Leslie Fieger : Life Teacher, Mentor and Major Contributor To Making Our Planet A Better
and More Prosperous Place For All

Leslie Fieger is recognized as the wealth mentor around the world

Leslie Fieger

Leslie Fieger Founder Of
Delfin Worldwide Inc.

Leslie Fieger, the creator of the Delfin Knowkedge System Trilogy has contributed to tens of thousands of individuals around the globe through a number of life enhancing products that he has created and which Delfin Worldwide Inc. distributes.

The "Premier" product which is known as The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy has become widely known as the PHD in personal empowerment resources.

Through Leslie's contributions and willingness to share with those who possess a sincere desire to transform their lives, Leslie Fieger has rightfully earned and acquired a number of titles...one being 'The Sixty Million Dollar Man' and another the "Wealth Mentor" through his uncommon ability to effectively teach and communicate his wisdom and knowledge around the globe enabling and empowering others to create a life by design.

Leslie's extensive business and wealth building background is impressive to say the least. In 1995 Leslie founded a company called Delfin International which marketed and distributed The Delfin Knowledge System educational materials worldwide in the offline world, and assisted thousands around the world to achieve massive monetary success by achieving over $60,000,000.00 in affiliate earnings in under 6 years.

As a result, Leslie personally became a self made millionaire in less than 12 months, and has since restructured Delfin International and created Delfin Worldwide Inc which allows and empowers those that choose to participate, the ability to acquire The Delfin line of products as well as the opportunity to market the ENTIRE LINE of transformational products, known as The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy in the online world, and from the comfort and convenience of home.

Realizing such massive success in such a short period of time with the limited resources available off line, and recognizing the tremendous and limitless potential of exposing the Delfin line of products to a potential world wide audience of over 6,000,000,000 through the convenience of the internet, Leslie formed the vision and the means to not only empower everyday people from all walks of life to create a lucrative, wealth building home based business for themselves but at the same time enable them to reach a seeking and hungry audience enabling them the opportunity to acquire the life transforming self empowerment system known as The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy that DelfinWorld provides.

Leslie personally studied, created and successfully utilized this same life transforming education that collectively makes up The Delfin Knowledge System to achieve massive success in his own life and as a result of that success has begun fulfilling his vision and purpose by contributing what he has discovered to others on a worldwide scale.

Leslie Fieger's vision as well as his selfless contribution is enabling average people around the world, from all walks of life to not only awaken to and become consciously aware of their individual limitless potential to achieve lives of fulfillment, harmony, and prosperity through the understanding acquired through The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy, and also enables them to participate in the life changing opportunity that his company DelfinWorld provides, which if properly utilized enables and empowers them to create substantial monetary wealth for themselves.

The Profound Impact That Leslie Fieger Has Made In My Life

Each of us in this world have some form of mentor, someone who has impacted our life in one way or another and who made a deep and lasting impression that will remain with us until it’s time to leave this realm of existence we refer to as life.

These mentors can range in service from being someone who first taught you to ride a bike to being someone who opened your eyes to a whole new world that you may not had been previously aware even existed.

For me one of those people is Leslie Fieger.

No, Leslie didn't teach me to ride a bike in the literal sense. But what he did assist in teaching me is how to rise above a seemingly insurmountable mountain of Fear, Anxiety, Anguish and Sense Of Hopelessness which through his incredible desire and willingness to contribute, enabled and empowered me to become aware of, discover and begin to "consciously utilize" my personal power to begin "consciously creating" a life that at one point I, at a deep subconscious level, believed to be unreachable.

Through his life transforming teachings, example and leadership I became empowered and as a result set out to fulfill my purpose and passion of sharing with and awakening those also desiring and willing to discover the life changing power that they also possess, but have yet to fully discover and utilize.

It is due in great part to Leslie Fieger's transformational knowledge and wisdom and his unselfish willingness and uncommon ability to share it, that enabled and empowered me to rise above what at one point I believed to be a life of mediocrity and inevitable struggle. It is due to Leslie's immense yet unselfish contribution that I am able to sincerely, and with a tremendous amount of heartfelt gratitude, share these words with you today.

Leslie Fieger awakened me, as he has tens of thousands of others around the world, to the many inner blocks I had allowed myself to absorb and provided the necessary tools and knowledge which empowered me to recognize and eliminate them, enabling me to awaken and come into the realization of who I TRULY am. Through his direction I began to recognize my personal ability to also contribute and as a result experience dramatic change in my own life through the life transforming power of his work and the many life lessons that I have since learned through him.

Although my initial introduction to Leslie was through his work and I had never personally met him face to face, I am proud to say that he has become a personal mentor and valued friend who I am now able to interact with several times per week. How that connection was established transpired in a "seemingly" miraculous way and as a direct result of the life changing principles which I learned through him.

Leslie Fieger has made a profoundly positive, and life long impact on my life through his many life changing writings and teachings. Leslie possesses a depth of knowledge, wisdom and understanding uncommon in our world, in relation to the immutable and unwavering process of manifestation, and more importantly an extremely rare talent of effectively conveying that understanding in a clear and concise manner, to those who might not otherwise become aware of it's existence.

It was due, in great part to Leslie's teaching, that I discovered tremendous insight and a much deeper understanding regarding how the seemingly complex events, conditions and circumstances in our personal lives as well as our world really come to be, and as a result, found within myself unrealized and untapped potential, opportunities, and discovered a person that I had not previously realized existed. It is because of those discoveries and the profoundly empowering impact of being mentored by Leslie that I now have the opportunity, the pleasure and the duty to share what I do with you.

Leslie Fieger is the author of numerous life enhancement works focusing on "Self Awareness" and "Life Mastery" which collectively make up what has become known worldwide as The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy. (DKS) The Delfin Knowledge system has been rightfully credited with changing, not only my own, but countless others lives all around the world, enabling and empowering those that have had the good fortune to study and apply Leslie's amazingly effective and transformational teaching and direction, to achieve life results that to many seem unreachable and unachievable.

Leslie's profoundly powerful and transformational message and direction, compiled and distributed through "The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy" provides a rare and extremely self empowering sense of "Inner Wisdom" and an unshakable "Knowing" combined with a practical, effective and transformational life blueprint for making even the loftiest and seemingly "Unreachable" goals and desires a physical reality.

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy is considered to be a Total Transformation System with regard to life enhancement whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually and provides those who choose to acquire and apply it's wisdom, everything that is required to achieve life / self mastery.

If I am enabled to accomplish even a small percentage of what Leslie Fieger has contributed to our world through his uncanny yet profound depth of knowledge, wisdom, and willingness to share and contribute, I will feel sufficiently satisfied that I have served my purpose well and finished what I came into this life to accomplish.

If you feel so inclined to investigate further and discover for yourself how The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy might also prove to have the same transformational impact in your own life as it has in mine as well as tens of thousands of others from all walks of life, you can discover more about it here .

Through special arrangements made with Leslie and thanks to the incredible technology available today, if you would like to arrange a personal Q&A session regarding The Delfin Knowledge System or the wealth creating opportunity provided to market the Delfin products

contact me through this link and I'll arrange an online meeting where we can talk personally and get any questions that you may have answered.

Regardless of where you may currently find yourself in regard to your life circumstances and no matter what you may currently believe with regard to your individual ability to experience a life of harmony, fulfillment and plenty, know this....

You are a limitless creature existing within an infinite Universe with the ability to achieve hopes, dreams and visions limited only by your willingness to conceptualize, visualize, and "Allow" them to unfold in your life.

As Leslie will show you in a clear, concise, yet profound manner, we each have the ability to achieve MASSIVE success in life simply by changing your mind regarding it's attainment.

That is precisely what Leslie Fieger does.

As I have so gratefully discovered due in great part to Leslie Fieger, If you can conceive it, you can most certainly achieve it. You only need to discover and awaken the ability which you already possess to make it a reality and be shown the path that will take you there. Leslie Fieger knows how to do just that in such a way as no one else I have discovered and can do the same for you should you make the choice that you're ready.

Leslie Fieger and The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy will assist you in not only shifting your paradigms concerning what you believe is possible, they will enable and empower you to make those newfound possibilities a "very real" part of your life just as they have me and so many others.

Regardless of how much or how little you have accomplished at this point in your journey, you possess hidden and untapped potential within you waiting and desiring to be awakened.

Leslie Fieger and The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy may very well prove to be the wake up call that you've been waiting for, which will awaken, empower, and guide you step by step to becoming the "Conscious Creator" that enables you to experience the life of your dreams.

Only you can decide if you're finally ready to receive it.

Once that choice is made Leslie Fieger will show you precisely how you can.

You have been provided with the inalienable right of free will. Should you make the choice to investigate the Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy further, it could very well prove to be the most rewarding, transformational and life changing decision you have ever made with regard to transforming yourself and your life experience as it has mine and numerous others around the world.

That too, is up to you.

That is a choice that only you and you alone can make. For myself and many like me, it was one of the wisest and most life transforming choices I've ever made with regard to my overall personal, professional, financial and spiritual growth.

The transformational wisdom shared through the Delfin Knowledge System combined with the wealth building opportunity that Leslie Fieger has so cleverly and selflessly put together may very well prove to be the vehicle that will enable you to awaken to and achieve a life of purpose, fulfillment, harmony and limitless prosperity in each and every area of YOUR life....

Physically, Emotionally, Relationally, Spiritually and Financially.

What I have come to recognize and choose to refer to as a life of Abundance and Happiness.

Whatever your choices may be, both today and far into the future, I wish for you an abundance of ALL good things.

Namaste My Friend.


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