What's on my mind

by Rob van der Ven

Dear Chuck,

Thanks for this information.

29 pages of writing. For me ( not native speaker) it's too much, I think also for many other people.

How would it be if the information is also available in spoken word. Mp3 or video. It will bring you closer to a greater public.

Wish you all the best.

Greetings from Holland!


Chuck's response to Rob...

Hi Rob,

I don't disagree with you at all that it's a bit long at times. (OK…Maybe even a lot. :))

But I do so for a purpose. Primarily because short, succinct 1, 2 and sometimes 10 page newsletters lack depth, miss and skip over important, vital and necessary information that some need and provides nothing more than short term motivation that never lasts.

Motivation isn't enough to transform lives which is what my intention is. To assist with that at least.

As an example all that's necessary..."truly necessary" to enhance EVERY aspect of life is what I refer to as "The Magical 5 +."

Love, allow, accept, surrender...unconditionally..

...On ALL levels.

That's ALL anyone needs to do. That would most definitely make for a REALLY short newsletter. :) But that statement certainly can't and doesn't enable or allow those who might be fairly new or even some who are more advanced and truly WANT to, to even know what that means, why it's important, let alone how to do so.

That takes explaining which sometimes calls for occasional long newsletters like The Enlightened Journey Newsletter will be on occasion.

Volumes and volumes of books can't possibly explain those very simple, yet very profound concepts fully.

So even a 29 page newsletter falls far short.

I hope you understand.

But take heart...

It won’t always be that way for sure. It depends on the subject matter.

Because the information is so...well...Infinite in nature...literally, and there's so much to convey, doing so in an easy to digest, grasp and understandable kind of way while meeting those who are more advanced and even the novice where they are, requires a bit more writing and reading.

I do understand about your native language too. Perhaps using the Google Translator might assist you in that.

With regard to MP3s and/or video format, that is something I may very well do if enough people request it. So thank you very much for the suggestion.

With regard to getting or keeping more readers. That's not as important to me as giving the readers I have something valuable and beneficial.

The "Main Thing" for me is doing my best to reach those who are attracted here and are "truly ready" for change. Most WANT it, yet far fewer are ready and will DO what's necessary to "get it."

If the newsletter assists One, I've done my job and call it "good." If it assists more, that's just icing on the cake. :)

The Best For You Always Rob,






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