I am currently experiencing the back and forth of the paradigm shift. Although it is more my world all the time, the old paradigm will take over when I am involved in outer world situations, I have still not been able to hold my own among the masses. But giving up is not an option for me. I too have been at this for many years, but thanks to all these wonderful teachers I am making steady progress, slow but sure progress.

Thanks for the help,

Neva Marina

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Sep 02, 2014
It's a Journey
by: Chuck

Hi Neva,

You're welcome. Thank You for sharing your thoughts. It is a journey to be sure, but one where the scenery can and will become awesome for those who who commit as you have and decide that "failure is not an option."

As I explain in Faith and Abundance is All There Is, the fact is, failure isn't possible with the exception of our "opinion" of what failure is or isn't.

Ironically, entertaining and holding onto the thoughts and beliefs that failure happens, points to the fact that more paradigm shifts are necessary in order to SEE that the creative process NEVER fails, only provides what we ourselves choose.

Due to the unerring, unwavering and unfailing nature of the process, a "successful outcome" is ALWAYS the result.

Thank You again for sharing your thoughts Neva and for being a part of the Enlightened Journey Global Community.

To The Journey,


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