The Science of Love

The Science of Love Reveals Verifiable, Tangibly Feasible Proof
That the All Pervasive Power of Love "Truly Is" Multidimensional, All Encompassing and Not Limited to a Physical Experience, Theory, Speculation, Philosophical Opinion, or Wishful Thinking

The Science of Love
The universe as a whole is a complex nonlinear matrix of infinite proportion and incomprehensible potential, devoid of the limitations
and sluggishness of space/time. It is governed by the unerring, unwavering and malleable nature of the One Mind, of which the individual
and collective mind is an integral part of. Your mind is the portal, love is the governor and the quality of consciousness that flows from the
individual and/or collective mind determines what the governor provides to us "unconditionally." We have the choice to move joyfully
or fearfully through the "seemingly random and chaotic" continuum of a space/time reality and we are provided, observe and do
experience whatever we choose, just as we choose...regardless...or if you prefer...unconditionally. - Chuck Danes

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time
to understand more, so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

On the surface it may seem as if science has no place in a personal empowerment series called Love Seeds. Oh, but it does. MUCH MORE so than most realize. It's proven to be a game changer for me, many like me and it CAN do the same for you.

Here's the thing though...

It CAN...and only can, IF you'll enable and allow it to.

If you're anything like me, initially, just the mention of science may make your blood curdle, your eyes cross and cause that muscle between your ears to cramp up just thinking about it. If that's what you're experiencing, relax. This isn't the "dissect a frog" kind of science taught in our "government controlled" education systems.

The Science of Love is the science of life. It's the closest that today's scientists have come to understanding the nature of God, or whatever "label" you prefer for identifying the Source of your understanding.

If you've grown weary, tired and disillusioned during your quest of seeking and searching for a better way, if you're growing more and more disappointed as you try this, try that and TRY this other "external thing" in your frantic search for the answer that enables you to do and have more of what you "truly love" in life, or if you honestly believe that life simply delivers what it will, for no apparent reason, and you're of the mindset that nothing you believe, think, say or do really matters, it's my sincere and heartfelt hope that you'll "read, internalize and apply" what the Science of Love conveys.

I've personally walked that agonizing path and I am keenly aware and all to familiar with the plethora of nonsense that "promises" just how easy it all is.

Let's set the record straight right up front. Easy it's NOT. Simple it IS. Once you understand the simplicity, the "easy part" kicks in and takes hold automatically...but NOT until.

Before getting into what the Science of Love IS, let's briefly discuss what it's NOT.

  • It's NOT based on airy fairy "new age" nonsense or metaphysical misinformation

  • It's NOT a "3 step can't fail push button process" for getting what you WANT

  • It's NOT a step by step manual on how to visualize, create dream boards and chant your way into prosperity

It IS, just as the title conveys a verifiable, tangibly feasible approach for SEEING that the All Pervasive Power of Love "Truly Is" multidimensional, all encompassing and NOT limited to a physical experience, theory, speculation, philosophical opinion, or wishful thinking.

It's a vitally important yet often overlooked step toward moving beyond hoping, wishing, wondering and "trying" so you might EXPERIENCE Ultimate Transformation in ALL aspects of your life.

If this applies to you, forgive me for saying so, but if you've bought into the idea that the Magic Genie or the Fairy Godmother is on it and going to make sure that "checks start magically showing up in your mailbox", save yourself some pain and disappointment and forget about it...just for a bit at least.

No fairy godmothers allowed

The Science of Love is based on FACT...NOT fairy tales and fiction.

Before we delve into the "potentially transformational" insights that the Science of Love reveals, let's discuss the intention behind it and what it CAN do for you. It's something we ALL desire, yet which few realize they CAN experience.

What is that?

Experiencing much more of what you LOVE and FAR LESS of what you fear...WHATEVER that might be.

The Science of Love provides a very specialized form of knowledge that reveals how to do just that.

If you've read all the self help books, tried all the "magical techniques", spent countless hours engaging in the "can't fail processes, attended all the "create the good life" seminars and done your best to apply what so many “Lifestyle Gurus” claim is necessary for creating change, yet you're still not experiencing the "life of your dreams" in the push button easy way so many of them "claim" you will, the Science of Love will prove to be a breath of fresh air.

I hope you won't and don't allow the label (the Science of Love) or your perceptions of science to keep you from benefiting. The Science of Love has proven to be a game changer for those seeking a REAL, grounded, yet profoundly powerful approach for enhancing quality of life, in ways and time frames that many would call "impossible."

It isn't so much about science as it is learning the power and importance of "unconditional" forgiveness, empathy, compassion, gratitude and the many ways we can BE (and/or BECOME) more so we might HAVE the "desires of our heart" fulfilled.

Put in the simplest way possible, it reveals the importance of and the transformational power behind adopting an "inside out" approach to life.

The Science of Love is based on verifiable and substantiated FACTS, rather than hyped up, far fetched and ridiculous claims that so many "self professed new age gurus" use to peddle and sell their "useless stuff."

It also flies in the face of MUCH of what we've "learned" through many social, cultural, political and religious venues, without ever realizing that in MANY cases, for reasons far too extensive to list, let alone describe here, that we've been duped, lied to, and completely misinformed in ways we're not even aware of.

That's why we'll also cover more about the importance of "self education", becoming an independent thinker, recognizing, acknowledging and "unlearning" the "taught and/or inherited" perceptions of truth which don't serve, but rather hinder us in the attainment of our desired outcomes.

I suppose you could say the Science of Love is a tool which enables and allows you to understand the transformational power of first adopting, and then "consciously aligning and harmonizing" with a Higher Truth.

The specialized form of knowledge conveyed through The Science of Love is verifiable, substantiated and has been recorded in MANY scientific journals by Nobel Prize Laureates long before the Law of Attraction was repackaged, relabeled and distributed to those unsuspecting targets seeking to understand more about the How of Life.

The Science of Love reveals one VERY IMPORTANT "Key FACT" that COULD save you MUCH time, money and the continual disappointment of a trial and error approach.

no secrets in science

That Key Fact is this...

There are NO SECRETS to creating a life that you love.

It WILL however provide the "intellectual understanding" that enables you to SEE and KNOW that your "heartfelt desires" can be transformed into tangible experiences.

While it may seem that science has nothing to do with transformation or enhancing the quality of your life, the fact is, depending on where you are in your understanding about yourself, your life, and what you believe to be true about having and experiencing a life that you love, it COULD have everything to do with it.

I say COULD because the ultimate decision is yours. But I'll assure you, it's a decision that has transformed the lives of countless others who have learned and APPLY it from one of fear, doubt, worry, struggle and hardship, to ease, flow, awe and simplicity.

Although it might seem that the words science and Love are an oxy-moron of sorts, the fact is, once you have even a basic understanding of what the latest in scientist discoveries have revealed about you, your potential, the power you hold and the HOW behind WHY you experience whatever you do in life, you begin to see the enormous role that Love plays in ALL you experience, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The reason WHY it does, is because The Science of Love reveals the importance of both unlearning and relearning MANY things and then "consciously aligning" the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself in such a way that provides what many refer to as "miraculous" results.

We have a LOT of varying opinions about what miracles are and where they come from. In 99.9% of the cases, it's that very opinion and belief that keeps so many from EXPERIENCING them.

As a very wise and insightful philosopher and theologian stated more than 1600 years ago...

"Miracles happen not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to
what we know of nature."
- Saint Augustine

Acquiring the understanding that enables you to make that connection has proven time and again to be the catalyst for experiencing enormous change (in MANY cases miraculous change) in the lives of those who internalize and heed it's message.

Science is but one of many venues for learning, understanding and proving to yourself just how "true" that is.

Once you're aware of the revealing role that science plays and how you fit into the bigger scheme of things, you're better equipped, intellectually speaking, to bridge the gap between where you are and where you "truly desire" to be.

Make no mistake though. Understanding something "intellectually" and KNOWING it EXPERIENTIALLY, are 2 VERY DIFFERENT things.

At the conclusion of the Love Seed Series, you'll be provided with the opportunity and a "choice" to enter into such an EXPERIENCE or remain "intellectually limited" as it pertains to KNOWING and EXPERIENCING Love.

Should you choose to remain attentive, absorb the information and follow through on completing the Love Seed Series, you'll know the next step that enables you to enter into this indescribable, awe inspiring "EXPERIENTIAL space" I'm referring to.

In a previous Love Seed, we referred to this "space" as a place called love. It is a place and once you KNOW how, you CAN enter into it and KNOW the peace, serenity and power that exists there.

If there's ONLY one thing that the Science of Love will assist in doing, it's this. Enable you to make the undeniable connection between science and spirituality. In fact it reveals the "spiritual nature" of EVERYTHING in life...regardless of what it is, how you currently see it, or what you believe to be true about it.

To SEE, KNOW, UNDERSTAND and EXPERIENCE How "True" That Is, Requires Unlearning What Most Don't, Relearning What Most Won't and DOING What Most Have No Awareness Of

There comes a time in every seekers life, when spiritual understanding must merge in an aligned and harmonized kind of way with the practical and material, if you're to ever experience the awe, grandeur and unlimited good that life has to offer.

Tangibly speaking, The Science of Love is the single best way I'm aware of to convey, describe and reveal all the tools, resources and reasons you have at your disposal, to DO just that.

And YES, you DO already have them. It's simply a matter of KNOWING that you do so you can begin USING them in the way they CAN BE used.

There's more to it than visualizing, creating dream boards and waiting for your ship to come in...THAT is for sure.

By the same token, The Science of Love isn't the be all end all. Far from it. It's simply another tool to assist you in understanding and SEEING that much of what you've been told and taught to be unknowable, non-discoverable and beyond your capability to understand, let alone EXPERIENCE, may not be as true or on target as you've been led to believe.

That's no small task since long held beliefs about something...anything at all...are deeply ingrained, have us engaging in less than effective habitual patterns and are much more difficult to unlearn, undo and let go of, than starting at ground zero and learning "the right way" to do things from the onset.

You've been fooled and lied to

Undoing the "damage" requires time and explanation.

I'll warn you up front. To SEE and EXPERIENCE the enormous good that you CAN in life, is going to require becoming aware and willing to let go of some (and perhaps many) of the long held "learned beliefs" that you think are true, yet which only serve to keep you from it.

As I discovered first hand, MUCH of what we "learn" throughout life, does just that.

That's perhaps the BIGGEST reason why holistic concepts are often "perceived as being" unrealistic. What is widely believed to be "far fetched, weird, esoteric or taboo", are oftentimes the very things that keep those with the most sincere and earnest desire from SEEING, UNDERSTANDING and EXPERIENCING more of what they "truly love."

The reasons behind that are many (some of which are dark, sinister and intentionally implanted in the minds of BILLIONS), although we'll save that dialogue for another time. We won't be delving into the specifics of those controlling, manipulative, under the radar tactics here.

Rest assured we will at a future point in time. Contrary to those who who choose to look away, ignore and "bury their head in the sand", being "keenly aware" of the darkness and ill intentions in the world is EVERY BIT as important as understanding the most beneficial spiritual concepts.

It's literally impossible to transform what you choose to ignore or remain unaware of.

While it's true that most view profound spiritual concepts as somehow separate or disconnected from the more mundane, moment by moment experiences we encounter in everyday life, it's nothing more than a "perceived truth" that not only CAN, but often does keep the most sincere and earnest seekers from KNOWING, let alone EXPERIENCING what's truly possible for them.

That's what the Science of Love is all about. Taking an up close and personal look at what scientists have discovered with regard to what determines the quality of your life and EVERYTHING you experience as you navigate through NOTHING.

Although the medium we're using here is science, The Science of Love is a faith booster really. It provides a form of "spiritual confirmation" in a very logical, practical and scientifically validated kind of way, that the mystics, sages and masters of the past KNEW what they were talking about as it pertains to YOU experiencing peace, contentment, unshakable trust, happiness AND abundance in ALL aspects of your life.

It's CERTAINLY NOT limited to material abundance. When what these masters shared is "clearly understood", internalized and USED as it can be, doorways begin to open that you previously couldn't see.

When you choose to USE and DO what you CAN with that timeless wisdom, your awareness expands exponentially, the floodgates of understanding open, the light bulbs come on, any fear that holds you back is diminished DRAMATICALLY, your sense of worth is heightened EXPONENTIALLY and nothing can stand in your way.

As crazy as it may seem or sound, and as unrelated as most think it is, what the Science of Love is really about, is learning the importance of loving more and fearing less...unconditionally.

Once you've learned about the transformationally pleasing power that's unleashed by "choosing" to do that, it's simply a matter of you DOING it. But to actually DO that (and keep doing it) in a world filled with so much deception, conflict, ignorance and evil, it requires an uncommon form of understanding that turns what the world views as common logic, reasoning and rationale, on it's head.

It's a kind and quality of understanding that transcends and reveals the misguided and misinterpreted "teachings" that so many "wanna be gurus" and self serving psychopaths in the world would have you "believe to be true."

The Science of Love (and Love itself for that matter) isn't rational or logical as most people have "learned" to perceive and define those words. The fact is it's anything but.

Although creating a life that you love may seem complex and complicated, the fact is, it's profoundly simple. As the Science of Love clearly conveys, the manifestation of desired outcomes is more an mental/emotional/metaphysical process than it is a physical one. What that means is that it’s based on mental processes that YOU yourself choose to engage in which go beyond the tangible things you use or what you do in everyday life.

What that means as it pertains to you specifically is, the secret to healing, thriving and prospering in ANY aspect of your life is not only about what you take, what you do, how much you do it, or how intensely you engage, but how quickly you "choose" to recognize, acknowledge and clear out the mental/emotional garbage that blocks (or blinds you to) your desired path and keeps your heartfelt desires from becoming tangible and measurable experiences.

Sure, in MANY cases we've learned (and as a result "perceive") life and the acquisition of heartfelt desires as being difficult, complex and in many cases impossible. MANY believe just that. Most actually. But the FACT is, the universe and how it works is profoundly simple. Attempting to explain the simplicity, while at the same time doing so in a way that's easy for everyone to understand and grasp conceptually, is anything but.

The ONLY reason why is because of what we've learned, believe and think is true. In fact, due to the limitations of the intellect, the clumsiness of human language, combined with the many ridiculous and self limiting things most have learned (and believe to be true) about life, themselves and their potential, conveying the truth in an effective, comprehensive and truly transformational way, is EXTREMELY difficult.

For those who unknowingly and habitually create "less than they desire" in life, it can all seem really complex.

Therein lies the "problem." We "learn and perceive" the complexity of things, which blinds us to the simplicity.

It’s not complex or complicated at all. The techniques you can use to manifest what you want are not difficult to understand or use. Far from it. They’re SO very simple...profoundly so. The ONLY reason they don't seem that way, is simply because we've learned and believe that life is difficult and complex.

It doesn't mean it's true. It only means that you think and believe it's true, which, because of the power you hold, it's quite "simple" to transform that "less than aware intangible mindset" into a self fulfilling prophecy that transforms itself into tangible and measurable results, providing a mirrored reflection" of what we believe into the tangible and measurable experiences we witness and go through in our lives.

the yin and yang of life

That includes those events that we view and label as both "good and bad." That's the yin/yang of life.

Put another way, your beliefs, views and perceptions about yourself and your life become the tangible and measurable things they do in exact accordance to and precisely as you "believe and expect" they will.

Those "expectations" may (and often do) reside at a "subconscious level" and elude your awareness of them, but if you're experiencing less than you desire in ANY aspect of life, at some level, you ARE expecting, or at the very least calling them forth in an unconscious and unintentional kind of way.

The Science of Love reveals in a very practical and scientifically validated kind of way, that success, failure, or any other outcome you experience in life is ultimately your choice and as such, also your responsibility.

Whatever the outcome, it has much less to do with what you DO and much more to do with what you believe, how you feel and the ways in which you respond and react as you participate in the dance of life, thinking, believing and doing whatever it might be that you do.

Seeing that is as simple as acquiring the kind of metaphysical/spiritual understanding that is at the heart of EVERYTHING experienced in your life and the world at large.

The Science of Love provides that understanding in very logical, rational and simple to understand kind of way.

It's a highly specialized form of knowledge that isn't taught in MOST educational facilities and for a number of reasons far too great in number to effectively cover here, are absent from what most see as being the best of the best curriculum's at the finest universities.

That's precisely what the Science of Love does. It get's to the heart of the matter in a tangibly feasible and scientifically validated kind of way and reveals in a very simple and easy to digest kind of way, WHY that's true.

If you've never entertained the idea that science, success, love and spirituality have anything to do with each other, the Science of Love will shed a potentially transformational light on what's "truly possible" for you in life and open doorways of understanding that will serve you well in all your undertakings.

Whether it will or won't serve you in the way it CAN is ultimately and entirely up to you. That will be determined by what you choose to do or not do with what you learn.

Learning, understanding and "being aware" of WHAT to do and HOW to do it isn't enough. Contrary to much of the "Airy Fairy New Age Nonsense" circulating the world today, application is king. It always has been and always will be. No worries though. Should you choose to follow along and complete the Love Seed Series, you'll see that the knowledge and the kind of DOING that's "truly necessary" for Being, Doing and Having more of what you love is all laid out in a VERY simple, easy to understand and very DOABLE kind of way.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The First and Single Most Important Step is Learning and Understanding What Love "Truly Is" and the Vitally Important Role It Plays in ALL Aspects of Your Life

The entire Love Seeds Series is designed, intended and dedicated to first assist you in understanding that the all pervasive nature of Love is FAR BIGGER and more vast than MOST realize.

Once you begin to grasp and understand the "truth" behind that on an "intellectual level", you'll be provided with the opportunity to move beyond the limitations of the "intellect" and into EXPERIENCING and KNOWING just how real and true that is.

The Programmed and Conditioned Intellect Leaves MUCH to be KNOWN, SEEN, Understood and EXPERIENCED

Truth be told, describing the all pervasive nature of Love and how it transforms lives in a way that does it justice is impossible. It is because what the most brilliant minds in history have done their best to understand, describe and get the masses to SEE, is literally infinite in nature.

As the Science of Love will reveal, So are you. In one way you definitely are, although based on many factors, it doesn't seem like it. But the ONLY reason it doesn't "seem like it" is because of what so many "think they know" which has them believing, thinking and DOING things in such away that sabotages rather than provides the desired result.

What MOST "think they know" is that we're to fear, judge, label, condemn, resist, overpower and overcome the "less than desired" things we see and encounter in the world.

Although that's how MOST have been programmed and conditioned to DO things, there's a "better" way. A far more powerful, efficient and effective way.

This "way" begins and ends with you.

Marcus Aurelius said it best...

“You have power over your own mind - not over events.
Realize this, and you will find strength.”

We simply cannot "control" what's happening in the world around us. What we CAN control is how we respond or react to those "things." The biggest obstacle you face isn't what you see unfolding around you, but rather the result of how you perceive it, what you believe to be true about it, and how you respond or react to the diverse number of experiences we encounter in day to day life.

Each of those factors are happening simultaneously "within you" and have MUCH LESS to do with what's happening around you than MOST are willing to see.

Your personal beliefs and perceptions have you responding in love or reacting out of fear.

Whichever of those ways of "BEING" that you choose is determined by who and what you "think" you are and the power you "think" (or don't think) you have to transform things.

Regardless of what you've "learned", HOW you perceive things personally, or what you believe, Love is the guiding (and driving) force behind it ALL.

When you DO what's necessary to SEE and then "consciously align and harmonize" yourself with THAT, you begin to SEE that Love provides (and you "receive") more of what you give. The opposite also holds true. It really and truly is that "simple."

As strange as it might sound and much as it might go against the grain of "What You Think You Know", here's how simple it ALL "truly is" and why...

love is
Spiritually speaking "Love IS." Scientifically speaking "Light IS." Consciously aligning yourself with Light/Love provides "results" that the less aware call "miracles."

That may (and more than likely DOES) sound weird, crazy, and perhaps totally off the wall. But it's true. That's one of many things that the Science of Love reveals.

It really boils down to one VERY simple statement.

The more YOU choose to shine and project your light in "loving ways", the more you'll receive back what you "truly love" in life.

That's how "simple" it is, whether you see it, believe it and choose to USE it or not. Whether from a scientific or spiritual vantage point, the simplicity is present, always has been and will remain. It's only a matter of YOU SEEING and believing that, so you might start using and doing something with it in the way that you CAN, rather than how MOST are.

If you'll keep an open mind and give yourself permission to read the Science of Love and the rest of the Love Seeds Series in it's entirety, perhaps you'll begin to see (and perhaps EXPERIENCE) just how "true", simple and mind boggling powerful it all is. You'll be much better equipped to consciously align with the all encompassing and all pervasive nature of Love, and perhaps, if and when you're ready, even take the next step so you can SEE, EXPERIENCE and KNOW the awe, simplicity and all pervasive nature of Love for yourself in a very up close, personal and profound kind of way.

In order to do that, it's necessary to identify, acknowledge and "unlearn" what makes life "seem" so mysterious, random, chaotic and complex. If you've broken free from the programmed and conditioned confines of "mass consciousness", have already EXPERIENCED and KNOW Love in the totally immersive, indescribable and illuminating way that you CAN, you already KNOW how simple it is.

If you haven't, what follows in the Science of Love is especially for you.

The single most important thing any "true seeker" can do, is to learn the importance of "unlearning."

That may sound (or seem) crazy too, but it's true.

Consciously aligning, harmonizing with, opening yourself to and EXPERIENCING Love is the only way to "undo" the damage and see through the ridiculousness that you've been "programmed and conditioned" to believe.

The kind of Love I'm referring to doesn't need to be sought out, discovered, found nor understood. It all around you. You're already using it and it's consistently providing you with what you choose.

The KEY to transforming "less than desired" outcomes into those that most would label as "impossible OR miraculous", is learning to use it consciously, intentionally and on purpose.

love is limitless

Love is a state or a place of limitless awareness. It's not a thing that's restricted by time or space. It is everywhere all the time, in all places, all at once. Moving from the scary, limiting and self sabotaging grip of fear that "needlessly limits" so many and into the sense of joy, freedom and fulfillment that KNOWING Love provides, is a journey that must be EXPERIENCED to KNOW the awe, grandeur and sense of completion that it provides.

The Science of Love cannot and chances are better than great, WILL NOT do that for you in and of itself. It's an intellectual approach intended to move you closer to the EXPERIENCE of KNOWING.

The Science of Love is VERY limited in some ways and quite expansive in others. It's limited because it's dependent on an intellectual approach to understanding and describing something that MUST BE EXPERIENCED to KNOW.

EXPERIENCING the enormity and infinite nature of Love in the fully immersive way It can be, enables you to SEE why it cannot possibly be described nor understood conceptually. It must be EXPERIENCED to KNOW and understand just how "infinite and unconditional" It REALLY understand.

Although EVERYONE can, not everyone realizes they can. As a result, VERY few do.

Let's look at the "expansive" side of the Science of Love...

The Science of Love is expansive in the sense that it reveals some really key facts about you, life and the power you hold, that the mystics, sages, and masters since antiquity have always conveyed.

The thing I hope to achieve through the Science of Love, is to assist you in SEEING the connection between the you that you think you are, the You that you truly are, and HOW energy, love and light play a vitally important role in determining how EVERY aspect of your life is determined by you and YOU alone...period.

The Intellect is VERY Limited and What You're Experiencing is a Direct Reflection of What You've Been "Taught" and Believe to Be True.

While the Science of Love is my best attempt to reveal the awe, grandeur and fullness that CAN BE experienced in life, as well as assist you in realizing what you're "truly capable" of Being, Doing and Having in yours, it's highly probable that you'll need to temporarily "disarm" some, and perhaps much of what you think you know to be true about yourself, your capabilities and what's truly possible for you, just long enough to EXPERIENCE and KNOW for yourself.

The reason WHY is because, if you've learned what most have about themselves, life and how things work, the programmed and conditioned mind can never (and will never) enable you to SEE beyond that, let alone move you into the place where begin consciously, intentionally and purposefully USING the incredible tools you were freely provided to create a life that you love.

The single most important thing any "true seeker" can do, is to learn the importance of "unlearning." Once achieved it requires rearranging priorities so you can begin first SEEING and then DOING things differently than MOST do.

Unlearning is a crucial part of the process for the "simple fact" that MUCH of the social, cultural and religious indoctrination we receive in life, often blinds us to the Real Facts (aka Higher Truth) which enable us to SEE, KNOW and UNDERSTAND. In fact, the Real Facts are often written off as being unrealistic and/or non-applicable as they pertain to human endeavors and tangible achievement.

There was a statement made many years ago by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, that applies to the Science of Love as it does many things that aren't commonly understood or accepted.

This statement applies to you, just as it does everyone else. Yes, we're each in different "stages" to be sure. Regardless of which "stage" you're in, find comfort in the fact that you CAN progress to the next by simply choosing to.

That statement is this...

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is
violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

I can assure you of one thing. Although Higher Truth is, always has been and always will be "definitively true", DUE TO WHAT WE "LEARN" THROUGHOUT LIFE, it "seems as if" the world has a difficult time embracing, let alone accepting the immutable and unwavering FACT that you (that we ALL) are powerful beyond measure.

What YOU believe to be true about that statement personally, reveals where you are and where you're starting from.

Let's Take a Closer Look at the 3 Stages We ALL Choose to Pass Through or Remain Seemingly Trapped Within

The First Stage is Ridicule...

As far as ridicule, go up to a person or group of people and tell them that we as a human species are "powerful beyond measure." Share with the "average Joe" that "Love is all pervasive and EVERYWHERE" or that "There's hard science that PROVES how Real and Powerful Love IS."

Brace yourself and be prepared for some blank stares, bewildered looks and shortly after some snide comments and/or sentiments of ridicule.

The second stage is violent opposition...

Those who have tapped into that "space", EXPERIENCED Love and have shared the knowledge, wisdom and uncommon insight acquired through their EXPERIENCE, have not only been ridiculed, but "violently opposed" for thousands of years.

As history conveys, many have actually been crucified.

Even in today's world, you don't have to look very far to see a number of radical religious extremists rejecting and even violently opposing those who don't think and believe as they do.

Their "learned way" of doing things have MOST going totally against the grain of timeless and transformational wisdom which clearly states "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

Reacting to life or others in less than "loving and gratuitous ways" only serves to provide outcomes in YOUR life that mirror whatever choices YOU make.

The third stage is the "self evident" realization of a Higher Truth

Thankfully, in today's world, the word is getting out and it IS beginning, more and more every day, to become "self evident" as to the power YOU hold. More and more every day, people are waking up from their eyes wide open slumbers and discovering that they've been duped, lied to, misled and held back when it comes to consciously applying "spiritual/metaphysical/holistic concepts" and FULLY EXPERIENCING what's truly available to them in life.

Here's what I PROMISE you. I'm not here to "dupe, lie to, or mislead" you. I'm certainly not here to tell you what you MUST or SHOULD do. What I am here to do, not only through the Science of Love, but via EVERYTHING I do, is share what I KNOW after EXPERIENCING Love and witnessing it's power on WAY more than one occasion. I've SEEN and witnessed it's "All Pervasive Power" in both tangible and intangible ways many times.

I've personally witnessed ugly and horrific things transform in the "blink of an eye" in ways that conflict and go TOTALLY against what we've learned, believe and perceive as being "true."

Those encounters, both tangible and otherwise conflict with and defy much of what we've learned regarding space/time. That's a FACT.

I'm CERTAINLY not here to convince you, impress you or debate what I KNOW. I share what I've discovered through those experiences and nearly 4 decades of INTENSE research so, if you "choose" and desire to, YOU might learn, understand, become keenly aware of and experience the same.

Believe me when I tell you, if I can, EVERYONE can. You can too...regardless. What's better is, IF you'll choose to, you will. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

I'll be revealing HOW TO in a future Love Seed.

Through that EXPERIENCE, the all pervasive nature of Love will become "self evident" for you too. What's more, once EXPERIENCED, it will provide YOU with a KNOWING and sense of comfort, assurance and an indescribable form of "completion" that will NEVER leave you...regardless.

The Science of Love is just one of many intellectual tools I use to guide you down the path toward SEEING and then, if you choose, doing that.

The Science of Love serves a twofold purpose.

  1. Revealing in a SUBSTANTIATED AND VERIFIABLE scientific way, that Love truly is all pervasive

  2. Assist those who are sincere, serious and truly ready to embrace that FACT to reclaim their identity...their "true" identity

Allow what I've shared to "soak in" for a few days. Or, if you're the hungry for knowledge type, and you just can't wait to learn more, you can get a sneak peak at what the Science of Love - Part 2 reveals by reading the scroll below.

Do that. Then you can decide if part 2 is worth your time and attention. It is, but as I've already shared, only YOU can decide if it can provide you with the knowledge and transformational insight that I KNOW it CAN.

That's it for now. MUCH MORE to follow that I KNOW can assist you in Being, Doing and/or Having much more of what you love if and/or when YOU enable and allow it.

Here's To You EXPERIENCING the Life of Your Dreams Should You "Choose" To,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
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I'm Finished With The Science of Love
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