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Dr Alex Loyd Discoverer Of The Healing Codes And The Success Codes Along With Dr Ben Johnson Are Making A Powerful And Positive Difference Around The World In The Area Of Wholeness And Natural Health

Dr Alex Loyd - The Healing Codes and The Success Codes

Dr. Alex Loyd is the the founder of EnerVisions, a company whose focus is dedicated to spreading the word in relation to the latest and most powerful natural health alternatives ever discovered and providing 2 amazingly powerful natural healing mechanisms to people around the world which directly address and enhance the body's natural immune system and remove the deeply embedded and undetectable subconscious blocks or as science refers to them, "Cellular Memories", relating to sabotaging health, success and fulfillment in life.

These surpisingly effective life changing mechanisms discovered and created by Dr Alex Loyd are known as The Healing Codes and The Success Codes , and based on thousands of testimonials from around the world are proving to have an extremely empowering and transformational impact on those who choose to utilize them.

Both the Healing Codes and The Success Codes programs are designed specifically for addressing and removing deeply embedded subconscious issues, or as Dr Alex Loyd refers to them "issues of the heart" utilizing an extremely simple to implement yet surprisingly powerful method that can be easily and quickly performed from the comfort of home.

As Dr Alex Loyd would discover after years of research, it is due to these deeply embedded "subconscious issues" which effects people from all walks of life not only in areas of success and fulfillment, but as recent scientific discoveries have made evident, dramatically effects their overall health and wellness as well as it relates to the human physiology. Recent science has addressed and labeled these same subconscious issues as "cellular memory" or as Dr Alex Loyd refers to them "issues of the heart."

Dr Alex Loyd's story begins many years ago as he embarked on a search which began as a result of looking for a cure for his wife's 12 year bout with clinical depression. For years they attempted to find a cure through traditional medicine, but due to numerous side effects his wife experienced as a result of unsuccessfully utilizing various anti-depressants, Dr. Loyd turned to and began to seek out natural alternatives.

At that time Dr Loyd had a private counseling practice during which time he went back to school with the intent of becoming a "depression expert" in the hopes that he could assist his wife in overcoming her long endured battle with severe depression. After discovering and attempting various modalities unsuccessfully in his search for natural methods to provide relief for his wife's condition, Dr Alex Loyd had begun traveling the country and various parts of the world attempting to find an effective cure.

He trained in various Chinese therapies, accu-puncture, chakra and energy therapies etc. none of which provided the level of relief that he desired and hoped they would.

As Dr Alex Loyd can be quoted as saying.....

"For 12 years I prayed that my wife could be healed of the depression that has afflicted our family."

In the spring of 2001, Dr. Loyd discovered, quite amazingly through what he refers to as a "revelation", a simple, and extremely powerful physical mechanism that would prove to be what he had spent so many years searching for. Dr Alex Loyd discovered a healing mechanism now known as The Healing Codes that eliminates the physiological stress in the body. His prayers had been answered.

A few years later after the discovery of the Healing Codes, Dr. Loyd would make yet another amazing discovery. The same Healing Codes that were responsible for thousands of testimonials of healing around the world could be re-patterned into a slightly varying set of protocols and assist with success and fulfillment issues in life as well. As a result of this discovery The Success Codes were released.

For the next year after this his initial discovery of The Healing Codes and the healing of his wifes depression, Dr. Alex Loyd further tested and validated the effectiveness of this mechanism, which would later become known as The Healing Codes through pre-post Heart Rate Variability tests which is the state-of-the-art mainstream medical diagnostic test for measuring stress in the autonomic nervous system.

Basically, heart rate variability testing enables examiners to see when the autonomic nervous system is in or out of balance using state of the art medical diagnostic equipment without the possibility for inaccuracies. When the autonomic nervous system is out of balance it causes physiological stress in the body which in turn not only effects the operation of the immune system, but various other areas of life as well such as an inability to succeed at desired levels or experience fulfillment in other areas of life.

As Dr Alex Loyd would also discover, according to research performed at Stanford University, by Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD., an estimated 95 plus percent of all people walk around experiencing this type of stress, most without even being consciously aware of it. It is this same form of stress which according to Dr Bruce Lipton PHD. , is responsible for the same 95% plus of ALL illness and disease.

In 86% of the documented studies Dr Alex Loyd performed in his testing the Healing Codes, utilizing heart rate variability testing as the measuring device, stress was virtually eliminated from the body within 20 minutes of using The Healing Codes protocols and the autonomic nervous system was brought back into balance.

This was something that had NEVER been accomplished before in the history of medicine.

Previous to Dr. Loyd's research and testing of The Healing Codes, there were only 2 known methods that brought the autonomic nervous system into balance and they required six weeks of consistent use to balance the autonomic nervous system, according to available literature going back as far as 30 years. Even then the physiological stress was only eliminated for a few minutes and in best case scenarios a few hours at a time. The protocols afforded through The Healing Codes showed that balance was still apparent 48 hours later in the majority of cases after only one initial 20 minute session utilizing The Healing Codes protocols that Dr Alex Loyd had discovered.

Both The Healing Codes and The Success Codes were created after Dr Alex Loyd received what he refers to as a "revelation" in 2001 just after boarding a plane that would prove to change not only his and his wifes own lives but since has proven to make a profound and positive impact around the world as well for those seeking a totally natural alternative for any number of issues.

The revelation that he had received provided a noticeable difference in his wife's depression within only forty five minutes of performing the healing protocols which had been revealed to him on her, and through continued use over the following 3 weeks the clinical depression that she had suffered from for 12 years completely disappeared.

What 12 years of pharmaceuticals and various treatments couldn't do, the Healing Codes did in 45 minutes.

Knowing and experiencing first hand the effectiveness the Healing Codes had on his wife's depression, he began recommending and utilizing the Healing Codes to his patients for their emotional and psychological issues. Little did he know at the time that the patients would soon start coming forward stating that not only was it working for the psychological issues, but major physical issues that they had been diagnosed with and suffering from were disappearing as well, some of which at the time Dr Alex Loyd wasn't even aware of.

Little did Dr Loyd know at the time that the patients utilizing the Healing Codes started making claims that not only were their symptoms of depression and anxiety being overcome but previously diagnosed serious health issues were being resolved as well.

It's important to note that it is NOT the Healing Codes in and of themselves that cure or heal anything but rather that they address the deeply embedded subconscious issues, or as science refers to them, "cellular memories" that according to the Stanford University research have been discovered to be responsible for shutting down the immune system allowing disease to form within the body.

When these subconscious issues or cellular memories are properly addressed as has been validated through thousands of individual testimonials after using The Healing Codes, the immune system has the ability to heal almost any condition completely on it's own, without the need for pharmaceuticals and conventional western medicine.

The Healing Codes don't merely address symptoms as so many medical therapies and drugs do, they get to the heart of the issue and resolve it.

Dr Alex Loyd 's revelation revealed 4 healing centers on the body that had never before been discovered that with very simple to perform protocols performed with the hands, removed the physiological stress from the body and, through heart rate variability testing, which unlike the placebo effect, can be easily verified as effective.

It's been long known and no secret that according to the Center For Disease Control that 80% of disease is due to stress. Dr Lipton PHD based on his research at Stanford University's School of Medicine in 1998 claims that this is a very low percentage and is actually MUCH higher than that.

As has been discovered, the autonomic stress created in the body is due to a gland in the brain called the Hypothalamus.

The Hypothalamus is a mechanism in the brain which sends a signal to the rest of the body which causes the autonomic nervous system to go into fight or flight mode when danger is detected. As Dr. Loyd discovered when this happens the immune system is shut down as an automatic response mechanism to allow the body full energy to get out of the danger that it perceives that it's in. As Dr Lipton's research concluded many times this danger is perceived by the body due to cellular memories which are stored for any number of various reasons. Although there is no real danger, the cellular memories stored due to any number of past traumatic experiences or "false beliefs" create this stress initiating the fight or flight mode within the body's autonomic nervous system repressing the immune system and allowing dis-ease to form.

In fact according to Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD, a cellular biologist and best selling author of The Biology Of Belief, (mentioned above) 95% or more of people walk around in this type of physiological stress continually without even being consciously aware of it.

As Dr Alex Loyd states, The Healing Codes can be considered a Quantum Physics healing system providing unprecedented and verifiable results like none other documented in the history of healing and deal directly with these memories or "beliefs" at a cellular level effectively uprooting and eliminating them.

Dr Loyd further explains that everything in nature is coded with a specific DNA which in the case of flowers for example, determines the difference between say a rose and a different type of flower. The Healing Codes works at this level in such a way that restores the cells of the body to their natural state removing the destructive cellular memory and as a result enables the body's immune system to do the job that it was originally intended to do.

Quite simply, the discovery that Dr Alex Loyd has made in The Healing Codes correspond with the natural healing centers of the body bringing individual cells out of stress mode and back into balance allowing the immune system to go to work at 100% efficiency to do the job that it was intended to do.

As Dr Alex Loyd has discovered, when you remove the physiological stress from the body, the immune system can and does heal the body by itself.

According to Dr Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson DO. MD. NMD., there has been nothing discovered thus far that the immune system cannot heal when brought into balance including physical damage to bones, cartilage etc.

When asked if The Healing Codes require any type of belief or faith both Dr Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson answer that it is not necessary to believe in the effectiveness of the Healing Codes because they are a physical mechanism.

As Dr Loyd and Dr Johnson both state, as The Law Of Attraction, The Secret, etc. gain recognition and popularity around the world, without addressing the subconscious thought processes at a deep cellular level it can be perceived that these aren't accurate. While some can consciously initiate The Law Of Attraction with apparent ease producing verifiable results, those with deeply embedded subconscious beliefs or cellular memories that conflict with their conscious desires can't be realized without first properly addressing them.

Furthermore, the conscious mind can only remember for 20 seconds, and process about 3,000 bits per second and can only handle one or two tasks at a time. On the other hand, the subconscious acts as the storehouse of memory for the conscious mind and can remember many things indefinitely, and can process over 38 billion bits per second and is multi-task orientated.

In order to effectively make change permanent in one's life it is necessary to make those changes at a subconscious level. Through the discovery that Dr Alex Loyd has made resulting in The Healing Codes and a few years later The Success Codes, both are designed and proving to be extremely effective in dealing with issues at a heart or cellular level. In other words The Healing Codes and The Success Codes address the deeply embedded subconscious issues which are the primary cause for self sabotage and which also lead to various problems in the physical world and in your life even though on a conscious level you may not even be aware they exist.

Many times issues which have happened many years ago can and do minimize and curtail current results regardless of how badly you may desire to experience them on a conscious level. Emotional trauma can also create deeply embedded subconscious patterns which can be difficult to pinpoint and effectively deal with creating problematic issues in various areas of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

Both the The Healing Codes and The Success Codes are designed in such a way that it is not necessary to pinpoint these issues but rather through a series of healing protocols on 4 specific healing centers, naturally addresses and removes those issues which may very well be keeping you from achieving those things that you most desire to experience.

As Dr Alex Loyd and so many others in modern day science have discovered, all things seen are derived from the unseen. If the unseen or subconscious aspects of mind are chaotic the results which show up in an individuals life are going to be chaotic as well.

When your conscious and subconscious intentions conflict, the subconscious will win out every time. 100% of the time. It has been said that the subconscious aspect of mind is as much as a million times stronger than the conscious mind.

This makes perfect sense when considering why someone can have such a strong desire to acquire or accomplish something in life, but due to unknown subconscious processes are unable to successfully accomplish whatever it might be.

This is why willpower alone in the majority of cases does NOT work. It requires a mechanism to effectively deal with these subconscious issues or what the scientific community also refers to as cellular memories.

Subconscious issues are unknown issues, so it is impossible to deal with subconscious issues that you aren't even aware of. The Healing Codes and The Success Codes address these issues at a cellular level enabling the user to eliminate the false beliefs or cellular memories which are keeping them from achieving their desired outcomes.

Dr Alex Loyd is most certainly making a positive and profound impact on the world and the thousands of testimonials received from around the world as a result of The Healing Codes and The Success Codes is proof enough for me that they are changing people's lives.

To learn more about Dr Alex Loyd his story and his work, check out the Healing Codes or The Success Codes for yourself by following follow the links below.

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