Wonderful Article and just what I Needed!

by Mike Minor
(Los Angeles)


Such a beautiful piece! Thank you! It is clear to me that I have been choosing fear rather than Love and your article made it make sense for the first time!

Love and Gratitude,

Michael Minor

Chuck's response to Michael...

Hello Michael,

Good to hear from you my friend!! Been a while since we chatted.

Thank You so much for sharing your thoughts.

And SO glad to hear that this edition of Enlightened Journey served you in some way.

It was, as I shared (and OBVIOUSLY had so much to say about it :) ) a very important and pivotal moment for me without a doubt and serves as a constant reminder as I continue to navigate my own path, make the choices I do and continue making my way toward wherever it is I'm headed and going to end up. :)

As long as Love is the compass, I KNOW it's going to remain fun, enjoyable and profoundly fulfilling BEFORE and AFTER I get there. :)

One thing is certain...I'm certainly enjoying the journey and thanks to people like you who connect to share your thoughts and sentiments, it serves as a tangible reinforcement of sorts that the journey I'm on is the "right one", if you know what I mean. :)

I KNOW it is, yet it still "feels good" to connect and know in a "personally interactive" and at the same time in a "physically experiential" kind of way that it makes a difference for those that it's reaching.

So Thank You again Michael for sharing and stay tuned for the next edition. I think you'll Love it. :)

Love and Gratitude To You As Well Brother,


PS- I trust the career is moving forward as hoped and intended. If I can assist, let me know.

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