is to avoid, or fear loss, rather than move toward and love abundance.

In fact, the fear of loss is one of the 5 major fears we have as a species, regardless of how much or how little we DO have.

Where that ESPECIALLY applies, is in the area of money. That's a REALLY IMPORTANT topic and one that MANY believe they're lacking in. That's also a VERY in depth and important topic, so we'll address money specifically, face it head on, and take a closer look at it, in the next "Love Seed."

As we've covered previously, the giving off and projection of fear, (sowing of lack seeds) or the giving off and projection of love, (sowing seeds that align with and provide what we love) determine what we receive back. They both provide a harvest.

We have difficulty SEEING that, but it's so profoundly simple. The perceived difficulty stems from what we've learned, believe, and "think we know." That's what determines how and why we do things the way we do. Because of that, it all seems very complex. Life "seems to be" chaotic, a struggle and acquiring what we love, "seems to be" much more difficult than it actually is.

It's US who creates the chaos and complexity. It's a perceived form of chaos and complexity though, which stems from fear. No more, no less. We've learned to fear. Much more so than we've learned to love. That's why we do things in the "less than loving" way we do.

Because of that we have all kinds of fear running on auto pilot, mentally, emotionally and physically. Without realizing what we're doing, or that we even are, we keep planting more fear seeds, all the while wondering why there's so much in life to fear. It all "seems" so complex, complicated and scary, although it's not. Not really.

Regardless of how we see things, what we believe to be true, or the less than loving ways we go about doing them, it's ALL VERY simple to HAVE a life we love.

Here's how "simple" it is...

  • Do you desire more love? Give more love.

  • Do you desire more joy? Give more joy.

  • Do you desire more empathy? Give more empathy.

  • Do you desire more time? Give of your time.

  • Do you desire more freedom? Assist others in becoming free

  • Do you desire more money? Give more money.

That's how "simple" it is. The kind, quality and quantity of the seed ALWAYS determines the kind, quality and quantity of the harvest...period, end of story.

The Intention we hold as we give plays a role too. We'll cover more about that in a bit.

The point is, we "choose" the seeds that provide our harvest. Some sow love seeds and others sow fear seeds. MOST sow a mixture of both, receive a so so harvest, and then look at and fear, and/or "settle for" what's received.

Settling for less than you COULD have, fully believing that's all there is, is also a form of fear.

That only provides MORE "settling", more wanting, more of what we don't want, and ultimately less than we truly desire. We create a self sustaining cycle, without ever realizing that we ourselves ARE creating the "that's all there is" harvest just as we choose.

The harvest CAN BE mind boggling abundant, prosperous and over the top AWESOME, or the polar opposite. It can fall somewhere in the middle too, but it becomes whatever we "allow it" to become. Regardless of which we choose, we allow, and/or invite the quality of the experience.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of it's kind or quality, the life harvest is ALWAYS abundant. We receive an abundance of what we fear, an abundance of what we love, or an abundance of mediocre results.

Abundance is the way of nature. In the same way, abundance is the nature and the way of Love...regardless. Always has been and always will be.

But due to what we're taught, believe and the way we go about giving and DOING things, we don't see it that way in most cases. It's difficult to see because of what we keep receiving.

That's why it's SO important to understand that we receive it, exactly how we see it...however that is. We'll keep seeing it that way unless and until we change HOW we see it and make a choice to start DOING things differently.

Regardless of what we choose, an abundant harvest will continue showing up.

For some the harvest received is referred to as heaven on earth and for others, it's described as a living hell. Both are determined by what you give out...mentally, emotionally AND physically.

There's also another "place" that those of the catholic faith call purgatory. Purgatory represents the "middle ground", a holding tank if you will, between heaven and hell. In a worldly sense, sowing love and fear seeds places and keeps us in this "place", which consistently provides a combination of what we love and what we fear.

Tangibly speaking, here in the world of shape and form, purgatory can be likened to a "place" that could be viewed as average or mediocre. That's where much of humanity chooses to reside and hang out...although they don't want to and certainly don't HAVE to.

Many "religiously trained folks" believe that heaven, hell and purgatory are places. Quite different "places." Because of what they're "taught", they're believed to be and are viewed as "places" that you either get to go to, or are condemned to and HAVE to go to...someday.

But I wholeheartedly disagree personally. Both heaven and hell (or purgatory) are "experiences" which are being chosen right here, right now. If you'll recall what we covered in Love Seed #4, in the place called love, there ARE an infinite number of possibilities that we have to choose from.

Hopefully you also remember that we covered the FACT that Love is all pervasive. It's true. In the "place called love", ALL possibilities exist. What we fear and what we love. In a place where ALL possibilities exist, there IS a polar opposite to EVERYTHING. Every potential outcome has a polar opposite.

Because EVERYTHING exists in this One Place, we can choose love or we can choose fear and experience whatever we choose. The reason WHY is because Love is here, it's in heaven, hell and purgatory. There is NO PLACE where it's not. Because it is, ALL "possibilities" exist right here, right now, right where you are.

What we receive while we're here is a matter of choice. No more, no less. It's ALL being chosen and YOU are the chooser, who "gets to" experience whatever you choose. Yet MOST see the "less than desired" experiences as HAVING to. We overlook the FACT that the ONLY reason we HAVE to is because we are choosing to.

At the end of our human journey, we do go somewhere. The same place where we came from. We return where we began. The place we return to, is a place called love. It's home...our "real home."

We don't have to wait to experience "home" though. We CAN experience that right here, right now. The reason WHY we can, is simple.

Heaven is the polar opposite of hell. Purgatory falls somewhere in the middle. There are an infinite number of possibilities between, and even beyond, heaven and hell.

We can't fully KNOW, nor can we ever experience EVERYTHING that exists in or beyond this "place", because it's infinite in nature. We don't have to know the infinite nature of what is. The fact is, we can't. If we could, it would no longer be infinite.

What we CAN do is choose to sow love seeds rather than fear seeds. That determines the quality of our harvest and it ALL comes from this "One Place." There is no polarity/duality in this "place." There's only love. Love provides what we choose which we experience as polarity and duality in this "earth place."

Whether you realize it or not, or believe it or not, you can make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell, right here right now. You can remain in or move out of heaven, hell, or purgatory whenever you decide and choose to.

The great news is, Heaven on Earth is a choice you can make. Anyone can. It's a choice, not a "place" that you "might" get to go to someday if you're "good."

Experiencing hell is the same. It's a choice. Anyone CAN choose to remain "seemingly trapped" in a living hell or escape it anytime they choose.

To move from hell to heaven is simply a matter of sowing different seeds. To alleviate fear, we only need to learn how to plant different seeds. Let's look at our seed sowing as what we're "giving."

To escape a living hell (or purgatory) is as simple as giving in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what you love...mentally, emotionally and physically.

The better you get at aligning and harmonizing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself with love, and the more you engage in the "giving of love" at each level, the more you receive what you love. That's when heaven on earth becomes a very real experience.

What YOU experience in life, bar NOTHING, is determined by the kind, quality and quantity of what you choose to give.

We're ALL giving something ALL the time, 24/7/365.

What you choose to give is what determines whether you experience heaven, hell, or what the catholic religion refers to as purgatory.

What is received, mirrors the choice.

Due to what we've "learned" and "think we know", the world CAN BE a scary place. It can all seem hard, crazy, scary, chaotic and random. But it's NOT, or at least doesn't HAVE to be, unless YOU enable and allow it to be.

It all depends on what you're "giving" which ALWAYS determines what you get. Give fear, get fear. Give love, get love.

We DO get "some" of what we love, mixed with some lack and limitation too. When the quality of the seed doesn't match the desired harvest, it's called "bad" or mediocre. More is "wanted", hoped, wished and often prayed for, but since the same seeds are being planted, Love provides the harvest as we choose.

The fear of lack suppresses and often sabotages our engagement in and the giving of what we'd love. We are "out of alignment mentally, emotionally and physically with what we'd "truly love."

You're ALWAYS giving. You simply CANNOT NOT give.

The way in which, and the quality of what MOST are giving, leads to wanting, perceived randomness, ugliness, horrific outcomes and perceived chaos in some way, shape or form.

The way I view things, the ultimate goal in life is to "want for nothing", which brings us to an important point.

I'm NOT a "religious" guy by any stretch of the imagination. It's a path I walked, until I realized that a lot of guilt, shame, ridiculous rules and short sighted fear based indoctrination was infused into what I was "told" was a message of love.

To me, that message and way of doing things, felt "less than loving." But when you take the fear based interpretations, the "man made" laws and all the fear, guilt and shame out of the equation, the wisdom left to us in the ancient texts CAN serve us well.

One nugget of wisdom in one of the most popular books in the world, instructs us to "want for nothing." It can, and when "applied" DOES, provide us with no need to want and nothing to want for.

Doing it, provides a life that we EVERY aspect.

The statement "Want for nothing" provides life changing insight for creating that kind of life when we understand and DO it. More than insightful, it's a very important and equally powerful message that comes from the Judeo Christian bible. As true as that is, it's a statement that's often misunderstood and misinterpreted by MANY people, not the least of which are "the teachers" of religion and MANY of there "followers."

Oftentimes their "followers" listen to and believe the teacher's message, thinking they're getting closer to God and becoming spiritually mature.

It's a statement that, depending on what you believe to be true about it and DO with it, CAN provide you with a quality of life where you truly do "want for nothing", or remain seemingly trapped in a living hell, pretending that it's somehow saintly or spiritual to want a greater quality of life.

Once understood and DONE, it WILL assist you ENORMOUSLY in planting the kind of seeds that lead to receiving more of what you love to the degree where you quite literally "want for nothing."

How so? More importantly HOW do you do it?

The first step is "being aware" of it and what it "truly" means.

As you ponder and think about that statement, let's revert back to the basics of what we've discussed previously in the Love Seed Series.

The seed determines the harvest, right? A want seed can only provide a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed. Planting want seeds results in a harvest of more want. We're NOT designed nor intended to WANT, any more than we're "entitled" to receive.

We can only receive what we "love" when we plant the right seeds.

The point is, we're designed to choose. We observe what we choose. So you could say we're observer/choosers. We were each provided an amazing gift called "free will." We can use that "free will" to choose what we'll HAVE or NOT have, the outcome of which is determined by what we believe, think, feel, say and do.

Each of those are "choices" are an expression of our "free will", which determine the quality of the seed, and inevitably the quality of the harvest.

We were designed as ALL of nature was, to BE abundant and prosper, or we can choose the polar opposite.

We ARE a part of nature. If you prefer, we were created in the image and likeness of whatever you "perceive and believe" Love to be.

Nature is abundant. Love is abundant too, in an infinite and all pervasive kind of way. So are you because you are an integral part of that.

We CAN have what we love, when we plant the right seeds, just as we can have and GET what we don't love, fear, dislike, hate or despise even, when those seeds that we ourselves choose to sow are "less than loving."

When we choose not to "give love", Love STILL provides us with an abundance of what we ask for...precisely what we ask for. The seeds we GIVE, determine the harvest received.

Which brings us back to "wanting for nothing" and how it all ties in.

Many religious and spiritually minded folks have adopted the false impression that the statement "want for nothing" means we should go through life lacking in material things. They honestly believe that it's "spiritual to be poor, that being impoverished is some saintly act and that the acquisition of "too many" material things is "sinful."

They honestly believe that "want for nothing" means we must "settle for what we have" and want for nothing more. Settling isn't an mindset or experience that enables you to "feel" the kind or quality of love or the life that you CAN.

"Being grateful" for what we have, on the other hand does. Being sincerely grateful for what we have is a much different quality of seed than "wanting, fearing, moaning and complaining about what we don't have. Sincere gratitude provides more to be grateful for. Wanting, fearing, moaning and complaining, provides more to want, fear, moan and complain about. Whichever we choose to DO, we receive more of that.

That's the simplest, quickest and easiest path I'm aware of for getting to the place where we KNOW that we're going to receive more to be grateful for. When your truly grateful, you "want for nothing."

It begins as a "mindset, an essence, a way of BEING that transforms into a tangible and measurable reality with unerring and unwavering certainty.

We all have desires. We each have an inherent desire to "experience" more. It's a part of who we are. It's wired into our DNA. We have whatever desires we do because they were meant to be experienced.

Yet many "religious folks" honestly believe and will often tell you, it's "sinful" to want or desire more. It's not sinful, it's self sabotaging. Wanting can only provide more want, which sabotages and often provides the polar opposite of what we do truly desire.

Here's a potential wake up call.

Sinful, traced to it's origin means to "miss the mark." These folks who "think, believe and/or pretend" that it's "spiritual to be poor" or to have "just enough" to sustain their meager lifestyles are most definitely missing the mark.

That's not a judgement. It's an accurate observation based on a Higher Truth than many folks, spiritually minded or otherwise, don't, and may never choose to understand.

They're living a lie.

Love is the "mark" to hit. Hitting that mark is what provides what we love. The more we hit the mark, or the closer we get to that mark consistently (giving love) in all we think, say and do, the more we consistently receive what we love.

When we hit the mark, we "give" more love and we receive more of what we love. When we miss the mark, we project fear and get more of what we fear. When we hit the mark sometimes and miss it other times, we get a little of each.

When we miss it sometimes, "purgatory" becomes the experience. Miss it altogether and "hell" becomes a way of life. Hit it "consistently and unconditionally" and heaven on earth becomes real.

There is no want in love although we CAN choose that, for the simple fact that love is all pervasive and ALL possibilities exist in love. We choose that and it transforms from possibility into a tangible experience.

Here's a thought provoking statement that many religious and/or spiritually minded folks never consider. It's worthy of some "conscious consideration"...

The ultimate desire a "truly wise and mature spiritual person" has, understands, KNOWS and does is to "serve and contribute to others."

How can you possibly GIVE to and serve others in the way you CAN, when you don't have the resources to do that?

Sure, you can be the most loving, caring, empathetic and compassionate person on the planet. But if you have no excess of "material things" to give, other than what's needed for YOU to survive and get by, you can't possibly GIVE in a way that creates "desired" expansion of the tangible and measurable kind, in the size, scope and magnitude that you COULD and CAN.

Love is expansion. Love never digresses. Love ALWAYS in ALL WAYS provides expansion.

You are participating IN the expansion. We ALL are. But in the vast majority of cases, the expansion being experienced is of a "less than desired" kind.

It's only because so many are "choosing" to Miss the Mark, which results in the expansion of more shadows, darkness and less than loved things. There's PLENTY of that in the world.

A "choice" to NOT have what can serve you and others is a choice to "allow" the dark shadow of hunger, grief, poverty, need, sadness and wanting to expand.

A choice to GET what only sustains your life, is a choice NOT to "give" what you otherwise could. You CAN choose that and never fully EXPERIENCE the awe and magnificence of the kind, quality and quantity of love (heaven on earth) that we can ALL receive and experience via our giving.

The reason WHY is simple. The more we give, the more we get.

The giving of love, in and of itself doesn't fill an empty stomach. Empathy alone cannot fix a broken down car. Compassion doesn't buy a needed jacket or blanket.

Having just enough for yourself cannot enable and allow you to give to, or serve others in the way you COULD, nor provide necessary "things" to others who truly do NEED them.

Contrary to what many think, believe and are "taught", having an ABUNDANCE of "things we love" IS most definitely important in today's world. An ABUNDANCE of things we love is every bit as "spiritual" as everything else is. No, they're NOT the main thing, but they are most DEFINITELY important.

So what is the Main Thing?

We've been addressing the Main Thing throughout this Love Seeds series. The Main Thing is Love. The single most important thing we can do as a species is to give more of it so we might receive more of what we love. Then we can GIVE more.

We create a cycle that we LOVE rather than one we fear.

The reason why is because, as we addressed in Love Seed #4, EVERYTHING we receive in life, without exception, is an expression of love...EVERYTHING regardless.

You could say that what we "receive" comes from The Big Love, or if you prefer, The Place Called Love...unconditionally, whatever "label" you choose to define Him/Her/It.

The kind, quality and quantity of the "love" we receive, witness and experience in life, or not, is a direct reflection of the love we choose to give.

In the tangible world of shape and form, we see expansion and we see digression. But digression is an illusion. It's NOT real. It seems real because of what we're taught, how we see it, what we believe to be true about it, which determines HOW we think, speak and act as we go through life.

That's what determines the quality of seeds we sow. The quality of those, determines the quality of the expansion.

Love says YES to that expansion just as we choose...regardless and unconditionally.

Love expands ALWAYS in all ways. Expansion is the way of the cosmos. It's true in nature, it's true in your life, it's true in the entire universe as a whole.

It's equally true that Love drives, sustains and provides it all.

It doesn't seem, look or feel like love OR expansion at times to be sure. But it is. Any experience that we might go through that seems, looks, is perceived as being, or feels like digression, or "less than love", is pointing us toward an opportunity to look within and examine ourselves.

By the same token, whatever we experience that is often described as awesome, good and right is a sign that we've "expressed, are giving and/or have given "love" in some way, shape or form.

Perhaps the single most important thing that MOST overlook as it pertains to an abundance, or the perceived "lack of" health, well being, money or anything else, is the power of giving and becoming "conscious of" the kind, quality and quantity of giving that we're ALL engaging in, ALL the time.

It's what drives and sustains life on this planet. It's what enables and allows the entire cosmos and everything that happens in it to expand for that matter.

The seeds we sow mentally, emotionally and physically each represent and ARE a form of giving (seed sowing) which determine the kind, quality and quantity of the expansion.

The "giving" of love, caring, empathy and compassion are "tools" we EACH HAVE at our disposal that create "desired" expansion. They're things that we already have, have the ability to give and they CAN be given when we "choose" that.

Fear, hate, doubt, worry, anger, resentment are tools that we each have at our disposal that create "less than desired" expansion which too, CAN BE and often are given.

Regardless of which we choose to GIVE, they begin as an essence and once "given", transform into a tangible expression or thing.

It's not limited to anything in life or any area of your life. Everything in life is constantly expanding and YOU determine the quality of that expansion.

It doesn't always look like, feel like or seem like "expansion" to be sure, but it is. It ALWAYS is.

Some, and perhaps MUCH of the "collective expansion" that you see in the world is really ugly. It's a sign that the giving of love isn't being "chosen" by many.

That CAN, but it doesn't HAVE TO impact your life. Your seeds determine YOUR harvest. How you see, how you feel and what you DO when faced with the ugliness of the world plays a role in determining the quality of seeds you sow in the moment.

When you see that, you have a choice to "respond in love" or react out of fear. The seeds you sow are chosen in that moment.

The reason why is because, as we covered in in the previous Love Seed, EVERY experience, regardless of size, shape, quality or quantity begins as a thought (seed), is sent to the "place called love", creates a "love sprout" and the mirrored reflection of it, (the harvest) becomes a tangible and measurable thing.

Sometimes it "seems" AWESOME and other times "horrific", but it's ALWAYS a miracle and ALL comes from Love...regardless.

Love ALWAYS ensures that what is received by me, you and every other human on this planet is a mirrored reflection of what we give, mentally, emotionally and physically. The same applies both individually and collectively with unerring, unwavering simplicity and perfection.

We have many "labels" for Love. We're taught many conflicting things about what love and Love is or isn't. We've "learned" that some things are good and other things are bad. That's one of the biggest "problems" we face in the world.

We'll be covering the differences between love and LOVE, experience and EXPERIENCE, seeing and SEEING, as well as KNOWING and knowing in a future Love Seed.

Believe me when I tell you, the difference is HUGE, yet few will choose, let alone enable and allow themselves to SEE, KNOW or EXPERIENCE that.

I'll close with this final point. A point equally as important as giving, which I mentioned earlier. It has to do with the intention you hold as you give.

Intention and WHY we give is of VITAL importance. It's the Intention held as we give that plays a VITALLY important role in the kind, quality and quantity of what we receive back.

Some "expect" to receive and some KNOW they will. The sad fact is, MOST expect to receive because they give, yet few KNOW they will. Many "expect" to receive without giving.

We ALWAYS receive "something." WHAT we receive depends on what we give. Receiving nothing is an illusion. When we view ourselves as "giving nothing", we still are. We receive more nothing, more want, more lack and more limitation.

Expecting to receive and KNOWING you will are 2 very different things. They're seeds of a very different quality. They're 2 entirely different ways of being and there's a HUGE difference in the quality and quantity of what is received back.

Few ever EXPERIENCE the infinite amount of love, joy, peace, assurance and tangible prosperity that we ALL CAN, simply because they overlook the importance of doing the "work" on themselves so they can KNOW that they will.

Consider these 2 questions over the next few days...

  • As you give, is it because you "expect" to get?

  • Or do you give because you KNOW you'll receive?

KNOWING you will ensures that you will. Wanting, hoping, wishing, or anxiously expecting others to reciprocate because you gave to them, often leads to disappointment and in many cases, sabotages the receiving of what COULD be and would have been received in some other way, via some other venue, had the "seed of intention" been nothing more than the love of giving.

Clingy and anxious expectation are "seeds" that provide a harvest of MORE clingy, anxious expectation and ultimately frustration.

KNOWING the power of love, understanding the power of giving and internalizing the FACT that Love (life) always reciprocates, combined with DOING it consciously, intentionally and on purpose, provides a harvest 10, 100, or a thousand fold greater than the giving.

The opposite also holds "true"...unconditionally.

The way that Love gives back and the ways it CAN be received, FAR exceeds what we're aware of, or can conceive or imagine.

We may not KNOW when or HOW we'll receive, but we can KNOW, when the WHY behind what we give is aligned and harmonized with Love.

It's that kind of giving backed with a KNOWING that provides and delivers it, in any infinite number of ways, in precisely the right timing in the unerring, unwavering and never changing way that Love ALWAYS provides it.

That extends well beyond the ways that we "think or believe" it must show up based on our limited understanding.

But it ALWAYS does...unconditionally. KNOWING that and doing that in "loving ways" opens the floodgates to more of what we love.

We'll cover more about how to develop that kind of KNOWING soon.

That's enough for now. If you're sincere and serious about enhancing the quality of your harvest, here are some additional questions that I'd encourage you to ask yourself, carefully consider and get to the "heart of" until we connect again.

  • What are you giving. Why?

  • What are you doing? Why?

  • What seeds are you planting? Why?

  • Is what you're giving for the sake of giving, or for the sake of "anxiously expecting" to receive because you gave?

  • Are you believing, thinking and acting in fearful or loving ways?

If you're not receiving what you "truly love", asking yourself those questions and being "truly honest" with yourself, may very well assist you in changing what you don't love, dislike or despise, into the kind and quality of life that you truly love.

Are you tired of "missing the mark" physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually?

Do you truly desire to hit the bulls eye in EVERY way, EVERY TIME?

Think, speak, act and give from a place of love, starting right where you are...unconditionally, and you WILL.

One more thing. Do yourself and the world a favor and watch the video I've placed a link to below. As you do, listen to the words and you'll see ways that you CAN start GIVING starting right where you are...right here, right now, regardless of where that is.

As you listen, although one of the words in the song is "try", do your best to keep in mind, there is no TRY. Either you DO or you don't. Either you will or you won't.

You ARE doing what the song conveys already, in some way, shape or form, although, because of how it's being done in MANY cases, because of HOW it's being done, it may not "seem like it."

That CAN change.

The key to HAVING a life that YOU love, is to begin BEING the change you'd love to see, giving the things that you'd love to have and start DOING so consciously, intentionally and on purpose, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Sometimes it's the littlest and simplest things we do in life that can make the BIGGEST difference. A life enhancing and world changing difference too. Watch and listen to the video below and if you choose to, do something to make the world a little brighter and more loving, would you?

Keep doing that each and every minute of each and every day...unconditionally, and I'll assure fact I KNOW you'll LOVE the results that you receive.

Think about that, do it and you'll see and experience the difference for yourself.

We'll connect again soon. More "Love Seeds" to follow.

Here's To Unconditional Giving and Receiving Everything That You Truly Love...Unconditionally,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK. 73099

I'm Finished With The Love and Fear of Giving and Receiving
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