Epigenetics : The New Science Of Our Cells

Epigenetics Is A New And Extremely Exciting Science That Further Validates That You Are The Creator Of Your Physical Reality

What's The Correlation Between Epigenetics,
The Human Genome and Abundance and Happiness?

Both Epigenetics and Quantum Physics among many other areas of science are providing documented physical and tangible evidence with regard to the power you hold as an individual to mold and shape the physical financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life once you make the conscious and intentional choice to do so.

Here we'll be providing a birds eye view of what the latest in cutting edge scientific research has discovered in the area of how your individual quality of consciousness affects biology which is called epigentics.

Don't go cross eyed on me...we'll keep it really "unscientific" as we can while still enabling you to see the power that "science" is proving that YOU have to mold and shape the various aspects of your life.

So...with that said...

What exactly is Epigenetics?

In a nutshell epigentics is showing in a verifiable scientific kind of way that our lifestyles and environment can change the way our genes are expressed, leading even identical twins to become distinct as they age.

In really easy to understand layman's terms, it is a new discovery in science that is proving that the quality of your consciousness controls your life in a physiological kind of way.

What epigeneticists are discovering is that our lives, more specifically the way our lives unfold and the quality of life that we experience individually is directly related to cellular-memory which we have both the ability and the choice to change should we discover that the cellular memories we've accumulated and hold are counter productive to living a kind and quality of life desired.

A key understanding and distinction that needs to be made when studying and learning more about epigentics though is that it's our individual perceptions and beliefs regarding our external environment which determines what's going on within us at a consciousness level which as quantum physicists have known for a long time, determines our external physical realities.

The breakthrough discovered in epigentics is that the human genome is determined by something known as the epigenome.

Chances are pretty good that leaves you asking the question...

So what is a genome? It’s the genetic material of an organism. Epigenetics adds a bit more…no scratch that A LOT more exciting information to what scientists previously "believed" to be true and understood about genetics.

Traditional genetics prior to the "Epi" recently being added to it showed that the human genome was passed down from generation to generation. Although that understanding regarding genetics still holds true, the previous understanding was that we had no say so or couldn’t change what was passed down once it was.

Epigenetics is proving that the epigenome can be changed through our own individual conscious choices REGARDLESS of what we have been handed down through previous generations.

What this means in really clear and with no fancy scientific foo foo language added is that if cancer or other fatal diseases are passed down through your hereditary tree, YOU DO have both the ability and the choice to shift that "probability" from becoming a "reality" for you.

It's simply a matter of choosing to become aware of how to do so.

Epigenetics is debunking the old understanding and belief that things such as disease and behavior patterns that are passed down through heredity are unchangeable, outside of our individual control and that those who it is passed down to have no choice in the matter.

Epigentics is simply another extremely exciting and rapidly expanding area of science that is clearly proving that we are not "victims" or creatures of circumstance but rather creators of circumstance as many have understood previously but been unable to validate in a "tangible" scientific kind of way.

What epigentics is proving is that we can and do have the power to change what used to be believed to be fate, luck or chance even as it pertains to our physical human biology.

It’s our individual choices…our quality of consciousness that plays a role and does change our cellular structure.

That my friend is both an exciting and profound scientific breakthrough although for many it comes as no surprise since the ancient spiritual masters and sages of the past have always taught what modern day scientists are now just discovering.

Now it’s simply a matter of YOU becoming “conscious” of that fact and learning how to become the “conscious” and intentional creator that you are, always have been, and always will be.

The fact is and always has been...

"You can and do play the ultimate role in creating your physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual destiny."

It’s simply a matter of choice...Yours.

Now...with that being "true", ask yourself...

Are you choosing how the various events, conditions and circumstances in your individual life unfold "consciously" or "unconsciously?"

Choosing the "conscious route" will make your path to harmony and fulfillment MUCH more pleasant, FAR more simple and will enable you to experience the love, joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity that is, always has been and always will be available to you.

What I "personally choose" to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Click here to watch the PBS Nova scienceNOW video that shows you how the discovery of epigenetics is changing the course of medical science.

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