those walls

by Robert Weathers

At one time in my life, some ten or so years ago I heard a voice. I was in the emergency room and that voice said "Tell Them I Love Them!".

Early that evening I wasn't on my best behavior, so I wasn't even thinking about a Source. However I was a member of a church, so that event created some walls in that nobody I knew had or have had or understood what happened to me.

I must say I like very much how you have presented "And The Greatest of These is Love."

I have learned and it has given me Insight on how I want to share the words I heard that night.

What I mean is that you have put it in a way that we could choose to accept it or not. I have always wanted to be right but I think that I always just wanted to be loved. So in a way my event caused my struggle in that I could not understand it, but your letter "The Greatest of These is Love" cause me to cry because that's who I am on the inside.

I just had a break up with the woman I am engaged to be married to because of religious differences and I believe all I wanted to know is if our love was the greatest of these to overcome all issue in life.

Thanks as I move on to the second edition,


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