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"Discover how thousands of people, including doctors, are healing disease AND emotional issues spontaneously and WITHOUT modern medicine."

The Healing Codes Are Transforming Lives!

Listen To What a Few "Initially Skeptical" Healing Codes Customers Have To Say About Their Own Personal Transformation Using The Healing Codes

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Over the past several years thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world have reported healing from A-Z, from Lou Gehrig¹s Disease, to depression, to poison ivy after acquiring "The Healing Codes".

Knowledgeable, scientific, famous, and many just normal people like you and me, have declared the Healing Codes to be the ultimate solution after years of searching. In other words, "The Healing Codes" appear to be opening the floodgates to a whole new paradigm of PERSONAL POWER.

Since the discovery and release of The Healing Codes by Dr. Alex Loyd , peoples lives are being transformed all around the world.

More specifically The Healing Codes are teaching people that they do have the ability to turn on and SUPERCHARGE the most powerful healing mechanism known to man which, given the chance, is far more than capable of resolving and healing both emotional as well as physical health challenges safely and naturally.

What is this mechanism?

Your very own immune system, and ALL the pharmaceutical companies in the world can't even come close to matching it.

In fact, as so many are discovering, your body IS a pharmacy which holds far more powerful and effective NATURAL chemicals than any pharmaceutical company could ever hope to provide, which are FAR safer and more than capable of warding off ANY illness or dis-ease when the bodies sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are brought into balance.

The Healing Codes will teach and enable you to turn this system on very simply and very quickly, reduce the stress that is preventing your body from healing, subdue short or long term pain AND rid yourself of fears, phobias and painful memories.

With the help of The Healing Codes you will discover how to:

o Dissolve Emotional Issues...

o Super Charge your immune system…

o Help your body heal itself…

o Eliminate ALL your pain, stress, fear, depression and disease…

o Create new cells that will enable you to feel fresh and rejuvenated...

o Turn your body's Defensive Cells into super Growth Cells that will not allow illness to develop within you!

o Learn how you can turn on healing for your pets, children and family suffering from disease simply and easily.

Dr Alex Loyd Is Bringing Hope, Healing and Wholeness
To People Around The World

Learn For Yourself What People Are Saying About The Healing Codes

Skeptics STRONGLY Encouraged

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These Results Are Beyond POWERFUL!!

The Healing Codes Address The Core Issues That Cause Self Sabotage, Illness AND Dis-ease

In May 1905 Albert Einstein made an AMAZING discovery that would not only emerge into a much deeper understanding of how ALL things within our universe come into being, but would also one day change the entire course of history. That formula is E=MC2. For those that don't have a strong physics backround, what that means precisely is that EVERYTHING in our world is composed of PURE ENERGY.

This includes your physical body.

Over the next 100 years it is that very discovery that would literally change man’s understanding and open new doors which would allow modern day medicine and science to make quantum leaps in developing diagnostic technology and also allow them to delve further into never before realized or understood ways of how to evaluate and diagnose energy blockages in your body which is THE determining factor concerning your overall health.

This new understanding has led to the creation of the latest in medical diagnostic technologies such as MRI's, CAT scans, PET scans, EEG's, and others. While many are aware that these advances in modern day medicine exist, what most AREN'T aware of is that these modern day machines are utilized specifically to measure and detect energy blockages in the human body.

Although modern day medicine clearly understands that the human heart, and brain (autonomic nervous system) operate exclusively by electrical impulses, (energy) in the western medical world, they fail to use this knowledge to treat and prevent many of the illnesses and diseases that are experienced in our world today, and instead choose to prescribe synthetically manufactured and in many cases harmful pharmaceutical drugs and perform surgeries.

Although conventional medicine is a vital, extremely important and necessary part of our lives for numerous reasons, many of the treatments performed and medicines prescribed in western medicine deliver very poor results and in many cases can even prove to be harmful.

To give you an idea, did you realize that According to the World Health Organization, those of us in the USA have the most expensive health care system in the world with results that rank at 72nd.

Ouch! Not very comforting statistics, are they?

Since it is known and has been scientifically proven that EVERYTHING that exists in our world, including the human body, broken down into it's purest and most basic form consists of PURE ENERGY, does it not also make perfect sense that a lack of energy or energy blockage could be effectively treated with the very substance that it lacks?

The answer to that question is.....


And that is precisely what the Healing Codes does.

Now you can own the tool that turns on YOUR Healing System... and not all of the dollars of all of the pharmaceutical companies in the world can duplicate the amazing healing system you were born with.

Pharmaceutical drugs only treat symptoms and provide temporary relief. They do not get to the root cause of the malfunction and repair it.

The Healing Codes DOES NOT treat symptoms, but instead exposes, addresses and eliminates the core emotional issues which effect EVERY aspect of your life including your health. It gets to the core of what is creating the energy blockage within you, restores the flow of that energy and allows your body to do the job that it was created to do. Simply, Safely and Naturally WITHOUT the Harmful Side Effects many times experienced by those utilizing pharmaceutical drugs.

Regardless of your current level of awareness, you were born with the most powerful and effective health creation and healing mechanism available in the world, and now thanks to Dr. Loyd and The Healing Codes you can learn how to activate it .

For those that don’t have a basic understanding regarding how energy is responsible for what sustains and enlivens the entire cosmos and keeps EVERYTHING, including humans, alive and properly functioning, this may seem like hocus pocus stuff. It's NOT!! This is not some new agey theory or speculation but has been recognized by some of the most brilliant minds in the modern day world as fact.

Here are just a few of many quotes.....

"All matter is energy" - Albert Einstein

"Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields." - Prof. Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate, USA

"Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi M.D. Nobel Prize Laureate, Hungary

"Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body." - Prof. William Tiller, Nobel Prize Laureate Stanford University

These are modern day Nobel Prize winning scientists, not some new agey quacks.

If you find yourself in the mindset that this is just too good to be true or too "out there" based on your current level of understanding, do yourself a favor and do the research for yourself. You'll discover that it is absolute fact.

For those that do already have even a basic understanding regarding energy, the following won’t be such a stretch to grasp.

Regardless of your current level of awareness or what you may currently believe you will at some point benefit yourself and those you love greatly by taking the little time necessary to absorb what is shared below.

Does Your Body Really Have The Ability
To Heal Itself?

While for some time I have personally known and understood that normal everyday people have the ability to heal themselves, it was quite another thing to be able to explain it to others in a way they could conceive, believe, comprehend, understand, and very simply and effectively PUT TO USE that same ability to overcome any number of health issues both physically as well as emotionally.

Based on previously established teachings, many of them false, it has become the common knowledge of our day that healing is something that must be done in a controlled environment, and through the use of some combination of pharmaceutical drugs and/or highly trained medical teams. (Listen to this Interview with Dr Bruce Lipton PHD. cellular biologist and author of The Biology Of Belief)

Little do most people realize, that each and every individual in our world has the ability to allow their bodies to heal themselves, without the need in many cases of ANY external help. The body was created in such a way that it literally possesses all the natural medicines it needs to allow anyone to heal of nearly any condition regardless of how severe and regardless of what they may have been led to believe by the well intentioned naysayers.

I have personally seen in my life, and even in my own family, on numerous occasions where seemingly miraculous events took place, in relation to instant physical healing, but due to my limited understanding at the time, had no idea how these things came about short of referring to and leaning on previously established religious beliefs and the word MIRACLE to describe them. Although they were in fact miracles, most believe that these types of occurrences can only happen for a lucky few.


With the limited amount of understanding that I possessed at the time, it would have been impossible for me to share with you, exactly how these MIRACLES came to be except to say that they were realized and derived by those that experienced them through a belief that they could happen and faith that they would.

The Healing Codes are one such discovery that will allow you to not only develop the understanding as to how these seemingly miraculous events do occur, in relation to your own health and well being, but will also empower you to see and experience these miracles for yourself in your own life, WHETHER OR NOT you currently believe in their effectiveness.

Not only are their hundreds of personal testimonies concerning what the Healing Codes have assisted people in accomplishing in the way of their physical and emotional health, but as a result of correcting these issues, dramatically increasing their outcomes in various other areas of life as well. (Relational, Spiritual, Financial, etc.) Little do many know that both of these areas are tied together and that emotional issues which many times occur at a subconscious level causing them to go unrecognized, can and do actually cause physical illness and disease if ignored and not dealt with in a correct and timely fashion. In addition, their existence can create disharmony in other ares of life as well such as financial difficulties, relational issues, etc.

If you are currently dealing with any issues in your life whether physiological, psychological, relational, financial, etc. or know of someone who is, you will find the information at the Healing Codes website to be of tremendous benefit to you. The enormous and extensive amount of information and research shared will open your eyes to never before realized potential and possibility regarding how YOU TOO have the ability, through a VERY SIMPLE and EASY TO USE PROCESS, precisely how to correct the internal issues that are creating many of the challenges in your own life, in relation to your overall health and well being. With the help of the Healing Codes you will discover how to melt them away allowing and enabling your body to focus on the job that it was intended to do, and allow it to actually begin healing and maintaining itself.

I fully understand that based on years of previous teachings and established beliefs, (many of them false) that this may sound like jibberish and nonsense to some, but it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, scientifically validated, and it is actually happening in peoples lives ALL around the world.

(Follow this link to get instant access to a free tele-seminar conducted by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson that explains in great depth and detail exactly how the Healing Codes work.)

"My highest commendation goes to Dr. Alex Loyd. Alex and Dr. Ben Johnson have developed an incredible methodology for diagnosis and treatment. The Healing Codes excercises are Alex's brainchild and represents the most powerful treatment techniques in the energy field today. It was with Alex's help that the issues behind my own circumstances have dramatically changed. There's hardly an area of my life that has not been touched by his skillful and discerning gifts. Without apology, I affirm that his insights into The Healing Codes excercises have been divinely inspired." - Dr. Richard Glenn Ph.D.

Who Are Dr Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson?

Never before had I heard of Dr. Alex Lloyd or Dr. Ben Johnson until the news of the Healing Codes made it into my life. I have since discovered and found them to be two gentlemen that are making an IMMENSE and positive contribution to people around the world from all walks of life, who have discovered the life changing benefits that the Healing Codes provide, myself included.

Here's more about them....

Dr Ben Johnson

Dr Ben Johnson, an International cancer research doctor who holds 3 medical degrees (M.D., D.O. and N.M.D.) who prior to making the decision to dedicating his life to spread the word concerning The Healing Codes, operated a cancer treatment clinic in Atlanta Georgia, and is one of the many individuals whose life was personally and dramatically impacted with the benefits of the Healing Codes. (Follow This Link To Receive Instant Access This Recorded Teleseminar To Hear Dr. Ben Johnson's Whole Story)

In 2004 Dr. Ben Johnson was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, which according to the conventional medical community, there is "no hope or cure for." He received the same bleak diagnosis from 2 separate doctors whom he personally knew. For those of you that aren’t aware, 80% of those diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease usually die within five years and to Dr. Johnson's knowledge NONE that have survived past ten years.

Two and a half weeks after being diagnosed, Dr. Johnson met Dr. Loyd and learned of the Healing Codes. Although initially apprehensive, much of what Dr. Loyd shared with him made sense based on his knowledge and understanding of how the human body functioned. After digging deeper and doing additional research, Dr. Johnson decided to try the Healing Codes for himself. After practicing the Healing Codes for 3 months the symptoms of Lou Gehrig's disease appeared to be gone. Dr Ben Johnson returned to the first doctor who had diagnosed him and asked that he re-run the tests for Lou Gehrig’s and found it to be 100% gone! It has been well over 3 years since Dr. Ben Johnson’s diagnosis and encounter with this deadly disease and he has since experienced no symptoms whatsoever. (Click here to listen to Dr. Ben Johnson's story)

Today, that same Dr. Ben Johnson is free from Lou Gehrig's Disease, and immediately upon discovering the seemingly miraculous benefit's that he experienced, began training his staff at his cancer research facility to utilize the same Healing Codes with his cancer patients that saved and healed him from what the conventional medical community labeled as certain death. The results realized have proven to be nothing less than miraculous.

In Dr. Johnson’s words…….

"I know of nothing else that addresses and heals emotional and physical issues so effectively and completely as The Healing Codes"

Coming from a man with 3 medical degrees and a long professional history of practicing medicine, that is a powerful statement.

Dr Johnson has since left his cancer treatment facility and teamed up with Dr Alex Loyd to spread the word and share the amazing results being experienced around the world as a result of The Healing Codes.

Dr. Alex Loyd

Dr. Alex Lloyd, the founder, discoverer and the man credited with making the news of the Healing Codes public, used the Healing Codes to assist his wife in overcoming a 12 year bout with severe chronic depression.

In Dr. Loyd's words.....

"For 12 years I prayed for my wife. We tried numerous therapies with no significant results. After 45 minutes of applying the Healing Codes the immediate benefit was evident. With a little more work over the next three weeks, she shed her depression and now, should you meet her, you would not be able to imagine this bubbling woman was every depressed."

"My wife was free, of the devastating effects of the clinical depression that had plagued her for 12 long years. I then began using this "blueprint" with the clients I had in my private practice. As I would soon discover, this same blueprint could be used, to create a pathway for the body to "heal itself from any illness".

It was the very code by which the body actually heals all on its own. "(Check out both Dr Alex Loyds and Dr. Ben Johnson's complete story here.)

Both Dr. Alex Lloyd and Dr. Ben Johnson now travel the world as well as hold free weekly teleconferences sharing their story, answering questions and sharing with as many as they can reach, the seemingly miraculous outcomes that are being experienced as a result of individuals around the world using the Healing Codes.

Through their website, and through their teleseminars, , Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson are making a profound and positive impact in the lives of those that choose to take the time necessary to discover the amazing results that are being realized by individuals worldwide through this amazing and life changing discovery. Numerous personal testimonials continue to pour in sharing how the Healing Codes have assisted them in overcoming conditions ranging from serious physical illness to defeating long time emotional issues which cause those diseases.

How Exactly Do The Healing Codes Work?

The Healing Codes deal specifically with core issues which allow illness and disease to form and interfere with the bodies ability to heal itself. This is within ANYONE and EVERYONE’S capability to correct.

Many times these core issues are deeply buried at a cellular level, which according to Southwestern Medical school are known as "cellular memories" and you may not even be consciously aware that any problem exists. In many cases deeply embedded and subconscious emotional issues can show up in life not only as health problems, but also as financial challenges, relationship difficulties, anxiety issues that seem impossible to pinpoint, as well as fears and phobias of various kinds, ALL of which can, and unless properly addressed, WILL lead to physical ailments, premature aging, and/or dis-ease.

“The physical manifestation of a disease is a phantom. It's the cell's memory that is addicted; memory is more important than matter.” — Deepak Chopra M.D.

The Healing Codes guides and coaches individuals with specifically designed "Healing Protocols" which can be performed in as little as 6 minutes per day and are simple enough that a five year old can perform them. The Healing Codes protocols effectively remove the destructive pictures (cellular memories) regardless of how deeply they are buried which develop into false beliefs and results in the cellular stress which, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD., ( a cellular biologist who performed extensive research at Stanford University School Of Medicine) is responsible for up to 95% of the illness and disease that people experience. The results realized through the use of The Healing Codes, have been tested and are verifiable through a foolproof medical testing procedure called heart rate variability testing.

Something that is VERY IMPORTANT for you to understand is that YOU were born with the most effective health creation and healing mechanism available in the world. You only need to learn how to activate it. Contrary to what you have been previously led to believe regarding what it takes to become and remain healthy by the powerful multi-trillion dollar industries that I’m sure are cringing regarding the discovery of the Healing Codes, your body has FAR MORE ability to heal itself than that of potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs and many times unnecessary and ineffective medical procedures.

It has become a well known fact that modern day western medical treatments DO NOT treat root causes, but rather treat symptoms!! This is VERY important to understand. Although conventional medicine is necessary for trauma, etc. and many medical procedures may be able to temporarily make a pain go away, or a rash, or any number of things, there IS always a ROOT cause that made whatever it is appear in the first place and until that root cause is PROPERLY DEALT WITH, will continue to cause problems at some level.

With the help of The Healing Codes, you can learn to turn on your own natural healing ability simply, safely, and naturally with what Dr. Loyd, Dr. Johnson, and The Healing Codes provide and I can assure you all the money and all the pharmaceutical products in the world can’t even come close to doing the job toward achieving and maintaining your optimum health as YOU personally can, once you know how. The Healing Codes will provide you with the tools and the knowledge that will show you how to do precisely that. You only need to make the choice to develop the awareness of how to do so and apply what you learn.

How Do The Healing Codes Cure?

The Healing Codes in and of themselves don’t cure anything, but only teach you a process that eliminates the "cellular stress" that is creating the various emotional and health issues you are experiencing at a deep cellular level and which is the ultimate cause of making people ill. Once those "emotional issues" are properly dealt with and eliminated, it enables the autonomic nervous system to get back into balance and allows the body's natural immune system to get back to work in the way it was designed, ridding the body not only of existing disease but also fens off and prevents future would be illnesses as well.

In the words of Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for The Soul.....

"Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in the world today - it will revolutionize health. It is the easiest way to get well and stay well fast. Dr. Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time"

The way that Dr Loyd received the insight for The Codes is amazing in itself. If for no other reason go to the Healing Codes site and hear Dr. Alex Loyd's amazing story as to how this incredible knowledge came to him concerning the use of The Healing Codes.

Regardless of where you currently stand in relation to your belief, take the few minutes to check out the Healing Codes Site. Through the in depth explanations as well as the scientific proof that shows from a physical perspective how the Healing Codes works so effectively, it may very well prove to be and provide you with the answer to experiencing vibrant health and well being far into the future for you and your family.

It's no secret that our current medical understandings as well as many current "medical treatments" have fallen far short of providing the necessary answers and solutions that individuals need to overcome their life threatening conditions. The Healing Codes may very well prove to be THE answer to the future health and well being of people worldwide. The Healing Codes is most definitely a discovery who’s time has come.

Do yourself a big favor and check them out for yourself . The few minutes it takes could very well prove to be the few minutes that could save your life or that of someone that you love, today, tomorrow, or at some point in the future.

You can listen to numerous testimonies and request further information concerning the Healing Codes by following this link .

Dr. Alex Loyd truly has discovered a mechanism to transform the negative effects of stress at a cellular level which have been scientifically proven to cause as much as 95% of ALL illness and disease and will allow your body and mind to be healed safely and naturally, utilizing the very healing system that you were born with.

Discover how the Healing Codes can assist you or someone you love to Heal Your Life AND your Health, both physically AND emotionally, easily, naturally, and with undeniable effectiveness and simplicity.

For those that require more scientific information and deeper insight into how it is that the Healing Codes work as powerfully and effectively as they do, be sure to listen to this recent interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD . Dr Lipton is a cellular biologist and best selling author of The Biology Of Belief, who recently discovered through extensive scientific research performed at Stanford Universities School of Medicine that it is in fact internal processes and not external factors which determine an individuals overall health and well being.

Also be sure to learn about how the Healing Codes helped her young son Christopher, who was diagnosed with Leukemia and in the process had accumulated $1,000,000.00 in medical bills. In her own words.....

"What a million dollars in medical care could not do for Christopher, The Healing Codes has done for him."

This story will give you GOOSEBUMPS.

You can read her story here .

As with anything in life, you have been provided an inalienable right of free will and the power to choose what you will or will not do. It is those choices that will determine your future results.

I realize that in this day and age people's lives are extremely busy and that time is certainly a factor. The time it takes to check out what Dr. Alex Loyd has discovered may very well prove to be the best time you have ever spent with regard to your overall health and well being and may very well prove to provide the answers as well as the solution which enable you to experience all the health, wholeness and fulfillment in life that you deserve and which is yours for the asking.

Please join us and use this amazing and life changing technology for yourself, your family, your friends and even your pets.

Your package purchase price, is completely backed up by The Healing Codes 100%, iron clad, money back, “customer satisfaction”, no questions asked guarantee.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and a lifetime of health, wealth, harmony, and overall well being to gain.

The Healing Codes are transforming thousands of lives around the planet. It can do the same for you IF you'll allow it to.

It is our sincere and heartfelt hope that through the extensive information and knowledge shared throughout, that you will become aware of the many previously established false beliefs that you hold, which may be not only effecting your health, but which are keeping you from living and experiencing a life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace and Unlimited Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Time Sensitive Offer

Act Today And Try The Healing Codes Risk Free For $99.00

Use the Healing Codes and Experience Them For Yourself Absolutely Risk Free For A Full 1 Year and Take Advantage Of The 2 Easy Pay Option.

The Healing Codes

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Each of the resources in the Healing Codes Article and throughout has been personally researched and tested by the founder and is believed to be a powerfully effective natural cure in balancing and harmonizing the bodies immune system. The information regarding the Healing Codes is however not intended to be construed as medical advice. It's sole purpose is to allow you to consider an alternative point of view that may be contrary to previous beliefs that you have established, and allow you to choose for yourself. Whatever conclusions you may arrive at concerning The Healing Codes, should be deemed as your responsibility. When a Healing Codes purchase is made through our site, we are compensated for those who we refer. Click here for details.

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