If you're truly serious about achieving a profound depth of self awareness and transforming your current results physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually, "The Wealth Consciousness Package" provides all you'll ever need

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"The Wealth Consciousness Package"

External Wealth Is Derived Through A State Of "Being" Wealthy On The Inside..."Be - Do - Have"

The "Wealth Consciousness Package" Will Dramatically Enhance Your Level Of Self Awareness and Instill The Wealth Consciousness That Is Absolutely Essential For Experiencing "True and Lasting Wealth" In Your Life

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It is my hope that you will discover just as I did, that you don't know what you don't know until that which you don't know is presented and shown to you. The Wealth Consciousness Package will provide you with an uncommon depth of understanding and an unshakable "inner knowing" that will transform your entire life should you make the choice to allow it to.

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Each of the products and services included in this subsidized offer, which collectively make up the Wealth Consciousness Package, include the very same transformational tools and systems which I credit with transforming my outlook, my life AND my wealth quotient after more than 28 years of seeking answers through a number of various avenues as well as utilizing and testing countless personal empowerment products.

While I am well aware that there are a number of personal development products available on the market today, (a great number of which I've personally utilized) The Wealth Consciousness Package consists of what I consider to be "The Elite of the Elite" in self awareness/personal empowerment/life enhancement systems which I have found to be far superior, based on my own as well as countless others experiences, to any that currently are being, or ever have been offered in the personal empowerment industry.

The Wealth Consciousness Package is NOT personal development or self help. It IS a total life transformation system for those who are serious about achieving life/self mastery.

The Wealth Consciousness Package provides everything needed to discover the "true power" provided to you to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in your life and IF applied WILL transform and dramatically enhance your quality of life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

"The Wealth Consciousness Package is quite literally the last personal empowerment package you will EVER need."

I fully understand that those are strong words. But don't make the mistake of confusing strong words with hype. The Wealth Consciousness Package can and will transform your life AND your wealth quotient dramatically should you find that the time is right for you to make that choice. That's not hype...that's verifiable and substantiated fact.

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Here's what you receive in The Wealth Consciousness Package….

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy and Delfin System Seminar DVDs

The Initiation - The Journey - The Quest - Delfin System Seminar

The Delfin Knowledge System Is A "Total Transformation System"
ranked at the PHD level of personal empowerment products and is
unsurpassed in kind or quality in comparison to anything available
today - Chuck Danes - Founder Of Enlightened Journey Enterprises

The Delfin "Total Transformation" System

The Delfin Knowledge System created by world renown wealth and prosperity "Master" Leslie Fieger, is a profoundly empowering personal empowerment / life transformation system that is quite literally at the PHD level with respect to life enhancement/transformation products.

The Delfin Knowledge System is unparalleled in the personal empowerment industry providing a depth of wisdom, insight and step by step guidance that will clearly unveil and eliminate any doubts you may have with regard to your personal ability to become a conscious and purposeful creator in EVERY aspect of your life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Delfin Knowledge System caters to all types of intellects, cultures and belief systems and will greatly enhance your awareness and your ability to produce tangible results in every aspect of your life, regardless of where you currently find yourself or your current depth of understanding. It will greatly deepen your understanding of precisely how life unfolds, why some things in your life may be working, why some aren't and the precise steps to ensure that they do.

The Delfin Knowledge System incorporates a whole brain learning approach combined with profound timeless wisdom and insight which clearly shows and will enable you to fully grasp and comprehend that there is no separation from you and those things that you desire to experience in your life. The depth of insight and wisdom gained will clear all the clutter and confusion from your path and instill a "faith" and "inner knowing" that you truly can Be, Do, and Have whatever you choose in life PLUS provides the simple step by step process for making it a reality in the physical world.

Unlike traditional self improvement/personal empowerment programs available today, the Delfin Knowledge System is "truly" a Total Life Transformation System providing everything needed to achieve life/self mastery and become a purposeful and powerful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances in your life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

There is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars in the coming years on self improvement/personal empowerment products as so many do.

"The Delfin Knowledge System will no doubt prove to be the last personal empowerment program you will EVER need."

Here's what's included in the Delfin Knowledge System....

  • Module 1 : The Initiation - Book and 10 CDs

    The Initiation is an introduction to the philosophies and principles of DELFIN Knowledge System™. It will enable you to take control over your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being and destiny. Become a creator of circumstances of your life instead of remaining in the common condition of most of mankind, which is being a creature of circumstance. It is your guide to achieving personal wisdom and finding your life's purpose. This self-study course provides a practical approach to achieving success in all areas of life. It consists of a 282 page book and ten companion compact discs.

  • Module 2 : The Journey - Book and 4 CDs

    The Journey explains that life is a process....a journey. Each of the twelve chapters contain perspectives and techniques which empower you to decide for yourself who you are, where you are at this moment, why you are here, and to what purpose you journey through life. Once you have a clear understanding of those important questions you will achieve the clarity, motivation and inspiration to be an active and joyous participant in your personal journey. The application of your own awareness creates your own road map to success and happiness. The inviting application exercises set the stage for whole brain integration of the information. The techniques used from these applications can be utilized in your daily activities to enhance exposure to new circumstances or information. The opportunities to explore your playful, creative nature provided by the games and interactive activities will leave you smiling and reflecting on the activities long after completion. This second volume of the DELFIN Knowledge System™ consists of a book and four companion compact discs.

  • Module 3 : The Quest - Book and 4 CDs

    The Quest is a personal empowerment program that is specifically written for those individuals who are consciously on a journey toward enlightenment. The Quest is not a casual or introductory self-help program; rather, it is a course for serious students of metaphysics. This is your instruction manual for achieving a transcendent or cosmic consciousness; a map to the transmutation of the human creature. The course includes four audio CDs with unique Phi-frequency Holographic Dimensional Harmonic recording technology. These recordings will assist you to achieve not only Alpha, but Theta and Delta States of meditation to bring you to your true place of power and creativity. The 218-page text contains the intellectual information necessary to convince the rational aspect of your mind of the validity of the focus of awareness called transcendent consciousness. It deals with the nature of reality, creation, and transmutation. It contains the keys you will need to unlock your potential to become the master of your own destiny -- to be able to define your own reality, to create your own happiness and fulfillment, to transform into what you have been designed to become.

  • Delfin System Seminar On DVD - 4 DVDs

    The DELFIN System Seminar on DVD was originally created in 1995. After spending 160 hours, over a 6 week period, in a professional video production studio and slightly more than $123,000 in production costs, we had created 6.5 hours of video that we called The Delfin System Seminar. Based on Leslie's 15-year study of Charles Haanel's Master Key System, the Delfin System DVD Seminar will enable you to understand the cause of all effects and will empower you to become a conscious creator of the events and circumstances of your life. Over the next four years, we used this material as the core of our live 3-day Delfin seminar. We had intended to create something special and unique; something that would prove to be empowering beyond anything else that had ever been done before. Even with those high hopes, we were unprepared for the results. This unique material in this super learning format proved to be so transformative for the seminar attendees that it created success stories beyond what we had dared hope for. We are so excited to now be able to offer to everyone easy and affordable access to what had previously been available to only those few who could afford the time and expense of attending our live seminars.

Here are just a few real life testimonials from Delfin Knowledge System Alumni...

"Having been a self-employed businessman focused predominately on material success for some years, and having experienced the inevitable imbalance in my health and relationships, I was ready for a change. Thanks to Leslie and DELFIN, I have now totally redesigned my life to be very balanced, healthy and fulfilled. And, I have achieved semi-retirement at the age of 37." ~ Samuel J., Ireland

"Leslie, your work is exceptional. I purchased the Trilogy at a time when it was close to $5,000 (AUD). I admit that I was quite skeptical about receiving value for money. In retrospect, I would have paid quadruple that amount for gaining access to such powerful information. In fact, there is no price that you could pay for such value. This program far exceeds any personal development program I've come into contact with. By way of comparison, I would put normal personal development programs at kindergarten level and I'd put the Trilogy at University level. What you have achieved with this program is beyond transformation. How do you describe something that allows you to fully claim your life, and learn to understand the very workings of life, your body and your spirit (soul)? You somehow manage to present all this information in a simple yet powerful format. Thank you again and I wish you as much joy, peace and happiness as your program has allowed me to experience - now that I understand the rules of the game."� ~ Mike K., Australia

"When I first met Leslie over a cup of coffee, I was so broke I was down to my last $50.00. Within the next three years, I had earned in excess of a million dollars by working with Leslie's DELFIN program. I now teach others how to achieve success the same way I did… by applying exactly what Leslie writes about in the DELFIN material." ~ Jeff V., Canada

"We are retired educators with a total of 6 years each of college and 65 years experience in educating children. The DELFIN Knowledge System material is enhancing all phases of our lives. These materials are enabling us to take control of the different facets of our lives. I would highly recommend this material be taught in all schools beginning with small children and making it into a concentrated course in high school. We are extremely disappointed that we did not have these materials 45 years ago, before we worked with those boys and girls. Nobody seems to know where our schools are headed. Maybe DELFIN is the answer." ~ Malcolm & Vondee E., Mississippi

Follow this link for additional testimonials regarding the Delfin Knowledge System

Follow This Link For Additional Information On The Delfin Knowledge System And The Delfin System Seminar On DVD

PLUS You Receive....

Automatic Inclusion As A Premier Affiliate Partner Into The DelfinWorld Home Based Business Model

Contribute To Others On A Global Scale From The Comfort Of Your Computer While Creating Monetary Wealth For Yourself

Personalized DelfinWorld Website - Virtual Back Office - Marketing Tools - Unparalleled Opportunity To Create Monetary Wealth For Yourself

With the transformational wisdom and knowledge gained from the Delfin Knowledge System, you will have become empowered to put into practical application the "Wealth Consciousness" acquired to begin immediately generating leveraged, passive and residual income via DelfinWorld's home based business model. (Included yet optional participation)

The DelfinWorld home based business model provides not only the ability to contribute to the empowerment of others on a global scale through the leveraging power of the internet, but provides the ability to create substantial monetary wealth for yourself through it's simple, unique and extremely rewarding one up marketing plan.

Unlike complicated MLM and network marketing business models, the DelfinWorld opportunity provides you with a simple, elegant and extremely rewarding direct marketing business model providing residual income for years to come for efforts expended once.

The DelfinWorld business model doesn't require monthly purchases, quotas, fees for your website, website maintenance, or any other charges.

Whether you're looking for the means to escape the drudgery and limitations experienced through trading your time for money in an unrewarding and unfulfilling career or just looking for a proven system for creating additional passive income to secure your future for you and your family, Delfinworld's remarketing plan provides a lucrative and powerful means for doing so with an unmatched product that changes lives.

DelfinWorld's unparalleled direct marketing model has already produced in excess of 60 MILLION dollars in passive income for it's partners in under 6 years in the offline world and due to it's recent expansion and introduction online, is projected to produce much more in the coming years.

The DelfinWorld business model provides you with a realistic no nonsense vehicle for taking control of your financial destiny while making a MASSIVE contribution in the lives of others seeking a higher quality of life on a global scale.

If you've ever considered owning and operating a lucrative and rewarding home based business but haven't found just what you're looking for, DelfinWorld's home based business model provides a simple yet extremely powerful turnkey approach to online/offline business with everything in place, ready to go and will have you up and running in minutes.

The DelfinWorld Home Business Model Includes...

  • Your own personalized DELFINworld website

    • Your personalized and fully automated DelfinWorld website enables you to begin operating your business immediately

    • Does all the telling and selling for you.

    • No need for employees to handle shipping, order fulfillment etc.

    • Reach the entire world in a matter of seconds

  • A life transforming product (The Delfin Knowledge System)

    • Contribute a powerful transformational product that everyone needs

    • Empower others to achieve fulfillment and harmony in life

  • $1,250.00 earned per sale

    • Simple and extremely rewarding payout structure

    • Continuous streams of passive, residual income for efforts expended once

    • Potential to replace and far exceed your current income

    • Monies wired directly to your bank account

  • A Virtual Back Office where you can access...

    • 11 eBooks

    • 4 Audio seminars

    • Marketing tools

    • Lead sources

    • Sales reporting; traffic tracking tools; website statistics; genealogy reports
    • and much more

The entire Delfin package, which includes both the transformational products (The Delfin Knowledge System) and the proven DelfinWorld business model, normally sells for US $1,750.00 although the value of the Delfin Knowledge System in and of itself FAR exceeds the cost. (Previous cost for Delfin seminar alone was $5,000.00)

Follow This Link For A Video Explanation Of How The DelfinWorld Business Model Can Provide Substantial Monetary Wealth For You

Plus...You Receive $947.00 In Subsidized Bonuses Provided EXCLUSIVELY For Subscribers Of Enlightened Journey.

You'll Receive...

6 Weeks Of Live Online Mentoring/Coaching and Q&A With Enlightened Journey Founder, Chuck Danes To Provide Additional Insight, Support And Deeper Understanding Based On The Transformational Wisdom Gained In The Delfin Knowledge System

  • 6 live interactive online sessions via state of the art online conferencing technology discussing insights, perspectives and practical application skills based on the Delfin Knowledge System

  • Open Q&A sessions to ensure deeper understanding and crystal clarity pertaining to the practical life application of the knowledge gained

  • Provide additional insight and guidance for effectively reaching and contributing to those seeking the knowledge and guidance that the Delfin System offers

The six week mentoring and coaching sessions will provide an open forum with coaching/mentoring/Q&A sessions with Enlightened Journey Founder, Chuck Danes where you will gain deeper insights, step by step instruction and Q&A time to get any of your questions answered immediately concerning the teachings contained in the Delfin Knowledge System as well as effective avenues for effectively applying the knowledge on a day to day basis.

In addition you will be provided additional insight and direction regarding the fastest and most efficient way to effectively market the Delfin System worldwide enhancing your contributory ability and maximizing the financial rewards derived through your DelfinWorld home based business model.

These sessions will consist of 6 weekly open forum meetings held via state of the art online conferencing technology complete with audio/video/text capability providing direct communication with Enlightened Journey founder, Chuck Danes in a personalized setting, enabling you to get maximum results.

PLUS you receive...

The Higher Balance Institutes Foundation Guided Meditation System

The Foundation Guided Meditation System provides results that
couldn't be achieved through years of practicing traditional forms
of meditation. Profound...Simply Profound. - Chuck Danes
Founder Enlightened Journey Enterprises

"You have been seeking this method of meditation your entire life"

The Foundation Guided Meditation System is everything you have hoped for in a meditation system and so much more. Through it's use you will discover based on your individual choices, that the Foundation Guided Meditation System can and will produce results ranging from relaxation/anxiety reduction to profound spiritual experiences. You decide how deep you would like to go and this system will guide you step by step in taking you there.

The Foundation is a sixth sense enhancement meditation system which combines unbelievably profound yet simple to understand Knowledge, Powerful Specialized Meditation Techniques, and Cutting Edge Technology requiring only 20 minutes per day providing profound results in weeks unlike conventional meditation techniques requiring years to master.

"There is nothing else like it on Earth"

The Foundation Guided Meditation System Provides Three Levels Of Guaranteed Amazing Results!

Level One of meditation: Basic / Immediate Experiences / Tuning

  • Meditation will balance your emotional centers, reduce your anxiety, depression, stress and mood-swings. Delivers deep inner-peace.

  • Meditation will increase mental stamina improving your memory, focus, and multi-tasking abilities. Meditation allows you to handle much more, more efficiently.

  • Breakthrough long-standing blocks to your well being, spiritual growth, and communication as well as your overall relationship health.

Level Two of meditation: Plugging in Third Week Results
  • Meditation permits you to stimulate and strengthen brain centers that effectively enhance sixth sense properties and ESP development. Training commences on the reality of these natural, hidden senses. Control methods lead to development of advanced paranormal abilities that will be applied to deliver level three with stunning results!

Level Three of meditation: The Great Awakening
  • Profound direct experiences create a deep, personal connection with the Universe! Often described as Nirvana, Enlightenment, or experiencing God. Choose to call it what you will but the results remain the same; completion and knowing your purpose. I call it The Great Awakening. I believe you have been searching for it for a long time.

The Foundation Guided Meditation System includes…

  • 6 CDs - The Foundation - Dreamscape - Guided Meditation CD

  • Bonus and Companion Materials

  • Lifetime Support

  • Lifetime Replacement

The Foundation 4 CD Pack

The Foundation 4 pack portion of the guided meditation system provides the nuts and bolts knowledge to learn and discover, on an intellectual level, the basic functions and operation of the guided meditation process as well as a deep understanding of why and how a sixth sense meditation can and does provide the many benefits that it does. The Foundation will provide you with the fundamental knowledge, philosophy, and core techniques that will enable you to achieve deep and extremely productive states of meditation. In addition you'll be introduced to what are commonly referred to as "Power Points" within and throughout your body, or what are also referred to as Chakras. You will discover where these Power Points or Chakras are as well as how to properly utilize them to receive maximum benefit and deep meditative states throughout the guided meditation experience.

Dreamscape CD

The "Dreamscape" CD which is a very important and intricate part of the guided meditation system and will serve to greatly enhance your meditation experience. Dreamscape is comprised of a combination of hypnosis, incredibly relaxing music, and binaural technology. While listening to the Dreamscape CD you will experience what I refer to as a "Dream State" but will remain very much awake and alert.

Through the use of "Dreamscape" you will experience a very powerful and relaxing release process both physically as well as emotionally that will greatly assist you in reducing stress, anxiety, and fear and as a result will assist you in reducing the continuous mindless chatter going on in your mind which I refer to as "The Babbler." As a result of this inner quieting, you will become empowered to experience deep and profound meditative states. During the Dreamscape sessions you will discover that issues that you hold onto both consciously as well as unconsciously will emerge allowing you to effectively and with very little effort, release them.

The Foundation Guided Meditation CD

This portion of the program will allow you to transcend far beyond the intellectual understanding of what you will learn and allow you to achieve a “first hand experience” of what was covered in the foundational education. Although, after listening to The Foundation CDs, you may have the intellectual understanding, nothing can compare to actually experiencing the results for yourself. Once experienced you will discover as I have told you that attempting to describe with the limitations of the human language simply cannot accurately convey the “Total Immersion Experience.”

It truly is that profound and will enable you to experience a joy and connection with Source, whatever you might perceive Source to be, that will transform and deepen your understanding of life.

The CD Tracks

The third portion of the guided meditation system consists of a single CD which consists of three sections or tracks. The first of these three sections is 20 minutes in length and consists of the guided meditation portion. Eric Pepin will be instructing you as your "personal meditation coach" with the exact steps to take and the proper techniques to follow as you progress through the meditation session so that you may experience the best possible outcome.

The meditation CD consists of a combination of verbal guidance, multi-layered brain synchronization technology, and music that is designed to effect and balance the brains emotional centers.

It is through the use of this guided meditation portion of the CD that you will learn precisely how to meditate effectively and in a way that will provide the results that you are seeking as well as allow you to quickly and effortlessly experience the breakthroughs I have mentioned in only 20 minutes per session. Due to the state of the art technology utilized, combined with the techniques Eric will guide you through, a mere 20 minutes using the Higher Balance Foundation guided meditation system will provide equal and in many cases far greater results than hours of conventional meditation systems.

The second track of the Higher Balance guided meditation system CD consists of the same technology as in the first track with the exception of the verbal direction and guidance. This portion of the CD is also 20 minutes in length and can be used once you feel more comfortable and confident that you are performing the meditation correctly.

The third section of the guided meditation CD consists of a 30 minute unguided session which the more advanced users prefer.

Foundation Bonus Materials

In addition to the 6 CDs that make up the Foundation Guided Meditation System you will also receive a 60 page instruction manual which clearly communicates through words and pictures the proper techniques for getting maximum benefit from your meditations.

Included in the manual you will receive detailed instruction on how to go about seeing and identifying the aura or energy field projected by various objects (humans, plants, trees, furniture, etc.) You will discover not only what the aura is but also learn to recognize and distinguish the various colors emitted as a result and what each represents. You will discover where the aura comes from and how it is that auras come about. This knowledge in and of itself is extremely exciting as well as enlightening and will provide you with a much deeper understanding of how our Universe and everything within it works with exact and unwavering precision.

"The Foundation Guided Meditation System is not your traditional form of meditation or another self-help program teaching principles that takes years to master...this is a revolutionary system that will enable you to experience "Completion." It is time for you to awaken.

Here are just a few of countless thousands of testimonials from satisfied Foundation Guided Meditation System users...

"I've been searching my whole life for the answers. I didn't know the questions, but I wanted the answers anyway. Three years ago I discovered meditation, and I believed it would lead me to what I was seeking. What it led to was disappointment. Then I decided to try the Higher Balance techniques, and experienced more in the first day than I had in three years of meditating on my own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." -- Tim A. New Bedford, MA

"I want to thank you for what you’re doing in my life. Because of you and Higher Balance I have the knowledge and support to breakthrough any problem in my life. In the beginning when I first started I said that I was very happy with the material and the support. Today I'm even happier! It seems like the support is getting better and better. Sorry if this sounds too good to be true... but the truth is this is exactly how I feel. You give a lot and keep giving." -- Erik T. Newbury Park, CA

"Since I have been using the Guided Meditation, I have experienced the following: Noticing things I hadn’t observed before; clearer thinking, problem resolution; better concentration while reading, playing music; feelings of calmness, euphoria (almost pass out) during [one technique]; better intuition, more “in-time” with others." -- Jorge R. Los Fresnos, TX.

Follow this link for additional testimonials regarding the Foundation Guided Meditation System

Follow This Link For More Information On
The Foundation Guided Meditation System


Exclusive One Year Gold Membership In The Magnetic Freedom Global Community

Connect With, Interact and Receive Support From Like Minded Spiritual Entrepreneurs From Around The Globe

Live Online Mentoring - Extensive Library Of Empowering MP3s - Global Partnerships

As part of your Wealth Consciousness Package you'll also receive a Gold Membership into Magnetic Freedom Global Communities where you can meet and interact with spiritual entrepreneurs from around the world and attend live enlightening and empowering mentoring sessions EVERY Saturday morning at 10:00 AM North American Eastern Time via our state of the art online conferencing technology. In addition you'll receive an MP3 recording of every mastermind/mentoring session sent directly to your inbox for downloading and reviewing any time you choose.

Your Magnetic Freedom Gold membership also includes hours upon hours of insightful, enlightening and empowering downloadable MP3s archived in your personalized back office, chalked full of life transforming wisdom and knowledge that will enhance and further support your self awareness/wealth consciousness journey and provide continuous insight and support in speeding up the achievement of your desired goals.

Your Gold membership into Magnetic Freedom will enable you to connect with like minded souls from around the globe and form strategic alliances and partnerships that will last a lifetime.

PLUS...Here's The MONEY!!

Enlightened Journey Founder Chuck Danes Has Agreed To Subsidize A $500.00 Cash Back Offer On The Purchase Of Every "Wealth Consciousness Package" Sold During This Promotional Period To Spend Anyway You Choose

(200 Order Limit)

*In order to get this into as many hands of the "Enlightened Journey" family as possible Enlightened Journey Founder, Chuck Danes has authorized Enlightened Journey Enterprises to subsidize $1447.00 of the cost for the first 200 Wealth Consciousness Package orders confirmed prior to 10-30-07 @ 11:59 PM North American Central Standard Time. You will receive a portion of this subsidized offer in the form of a $500.00 mail in rebate that will be funded by Enlightened Journey Enterprises. *

As many of you are already aware it is the intent, mission and purpose of Enlightened Journey Enterprises to awaken as many as are ready and willing to "awaken" and discover the "Real Facts" concerning an individuals ability to achieve fulfillment and experience a higher quality of life. The $500.00 subsidized cash back offer compliments of Enlightened Journey Enterprises on the "Wealth Consciousness Package" combined with the other personal empowerment tools included is the best way I currently know to do that and provide as many as is currently possible the opportunity to benefit from this mind expanding transformational system which collectively makes up the "Wealth Consciousness Package."

I know from personal experience that the contents of this package can and will make a profound and transformational difference in enhancing your own quality of life IF you're ready to make the choice to do so and apply the principles, guidance and wisdom revealed in the "Wealth Consciousness Package." It is not only an honor but a pleasure to be enabled to contribute at this level.

Ok….Now the BIG question that EVERYONE considers prior to making a decision.….The Cost. Granted, that's an important thing to consider. With that in mind, I'm going to do something that most DON'T and WON'T do. I'm going to ask and challenge you to think in a bit different way than most have been "programmed" to think and then after giving it some very careful consideration, allow YOU to tell me what the cost is.

Ask Yourself These Questions…

  • What is it worth to have access to one of the top wealth mentors in the world providing you with profound knowledge, wisdom and a depth of understanding that can quite literally transform your entire life?

  • How much money will it COST you if you never discovered the truth about who and what you "truly" are... a way that could enable you to establish an uncommon depth of self awareness and acquire the wealth consciousness enabling you to begin experiencing harmony and fulfillment in every aspect of your life?

  • How many years will it cost you to continue to do things the way you have been doing them and experiencing the results you've experienced thus far?

  • How much would it cost to build your own website complete with everything needed to effectively market your product or service and how much time and effort would be required to create that product or service?

  • What would it be worth to have your very own online business that is ready to go with the potential to create substantial monetary wealth and can have you up and running in minutes?

Those aren't questions that I or anyone else can answer. Only you can. Once you've considered and thought very carefully about those questions, you tell me what it will cost you. What SHOULD it cost?

Have you got a figure in your mind?…..Great. If, after reading the October edition of Enlightened Journey, carefully reviewing all of the transformational tools that you'll receive when you order the Wealth Consciousness Package, and considering the home based business model that comes with it...if you still think that it is going to COST you something...Please...DON'T ORDER IT!!!

There isn't a COST to acquire the Wealth Consciousness Package UNLESS you choose to order it and stick it on a shelf to collect dust. If that is what you'll do then PLEASE don't order it...Plain and simple. I have no desire for it to COST you anything. In fact it's my desire that it PAY YOU ten thousand fold.

Ok, with all that out of the way, here is the "investment" after the subsidized portion of the offer is calculated, to acquire everything contained within the Wealth Consciousness Package...

The Total Investment For The
"Wealth Consciousness Package"
A $2,697.00 + VALUE
.....$1250.00 (after mail in rebate) For The Next 7 Days Or The First 200 Orders

You Save $1447.00 Off The Regular Cost For The Next 7 Days or Until 200 Orders Have Been Confirmed!!

The Delfin Knowledge System alone is worth FAR MORE than the regular price of $1750.00 NOT including ANY of the other bonuses OR the direct marketing model that comes with it if you choose to participate.

The Delfin Knowledge System and The Foundation Guided Meditation System were instrumental in changing my entire life as well as tens of thousands of others and it can yours as well.

If you are SERIOUS about change in your life, and are seeking the wisdom and knowledge that will show you how to achieve it, now is the time to take advantage of the Wealth Consciousness Package and receive all the subsidized bonuses provided which collectively make up "The Wealth Consciousness Package."

Again, if you think it is going to cost you something, I urge you to pass.

One sale made through your DelfinWorld website (after qualifying sale) pays for your entire investment in The Wealth Consciousness Package which will continue to provide you with tremendous value and serve you for the rest of your life.

The wisdom, knowledge and transformational tools you'll receive will provide you with a lifetime of benefit that only you can determine for yourself.

No sales pitch…No hype...no long professionally written sales copy attempting to convince you why. Only substantiated facts. If you're ready….you're ready. If you're not, when the timings right for you'll make the choice.

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"Wealth Consciousness Package"

This Certificate Entitles __________________________ to a 500.00 cash back mail in rebate for the purchase of The Wealth Consciousness Package being provided and partially subsidized by Enlightened Journey Enterprises.

I understand that the Wealth Consciousness Package includes The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy, The Delfin Knowledge System Seminar on DVD, The DelfinWorld Remarketing Business Model, The Foundation Guided Meditation System, 6 - 1 hour weekly online awareness enhancement conferences via online conferencing technology, and 1 year of enrollment at the Gold Level into Magnetic Freedom Global Communities.

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Enlightened Journey Enterprises
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Yukon Oklahoma 73099
Phone - 405-205-0332
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You "truly can" Be, Do and Have ANYTHING that you have a desire to attain in life once you make the choice to discover it and "believe" that's it's so.

The Enlightened Journey "Wealth Consciousness Package" provides the wisdom, insight, direction and step by step plan that will guide you step by step and show you how to get it.

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