Transforming Debt Into Wealth

Discover Why Transforming Debt Into Wealth Is Only A Very Small and Limited View Of A Much Larger, Far More Grand and Exponentially More Fulfilling Picture Of Life

What if...

You discovered an unfailing way to start transforming your entire life beginning right now?

There are for the obvious reasons a number of people worldwide looking to transform debt into wealth.

I'm fairly certain that the majority of those looking to do so believe at some level at least that once they accomplish this transformation of debt into wealth that they will finally become happy.

Allow me to share something with you...

Contrary to what many people "perceive", happiness has nothing to do with money or financial status.

Don't is an extremely important aspect of life for sure, but it's only aspect and never has nor ever will create happiness in life.

Happiness is something that happens on the inside. It's a way of "being" and has nothing to do with "having" whether monetarily or otherwise.

Beingness is what creates wealth and comfort monetarily or otherwise and is the beginning and necessary state that allows you to "do" and "have" things that align with whatever desires you might hold for yourself.

Transforming debt into wealth is most definitely a commendable goal and a great vision to hold (the wealth part at least) but it most certainly doesn't begin or end there. In fact it's only a very small and insignificant beginning in comparison to what's "truly" available to and for you.

Here's something that you may or may not currently not understand. A focus on transforming debt into wealth is NOT the way to achieve what you aspire to achieve which is accumulating monetary wealth. How so? A focus on "debt" in any aspect whether with the intention of getting in or getting out of it is a focus that can only create more of it. In a sense it's focusing on what you don't want rather than what you do want.

Let's begin by shifting the intention of transforming debt into wealth with simply creating and experiencing wealth and leave the "debt" aspect out of the equation altogether.

It may seem silly and granted it's a subtle shift, but I can assure you it will make ALL the difference in your outcomes whether it be transforming debt into wealth, experiencing optimum health or enjoying wholesome and fulfilling relationships.

As insignificant as you might "believe" this small "mind shift" to be, it is one of the most essential things that you can do. Why? Because it takes ALL focus off of what you don't want and places the predominant focus on what you DO want.

That's where so many make a BIG mistake. They attempt to create what they want by focusing on what they don't want.

Consider this. Where are ALL things derived from? They are first conceived as a thought right? There's nothing that has, does or ever will exist that is not first a conceptualization in the mind.

Before anything can be created or experienced someone has to "think" it first.

Creating wealth is no different. You'll never accumulate any amount of wealth and retain it for any period of time choosing to focus on some aspect of debt. It's a fear based quality of consciousness.

Ok...we've addressed that now let's get into a bit more about the connection between transforming debt into wealth and your happiness.

Happiness On The Inside Creates
Tangible Physical Comfort On The Outside

In my years of connecting and working with people around the world I know that most think that once they acquire enough "stuff"...namely physical "stuff", that they'll finally be happy.

The thing is, they have it backwards. This "backwards" thinking is usually due to the fact that they lack the understanding as to how Universal Laws...often referred to as Laws of Nature, operate.

This is why so many struggle so hard with such limited results. In fact this is why so many end up deep in debt to begin with. They've attempted to get happiness by financing all this "stuff" that they "thought" would make them happy and now find themselves unable to keep their head above water.

What if you discovered you could transform your entire life...your ENTIRE life...not only financially but physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually as well and you could mold and shape each of these aspects of life into whatever you chose for them to be?

Look...I know how that sounds because at one point in my life it sounded the same to me. If you're at all like me you're thinking to yourself..."Yea Right!!"...or something along those lines. Yet until I discovered how real and true and possible it is...until I personally tested and experienced the transformational power behind it...until I took the time to discover just how real and true and possible it is, not only for me but anyone who chooses to discover it, the reality of it happening remained a far fetched and distant dream just as it does for so many.

That's why most never discover harmony, fulfillment and happiness and experience it for themselves. Simply because they don't believe they can for any number of reasons. This "belief" keeps them from ever exploring further and discovering just how "true" and simple it is.

In fact that's what I did for MANY years. More than I care to think about actually.

Why? Because as I have since discovered, my focus was on all the wrong things. Sure, I wanted wealth just like most everybody else who understands the many benefits that it can and does provide. My "perception" of wealth was, as is most peoples, was possessing a predefined amount of money. Although that's what many "believe" it doesn't take long to figure out once you've acquired whatever amount of money and stuff that you "think" will bring you happiness, that it doesn't.

Granted, money and external material things do provide a temporary feel good sensation initially but you'll always find it is only that...temporary.

Point being...although transferring debt into wealth is a commendable goal "Real Wealth" and happiness comes from experiencing harmony and fulfillment in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

When you achieve that...when you personally experience the fullness of life in these 5 distinct areas, you'll know what happiness "truly" is.

Here's the thing though that most don't understand...

It's necessary to become happy FIRST.

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