Thought Reflection

Embark On A Journey Of Self Awareness and Discovery So Profound You'll Finally Grasp Who and What You "Truly" Are

"A profoundly deep and spiritually moving
journey of self reflection"

Thought Reflection from Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Institute

Thought Reflection

Thought Reflection is a powerfully enlightening expansion module that is part of the Core II 'The Secret Key' spiritual awakening system produced by Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Institute.

Like all spiritual development systems in the Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness series, Thought Reflection provides seekers with an enhanced awakening as I like to call it specifically in the area of elevating self awareness.

In fact...

This will be a journey you will never forget!

To provide just a bit of insight as to the depth of Thought Reflection...

What if you looked in a pool of water to see your reflection and what you saw was a different being. Would you be shocked? Or would you say, "There you are! I have been looking for you!

You are not who you think you are! And if you really want to know who you really are you will have to defy all logic. You will have to peel away the layers of who you think you are! Then, when you have nothing left of the 'self' and have been trained to believe and accept as who you 'really are,' you will awaken!

Thought Reflection is profoundly deep and spiritually moving. It is, according to many out there who have been seeking answers their entire lives, one of the greatest tools of self-discovery currently offered. The breakdown of knowledge and techniques I am offering to you is guaranteed to successfully deliver sudden and dramatic results.

Experience an in-depth approach to the most complex challenges facing anyone who is truly seeking higher states of consciousness. Reveal the false identities that many choose to ignore or seldom reflect upon. And when these layers or false identities of the mind are removed, the truth of who you are will finally be realized! Awe inspiring to most intellectuals, Eric will also stunningly reveal the psyche of the collective earth-mind and demonstrate how this technique is actually not limited to mankind, but all beings, including the planet itself!

Understanding the material in Thought Reflection will allow you to enter higher bandwidths of dimensional frequencies that reveal the truth of your own destiny. Enter the 'GAIA MIND' and beyond! It provides information and technique that exceeds far beyond previous teachers. This is definitely an extremely advanced workshop and considered very potent!

As Eric reveals...

"Remove the layers of false identity, only then will you truly meet yourself!" -Eric Pepin

Thought Reflection is certainly an extremely enlightening awareness enhancement tool that will assist you in that process.

Here's just a few comments from previous students who have utilized Thought Reflection

"After twenty-two years of meditating and teaching Advanced Metaphysics, I have never been so inspired in my life!" Ruth V. - Olympia, WA

"Just when you think Eric can't take you any higher, he out does himself! He undeniably proves he is a master teacher!" Austin L. - Stockton, CA

"I was literally transported to another reality! I now know how to plug in! This is inconceivable!" Michelle F. - Aurora, CO

"I never realized how life could be so incredible! It feels as though my life is unfolding like a movie!" Thomas D. - Scottsdale, AZ

"Those of you who have experienced Eric before won't be surprised by this expansion module, those that haven't, hang on, tightly!" Brian S. - Newport, CA

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