What "The Secret" Doesn't Tell You About The REAL Secret of Cellular Memories

The Law of Attraction and Cellular Memory Is Really No Secret At All But Cellular Memory Does In MANY Cases, Keep You From Getting What You Want

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In this article, we're going to be exploring and talking about Cellular Memories. Although cellular memories aren't anything new nor are they a Secret any more than what has recently been relabeled as The Law of Attraction, they DO play a vital role in determining the kind and quality of life that you'll experience.

And when I refer to quality of life and how cellular memories do impact the quality of yours, I'm referring to EVERY aspect of life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

And although there are MANY things today referred to as A Secret, cellular memories aren't any more "a secret" than the fact that The Law of Attraction is based on sound scientific principles although it is not labeled as the Law of Attraction in most scientific circles.

Were you aware that "The Secret" doesn't tell you about The REAL Secret?

Sure, the creators of the 2006 production 'The Secret' did an incredible job of making the world more "consciously aware" of what has been recently labeled The Law of Attraction, but although recently given a "new name" The Law of Attraction isn't anything "new" and it most certainly has never been a secret at all...ever.

There is an ever expanding awareness resulting in a newer and deeper understanding about The Law of Attraction that's quickly becoming mainstream knowledge that up until now HAS been for the most part...a secret.

There's another "Secret" that's surfacing which scientists and modern day biologists are making an ever growing number of people aware of also.

It's called cellular memories although in reality even it isn't "really" a secret at all any more than what is now being called The Law of Attraction is. But aside from a ll the various labels, acquiring a basic understanding and making the connection between cellular memories and The Law of Attraction (or whatever label you choose) can most certainly have a very positive and long lasting impact as it pertains to real world results.

A deeper understanding of how cellular memories and the Law of Attraction impact EVERY aspect of your life can and will most certainly assist you in creating more desirable outcomes in your life. EVERY aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

How could cellular memories be relevant to you, your physical health, your financial well being and even your relationships?

To fully understand and grasp the importance and significance of cellular memories in your life and how it impacts you individually, let's narrow it down to one specific area.

Let’s talk for a few minutes about your "physical health."

There are a number of new discoveries being made almost daily in the scientific community with regard to what’s “truly going on” in the area of health and wellness…more specifically what’s necessary to create and maintain optimum health in YOUR body.

It's not that these discoveries provide some external bandaid approach to health and wellness but rather assist in harmonizing the "internal aspects" of you which enables your body to do the job that it was intended to do.

These new discoveries are providing compelling evidence that clearly shows that cellular memories play a TREMENDOUS role in determining the quality of your health AND that you can even reverse currently existing health issues that may be present at the cellular level.

Although it’s been a secret for the most part, as more discoveries are being made the secret is getting out making it "a Secret no more!!"

As great as the 2006 production The Secret was in introducing the world to the fact that The Law of Attraction is REAL, what they were unable to effectively convey at any depth was HOW to make The Law of Attraction work for you in a desirable kind of way consistently.

I, doctors, scientists and countless tens of thousands like me are discovering that it's cellular memories.

There's more to creating harmony and fulfillment in life than being aware of the Law of Attraction for sure.

Let me ask you…

Why would the people responsible for creating the movie The Secret all call Dr. Alex Loyd to get help for their friends and family's health problems?

What's more why would Dr. Loyd’s Healing Codes partner Dr. Ben Johnson (who was one of the featured teachers in the movie The Secret) who has three medical degrees, leave his highly successful cancer clinic in Atlanta, Georgia to become a partner in a small and relatively new company with Dr. Loyd a number of years ago?

Well, the reasons are flat out exciting and really GREAT news for those who are open and receptive to a "non-traditional approach" to health and wellness that the pharmaceutical giants and conventional medicine systems that are predominant in western culture would rather that you didn’t become aware of.

But the power behind this "non traditional" approach certainly isn't anything new...in fact the wisdom behind it has been readily available for more than 6000 years.

So why would the masses be unaware of it?

Enter the Real Secret...or at least what these medical and pharmaceutical institutions are attempting to keep a secret.

We'll be exploring ALL of those questions in more depth in just a little bit...first let's delve a bit deeper into what has recently been “labeled” as "The Secret."

If you saw The Secret production, you’re well aware and at some level understand what The Law of Attraction is. In case you haven’t, the one paragraph answer is that whatever you think about, feel, say, or in other words, vibrate or resonate determines what you attract to you.

That’s why it’s now being called The Law of Attraction. Based on what The Secret production revealed and made millions aware of, you would think that it should be pretty easy to focus on what you want and bring whatever you want to you.

One thing is absolute and it’s CERTAINLY not a Secret. You CAN attract “Whatsoever ye desire” as the mystics, ancients and masters since antiquity have openly and freely shared since antiquity whether it be vibrant health, financial fulfillment, your dream career, wholesome and fulfilling relationships - or WHATSOEVER you have a desire to experience.

Whatsoever means just that...whatsoever.

But there’s more to it than wanting and desiring. Wanting and Desiring is a conscious process. There’s often something going on under the radar, that you’re not “consciously” aware of and it’s necessary to understand this VITAL aspect of attraction before you can expect to attract and experience “desirable outcomes” consistently.

Enter...Cellular Memories.

It's this under the radar process...the resonance that you experience INSIDE at the level of cellular memories where the SUBCONSCIOUS aspects of you are asking for something that in more cases than not conflicts with your CONSCIOUS thought processes.

Here's what The Secret didn’t delve into deeply enough about The Secret…

More than 90% of all our thoughts are under the radar habitual subconscious thoughts and feelings. What that means and how it’s applicable to you is that it can seem REALLY hard initially to change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about something...because you‘re not even "consciously aware" of what many of these thoughts, feelings and beliefs are!

As I and an ever growing number of Doctors, scientists and a host of others teach, your predominant ATTENTION determines your INTENTION which also determines what you attract to you.

Your "conscious intention"…what you want and desire…is often overwritten and sabotaged by the subconscious.

In other words you’re asking for something other than you "think" you are and without fail The Law of Attraction (what’s recently been labeled as The Secret) brings it to you.


With that being the case, getting what you want seems futile doesn‘t it? How can you possibly become conscious of what you’re asking for if you aren’t aware of and don't have control over more than 90% of the thoughts that you think as the experts have clearly shown?

More importantly, how can you make this Law of Attraction thing work for you consistently?"

There is a very simple yet extremely effective and powerful way to address these underlying root causes. This is the technology that the originator, director, and CEO of the movie The Secret all wanted for their friends and family's healing.

This is very same technology Dr. Ben Johnson used to release his Lou Gehrig's Disease and precisely why he left his practice in Atlanta to join Dr Alex Loyd. They all know that The Healing Codes gets to the root beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and changes them at the "cellular level", so that you can focus on what you want, both CONSCIOUSLY and SUBCONSCIOUSLY which brings it to you.

The key and what "traditional western medicine" and the pharmaceutical giants don’t currently acknowledge for a number of reasons is "cellular memory."

Cellular Memories is the scientific name.

A more spiritual name for these "cellular memories” could be referred to as “issues of the heart.” Issues of the heart operate under the radar and escape your “conscious awareness.”

There’s an answer though to getting to the heart of any issues we experience and it’s quite simple to use. Extremely simple in fact and requires about 30 minutes to learn to begin using it effectively and removing these "heart issues" or if you prefer the "cellular memories."

It’s called the Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes seeks out harmful cellular memories or "heart junk," as Dr. Alex Loyd likes to call it, and actually changes the frequency at the "cellular level" and shifts "subconscious" disharmonious beliefs from "unfounded and self sabotaging beliefs" to beliefs that harmonize with what I like to refer to as "Higher Truth."

Higher Truth as I use it is not "religious" in nature. Higher Truth is untainted by man’s perceptions, doctrines and the dogmas that have arisen through man made religions and teachings. Higher Truth is manifested and experienced in your life through naturally occurring feelings of love, happiness, wealth, joy, peace…"unconditionally" which is what you feel and is experienced without "trying" or consistently attempting to force yourself to feel this way when these cellular memories are healed!

That is why so many people's health problems (many times very serious) change so quickly! That is why all of those people who know how to use the Law of Attraction also knew that The Healing Codes was important to healing as well as other things they desire. Because you have to heal the root, core, underlying subconscious "heart junk" before real change can happen.

That's what conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are for the most part refusing to acknowledge. But many doctors are acknowledging and using it.

They're beginning to understand that to heal...to really heal and eliminate future problems, The CORE of the issue MUST be dealt with and alleviated.

That's precisely what The Healing Codes does. That's why Dr Ben Johnson's Lou Gehrig's disease left his body. The Healing Codes enables your body to come into balance. It allows the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to harmonize allowing the body...more specifically the immune system to do what it was intended to do and keep you well.

It deals with "cellular memories"...shifts the resonance at your core of being which attracts to you energies that harmonize perfectly, precisely and unwaveringly with the inner change experienced enabling and empowering you to begin attracting what you want rather than what you don't want.

And once you've used The Healing Codes on these root causes, once you’ve shifted the inner aspects of cellular memory at the cellular level, you know what it means to begin feeling your way to attracting what you desire.

That's the REAL SECRET (although in reality it's NOT a secret at all) to healing in EVERY aspect of your life.

EVERY aspect means physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Healing Codes provides you with a very powerful tool to help you to make the Law of Attraction work for you, consciously, intentionally and consistently.

If you are not healing or if you're employing the methods to create your life the way you want it but you consistently find yourself NOT getting what you want...you have what Dr Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson refer to as heart junk that is attracting the polar opposite of what you want.

Subconscious heart junk.

Utilizing The Healing Codes to clear the heart junk (cellular memories) utilizing what is now being called The Secret…aka The Law of Attraction, you’ll know what it means to begin creating your life your way...the way you want it.

I encourage you to explore and do your own due diligence on The Healing Codes . It could be the wisest and most empowering decision you could ever make.

Obviously whatever you do is your choice.

Whatever that might be, I wish you Joy, Love, Profound Inner Peace and unlimited prosperity in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Now You Can Own The Tool That Turns On Your Healing System...

…and not all of the dollars of all of the pharmaceutical companies can duplicate the system you were born with.

The Healing Codes

The Wisdom Is Timeless…The Possibilities Infinite…The Technology Tangible

It’s Time Has Come…Are YOU Ready To Benefit?

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