The Sixth Sense

Discovering, Enhancing and Consciously Utilizing YOUR Sixth Sense Sensory Dramatically Enhances Intuitive Ability

the sixth sense

The sixth sense is an intangible sensory tool which serves as our internal navigator, KNOWS
and reveals the path for enabling and allowing our heartfelt desires to take tangible and
measurable form, yet often becomes silenced by enabling the 5 physical senses to dictate
and determine in our own minds what is real and true in life.

Reality is an illusion albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

What can you say about the sixth sense other than the fact that an Enhanced and Keen Intuitive Awareness bridges the gap between Reality and Actuality in a far more pleasing and desirable kind of way than most can conceive or imagine.

If that makes no sense to you, what follows could certainly prove beneficial in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of YOUR life in far greater ways than YOU can conceive or imagine.

We're all quite aware of the predominantly utilized 5 physical senses that enable us to see, smell, touch, taste and hear. It goes without saying that we utilize these tools constantly to determine and discern what's going on in our immediate environment.

We're ALL quite well versed in utilizing these 5 physical senses to interpret our surroundings and make determinations as to how we respond and react to the various events, conditions and circumstances that the 5 senses enable us to observe and interpret.

You could say that doing so is automatic...effortless in fact. It requires no special skills or training to utilize these awesome tools given us at birth.

The reason that's true is because their function is determined by subconscious processes that we have no conscious awareness of of. Put simply it doesn't require thinking about or trying to utilize these senses.

It's automatic. We look and we see. We listen and we hear. We touch and we feel. You get the idea. There is no effort involved.

What many DON'T understand regarding our 5 senses is the fact that what we interpret through their use, as well as the decisions and life choices we make based on those interpretations are based on our own unique perspectives of the world.

What does THAT mean exactly?

Put in very simple terms, our interpretations of reality (the physical realm) is impacted by the unique beliefs and perceptions we've acquired, adopted, adhere to and utilize to make our life choices as we go through life.

Those same beliefs and perceptions determine not only what we see but how we perceive what we see.

If you're at all familiar with the science of Quantum Physics, you already understand that the physical senses interpretation of external data varies from person to person.

And the reason why is due to the fact that the tangible and measurable aspects of reality aren't as real as the 5 physical senses would lead us to believe that they are. They "seem real" without a doubt. We can hear them, see them, touch them, taste them, smell them and hear them.

And because we can, we believe they're real.

But are they REALLY?

The answer is NO. They're NOT as real as MOST think and believe.

Case in point...

21st century science has clearly proven and documented the fact that reality is in fact an illusion as world renown scientist Albert Einstein discovered many years ago. Many scientists since agree and have built upon and further developed an ever expansive understanding of how and why that's true based on Einsteins initial discovery.

If that's NEW information for you, you might find benefit in reading what I share regarding the Law of Vibration for an expanded understanding of how and why that's true.

So although it may "seem" and/or sound as if such claims are based on theory or speculation, they're NOT. They are based on sound scientific fact stemming from many years of very exciting and what can prove to be beneficial discoveries as it pertains to you and the quality of your life.

Since our focus is on the sixth sense, we won't get into the complex and often times mind bending scientific aspects of what reality "truly is" other than to say that what we perceive and believe as being real, solid and having physical mass, in it's purest and most basic form is comprised of nothing more than energy packets.

What does science and energy packets have to do with sixth sense sensory?


These energy packets consist of various vibratory patterns and frequencies giving the tangible and measurable things around us, including the events, conditions and circumstances that we all encounter and experience in life, the "appearance of solidity."

In other words, what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell isn't as "real and solid" as so many "think and believe" it is.

In addition, the energy that comprises ALL physical things is infused with consciousness.

For the sake of simplicity let's refer to this "consciousness" as the Super Conscious Mind.

Within the Super Conscious Mind or as it is sometimes referred to, Universal Consciousness, all probabilities already exist. They exist as "waves of probability" as modern day science labels them.

That's where we come in. Our individual consciousness is an integral part of Universal Consciousness. That's what enables us to sense through our sixth sense sensory, events, conditions, circumstances etc. that have not yet taken tangible and measurable form.

Our individual consciousness being an integral part of Universal Consciousness enables us to sense things that are still nothing more than waves of probability prior to them becoming particles that comprise matter which transmutes and reveals itself in the physical world as the events, conditions and circumstances that we experience.

There is something that many are unaware of and oblivious to as it pertains to how we interpret this energy.

What is that?

The fact that how we interpret this energy and the vibratory patterns this energy emits and projects which give tangible and measurable things the appearance of solidity, is determined and impacted by the individual beliefs and perceptions we hold.

In other words, what we believe and perceive as being real, right and true in life plays a major role in how our 5 physical senses observe and interpret the energy that surrounds us.

That's why we as individuals so often interpret the very same event, condition or circumstance in different ways. Our beliefs and perceptions vary to some degree from individual to individual and the 5 physical senses often interpret the energy (data) that surrounds us in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what they themselves believe and perceive as being real or not real and determine to be true or untrue.

The point?

Since the 5 physical senses often interpret the energy (data) that surrounds us in a unique way based on our individual beliefs and perceptions, these sensory tools aren't as accurate as so many "believe" they are.

Yes, the physical senses DO interpret this energy in the very same way yet depending on the kind and quality of beliefs we hold; beliefs that we have in MANY cases learned and accepted as being "true" without questioning their validity, is what determines the kind and quality of reality that we experience individually.

In other words, the reality that we see and experience is an illusion, the quality of which is determined by what we've learned and "perceive" as being real, right and true.

And in a physical sense it IS real. But the form it takes and how we interpret that form becomes real, right and true for us individually based on those unique beliefs and perspectives that we hold.

You could say that the 5 physical senses are amazing and useful tools for interpreting the physical and finite world of shape and form.

But there's more to interpret than the physical and the finite. What the physical senses CANNOT observe or interpret is the realm from where ALL physical things are derived from.

They are however not capable of interpreting energy or data prior to taking form and revealing themselves as physical things which determine our unique experiences in life.

That's where the sixth sense comes in. It can. It does in fact. We can know things prior to them becoming real and tangible. And because we can, we can also use that Knowing to avoid "less than desirable" results that "could happen" as well know the best choices to make and direction to take to ensure that the best possible result becomes a part of our lives.

Put as simply as possible, EVERYTHING that reveals itself in the tangible world of shape and form is derived from actuality which is where the unseen aspects of energy converge to determine the kind and quality of the reality we experience.

If that seems a bit "out there" or perhaps difficult to wrap your mind around, I discuss that in depth in an article titled, Reality and Actuality which provides a simplified explanation of the difference between the 2.

Bottom line, the physical senses are used in reality but are unable to discern and interpret what's happening in the "unseen realm" which I often refer to as Actuality.

And that is where we CAN, if we choose learn how to utilize our Sixth Sense.

Not as widely utilized nor understood as the 5 senses for sure, yet at the same time, it is perhaps the most important of ALL senses for accurately interpreting not only what is taking place in the world around you, but serves as a far more accurate tool in not only interpreting external data but providing insight and direction that enables us to navigate and move through reality in a more pleasing and desirable kind of way.

More specifically, developing the sixth sense enhances our intuitive ability enabling us to to move toward our heartfelt desires in a more assured and efficient kind of way.

The Sixth Sense Isn't as Weird, Esoteric or Elusive as Many Believe

Although many are aware to some degree that we do each have a sixth sense, it's often thought of as some esoteric and unusable aspect of ourselves.

Although it's not, many believe it is based on what we've learned and believe throughout our lives. In traditional education systems, emphasis is placed on the physical senses and the world that we experience, yet little to no understanding is acquired as it pertains to the sixth sense and the intangible world.

You don't have to know or understand how or why the sixth sense works to use it. We are ALL using it although most "allow" the 5 senses to overwrite and drowned out the intuitive nudges that we ALL without exception receive through our sixth sense sensory.

As a result we tend to be unaware, ignore and/or overlook signals and warning signs that the sixth sense ALWAYS provides.

Most simply aren't aware of it.

Most depend on their 5 limited senses to determine what is real, right and true for them in life. Many use and benefit from the sixth sense although most times they aren't even consciously aware of it's existence let alone that they ARE in fact using it.

Although many are aware of or at least have heard of the sixth sense, many also believe that the ability to use it is limited to those who are born with special gifts or some form of extrasensory perception or psychic ability.

The fact of the matter is we are all psychic to a degree and ALL have the ability to utilize our sixth sense as easily and effortlessly as we do the 5 physical senses.

No not some of us...I mean ALL of us. Some (most perhaps) are just not aware of that fact and/or simply don't develop their ability to use it for any number of reasons.

The NUMBER 1 reason is because MOST aren't AWARE that they CAN.

But we can. YOU can, I can and so can EVERYONE else with ZERO exceptions. It simply requires a "choice" to become aware of how real it is, develop your ability to do so and you'll see for yourself that you can.

Let's take some of the mystery and esoteric perceptions regarding the sixth sense out of the equation by using common terms that most everyone is aware of.

Let's use the word Intuition.

Intuition is a primary example of how our sixth sense is being used. Intuition is nothing more than the sixth sense sensory interpreting unseen energy patterns (data) that is non-discernible and indistinguishable with the use of the physical senses.

The reason being is simply because the vibratory pattern of the energy is above or below a rate of vibration and/or frequency that the physical senses are limited to interpreting.

In other words the vibrational intensity of energy that the sixth sense uses to enable our intuitive senses to become aware of these "patterns", is of such an intensity that cannot be observed with the physical senses.

The sixth sense on the other hand, enhances ones ability to see above and beyond what most believe and perceive to be real in the physical realm.

The intuition and the sixth sense sensory provides direction in a feeling kind of way which is often referred to as a hunch or "gut feeling" about something.

You've no doubt at some point encountered a person or had a gut feeling about a decision you needed to make that served you in some way, shape or form. Perhaps you've met a person or considered doing something that you had a "bad vibe" about.

That is the intuition or the sixth sense at work.

The point is, although many believe that the sixth sense is a special gift provided only to a select few individuals, this is certainly NOT true.

Everyone has access and equal ability to both enhance and utilize sixth sense properties.

Why do some seem to have a more developed sixth sense and greater natural intuitive ability than others?

Well again there's a number of reasons far too many to cover here. As it pertains to the average person, in a nutshell those who choose to develop and utilize it in a conscious and intentional way, develop their ability to do so.

The more they use it, the more developed it becomes.

It's kind of like physical exercise. The more you exercise the more developed your muscles become. It's the same with the sixth sense. Once you're AWARE that you CAN use it and make a choice to develop it, the better you get at discerning the intuitive nudges, guidance and direction that we ALL receive.

Although most perceive labels such as the sixth sense, extrasensory perception etc., to be of an esoteric nature it can be and is used in very practical ways in everyday life.

Enhancing Sixth Sense properties is probably the wisest choice anyone can make. It not only serves enhancing awareness in a spiritual kind of way, it can also be used greatly enhance the various aspects of physical life.

The notion of utilizing intuition, sixth sense and extrasensory perception can be traced back to antiquity. In many ancient cultures, such powers were ascribed to people who purported to use them for second sight or communicate with deities, ancestors, spirits, and the like.

Although I personally have no desire to use it for communicating with those who have passed, I certainly utilize it for a "second sight."

The ancients, mystics, sages and masters, as well as world changers throughout history have credited their sixth sense intuitive ability for providing timely answers and solutions which served in fulfilling their purposes.

The primary reason that few are able to consciously and consistently utilize their sixth sense in the modern world is simply due to the fact that most aren't aware of it and because they've never really learned about it or understand what it "truly is", they simply don't believe they have the ability.

And due to the fast paced world we exist in, the vast majority are so active in a brain activity kind of way (using and depending strictly on their 5 senses) that the sixth sense has no chance of being realized or developed.

In fact developing and using the sixth sense in the way it CAN be used, depends to a degree on how much you depend on and how active you allow the 5 senses to be.

Intuitive ability is enhanced through decreasing activity in the brain.

The Sixth Sense, intuitive ability, extra sensory perception are all non-physical activities. They're not a result of nor dependent on brain activity. They happen as the result of mind. Mind is of a spiritual nature and brain is of a physical nature.

Mind processes consciousness and brain is the physical tool that processes the signals sent from the mind which processes those signals resulting in thought.

That's how and why we're able to think.

There's a BIG difference. A potentially life transforming difference for those who recognize how "real" the sixth sense sensory is and make a "conscious choice" to develop theirs.

And you CAN and it is in fact quite simple to do when you have the proper tools. Meditation is a medium that enables you dramatically enhance sixth sense sensory.

There is one tool that I have personally used that was instrumental in enabling me to see and know that MY sixth sense could be developed and used many years ago.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is the only meditation technique that I am aware of that places focus and emphasis on enhancing sixth sense sensory. And it does so quite simply, effectively and enables an individual to begin seeing noticeable results in a matter of days.

Scientific discoveries aside, you could consider the ability to consciously utilize the sixth sense as a form of spiritual awakening.

And the Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is certainly the world's most powerful and revolutionary system for spiritual awakening that I'm aware of.

I'm certainly not alone in that observation. With well over 70,000 users around the world who have experienced it for themselves, it's most certainly worth checking it out for yourself if you have a desire to experience the benefits that meditation provides and at the same time enable you to develop and use the sixth sense in ways that many believe they can't.

Like all things that's a choice. But in my opinion it's one of the wisest choices I made in enhancing my understanding and enhancing my ability to tap into a place that most "perceive" to be outside of their capability.

It's not and never has been. It's simply about making a conscious and intentional choice to do so and following through once that choice is made.

The Foundation Guided Meditation System will show you how in a very simple and step by step kind of way how to do just that,

One thing is FOR SURE. Developing and utilizing your sixth sense is FAR more simple and beneficial than most "believe or perceive" it to be. And a choice to do is sure to provide insight and direction that will better enable and empower you to experience a kind and quality of life that aligns with your heartfelt desires.

You decide and by all means do what feels best for you.

Whatever choices you might make for yourself, it's my hope that each will lead you one step closer to the Abundance and Happiness that you seek.

The Search is Over - HBI is Your Resource for Enhancing 6th Sense Sensory, Expanded Awareness and Advanced Spiritual Development

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