An Introduction To Quick Start Marketing

Imagine, Think About, Devise and Implement
Your Unique Marketing Strategy

If you're like most, chances are good that you're chomping at the bit to get started with your marketing so you can start making some money with your new YNB/Primo Vacations business.

Before we do that, let's cover some basic but useful information regarding planning and implementing your unique strategy and various approaches to marketing that will prove to be IMMENSELY useful and helpful as you move forward. Reading through, internalizing and USING this information will serve you well and enable you to create the greatest possible result with the least amount of effort in the quickest way I'm aware of once you begin taking the action steps laid out for you.

Thinking things through and doing them right the first time will save you hours upon hours...perhaps even weeks upon weeks...spending time changing and correcting things you've done without "thinking about" how effective they'll be long term.

First Let's Look at the Potential Available To You Online
and How To Most Effectively Maximize Your Reach

There are in excess of 1.9 billion people who come online everyday. These people are using the Internet to find information, entertainment, solutions and for communication with others.

As an associate of YourNetBiz, the "desired outcome" is to get your marketing message in front of as many of these prospective customers and potential team members as possible.

We're going to exploring how to do that.

But first, I'm going to share something that will prove to be IMMENSELY useful and profoundly powerful in attracting more than your share of those looking for what you have to offer that will serve you well as you're building and sustaining your success long term.

Do your very best to...

"Get and keep your mind off of wanting and needing to make money and get it focused on contributing and providing value to those you reach."

Yes, chances are good that you're here to make some money. Believe me when I say, "I get that."

But you'll make the most money with the least amount of effort by focusing on contributing and providing value to those that are seeking and attracted to your offering.

Although your primary focus and intention being to provide something of value, at the same time you'll be providing the means to redirect them to your YNB site or whatever source you'll be using to introduce them to YNB, and the money will follow.

In many cases, in ways that can "seem" magical.

Holding that "mindset" and making your marketing decisions based on that approach will prove to be profoundly rewarding and fulfilling beyond description.

There are countless options for you to gain exposure for yourself, your business, the value you provide and begin "attracting" those looking for your offering to your YourNetBiz website. With that being true, it's not practical nor feasible to cover EVERY method or strategy possible to get traffic to your site here.

What is covered in this portion of the Quick Start Marketing guide, combined with the many training tutorials and resources in your YNB back office, you have all the information, tools and resources you could possibly need to effectively integrate your personal strategy and begin building a successful, long term, and extremely lucrative business.

Allow Your Imagination To Wander, Think About and Devise a Strategy That Suits You, But Don't Create Paralysis By Analysis

There is no "right or wrong" way to do things. How you reach your audience and the message you convey will be and should be unique to you and the unique approach that you utilize.

My recommendation is to focus on and construct your business and your message around something that you are passionate about and love to do. Once you've determined what that is, you can devise a strategy to present it to the world and reach those who share your desires, values and passions.

As an example my personal approach is personal empowerment. I love teaching, coaching and mentoring people globally with the "intention" of enabling and empowering the people who resonate with what I have to contribute to be, do and have more in their life.

In case you're not already aware, YourNetBiz isn't my love, passion nor my predominant focus specifically. YNB is merely a "tool" that I've found and believe to be the best tool available for marketing online and enables those with the desire to enhance the financial aspect of their lives with everything necessary to do so.

I integrate YNB into what I love and am passionate about to fulfill a want, need or this case the ability for those with a desire to enhance the financial aspect of their lives, to consider YNB as a solution.

That's my personal approach.

Your individual marketing strategy which leads to your YNB site should align and harmonize with your unique approach and be integrated in such a way that resonates with and fulfills the wants, needs and desires of your target market.

We'll be getting into more depth about specifics with regard to how to do that in the Personal Branding section and beyond.

What we'll be covering here, is a brief introduction to a few of the many strategies available to you with regard to marketing as well as some things to think about as you plan, structure and implement your personal strategy.

Let the creative juices flow as you review and consider the following strategies, but keep in mind that the most effective strategy for you should "feel good", be fun, free flowing, reflect your uniqueness, passions AND provide value to those you reach.

First let's consider...

Paid or Free Advertising? That is The Question. Here's Your Answer.

When it comes to marketing and getting targeted and interested traffic to your YNB site, there are countless options. Literally countless options. You can, depending on your individual circumstances either pay for your traffic or you can utilize a number of free resources. You can also utilize a combination of both. The choice is yours.

Paid advertising CAN BE quick, easy and effective. You just need to be certain that your commissions from successful referral sales are greater than youradvertising costs and be aware of what marketing sources you're utilizing.

Like anything, there are those in the marketing arena "claiming" to be experts, who will gladly promise you the moon, accept your money but deliver very little in value. Do your homework before blindly handing your money over to any company that "claims" they can provide oodles of traffic.

Also keep in mind that "traffic" in and of itself DOESN'T produce sales but "targeted traffic" does. The most effective marketing strategy reaches and provides value to a "targeted audience" who are interested specifically in whatever it might be that you have to offer.

Free Traffic is Great But It's Not REALLY Free.

Attracting and generating Free traffic online is not really “free” in the literal sense of the word.

How so?

Simply because it's necessary to put in some time and effort to get this traffic. For example you need to spend time signing up for sites, submitting links and in many instances you need to create effective content and place it in the right places online in order to get enough "targeted traffic" to produce sales.

If you are on a tight budget you can (and I recommend that you do) start off with free promotion methods until you generate some YNB sales and are able to reinvest a portion of your profits to use paid strategies.

In most cases, once your YNB business begins producing sales, I recommend using both free and paid strategies to build and drive as much traffic as possible to your YNB website or to whatever site you are using to make others aware of what you are offering.

Let's talk about Free Advertising First

Don't underestimate the power of free advertising. I personally have never spent a penny on advertising either for YNB or What I HAVE done is engage myself in such a way that I love which also provides immense value, based on my expertise, to those who come to the site.

Consider this...

Think about how you were introduced to me and what brought you to this point. What did I share with you...what value did I provide that resulted in you wanting to become a part of my YNB team?

I didn't attempt to sell you or convince you did I?

But the KEY behind my personal strategy and the success realized was engaging in what I'm EXTREMELY passionate about and Love to do. I love the contribution it makes and the people globally that it reaches and assists. I might ad that it's extremely fulfilling.

But creating the content and sharing my message which "attracted" you as well as the other millions of interested people to my site took some doing. It was a form of "doing" that I love so in the literal sense of the word, it wasn't work. It was fun in fact.

I'm living, breathing and walking proof that you don't need to be a marketing and/or techy genius to become successful with YNB or any other online endeavor. You only need a bit of imagination, a passion and the tools that enable you to gain exposure to the nearly 2 billion people online and the understanding to share what you're passionate about.

You have those...EVERY tool you could possibly need.

It's my belief that you DO need to be passionate about what you do which is reflected in every aspect of the message conveyed, how you share it, who you reach and the effectiveness it has for you.

Your individual strategy and area of expertise is more than likely different than mine or someone else's, so it's important that you think about and engage yourself in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with something that you're passionate about and just as importantly aligns with, supports, strengthens and builds upon your core values.

Although you're not meeting your future team members face to face initially, rest assured your message and intention IS felt by those you will reach. It's my personal belief that anything less than a sincere and heartfelt message will produce "far less than possible" results and require much more "time, work and effort" than necessary.

Necessary Preparation for Devising Your Individual Marketing Strategies

Before you start out "attracting" and getting targeted traffic, you need to decide on two things. First and foremost, you need to devise a BIG PICTURE strategy. A strategy that suites and "feels right" to you. You need to think about the audience you'd like to reach, how you'd like to reach your audience and devise the kind of strategy you are going to implement. This decision will affect where and how you get traffic to your site.

Second, you need to think about the marketing angle or “hook” to get your prospects interested in what you have to say. This decision will determine the kind and quality of the marketing material you create and place in front of your audience (ads, articles, blog posts, website content etc.) to get their attention and make them want to take the next step which leads to an "exchange of value."

Let's look at a few "potential strategies" that you might use.

Effective Traffic Generation Strategies To Consider

Here are some proven strategies for getting traffic to your website. To apply these strategies effectively, you need to have a clear idea about the people you'll attract who are eventually going to "exchange value" for YNB or whatever other products/services you choose to promote.

We'll get into specific tools and resources for applying these strategies on the next page. For now let's "think about" and plan an approach that resonates with and feels good to you. This will ignite and generate additional thought, ideas etc as to how you can best proceed in a way that will prove most beneficial and profitable for you while at the same time resonate with and provide value to those you reach.

1. Keyword Specific Words and Phrases. As you're probably already aware, the search engines that direct people to various places on the Internet works with keywords and keywords phrases. Your prospective customers and future team members will be using very specific keywords to find the information they're looking for and which you'll be sharing online.

By doing a bit of research and determining what the best keywords for your individual approach are, you can place your ads or YNB links on the resultant search results page. Alternatively, you can optimize your websites and/or content around these keyword phrases to get search engines to list your sites/articles in their search results.

Either way, your goal in this strategy is to insert your links into the information you share and which your target market will find during the search process and redirect these leads to your YNB website, your Mini Suites Profits tutorial or whatever other resource you decide to use to introduce those who are attracted to your site and/or sites that introduce and explain the benefits of YNB to your potential team members.

IMPORTANT NOTE - How to use and integrate Mini Suites Profits (should you choose to) into your personal strategy can be found in your YNB back office. MSP is basically a "front end" tool that provides instruction to those who are interested in making money online and for those who purchase it, they are introduced to YNB as a great resource for products to utilize as they create their own Mini Suites as taught in the Mini Suites profit program.

As we progress into the quick start marketing section you'll learn about additional resources to get exposure for your site.

2. Go Where They Are - Instead of looking for and attempting to reach prospective customers and team members through search engines and redirecting them to your offering, you also have the option of going to the places where your prospective customers, team members and target market are already "hanging out" online.

Your prospective customers join and participate in discussion groups or social network groups that have the same theme and are engaging in online discussions that align with your approach. You can also join and access these groups, share your opinions and/or expertise and leave links in your signature line that lead back to wherever you want your traffic to go.

Use Caution: YourNetBiz has a very strict policy in place regarding prospecting, advertising and/or blatantly "selling" YNB in forums. Any mention or exposure of YNB in forums must be done in a VERY subtle manner.

One way to do so is to simply have a link in your signature line that redirects people to your YNB and/or Mini Suites Profits offering.

Attempting to blatantly sell or convince people in forums, that what you have to offer is for them is considered spam.

Not only do such strategies prove to be counter productive, being too aggressive in this strategy can and will get you banned from these forum sites as well as precipitate disciplinary action from YNB leadership as defined in your YNB user agreement.

The best way to approach and participate in forums is engaging yourself with a help and be helped approach. It's about building relationships and trust, NOT selling and convincing forum participants that you have the best thing since peanut butter.

BIG TURN OFF...NOT an effective approach and WILL lead to disciplinary action via YNB leadership.

3. Attraction Marketing - We'll be talking A LOT about Attraction Marketing as we move forward. The reason being is simply because It's my chosen approach and one that has proven to be extremely effective.

If "Attraction Marketing" sounds a bit "out there" to you let's look at it from a very rational, logical and practical perspective.

If I have a desire to catch as many birds as I possibly can, I could use a net, run around like a crazy man trying to sneak up on them and chase after them or I could create a bird feeder with their favorite food and attract them to myself.

Which one do you think will provide me with the greatest amount of "desired result" with the least possible amount of personal effort?

That's the concept I recommend you use with YNB. Once you truly understand your target market, you could start a discussion group or service around a core topic of interest. For example, in promoting YNB, you could start a Facebook group that sends out tidbits of insight with regard to how to make money online. If you're integrating your YNB business into a specific topic, interest, hobby or passion outside of making money online...let's say motivation, personal empowerment etc. you could send out inspiring quotes or brief insights you might have on a particular topic and build awareness.

Doing things in this way provides sought after "value" to your targeted audience and will attract targeted traffic to your site. Those who like and resonate with what you share and contribute, in turn invite others as well. You can promote your YNB business in a non-intrusive way as a footnote or PS whenever you send out the inspiring quote, story or insight.

Whatever your chosen approach, you can, with a little thought combined with a bit of creativity, effectively integrate and present YNB in a way that is "non intrusive, spammy or salesy" and aligns and harmonizes with whatever approach or theme you choose. You literally "attract" massive amounts of traffic to your site.

I can't personally think of anyone who wouldn't love and isn't interested in making and having more money. It's a HUGE market with MASSIVE appeal. But how you approach your market and the way you introduce YNB or any other business to them as a possible solution for them is crucial. Hype, nonsense and wild claims of overnight riches isn't an approach that will yield desirable long term results, I'll assure you.

4. Utilizing the Leveraging Power of Pre-existing High Traffic Sites - If you do not want to pay for advertising initially (PPC ads, etc.) and if you cannot wait to build a website, blog etc. and build up your site ranking on search engines, you could place content on other high traffic sites and get traffic back to your own site by leveraging their efforts.

For example, website likes Squidoo and Hubpages allow you to create and share content around any topic of interest. You can also make use of the enormous flow of traffic on the many video sites out there like YouTube. You can even create and publish presentation slides on services like Scribd or All these websites already have a great reputation with the major search engines, draw HUGE amounts of traffic (many in the mega millions per day) and they allow you to post content for free.

The benefit of this is enormous. GINORMOUS in fact. Due to the magnitude of free content these sites provide and the mega millions of people who find information that they're looking for in them, in addition to already having a "good reputation" with the major search engines, many people use them to find what they're looking for enabling the content you create, based on your targeted and specific keywords to both get ranked quickly and ranked well and get exposure to your chosen market quickly without having to wait for your site/blog etc. to be listed and ranked.

5. Getting and Building Viral Traffic - Another really great marketing strategy is to build up traffic by implementing a viral marketing campaign. You can offer an incentive of some form for someone to pass on your message. You can also create some original content, either a free report, e-course. e-book or video that is so interesting, shocking, amusing, or in some way beneficial that people will naturally feel compelled to learn more about what you have to contribute as well as forward what you provide them in your viral marketing campaign on to others.

You do that via an opt in page (often referred to as a "squeeze page" in internet marketing circles)that provides a description of your offering and asks for a name and e-mail address to access it. Now, once you have a way to reach them, you have the means to follow up with those who opt in and convey whatever message you choose to convey in the future.

Your link is contained within whatever viral campaign you choose and the more value that people get from it, the more it's referred and shared with others, and WALLAH, the more traffic you get.

Getting Clear on Your Marketing Angle or “Hook” - When I refer to the “marketing angle” or “hook”, I am referring to the reason why someone will click on your advertisement or your link.

For example, as it pertains to YNB, if your target market consists of those specifically looking for a home based business and credible ways to make money online, your marketing angle orhook could be that YNB is the simplest, most well thought out, complete and best of the best tools, systems, resources and training for making money online (and it is) and that other opportunities just don't match up.

But keep in mind that your approach for making others aware of YNB is NOT limited to online business.

If your integrating YNB with another topic, interest or passion altogether...let's say for example the Law of Attraction or the movie “the Secret”, and you have some expertise in this area, you could convey how most teachings about this topic are incomplete. This is using a curiosity approach. You could say, you're using curiosity as your hook. By using this “hook” or theme, a person who is genuinely interested in "attracting more" of whatever they desire...whether making money online or becoming more effective in using the Law of Attraction or what's being called “the Secret” would be enticed to click on your link with the hope and intention of wanting to learn more and become more effective in applying it in their lives.

I've worked with A LOT of people over the years and THE NUMBER 1 thing that people share with me and "claim" they want is how to attract more money.

Then you could introduce YNB as a "tool" that would enable and empower them to create greater financial abundance.

Alternatively, you could try a “sell by giving” which always works well. It's really a "selling without selling" approach. It provides and contributes value without asking for money or an exchange of value initially, but through a subtle approach provides additional information beyond the "free offering" that does require an exchange.

Specifically, you could send your visitors to an opt-in page that offers free access to a Free 7 Day E-course, e-book or exclusive videos that feature great content that aligns and harmonizes with your individual interest, knowledge and passion, and at the same time provides potential prospects with something of value that they can use and benefit from.

This serves a 2 fold purpose. It enables you to contribute something of value and at the same time allows you to build an email list which serve as your potential customers and/or teammates at some point in the future. You simply create your content in a way that aligns and harmonizes with your original offering and just send your leads there after they sign up on your list.

Here's a specific example...

Let's use my site, as an example. My passion and purpose is to empower people to be, do and have more in life. The site is absolutely free for those who choose to learn more about what I teach.

I provide them with the ability to give me their name and e-mail address (opt in) and in return they become a part of my community, receive my free monthly newsletter Enlightened Journey Ezine, that's jam packed with valuable and useful content that I know can be useful for my target audience. When I send out my newsletter, Enlightened Journey, it contains content that assists others in enhancing the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of their life.

Abundance and Happiness is no small niche. It entails harmonizing ALL aspects of life and provides information that enables and empowers anyone to do just that.

When my subject matter is focused on assisting those with a desire to create greater material and/or financial wealth, I show them ways in which I've been successful doing so.

YourNetBiz is one of those ways.

My personal approach isn't "Sell and Convince." It's contribute and provide value which builds trust and "attracts" those who like and resonate with my message to learn more about YNB and how I might assist them further.

In essence, it's contributing to others...serving others...providing "value" and helping them to get what they want which automatically provides me with what I want. It's a win win for all involved. The same holds true for you or anyone else.

Another example totally off topic of YNB is...let's say that if you are promoting registry cleaning software, your marketing angle could pose the questions “computer running slow? You need to clean your file registry! Click here to learn more”.

Do you see now why thinking through, creating a strategy that suits and fits you and the marketing angle that you choose is SO important?

Without a good marketing angle, verbiage that conveys fulfilling a want/desire/need that your target market has, the response to your ads and marketing efforts will produce less than desired results. The main point I'm attempting to convey, is that you need to have a quality target market as well as sufficient quantity of those interested in what you have to share to get the greatest possible results from your traffic generation efforts.

If I attract people with a hook or angle regarding how to enhance their life with any number of products but am consistently pitching and attempting to sell them on YNB or any other online business, product or service, the quality of traffic and the result will be "less than desired."

But if I integrate and subtly introduce YNB into whatever my topic of interest might be, showing those who I attract how YNB can fulfill a desire to create more financial wealth, those interested in making more money or engaging in online business will want to learn more and if it's appealing to them and they recognize the "obvious value" that YNB provides, they will eventually want to become a part of my team.

That's the "desired" end result you want to see right?

Thinking this through and coming up with ideas and scenarios as to how you'll approach your target market subtly..."selling without selling"...will pay HUGE dividends for many years to come.

Endless Traffic Generation Options

Once you have your marketing strategy and marketing angle figured out, there’s virtually no end to how much traffic you can generate to your YNB site or whatever site/blog you choose to create for yourself.

You can now mix and match the various online marketing resources you choose utilize, target a focused and streamlined market and initiate the various marketing strategies and elements to gain exposure and deliver your marketing message based on your Unique Value Proposition and begin drawing a steady flow of traffic to your YNB business.

You should now have the BIG PICTURE view of your individual strategy, how you'll approach your market, the message you'd like to convey and how to begin "attracting" targeted traffic to the value and contribution you provide.

Next, Let's look at specific tools and resources available to you to make that happen.


If at any time you have questions and are unable
to find it here or in your YNB back office...

please contact me via the Help section