by Eric
(Washington, DC)

Chuck, what a life changing message.

Well first off let me say that it took me 3 well spent hours to read this.

My family has gone through quite a journey of higher consciousness this year. My wife and I grew up in a strict Pentecostal religion and as adults have moved away from the fear driven beliefs that religion tends to inflict on young minds.

This year we learned the ( new age ) way, and have come to see that much of that seems to be misleading also.

You seem to take a middle ground. That is we're we are at and your words just resonated with my heart and mind. It is like you and I are one. After all the fear driven concepts of religion, and trying so hard to overcome fear to manifest things with the new age teachings. I surrender all to a Higher Power.

The greatest of these is love. I realize that I'm hanging on the cross and I ask myself why are you struggling to live? All I have to do is let go and die, because that is when my miraculous life begins.

Your article just killed the old me and resurrected the new all loving, all powerful me.

This message comes with much gratitude.

Eric Belton

Chuck's response to Eric...

Hi Eric,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Admittedly, some editions of Enlightened Journey are quite lengthy as is the case with The Greatest of These is Love.

I make no apologies for that simply because attempting to do the best I'm able to assist those with the desire to see above, beyond, through and "undo" all the perceived complexity that we've learned and lived by throughout life sometimes requires a "lengthy explanation" to peel back all the self limiting layers to become enabled to actually SEE the simplicity.

And it IS, based on my own experiences since discovering that, PROFOUNDLY simple. So simple in fact that it can be summed up and accurately described with VERY FEW words...

Love, allow, accept and surrender ...unconditionally.

Unfortunately all the dis-empowering, self limiting and self sabotaging things we've learned and "believe to be true" about so many aspects of life keep us from seeing, let alone consciously, intentionally and purposefully ENGAGING ourselves in that way which is the ONE and ONLY thing which keeps so many from KNOWING in a very up close, personal and profound kind of way, the simplicity and transformational power behind those few words.

One thing is certain...

The "better" we get at integrating those into EVERYTHING we think, say and do, the more pleasing, pleasant and "seemingly miraculous" the tangible and measurable outcomes become.

That's certainly proven to be "true" in my own life as well as many others who I connect and communicate with.

How much more "simple and freeing" can it possibly be than that? :)

Thanks again for participating in the discussion Eric and sharing your perspective.

The VERY Best for You and Yours as You Move Forward,


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