You made me cry!

by Ruth

As a dedicated Christian of so many years (hopefully, you know what I mean...), I'm seeing many things and opportunities passing me by. I was wondering why, or how come? While praying a lot and believing or trying to believe, everything seems as if I will never truly be fulfilled. I think that now, I have gotten the key. I've heard and understand your message with my heart. Thank you, Chuck!

Chuck's response to Ruth...

Hi Ruth,

You're welcome. Thank You for sharing and I'm so glad to hear that The Greatest of These is Love has served you in some way.

Didn't mean to make you cry. :) My hope and intention is to enable and empower.

Fulfillment can and for many does seem "elusive" initially. But the seekers DO find, in perfect timing, just as the "promise" states. That's a promise that's always carried out and fulfilled...unconditionally.

I believe the short path is revealed when we choose to tune into and listen what's in our hearts.

As I shared in part 3, I believe the key is this...

"Creating an extraordinary quality of life is profoundly simple. If it feels like
Love, focus on it, move and DO something with it. If it doesn't, accept it, shift it, move beyond it, forget it and/or wait till it does."

Here's to you "staying in your heart", focusing on what you love, doing what you feel is best and moving into, seeing and experiencing the kind, quality and quantity of fulfillment you're seeking.

To Your Health, Wealth and Happiness,


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