The Wall

Your Wall Is Nothing More or Less Than A Choice...Yours.
In Actuality, Your Wall Is Only A Perception...a Veil
That You Can Step Through Whenever You Choose

Sometimes we can "perceive" that the path to where we want to go has been
blocked and is impassable. But it never is. We can, if we choose get around it
regardless of how impossible things might "appear." We only have to choose to...or not

We've all experienced times in life where it "seemed as if" there was this impenetrable wall standing between us and where we desired to go.

While it remains there for many, some their entire lives, it doesn't have to unless we think it does.

Do you "seem to have" one standing between you and where you want to go?

If so, I ask you...

Are You "Truly Ready" To Break Through Your Wall?

We're all familiar with the wall. At least we've heard about it. The greatest athletes hit it, the most famous writers sometimes get blocked by it and those who truly aspire to create success for themselves often hit it time and time and time again as well.

But there's a "huge difference" between them and "most people."

What's the difference?

The wall doesn't stop them. Ever.

They don't allow the wall to slow them down or sabotage their dreams and desires. They know what the wall is. They know how "simple" it can be to break through and they do just that whenever THEY decide it's necessary.

But the reason they do is because they understand and do something that most don't.

Here's what they understand...

The Wall is nothing more or less than a mental thing. There is NO physical wall. It's an "illusion of sorts." It's a construct of the mental chatter in your head. It is because The Wall is nothing more or less than a mindset. Your wall, regardless of what you might "perceive" it to be is in your mind. That's the reality of it. It's nothing more or less than a figment of your imagination.

But rest assured, left unattended, it's a wall that's far more impenetrable than any steel or brick wall. In actuality, it's not a wall at all. It's a only a veil. A veil that you can remove, pull back and walk through whenever you choose to do so.

It's the veil that blinds you to what's "truly available" to and possible for you.

What's on the other side of this veil? Whatever you choose to imagine. There are no limits.

I've got the veil remover. So do you. We all do. It only requires a choice to become aware of it and use it "consciously, intentionally and if necessary, consistently."

It's that simple.

Yet even as "simple" as it is, most don't. That's precisely why the minority...those that experience an extraordinary quality of life, ARE the minority.

They understand and DO something that most don't.

They've learned to step through the veil. So can you if ever and whenever you decide to.

How so?

Removing the veil requires nothing more or less than a paradigm shift. It's as simple and/or complex as that. It requires a choice. A conscious, intentional and focused choice.

When you develop the understanding and choose to apply what one of the most brilliant minds in the history of the world had to say regarding the wall buster...namely Imagination...when used "consciously and'll become enabled and empowered to remove any wall and step through the veil too.

In fact, in many cases the veil vanishes. Your walls come tumbling down.

Who was this "brilliant mind" and what did he share?

His name was Albert Einstein. He's been gone from this planet for quite awhile, but his name and the impact he made in the world remains.

It was a large scale impact too.

He's nobody "special" really. He only discovered the answer that enables and empowers ANYONE to reach heights and experience an extraordinary quality of life that's currently being enjoyed only by the small minority.

The minority that the vast majority refer to as the "lucky, gifted and fortunate few."

We can choose to "believe and perceive" that as being true...that some are just "lucky" and others are "unlucky"...that others are "gifted" but we're not...or we can choose to consciously utilize and benefit from the power that's equally available and freely provided to us all, based on and due to what Einstein discovered and revealed.

Those who "choose" to heed the power and wisdom behind what he discovered, which by the way has changed the lives of countless individuals globally, the way science once viewed things, not to mention the entire course of history, can "become" a part of that small minority as well.

It's all about individual choice. You have the ability to make that "choice" or not. It's not a requirement in life, but it's certainly a very empowering and "miracle creating" option.

But if you ever hope to become what many refer to as one of "the lucky, gifted and fortunate few", it's a necessary and very important option.

Here's why based on what Einstein said...

"Imagination is THE greatest creative force in the Universe."

What's that got to do with hitting and breaking through walls? EVERYTHING. Your Imagination can be the wall, the door, the veil and it can be the fuel that enables and empowers you to keep pressing forward until to reach and achieve your goals.

It's where your "true power" is found. Not a limited form of physical and finite power...INFINITE power. A power limited only to you, by you and based on your choices.

The imagination is a powerful tool. The MOST powerful. It can create "seemingly horrific" as well as "seemingly miraculous" outcomes. It can create a wall, provide a door and or remove ANY veil that you "think" is blocking your vision.

It's how you choose to use it that matters. That's what determines the kind and quality of your results.

There is nothing...absolutely NOTHING that exists in this world that wasn't first imagined. Everything without exception was initially "conceived" as a thought, an idea, a conceptualization.

Which makes the following statement vitally important to understand if you have a desire to break through any "perceived" walls that you're "imagining" to be keeping you from being, doing and having more of what you "truly desire."

The imagination can be used for you or against you.

Who chooses that? You do. Only you. How you use yours is ALWAYS determined by you...PERIOD. There are no if's, ands or buts. It's you and you alone.

There are no excuses. There are no "reasons" why you can't achieve whatever you desire with the exception of the limits that you "imagine" and "choose" to place on yourself.

You can make excuses or you can make a life. There are no "right or wrong" choices in the bigger scheme of things. Only choices that determine with amazing accuracy, what you'll experience in life.

You can...whenever you choose, experience a kind and quality of life that the "lucky, gifted and fortunate few" enjoy or keep experiencing what you have. Nothing "wrong" with that if that's what you choose.

It's entirely up to you.

The moment you "get that"...the moment you choose to accept responsibility for EACH and EVERY outcome you have experienced, are experiencing or will experience in life, you've taken the first major and essential step in seeing that the Wall is nothing more than a veil.

That's when you'll become "enabled and empowered" to step through it quickly and easily. Sometimes in the "blink of an eye."

It's only a choice...but a very wise one that will enable you to reclaim and utilize your power. Your "true power." A power we've each been equally and freely provided.

The imagination is non-discerning. It doesn't make choices for you. You do and the imagination ensures that you get whatever you choose to imagine most...just as you imagine it.

Now...if you're imagining this wall...why you can't...why you shouldn't...why you never what's going on "out there" in the world around you is keeping you from doing so...blah, blah, blah...wah, wah, get to be right.

You ALWAYS get to be right...regardless. You make your choices and you receive what you choose...unconditionally.

The imagination creates the fact. It NEVER misses and it NEVER fails. There is no such thing as failure. You only imagine and "perceive" failure and shortcomings and all the excuses why you can't do something. The imagination, being the faithful servant that it is, carries out your request perfectly and precisely and ensures...without fail that your choices are created successfully.

Just as you choose. It NEVER fails. The process NEVER fails, errs or wavers.

Regardless of your individual "perceptions"...regardless of what you might currently "believe" to be true about your results or the "lack of", it's YOU creating them.

The imagination is ALWAYS successful. It IS THE most powerful force in the Universe and it never fails in creating "something."

Are you "truly ready" to start creating your world in a more conscious, intentional, meaningful and purposeful kind of way?

Are you sincere and serious about creating "greater results" physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually?

Take some really helpful and potentially transformational advice. Check your Imagination and your predominant way of thinking often. Become "conscious" of what you imagine most and "adjust" when necessary.

As important as that is, few choose to do it.

Once you're "aware" of what it is that you "think and imagine" most, take a look around you and you'll see a "mirrored reflection" of that choice or choices in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

Can you see how "misusing" your imagination, whether "consciously or unconsciously" might be keeping you from breaking through your "seemingly impenetrable" wall and putting up additional Walls that block and keep you from creating the kind, quality and quantity of results you "truly desire" for yourself?

If not, I can't assist you. Nobody can unless and until YOU choose to help yourself. DOING that only requires making the shift. Unless and until YOU choose to "get" how important making that shift is, you'll continue to see all kinds of walls that consistently block what you truly desire to see.

But if you do see that...if you can see the power behind that and have a desire to change it...I can help. It's what I do.

If you're willing to break through your "perceived" wall, you can by simply changing your attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude. How high you go or how far you fall short depends only on you.

I've been providing the tools and understanding to assist "countless numbers" of individuals all over the planet with that.

You provide the willingness to use and apply them and you'll see for yourself just how powerfully creative you are, whether you're constructing "Walls" or desired outcomes.

It's really as simple as that.

If you're "truly serious" about breaking through "your wall", I have 2 ways to assist, depending on your individual desires and personal preferences.

If the idea of connecting and masterminding with a private tight knit group of conscious heart centered entrepreneurs is an appealing idea, you might fight benefit in what our private mastermind group does.

Or...if you're more of a private person and prefer a more intangible, intellectual approach initially, The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation is a personal empowerment program that I created and facilitate, which provides all the insight, wisdom, understanding and direction you could possibly need to transform your life and your results in "seemingly unimaginable" ways.

The 7 Hidden Keys will, without question expand your imagination, enhance your beliefs, enable and empower you to see and step through the veil and clearly see that any walls that "seem to be" blocking your path, aren't really walls at all.

Whichever you choose...if either...they'll provide the "tools", the knowledge, the awareness and the understanding necessary to break down your walls and step through your veil, should you choose to use them.

They provide both the "tangible AND the intangible tools that will assist you in being, doing and having more of whatever you desire out of life.

It's nothing more or less than a matter of choice and that choice is yours my friend.

It's my hope that I might assist and/or provide you with "the tools" that will enable and empower you to break down your wall...step through the veil and experience harmony, fulfillment, inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

It's an amazing and enormously freeing way to live life and what I personally choose to call and refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Here's to you and hoping that you'll crash through your Wall should you decide it's time.

I'm Finished With The Wall
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I'm Finished With The Wall
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