Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness Equates To Gaining "Self Control" and Serves As The Underlying "Physical Cause" For Attracting "Desired" or "Undesired" Results In EVERY Aspect Of Life Physically, Financially, Relationally and Spiritually

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness is derived through a "conscious choice" to become aware
of the predominant thoughts that you choose to think as well as a personal
choice to respond or react to the various events, conditions and circumstances
encountered and experienced in the various areas of life

"One can overcome the forces of negative emotions, like anger and hatred, by cultivating their counter-forces, like love and compassion." -Dalai Lama

Self Mastery is the Key To Emotional Mastery. Emotional Mastery is the Key To Life Mastery

Emotional Wellness is, next to spiritual wellness the most essential "physical" aspect of experiencing harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of life.

In fact emotional wellness is intricately connected to spiritual wellness. Not "spiritual" in the sense that many perceive which relates to religion but rather spiritual in the sense of recognizing and understanding that all things physical come from the non-physical, and that your true worth has nothing to do with "physical" life.

Emotions, if consciously observed serve as the barometer with regard to how you perceive various situations and are triggered as the result of a "physical" response in the body which, depending on your individual choices can at any given moment determine whether you are choosing to react or respond to the various events, conditions and circumstances that are experienced in the outside "physical" world.

Contrary to "majority belief", neither harmony or discord in life are due to anything external to you. What is happening in the "outside" physical world is a direct reflection of what is going on "within you" at the level of consciousness which can be easily observed through emotional responses and reactions.

Emotional Wellness is achieved through becoming aware of this essential fact and choosing to take "conscious control" of the process.

Becoming and remaining "consciously aware" of the various emotions experienced is the starting place for achieving and attaining emotional wellness.

Emotions can serve to pinpoint what your predominant focus is fixated on and when recognized can prove to be an invaluable mechanism which determines without fail what is being attracted to you.

When you begin to clearly recognize the correlation between thought and emotion...meaning that the emotions ignited and experienced are linked directly to the predominant thoughts that you choose to think, you can work toward the levels of peace and serenity that always serve to attract more of the things desired.

This is how self mastery is achieved. Through both consciously observing and the ability to intentionally and willfully shift undesired emotions which can and do lead to optimum health and wellness of a physical nature not only physically from a human physiology perspective but financially, relationally and spiritually as well.

You could say that emotional wellness is the next step up from spiritual wellness but also serves as a key aspect of experiencing spiritual wellness at the same time.

When looked at from a scientific or medical perspective...

The predominant thought processes that you think serve as "the seed" for the emotions that are experienced.

Thoughts chosen by you ignite an electrochemical process in the brain which determines the kind and quality of the natural chemicals created in the brain which are released in the body. Depending on your individual choices, those chemicals can prove to be either helpful or destructive to the body.

As an example...

Fear sends signals which trigger a fight or flight response which, although helpful in times of "real danger", continuously choosing to stay in this fight or flight mode based only on "perceived" danger when no actual danger is present can, will and does prove detrimental to the body long term.

Choosing a continuous state of fear, anxiety, doubt and worry instructs the body to be on the alert, ready to react (fight or flight response) which directs all energy in the body to what was designed and intended to be a "safety mechanism" to keep the body safe and ready to respond to "real danger."

This choice leads to redirecting vital energy from the functioning of the body's "immune system" to this "fight or flight mode", reduces the effectiveness of the immune system allowing illness and disease to develop.

Whether you choose to lean on scientific or spiritual avenues for your understanding, the end result can be easily and clearly predicted.

When looked at from what was taught by the greatest spiritual masters in history and can be discovered through spiritual text...

Many are familiar with the the story of Job in the old testament of the Judeo Christian Bible.

After Job experienced great loss, spiritual text quotes Job as saying, "That which I 'feared' most has come upon me.

There is additional guidance that can be derived through spiritual text which if followed, ultimately leads to emotional wellness.

"Be anxious for NOTHING but in ALL things through prayer and supplication with THANKSGIVING make your request known unto God and the peace of God which transcends ALL understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Another is...

"The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control."

No fear, doubt and worry included there. Only expressions of "gratitude" which leads to health and well being in EVERY area of life.

Fear, doubt and worry can and do only happen as the result of not fully understanding the deeper, unseen aspects of creation from where ALL physical things come which are drawn or attracted to you based on the kind and quality of emotions that you choose to "allow" yourself to experience.

In a nutshell a choice to consistently allow fear based beliefs to dominate your life attract and create the outcomes that are feared. A choice to develop empowering beliefs based on love (the fruits of the spirit) attract and create events, conditions and circumstances that are loved.

Emotional Wellness is achieved or not as a result of your individual choices. Choose emotional wellness and you choose "desired" outcomes in your life. Choose emotional distress and you choose chaos and discord in your life.

It's ALL about your choices.

The Emotional Wellness articles and resources below will assist in both understanding the power and importance of "allowing" emotional wellness within yourself as well as provide extremely powerful and effective steps that you can take to experience the kind and quality of results that so many desire yet so few "allow" themselves to experience.

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"Emotional Wellness" Is Much Closer and More Easily Achieved Than You May Realize"

It's Simply A Matter Of "Becoming Still"

Everyone is seeking fulfillment and "Completion." Many explore, look for and "attempt" to create the completion they seek in ways that always leaves something more to be desired...something more left to do...something else yet to "find."

Few understand that Emotional Wellness and Completion is already theirs. It's simply a matter of looking in the "right place" to find it.

Here's the Secret as to why so many "perceive" that to be SO difficult...

They Keep Looking In The "Wrong" Place

Look Within

The Foundation
Guided Meditation System

Core 1 : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness

Emotional Wellness and Completion is NEVER found on the outside. But when you find it on the inside, EVERYTHING on the outside becomes much more pleasant, enjoyable and simple.

The Foundation Guided Meditation System
Awakening Dimensional Consciousness

It will assist you in finding that place.

"It's Time To Awaken"

Core 1 Awakening Dimensional Consciousness

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The Experience Is Absolutely "Profound"

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