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Delfin Worldwide Inc Is Transforming Lives Around The World

Delfin Worldwide Inc was founded by Leslie Fieger who is also the founder of Learning Frontier Technologies.

Delfin is an online company that contributes tremendous benefit to the world through it's transformational life enhancement products known as The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy .

Unlike traditional businesses Delfin exists as a 21st century company which conducts and transacts it's business 100% online. Although a real company which is incorporated and has directors, shareholders, etc. Delfin is also a virtual company which markets it's products, both tangible and digital through it's state of the art online resources and has implemented a very powerful and effective business model which shares the MAJORITY of it's profits with those that choose to actively participate and further contribute to others through the marketing of the transformational products offered by Delfin Worldwide.

Delfin Worldwide Inc provides Life Transformation Educational Products to individuals in countries around the world which provide a refreshingly powerful approach in assisting those that utilize them through the knowledge, tools, and practical application of the knowledge shared to enhance their outcomes in various areas of life.

Delfin Worldwide utilizes a unique, proven, and unparalleled marketing model called the one up system which utilizes the power of leveraging for it's marketers as well as an escalating and continual passive income for efforts performed once. Delfin provides those that choose to market it's line of products with a customized website, a state of the art virtual back office, as well as the resources to effectively market them through the world wide web. The company is unique in that it offers two levels of marketing opportunities. One is free to anyone who desires to begin a home based business and the other which Delfin has named Premier Affiliate Status provides the Premier Affiliate with the complete Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy as well as the opportunity to market them at no additional cost.

Delfin was founded upon and operates under the principles of honesty, integrity, and contribution to others, and is fulfilling it's basis of operation by contributing to the world in a meaningful and positive way fully understanding that by assisting enough others to get what they want, that the company and those that choose to market the Delfin product line in turn receive what they want as well.

In Leslie Fieger's own words….

"I have learned that my own life becomes more valuable and fulfilling when I am committed to being a contribution, to making a difference in the lives of my fellow travelers on this journey called life, and to leaving this world, in some way, a better place than I found it. I apply myself, in my limited way, to that task. I hope that you will find some value in what I have to offer."

Delfin is most certainly making a tremendous contribution worldwide to not only those that have the good fortune of acquiring the transformational products distributed by Delfin Worldwide but for those that choose to become a part of the Delfin Opportunity.

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