Dr Bruce Lipton PHD. On The Biology
Of Belief and Perception

Dr Bruce Lipton Reveals Some Exciting and Profound Awareness Regarding The Biology Of Belief As Well As The Science Behind How "Perception" Determines Your Success and/or Failure

Dr Bruce Lipton PHD, is a cellular biologist as well as the author of the New York Times bestseller 'The Biology Of Belief' which was recognized and awarded the prestigious Best Science Book of The Year award in 2006.

Dr Lipton's work is "truly exciting" due to the fact that he, like many forward thinking biologists have revealed that the physical aspects of us...namely our physical make up at the gene level is what determines our physical realities.

More specifically his work is enhancing awareness dramatically with regard to science bridging the gap between our "physical realities" and how our experiences are derived and drawn from the spiritual realm.

It's not new information among quantum physicists and cosmologists regarding the unlimited power that we each have to mold and shape the various aspects of our lives. Yet this understanding is rapidly expanding and making it's way into the conventional sciences such as biology that has until recent discoveries began emerging, always looked at the human species and all life for that matter as a type of mechanical machine.

What is fairly new and emerging rapidly as the forward thinkers like Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD. and many other scientists of various forms of scientific study are finding which is extremely exciting and empowering is this...

Modern day biologists like Dr Lipton are now validating...

"You ARE The Creator Of Your Reality...The Kind and Quality Of Your Consciousness Determines The Kind and Quality Of Your Life"

With that being "true", an important question to ask yourself is..."Are you creating YOUR reality "Consciously or Unconsciously?"

Although many are quite aware and don't require any additional scientific discoveries to validate the power we have each been provided individually to create a kind and quality of life limited only by our individually chosen beliefs and perceptions, Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD. provides an extremely simplified and crystal clear understanding of how cellular memory directly impacts the events, conditions and circumstances that you, I and everyone else experience in physical life.

If you're interested in learning how science and biology relate directly to your ability or "perceived" inability to achieve success or ANY other desired outcome in your life, these videos by Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD will assist in enabling you to make the necessary "paradigm shift" as to how possible it is.

Dr Lipton is a cellular biologist who performed extensive research at Stanford University School Of Medicine, the outcome of which will assist in providing you with a profound awakening and validates from a "scientific perspective" what the spiritual masters and sages of the past have always shared which is that "You are the creator of your individual reality."

As Dr. Bruce Lipton has discovered, the cellular memory that we each choose and determine for ourselves also determines the kind and quality of our lives.

Our cells are dependent on and respond to "consciousness" which determines how these cells react and respond which is in direct correlation to what we experience individually in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Fulfillment in life begins with awareness. A "Higher Awareness" regarding you, how your physical body functions and the underlying and often overlooked and/or misunderstood "Cause" behind it all.

Learning to consciously harmonize these "seemingly separate" aspects of you will enable you to achieve outcomes that you may have previously perceived to be unattainable and outside of your ability to direct and control.

As modern day science is "clearly showing" it NEVER has been and NEVER will be.

Rediscover Your True Power As Dr Bruce Lipton Explains
The Biology Of Belief and Perception

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