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The Delfin Knowledge System and The DelfinWorld Web 2.0 Personal Empowerment Platform Are Transforming Peoples Lives All Around The Globe

Here Are Some Delfin Knowledge System Testimonials From Delfin Alumni Around The Globe Regarding The Delfin Knowledge System and The DelfinWorld Personal Empowerment Platform... Real People - Real Results - Real Success Stories...

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" When I first met Leslie over a cup of coffee, I was so broke I was down to my last $50.00. Within the next three years, I had earned in excess of a million dollars by working with Leslie's DELFIN program. I now teach others how to achieve success the same way I did… by applying exactly what Leslie writes about in the DELFIN material." ~ Jeff V., Canada.

"Having been a self-employed businessman focused predominately on material success for some years, and having experienced the inevitable imbalance in my health and relationships, I was ready for a change. Thanks to Leslie and DELFIN, I have now totally redesigned my life to be very balanced, healthy and fulfilled. And, I have achieved semi-retirement at the age of 37." ~ Samuel J., Ireland

"Leslie, your work is exceptional. I purchased the Trilogy at a time when it was close to $5,000 (AUD). I admit that I was quite skeptical about receiving value for money. In retrospect, I would have paid quadruple that amount for gaining access to such powerful information. In fact, there is no price that you could pay for such value. This program far exceeds any personal development program I've come into contact with. By way of comparison, I would put normal personal development programs at kindergarten level and I'd put the Trilogy at University level. What you have achieved with this program is beyond transformation. How do you describe something that allows you to fully claim your life, and learn to understand the very workings of life, your body and your spirit (soul)? You somehow manage to present all this information in a simple yet powerful format. Thank you again and I wish you as much joy, peace and happiness as your program has allowed me to experience - now that I understand the rules of the game." ~ Mike K., Australia

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"We are retired educators with a total of 6 years each of college and 65 years experience in educating children. The DELFIN Knowledge System material is enhancing all phases of our lives. These materials are enabling us to take control of the different facets of our lives. I would highly recommend this material be taught in all schools beginning with small children and making it into a concentrated course in high school. We are extremely disappointed that we did not have these materials 45 years ago, before we worked with those boys and girls. Nobody seems to know where our schools are headed. Maybe DELFIN is the answer." ~ Malcolm & Vondee E., Mississippi

"We were both interested in personal development prior to hearing about DELFIN and had attended various seminars and read many books on the subject. Within a few days of working with the DELFIN Self Study Program, we realized it was totally different and much more effective for us than anything we had experienced before. The effects of other programs were short term, however the DELFIN Knowledge System is continually providing us with remarkable ongoing positive changes in all areas of our lives." ~ Rod H. & Kerrie R.. NSW, Australia

-> "I am a university professor with almost 20 years in higher education, and have also participated in and taught numerous personal development training. The synthesis of familiar concepts with the new in The DELFIN Knowledge System is remarkable. I have a very strong religious faith against which I measure all new information. I find no conflict in what you teach with any of that which I consider to be divinely revealed truth. I believe you are teaching "correct principles". Good luck and bless you for all the difference you are making." ~ Gary W., Utah

After years of searching, studying and exploring a number of various avenues in an attempt to discover answers to some perplexing questions that there "appeared" to be no answers to, in 1999 I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Leslie and his incredible work, The Delfin Knowledge System. Doing so was one of the most enlightening and empowering periods in my then 43 years on this planet. Leslie's profound depth of wisdom and insight with regard to life transformation, combined with his unique ability to deliver it in a clear and focused manner, provided me with the clarity needed to begin consciously and purposefully charting my course igniting a sense of newfound hope and possibility for which I will be eternally grateful.

For anyone seeking the same answers I would highly recommend listening intently and keeping an open mind to whatever Leslie has to share. It could save you years of unnecessary trial and error and open doors of understanding that you may have previously "perceived" to be inaccessible. I can say from personal experience, they're not, once you know where to look. Leslie showed me that place. Leslie and his work, The Delfin knowledge System have provided me with the direction that assisted in pointing me toward and clearing my path in such a way that none other could prior. - Chuck Danes : Oklahoma City Ok.

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"So I am using the self-study course, and it has given me such peace of mind because I now know that it is not a struggle - that success comes when you just follow the simple principles of life - be, do, have. I have also realized that my level of personal growth was actually much greater than I was giving myself credit for, my relationship with my husband is the best it has ever been, and I am a much more patient and loving mother. My Mum died this year as well, and so I was ready for the spiritual growth I had been dismissing for years because of my self-professed 'practical approach' to life. The business training is taking me to new levels of confidence every day. I now have 'my story', and am loving the process of building a team." ~ Bev J., Brisbane, Australia

"Since purchasing the DELFIN course in 1997, it is still a part of my daily practice. I have used the materials daily and been able to rise above the habitual negative thinking that once kept me confused and in pain. The information is logical, profound, understandable, and accessible. In fact, it is so simply laid out that it is surprising how we don't innately know these as truths. Important thinkers throughout the ages have been delivering this message: We create our own reality through our thoughts. Whatever we believe is true and then we need to be sure that what we believe serves us well." ~ Suzanne H., USA

Delfin Knowledge System Testimonials (Audio Format)

Listen To This Audio Testimonial From Cara Mia Y. from Virginia USA

Bob Y. from Pennsylvania

A Delfin testimonial from Marlies S. from The Netherlands

Listen to this audio testimonial concernin DelfinWorld from Jeff M. from Arizona USA

"There is a saying: “when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear” It is true for me in more than one way. I was completely lost; I prayed for the light, and it came to me in the form of Leslie Fieger. All the events in my life make perfect sense to me now that I have started reading Leslie’s wisdom. I understand things now that which I could never understand before.

It is all so simple. And this is the genius of Leslie. He makes the difficult “stuff” easy to understand and easy to apply and blend into your daily life and thus change your life around to a life full of joy, love and purpose. Prosperity and abundance follow as the result.

Thank you Leslie for helping me get my life back. All the above commentary serves as maybe a "sniff" of what I truly feel about you, Leslie, your work and what you represent in my life. But most of all it does not fully describe the gratefulness I feel, having to know you, and experience all the bliss I have in my life now, because of you. Thank you." ~ Judith Hirsch, Israel

"You probably meet and benefit from three of four mentors in a lifetime. I can well remember the first time I experienced Leslie Fieger as mine. I had a 9 to 5 job, travelling 40 minutes each day on a public transport bus, and I was totally addicted to the automatic payment for wages that went in to my bank account each month. Through Leslie's writings I've been able to develop the self-confidence and belief to start a successful business, travel the world at least once a year and continue to learn and grow. My advice is to embrace Leslie's writings, accept him as your mentor and take action. That's the difference. Where other self-development authors theorize, Leslie covers the full process of achievement. Enjoy!" ~ Paul Niederer, Australia

"I first came across Leslie Fieger in 2000 through his writing, most importantly the Delfin Knowledge System and later through his many articles. His ability to express complex concepts, convey with clarity a vision of how the Universe, the World and your Life all interweave and interact, and his ability to provide a practical and exciting way forward all touch a deep chord in those who delve into his work. I have also had the pleasure of being mentored by Leslie and of working closely with him to further develop my vision for my life. If you get the opportunity to read his work, or to be mentored by him seize the opportunity with both hands... and hold on! ~ Cate Ferguson, Australia

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"I enjoyed The Millionaire Mindset piece very much. I also want to say thank you. I am a proud owner of the DELFIN System. These products have brought much enjoyment and satisfaction to my life. To this day, they have played a tremendous role in the ongoing successes and abundance that I have attracted and achieved in my quest and thirst for knowledge to constantly improve, reinvent myself, and become more." ~ Larry Nelson, USA

"I really appreciate the clarity of your writing. You write about things that I have read before but you write in a way that is do-able for me. Since beginning to work - actually do the exercises and practice, there have been many changes in my life with many people commenting on how well I look and sound - including my doctor. I feel goooood. And every day there is more. It has been like walking out of the fog into a clear day with a bright sun and a blue sky. Thanks for writing what you write in the way that you do." ~ Richard Ward, Canada

"Every person we meet throughout our lives has an effect on who we are. Some people more so than others. Leslie Fieger is one who has made a big impact on my journey. Over the past decade he has played a key role in my transition from the business world into a path of possibilities, a whole new life direction. Those who have the opportunity to have Leslie touch their lives will be well rewarded if they take to heart what he has to share."~ Phil Ross, Canada

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