Welcome Back Chuck

by Geoff

Like your new inaugural E-zine Chuck; so much to digest and it all leads to the Truth as we now know it.

Discovering self-created duality for those of us who were broken and far off the path is such an exciting and rewarding moment. I just thank the Lord that I didn't make this discovery with my last breath.

Mind you my Ego was pretty much spent the moment that the truth was revealed.

It was actually a blessing to be a "Can't" rather than the fabled almighty "A type"; because it initiates the search. It's a search for an answer I'm not sure God intended us to discover as without pain.

We (as in physical we) would maybe go through life believing we were actually responsible for our success rather than the almighty source that is our infinite and collective creation.

Now I'm swooning, I love the infinite - now just to refine it to the moment for it to be useful and focused!!

I leave you with the Question. Were we meant to be unconscious tools of Gods love or are we supposed to discover and become Conscious of this connection as creators?

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Chuck's response to Geoff...

It is a “profoundly exciting” and rewarding moment isn’t it Geoff? I think our egos led us down the same path initially as it does for many.

Mine led to Being or at least "feeling spent" too, mentally, emotionally and physically.

When I finally got to a place that felt helpless and hopeless, it initiated a surrendering of sorts. A letting go.

Little did I KNOW that as "unconsciously and unintentionally" as that series of choices that led me to this feeling and BEING spent place" and "feeling so helpless and hopeless", it was also those choices that led to the "Light Bulb" (Floodlights actually) coming on and in the "blink of an eye" KNOWING and SEEING things in such a way that is FAR too awesome, amazing and indescribable to accurately convey with "human words."

I refer to it as a "forced surrender", but it wasn't truly forced. It was my choices that led to that place as uncomfortable and "seemingly horrific" as it "seemed" at the time.

So, I've since come to the ultimate conclusion that my most painful and "seemingly horrific" past experiences were the most AWESOME, amazing and "precious gifts" I could have EVER received.

More so than what I used to see and call the "good stuff" that comes in the way of money, health and relationships which is SO limited in a tangible and measurable kind of way.

Because ultimately, it was those "seemingly horrific" and "seemingly inescapable" set of circumstances that enabled and allowed me to (actually forced me into a corner for lack of a "better" word) SEE and KNOW the Higher Truth about life which was necessary to SEE in order to be able to make new choices, serve and DO what I do today which is what I absolutely LOVE to do.

I was a welder at the time and I CERTAINLY didn't LOVE or even like what I was doing. I just didn't fully realize I had a "choice" in the matter even though, when the "floodlights came on" I realized I did the entire time.

My personal belief regarding your question Geoff, is that we were sent here to do as we will and as we choose. Sometimes those choices lead to CAN'T, sometimes choosing to BE the "A type", and sometimes, whether we "choose to" consciously and intentionally or otherwise, let go and in "the blink of an eye", all of a sudden SEE and KNOW that we CAN do it in a way that serves ALL (ourselves included) in the most positive and pleasing way possible.

We can choose the “unconscious path” or the “conscious path.” Either way we experience the Power and our ability to conceive, imagine, believe, do and SEE life, ourselves and others as we will.

But ultimately, even when we do what others might “perceive, judge and label as being bad, wrong, evil, horrific etc., although things CAN and often DO "seem that way" based on what we “think we know”, all DO serve a greater purpose…a "greater good" that we also have the ability as well as the right to see or not see individually and collectively however we choose.

We ALL have the ability and the right to respond or react in life. We either respond in Love or react out of fear which I believe “God” always honors and says YES to.

I personally prefer the label Unconditional Love due to what so many have been taught and actually believe God is.

Ultimately, in the bigger scheme of life, I don’t believe that we can “get it wrong” or that there is anything that we’re “supposed to or not supposed to do” simply because there is nothing that “God is not.”

Judgments and labels of right and wrong are only based on individual perceptions resulting from beliefs that we’ve acquired, learned, adopted and embraced and in MOST cases "choose" to hold onto as “our individual truth.”

In a world of polarity/duality, (life on earth) that individual truth (perceived truth) is necessary to fully experience physical life in a tangible and measurable kind of way. Without that, we couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to choose or KNOW what The Full Scope of Life “truly is, was, will be and/or COULD be.

We’d only KNOW Love Unconditional and be stripped of “the gift” of choosing and fully experiencing life fully…an awesome gift that we’ve ALL been freely provided and have the ability to choose as we will.

So, to me, the one line answer is...

In the bigger scheme of things, Love “truly is” all there is and there are no shoulds or shouldnts, only individual choices and individual experiences that ALWAYS in ALL WAYS align and harmonize with "whatsover choice/s we make."

"As we think, so shall we be" AND "As we believe we DO receive"...unconditionally.


And I for one, absolutely LOVE that about life.

Thank You Geoff for sharing your thoughts.


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