Emotional Health

Maintaining Emotional Health Can Be As Simple As Becoming Aware, Adopting A "Higher Truth" and Choosing To Take Conscious Control Of Yourself and Your Destiny

“The degree of one's emotions varies inversely
with one's knowledge of the facts.” - Bertrand Russell

You don't have to look very far to see that Emotional Health - rather an apparently rapidly declining state of emotional health appears to have reached epidemic proportions around the world. Countless millions of people, unaware of which way to turn and in many cases oblivious to what can be done to "feel better" mindlessly take some form of anti-depressant or numerous other forms of mind altering drugs to make them "feel" better.

In 2005, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at 2.4 billion drugs prescribed in visits to doctors and hospitals. Of those, 118 million were for antidepressants.

This doesn't account for the countless other psychotropic drugs that are prescribed and mindlessly accepted as "the cure" for what have been labeled as mental and emotional irregularities.

The CDC also says between the years of 1994 and 2000 the number of adults in this country using antidepressants tripled.

It's become clearly evident that ever increasing numbers of people are seeking some form of artificial happiness.

Although in the short term that might be "perceived" to be a good thing, that there is a "happy pill" available, one doesn't have to look far or dig very deep to determine that far more harm is being caused long term than good, both on an individual level and society wide.

Although many "perceive" synthetically manufactured mind altering drugs to hold the answer to their emotional spirals, the health decline being experienced as well as countless instances of violence and rising suicide rates that are erupting around the world, often times can be directly related to mind altering drugs, provide enough evidence to show that happy pills aren't the answer.

The biggest problem isn't with the drugs themselves or the companies that manufacture them, but rather the unconscious and unaware choices of unaware and programmed societies that choose to use them.

A mufti-billion dollar per year industry has been created based on these unconscious and unaware choices, although granted it hasn't occurred without the assistance of those who have created and benefit from this industry.

But is it truly necessary?

My personal belief is that in MANY cases; MOST cases in fact, it's not. It's simply a matter of people making a conscious choice to wake up, enhance their awareness and develop the understanding of their personal power which once understood would enable and empower them to take personal and conscious control of their lives.

Choosing to do so would enable more to begin experiencing "real happiness" and as a result experience a kind and quality of live that is, always has been and always will be available to anyone willing to do what's necessary and take the initiative to discover how true it is for themselves.

Harmful pharmaceuticals are simply another example of attempting to create health and happiness with an outside in approach. It never has worked and never will.

One thing is certain...

Regardless of how "perceived"...A drug induced euphoria certainly isn't happiness and MOST CERTAINLY won't create desired outcomes in life.

Due to a widespread "lack" of understanding with regard to who and what you truly are, the vast majority are "unconsciously" and unknowingly choosing to give their power away to others.

There is a much more effective process though.

That process begins by becoming aware of what emotional dis-function really is, becoming aware of the power that you already hold to effectively deal with it, and then making conscious choices to "apply" what is discovered.

It happens by becoming aware and choosing to accept the fact that you already possess the most powerful creative mechanism in the world which, when given the chance, when used in a "conscious and intentional" manner, is far more than capable of resolving and healing both emotional as well as physical health challenges safely and naturally.

Although we'll be focusing specifically on mental and emotional health, this same mechanism also has the power to go beyond transforming physical and emotional body functions, and does literally mold and shape every aspect of your personal experience whether relationally, financially or otherwise.

Before that can ever be accomplished though, it's necessary to begin making different choices.

The first step in reclaiming this power and making this "real" for you...in making desired outcomes your reality, it's necessary to become aware of this power and make a conscious and intentional choice to utilize this awareness in a way that allows these desired "probabilities" to take physical form.

It's as simple and as complex as making a paradigm shift.

You don't require anything more than you already have. It's simply a matter of learning how to properly use the mechanism that was freely provided to you...a mechanism that you already have.

Let's begin by looking specifically at how this mechanism works to create mental and emotional health.

  • Have you ever really thought about where negative emotions, attitudes, and what are often “perceived” as negative feelings come from?

  • What causes us to feel powerless, fearful, stressed out and anxious?

  • What causes us to consistently do what we claim that we don’t want to do?

  • Is it some form of virus or bug in the mind?

    The answer is both yes and no…The yes portion of the answer stems from the fact that it is a bug or virus of sorts but it’s not a “physical bug”…It’s called counter productive memory stored in the mind.

    Memory based on years of teaching and programming that you are less than what you truly are. Memory based on painful experiences of the past of both an emotional and physical nature.

    Although this memory is a bug or virus of sorts, it's NOT a physical bug that requires physical mind altering synthetic substances to alleviate and correct it.

    It's a bug that was formed at the level of consciousness and as such can be alleviated and effectively dealt with through the same means that created it.

    It's simply a matter of awakening and making a conscious choice to do so.

    Memories stored at both a conscious and subconscious level can be related to a bug or virus in the computer. It’s a form of programming stored at a subconscious level that causes and creates inferior outcomes in your “physical life” that limit you and produce far less than you are quite capable of achieving.

    The subconscious mind is the aspect of mind that stores all the data you've accepted and "allowed" to be stored there throughout life. In addition to the good and useful data, it also stores the pain of the past, the emotional traumas, the disappointments, the traditionally established beliefs regarding what's possible and not possible for you. It's the aspect of mind that stores the data which determines what's reasonable, possible and logical. What you can or cannot accomplish.

    Throughout life, without being consciously aware of the process, these counter-productive “viruses” taken in through various channels become deeply buried with no conscious awareness of their presence.

    Too many times these "flawed" memories, consisting of various self limiting beliefs, past traumas, and any number of “physical experiences” encountered throughout life can and do create “perceptions” that you are somehow flawed and need to be fixed. When these counter productive “bugs and viruses” surface and reveal themselves as self limiting thoughts, most have no idea what to do with them with the exception of acting them out in ways that go against producing desired outcomes.

    This results in self sabotage. In continually producing results both physically and emotionally that are far less than desired and fall far short of what all are quite capable of achieving.

    These bugs and viruses surface and show themselves in the form of fear, anger, rage, stress, anxiety etc and result in not only mental and emotional imbalance, but also adversely affect the physical aspects of the body creating various "physical" illnesses and diseases as well as result in less than desired tangible results in every area of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

    How does it do that?

    Every minute of every day your mind is recording every sight, every sound, every taste, every smell, every pain, every sensation that you experience….literally EVERYTHING. It records what you "perceive" to be the good and what you "perceive" to be the bad.

    Although the conscious aspect of mind doesn’t have the capacity to remember and store all these “things”, there is an aspect of mind that does. It's called the subconscious mind. When the conscious mind analyzes what’s going on around you in your immediate environment, it depends on what's stored in the subconscious mind to recall these memory pictures stored and uses them to decide what rational and logical actions need to be taken.

    It utilizes these previous memory pictures to keep you safe. The scale it uses though to determine what is safe is a scale that has been predominantly created by others teaching you what is right and true and safe. Although it's intent and purpose is to keep you safe, many times it serves to limit and create self sabotage due to limited perceptions stored as memory.

    These past memories serve as triggers, and determine what actions you take or don’t take based on the quality of the data you've received. Often times though, these memory pictures and the actions taken as a result are based on flawed or in many cases totally false data. Data that was received at some point in the past which solidifies and determines your truth.

    Each of these events…this data…is stored as pictures in your mind and are recalled when triggers reignite them. Triggers are nothing more than events, conditions and circumstances that are experienced from day to day that "trigger" recollections of memories stored due to past physical experiences, words, phrases etc.

    Let's look at a specific "physical" example of a trigger...

    If you previously failed in a business or some other endeavor, depending on how you “perceived” this situation at the time and how you allowed it to affect you emotionally, it could be stored as a counter productive trigger and keep you from attempting future endeavors because of the pain experienced.

    Regardless of how bad you might want this outcome, this form of trigger keeps you from engaging in the action that would enable you to achieve it.

    It can result in feelings of unworthiness…of not being good enough…smart enough...talented enough, etc. and keep you from fulfilling something that is truly important to you. It can and often does, IF you choose to continue to "allow" it to, keep you from being all that you desire to be.

    Regardless of what is stored there, you ALWAYS get to be right.

    It doesn’t have to be a physical experience. It can be emotional as well. Something someone called you or said to you that created emotional pain.

    Perceptions of external events that ignite strong emotion within you create and store these triggers.

    Many of these "triggers" were created as you were growing up and have been reinforced through personal experiences you've had since, which were only created and unfolded as they did as a result of this previous programming.

    When these experiences resulted in failure, it's not that you couldn't fulfill whatever it might be, it's simply that you have an underlying "trigger" that sabotages the creation of the thing desired which when the physical appearance of whatever the desire might be harmonizes with these underlying "triggers" further reinforces the "belief" that it must be true.

    Think for a minute about a past event that you have personally experienced and “perceived” to be negative. Do you have a picture of it? What emotions and beliefs surface as you recall that picture? Do you find yourself drawing away from it? An anxious and fearful feeling that keeps you from trying again?

    More importantly, what reason or excuse do you attribute it to? Do you blame externals such as events, conditions, circumstances or others or do you own it and accept responsibility for it?

    I don’t mean responsibility in the form of blaming yourself and beating yourself up, but rather an acceptance of responsibility that there is no one or no-thing outside of yourself that caused it. Do you choose to own your power or choose to give your power away to external events, conditions, circumstances, people etc outside of yourself?

    Accepting responsibility is one of the most important and beneficial choices you can make. It's an essential first step in reclaiming your power. Unless you choose to accept responsibility, you'll continue to give your power away to others.

    Choosing to accept responsibility for where you've been and then making a conscious choice to get to the root cause of undesired past experiences is as simple as reshaping the memory pictures that you have with regard to them.

    Many memories are stored in the conscious aspect of mind which thinks, analyzes, remembers and calculates. The conscious mind is known as the left brained, analytical aspect of mind. The conscious mind is rational, logical, intellectual and depends on reason to process whatever is being observed. It is linear in it’s thinking process. In other words the conscious mind perceives past, present and future as being separate. It perceives objects, people and things as being separate as well.

    Let's look quickly at what kind of power the conscious mind has and how you can begin using it to create desired outcomes whether in the area of emotional health or otherwise.

    Think for a minute about a past event that you found to be really pleasant. Did you get a picture of it? When you think of it, a picture of the event surfaces, except it “feels“ different than when you recalled an unpleasant event a few moments ago doesn't it? You “feel” good about it. It creates a different response in the body that feels much different than the “undesirable" thing.

    This is where the key to your power lies.

    The simple fact that you have the capacity to choose to think about and analyze the past as well as the present things stored in the mind provides you with the power to change them if you choose.

    To begin the process of "consciously choosing", let's first briefly explore and develop an understanding of how everything comes to be "real" in your life.

    Think for a moment about where everything in your physical world comes from. It doesn't matter what it is, whether your car, your desk, your computer etc. they ALL originated from a thought...an idea followed through on by those who "thought" about them which enabled them to become "real."

    There is nothing that currently exists, has existed or ever will exist that wasn't initially "thought of." Literally EVERYTHING in your world began as a conceptualization.

    What does that have to do with mental and emotional health?

    Let's look at that and see how consciously choosing what you think can make a dramatic and profound difference in your life.

    Your state of being is also the result of what you choose to think. Your body simply reacts and responds to your predominant thought processes which determines what emotional response you experience.

    Your thoughts literally initiate a chemical reaction in your body.

    So what determines these thoughts? What underlying cause is there that allows these thoughts to be thought of?

    Memories. Often times memories that are based on very limited, flawed or in some cases totally false data. Memories of physical experiences that were initially conceived and created as the result of data that was accepted and "believed" to be true at some point in the past, even though it may not have been true at all.

    Memories either create or solidify beliefs.

    The acceptance of this data and the beliefs formed as a result provided you with a "perception" of truth. The quality of the outcomes experienced determine the quality of emotion experienced which serves to either create a new memory or reinforce the "truth" of an existing memory. This results in forming or solidifying existing "perceptions."

    Although "perceptions" of truth DO make it your truth and create future experiences based on that perception, it doesn't necessarily mean that it was based on a "Higher Truth" that would have enabled you to create and have a greater experience.

    To enhance your experience it's only necessary to enhance what you "perceive" to be true.

    Once you fully grasp, understand and choose to accept this fact, you can begin to make choices...conscious and intentional choices that will enable you to begin thinking, conceptualizing and creating different results.

    Once you become aware and conscious of what's happening, how each and every event in your life is being created and becoming "real", you can begin "consciously" choosing, storing and perceive these past memories and experiences as being “real” or you can recognize what they “truly” are which are merely occurrences which were only made "real" due to insufficient or flawed data that you accepted and believed.

    You can recognize these past experiences for what they truly are and choose to change the cause or allow them to limit you from experiencing desired outcomes in the future. You can accept and perceive yourself as being a victim of circumstance or choose to reclaim your power and become a creator of circumstance.

    This requires becoming aware of who and what you "truly" are and becoming consciously aware of the power that you hold as well as how the process works. It requires an understanding of what is creating these self sabotaging behaviors and making a conscious and intentional choice to change them which also changes the experience.

    Although you might currently be "unconscious" of this fact, you already have all the evidence you need. It's only necessary to make a conscious choice to get to the core of what you have thought and believed in the past and you'd clearly see that whatever that was is in perfect harmony with...a direct reflection of the experiences you've had as a result of them.

    To change these experiences it's necessary to change the quality of thinking that created them.

    Emotional health is no different. Your emotional health is nothing more than a physical reaction in the body that provides a direct reflection of the predominant thoughts that you choose to think.

    To eliminate stress, anxiety and undesirable conditions is as simple as choosing to become aware and choose to think thoughts that harmonize with the way you choose to feel.

    Many choose to allow psychiatrists or psychologists to take their power from them. They allow themselves to be drugged, fully believing that they have no control over what’s going on in the world around them. They choose to give their power away to someone or something outside of themselves.

    Although that’s certainly a right and a choice that can be made, it is a choice that is more times than not counter productive in producing a desired quality of life and as can be easily discovered producing long term detrimental results to your overall health and well being.

    Let's look at a totally natural and far more effective and healthy way of producing "desired" results.

    Although some memories are stored within the conscious mind, the majority of memory is stored in another place. A place that has unlimited storage capability and is infinite in nature. It serves as a vast storehouse of memory.

    The majority of the pictures recalled when you think about past events are stored in this part of your mind. It‘s the subconscious mind, sometimes called the ego mind. I personally choose the subconscious mind.

    Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious aspect of mind isn’t analytical. It doesn’t think logically, analyze, reason or make decisions. It’s function and the data it accepts is totally dependent on the conscious mind.

    Do you ever find yourself getting really stressed out on certain days when the day before you felt fine even though you had the same problems. Do you ever find yourself feeling depressed with sudden bouts of anxiety or even panic attacks. Do you ever feel compelled to do things that you know are bad for your relationships or are adverse to your physical health?

    In situations like these your reactive or “subconscious mind” has taken control yet you’re not consciously aware of it. But Why? What causes this to happen?

    There are certain times in your life that the analytical conscious aspect of mind suddenly shuts down and the subconscious mind takes over and starts recording. It can be if you’re not aware of it, quite an “unconscious process.”

    These moments happen when you are feeling some form of pain and some degree of unconsciousness. The pain can be physical pain or emotional pain. It could be when your drunk….drugged or unconscious. It can happen when you’re asleep, relaxed or not feeling well.

    When it happens is much like being hypnotized. In this "hypnotic" state the subconscious mind absorbs, accepts and stores hidden commands. It controls the way you think speak, act and feel and as a result affects the outcomes that you create both emotionally and physically.

    This is the subconscious mind at work.

    Think about the times when you’ve said something, did something, or acted in some way that was somehow different than the real you. When you had a desire to do or accomplish something but adverse emotions ignited and kept you from doing it.

    It’s the storehouse of fears, insecurities, irrationalities, sadness, stress and depression.

    Let’s take a deeper look at how the unconscious mind works. Let’s say you are in an accident and knocked unconscious. When you go into the Alpha state it’s considered to be the super learning state. You absorb everything…it’s being recorded without you being consciously aware of it.

    Your mind is open and receptive to whatever it is being exposed to.

    The point? It’s important...essential in fact that you remain consciously aware of what you are allowing into your mind. Whether you realize it or not…and most don’t when it’s happening….what you absorb in the Alpha, theta and gamma states is recorded in your mind even though these experiences didn’t happen to you personally. Although when they are "triggered" and they do create "memory pictures", you’re simply not aware as to why they are effecting you now and making you react in the way you are.

    The news is a good example. Although many are “unaware”, being in front of a TV places you in an Alpha state. The Alpha state puts you in a more relaxed state of mind than your normal awake state which is called the delta state.

    In alpha, your subconscious opens and is more receptive to accepting outside data. The logical and analytical conscious mind is shut off to a degree, opening the door to the subconscious. Having no reasoning ability or discernment as to what it's taking in, the subconscious mind stores this external data which at some point in the future is triggered.

    Consistently hearing and absorbing the negatives happening in the world, whether you’re aware of it or not and whether you’re willing to admit it or not are being stored at a subconscious level.

    What you unconsciously absorb negative and dis-empowering "data" it can and does surface and results in thoughts like…it’s no use…I’m not good enough…the world is unsafe…life is hard…people are cruel etc. creating mental and emotional states of stress and anxiety without you even being aware of what‘s happening, where it’s coming from or why you‘re feeling the way you are. All you know is that you “feel” badly.

    There’s more to it though than the immediate physical effects of "feeling badly" that you’re experiencing as a result of your emotional state.

    These unconscious triggers creating stress and anxiety results in physical illness and disease ranging from the common cold to terminal cancers. It puts and keeps the body in fight or flight mode. It literally diverts the attention of the immune system from doing the job that it was intended to do. It focuses all the energy on fight or flight mode and the function of the immune system is affected. Yet you are totally unaware and “unconscious" of the process.

    It’s important to understand and not allow others whether psychiatrists, psychologists or anyone for that matter to tell you that you have a chemical imbalance or one of the 300 plus “mental illness” labels that the conventional medical community and pharmaceutical companies have come up with to get you to take their drugs.

    The “real reason” for unexplained pains, negative emotions and unfulfilling relationships in your life is the result of what has been stored and that you allow to remain in your subconscious mind.

    That thing that destroys your belief in yourself and diminishes your self esteem is the subconscious mind…or more specifically the data stored in the subconscious. Insecurities, fears, phobias, stress, irrational behaviors, anxiety, panic attacks, etc are happening due to subconscious processes that are running under the radar of conscious awareness that can and do affect every aspect of your life.

    These subconscious processes can be discovered and dealt with safely and naturally. It doesn’t require therapy or some synthetic mind numbing drug to control. It begins by making a “conscious choice” to become “conscious” of the consistent thought patterns that you think and which you DO have control over should you decide to reclaim your power.

    Although the medical establishment may attempt to convince you that it’s some mental illness or condition it is simply a matter of choosing to remain “unconscious” of what’s truly going on and learning to create long term wellness for yourself.

    The mind is basically a navigation system between you and your environment. It is composed of mental image pictures from past experiences. You use your mind to pose and solve problems related to survival and to direct your physical efforts toward providing solutions that you “perceive” to be problems or challenges.

    The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that reacts totally on a stimulus response basis. Given a certain stimulus it gives a certain response. This part of your mind isn’t under your conscious control.

    It is the single source of your irrational fears self doubts, behaviors, anxieties, stresses etc.

    It’s also the source of psychosomatic illness. Psychosomatic illness accounts for about 70 percent of man’s illnesses including Being overweight, being too thin, migraine headaches, allergies, etc.

    Feelings of unhappiness, uncontrollable emotions and the like are the result of hidden memories things stored in the subconscious mind. They are no more than the hidden memories of past painful experiences being replayed without your conscious awareness by the reactive subconscious mind.

    Don’t be swayed by or fall prey to the game being played on you by psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry about chemical imbalances in the brain or other lies related to their 300 concocted “mental illnesses.”

    Although chemical release in the brain is a factor, what determines which chemicals are released on based on your individual choices. It can “appear” as you have no control over them, but the fact is that you do. You just don’t “know” you do. Why? Because no one has ever shown you. You have no mental capacity of your ability to do so.

    No “mental illness has EVER been diagnosed accurately. It’s ALL speculation and synthetic drugs only serve to dumb you down, suppress your intuitive ability and instill a drug induced euphoria.

    6-7 MILLION children today are being unnecessarily drugged with mind altering synthetic chemicals and a rampant sheeple people mentality is allowing it to happen. 6-7 million parents are "allowing" their children to be poisoned by a multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that has no concern for the health and welfare of the public but rather looks at them and considers them to be repeat customers.

    Meditation serves as a powerful ally for either a negatively or a positively programmed subconscious mind. Pleasant emotions, higher IQ, enhanced memory, renewed vitality, increased energy levels, deep rest during sleep, feelings of well being and assurance are all physical reactions that can be and are experienced through daily meditation.

    These are just a few of MANY benefits that the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System provides.

    The end result of psychiatry at best is the result of a drug induced mind, often times resulting in years of useless therapy. Psychology and psychiatric therapies often have you focusing on the very things that are creating your problems which only serve to keep you trapped within them. A focus on them, thinking that there is something “wrong” with you keeps those same things happening over and over again. You are actually living out a self fulfilling prophecy.

    You don’t need to focus on the story you need to discover your Infinite potential focus on desired outcomes in the here and now and allow them to unfold for you. Discover who and what you “truly are which is an Infinite being existing in a physical body.

    You are not your body…you are not your mind. You are an energy being…a spirit inhabiting a physical body and your mind is simply the tool that determines what your physical body will or will not experience.

    You do have control over the mind and the body. You are at cause and it’s time to quit giving your power away to those who don’t have your best interest at heart or just simply don;t know any better.

    The next time you catch yourself or see someone else acting irrationally, remain aware and conscious of what’s going on, you’ll start looking at yourself and others in a whole new way.

    Become conscious of what’s going on. Take control of your destiny and you’ll experience a life filled with joy, fulfillment profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

    What I believe and choose to personally label as a life filled with Abundance and Happiness.

    I'm Finished With Emotional Health
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    I'm Finished With Emotional Health
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