The Wonder of Photons

Understanding The Wonder of Photons Could Bridge The Gap and Transform The Undesired Events, Conditions, and Circumstances In Your Life Into Desired and Seemingly Miraculous Outcomes

The Wonder of Photons

The Wonder of Photons although often "perceived" as being strictly scientific in
nature, when explored with an open mind and heart clearly reveals the Kingdom...the
field each being one and the same the essence of which exists as the "Light of Love."
You "truly are" the light of the world.

It's highly probable that if you've already explored what I share about the Universal Laws or as some refer to them, The Laws of Nature, that you already grasp at some level the fact that you have been provided the irrevocable gift to create a life by design rather than by default.

If you're not yet familiar with Universal Laws, I would recommend that you explore that area of the site first. Once you have that basic understanding that these laws are real and do exist, understanding the wonder of photons and how they impact and determine the events, conditions and circumstances that happen in the world around you, will make more "logical sense" and will become much easier to grasp.

One of the core and foundational aspects of creating a harmonious and fulfilling life by design based on a strictly scientific perspective, is to explore and understand what scientists have discovered regarding the wonder of photons...the fact that they are the essence of all that exists both the tangible and intangible and the power provided to you to mold and shape your life.

In fact photons are the "essence of life"...the "stuff" that makes life possible.

As you'll soon see, it's because of photons that you, I or anything else for that matter, without exception is able to exist at all.

That's what we'll be exploring here which I believe is the first essential step toward a tangible kind of way that the science of success is more than some whimsical ideal and how applying what can be learned through science in your life can make all the difference for you.

Although the title 'The Wonder of Photons' might be "perceived" as strictly scientific on the surface, once understood, it can and often does provide an important piece of the "seemingly complex puzzle" and bridges the gap between science and spirituality which is often "perceived" as being separate avenues of understanding. What once was "believed" to be separate and opposing views is now joining together to reveal one Unified Truth...what I often refer to as and, based on many years of exploring it, believe to be a Higher Truth.

Both convey the same message as to how the world evolves and came into existence to begin with.

But they're not separate or opposing at all once you break through all the complexity and get to the core of what they each convey, although granted in different terminologies.

For some...perhaps even you, just the thought of exploring and attempting to understand photons...what they are...what they do...why they exist and how they work, could for the complete novice initially seem completely unrelated to creating a kind and quality of life for yourself that harmonizes with whatever heartfelt desires you hold as dear and hope to achieve at some point in your life.

I'll assure you that they are quite related, transfomationally relevant and although "below the surface" outside of our "human awareness", quite interconnected.

Before deciding that the same holds true for you...that understanding the power of photons have no relevance in your life, I hope you'll follow along for at least a few paragraphs and allow yourself to at least consider what I'll be sharing so that you might see and experience for yourself the wonder of photons and how they can dramatically impact the quality of your life...EVERY aspect of your life.

Because photons ARE MUCH MORE related and relevant than most understand which is one MAJOR reason why I personally believe that more "perceive" themselves as unable and in many cases "unworthy" of creating and experiencing whatever heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires that they often hope, "wish" and pray that they could but all too often never do.

As sad and "true" as that is, the reason is quite simple...and it boils down to nothing more or less than an individual choice.

The vast majority simply choose to skip not to get to the core...the seed level from where our realities are derived, that without fail determines the kind and quality of harvest (life) that we all receive in life both individually and collectively.

As the founder of Taoism, Lau Tsu so simply yet profoundly stated...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius."

That's what the wonder of photons will help you to understand. Photons exist at the seed level...which combined with our individual and collective choices determines the kind and quality of harvest we experience in life.

This harvest shows up as the various events, conditions and circumstances that we each experience in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of our lives which I think you'll agree, makes understanding the power of photons VERY important and quite relevant for you if you hope to change and/or enhance some aspect of your life.

I think it's also important to say that if your life is perfect and you're receiving anything and everything your heart desires, then understanding and exploring the power of photons won't be necessary for you.

You don't "have to know" about the power of photons to make your life work in a pleasingly miraculous kind of way. At some level you're already harmonizing your choices in such a way, however conscious or unconscious that might be, to create and experience what you want.

But I also know through working with countless individuals from around the world that most AREN'T experiencing those kinds of results and choosing to understand the power of photons can, will and does provide you with the ability to do so, should you choose to "consciously and consistently apply" what you learn.

It's also this very reason though...choosing "unconsciously"...why so many often "unconsciously create" the exact opposite of what they claim they want, resulting in solidified "perceptions and beliefs" that the world and the events, conditions and circumstances in the world and in their lives individually is somehow random and chaotic.

But rest assured they're NOT. Not EVER.

Choosing to stay with me for just a bit so you might grasp and understand the power of photons combined with revealing the simplicity and perfection of the creative process...the unwavering cycles of life will show you just how "true" that is.

Simply put...

Photons are a VITAL place to start expanding your understanding in a tangible kind of way as to the nature of reality at the "seed level."

In fact they determine reality...EVERY aspect of reality. More specifically the kind and quality of reality that you experience individually as well as the reality that we experience as a species collectively on a global scale.

They determine EVERYTHING.

The determining factor as to what they create and how it is that they do, is what we'll be covering here, but unlike the typical scientific explanation we'll be doing so in a very simple and easy to digest way.

We'll be revealing the "simplicity" behind all the "perceived" complexity.

So before your head goes into a tailspin, relax. We'll be exploring and looking at the wonder of photons in a very logical, practical and easy to understand way that will enable you to see how they as well as the thoughts, beliefs and the resulting emotions that you experience on a daily basis determine your individual experiences in life based on the latest discoveries in 21st century science.

The kind of science we'll be using to validate the wonder of photons is physics...more specifically quantum physics which was initially introduced to the scientific community in 1924.

So it's not new and the progress that quantum physicists have made since it's introduction can provide a depth of understanding that could quite literally transform your life.

Hopefully as we move through and break the wonder of photons down into easy to digest bites, it will both enable and empower you to take a major step forward in understanding how and why you have been provided the ability and can begin "consciously creating" a kind and quality of life for yourself that would be described and "perceived" by most as being extraordinary.

And hopefully as you'll soon understand, it can be...should you choose to allow it to be.

The "allowing" part...what's necessary for YOU to do to make that "real and tangible" for you, will make more sense as we progress.

What 21st Century Science Now Understands About
The Wonder of Photons and What It Means For You

First, lets look at what science has discovered with regard to photons, then we'll delve into the wonder of photons and how what science now knows to be true can impact your life.

Here's what science understands about photons currently...

First, let's look at what a photon is.

In physics, a photon is described as an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field and the basic "unit" of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. In other words photons are the essence from where all things in existence come from.

Nothing is excluded. The seen and the unseen at their their purest and most basic form consist of photons or "packets of light."

Photons are also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force that exists all around us. You could say that there is nowhere where this electromagnetic "force is not. It permeates and underlies EVERY aspect of existence on a Universal scale.

Thanks to incredible advancements in technology, the effects of this force are easily measurable and observable at both the microscopic and macroscopic level, because the photon has no rest mass; this allows for interactions at long distances. In other words photon's never rest...are never idle and are intricately interconnected with everything else in a way that transcends space and time as we know it.

Like all elementary particles, photons are governed by quantum mechanics and exhibit wave-particle duality meaning they exhibit properties of both waves and particles.

As an example, a single photon may be refracted by a lens or exhibit wave interference, but also act as a particle giving a definite result when quantitative mass is measured.

That's the scientific version.

The novice version...the one word answer as to what photons are is "light." Pure energy packets of light that are intricately interconnected with all other packets of light and always in motion.

For the sake of this explanation let's call photons energy with the ability to exist as infinite waves of probability and/or particles of matter.

Although they can and do exist as both, (waves and particles) they can't be both at the same time. In other words they transmute in form from waves of probability into particles of matter that scientists can measure and observe.

That's the Readers Digest version of what photons are. what could that possibly have to do with creating "desired results" in your life.

That's the REALLY exciting part!!

Based on a number of documented scientific experiments, these "photons"...what these photons do and how they react is determined by human DNA...more specifically the "cellular memory" that exists within our DNA which determines our emotions for the most part.

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