Tangible Tools for Creating Financial Wealth,
Time Freedom and a Truly Wholesome,
Fulfilling and Harmonious Quality of Life

Creating Financial Wealth, Time Freedom And Experiencing
Real Success and Harmony In Life Begins by Giving,
Serving and Providing Real Value to Others.

"Creating an extraordinary quality of life is very simple. If it feels like Love,
move and do something with it. If it doesn't, accept it, shift it, move
beyond it, forget it and/or wait till it does." - Chuck Danes

There is a lot of emotion attached to the words money and Financial Wealth.

Emotions are a VERY powerful motivator. Emotions can draw to or push away what we truly desire in life.

Depending on the kind and quality of the emotion, whether it pertains to financial wealth or any other aspect of life, it's attainment can be an experience of ease and flow or on the other end of the spectrum, one of certain difficulty, constant struggle, in some cases impossibility, consistent disappointment and ultimately for some, extreme poverty and destitution.

With most, the beliefs, perceptions and emotions surrounding money and financial wealth keeps many "seemingly and needlessly trapped" in a constant struggle of settling and getting by.

You could say they have a sort of "love/hate" relationship with money and financial wealth.

Let's clear the air right up front...

Money is a major part of our health and well being. It exists to serve humanity, not vice versa.

With that being true, why is it, do you suppose that so many in the world are always striving and trying so hard yet never come close to attaining what so many strive and work so hard for?

Why do you suppose that so many enable and allow money to dictate the kind and quality of life they can or cannot have?

Why is it that SO MANY enable and allow MONEY to become their master rather than learning how to master MONEY and take back control of their financial destinies?

Let's take the words financial wealth out of the picture. The vast majority do the same to simply survive and get by. It's a very sad yet VERY REAL fact that Financial wealth and a more than sufficient money supply is nothing more than a hope, wish or passing fancy for MOST.

After personally achieving and attaining what most in the world would consider to be an uncommon amount of financial wealth, I know the answer.

But I'll also say that the way in which I acquired and achieved this kind of financial wealth initially came by taking the long, hard path. The financial resources I acquired came through much struggle, immense displeasure and enduring much pain and sacrifice along the way.

I've since found that you don't HAVE to do it that way. There exists a short path. After "trying it" both ways, I can assure you that financial wealth, love, ease and flow aren't mutually exclusive.

The fact of the matter is, when they're consciously aligned and harmonized, Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom become second nature.

There are millions upon millions of people who've visited abundance-and-happiness.com since 2005 seeking information on how to enhance the quality of their lives.

Most everyone I've personally connected with visit with the sole intention of exploring and discovering ways to enhance the quality of their life. Some have a desire to create financial wealth while others are simply seeking more understanding, answers and solutions pertaining to HOW to experience greater harmony, more time freedom and/or greater fulfillment in other areas that have nothing to do with money or financial wealth at all.

Regardless of your individual reason for being here, obviously fulfillment and a sense of comfort and assurance as it pertains to finances is a necessary and vitally important piece of the puzzle for experiencing what I like to refer to as Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony and Real Freedom in life.

It's important to me and I know it's important to you whether or not you're at the place you're ready and willing to accept and acknowledge that fact.

Money is a VERY REAL and a VERY NECESSARY part of our world.

That's why this page exists. For those seeking to enhance the financial aspect of their lives while at the same time have a sincere desire to serve and assist others in achieving the same.

Whether you might be seeking tangible means to create financial wealth or simply a means to subsidize your current financial inflow, we have a plan in place to enable and empower you to achieve whatever your financial aspirations might be.

Our chosen way of doing things has proven and still is proving to be an incredibly powerful tool for creating Real Wealth, Real Harmony, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom in life.

But it's only a tool. It's not a means to an end.

I've provided a way for you to access that same tool below that I know can allow you to follow in the footsteps of those who know what it's like to experience financial wealth and Real Harmony simultaneously.

I recommend seeing it as a way...a powerfully leveraged tool if you will, that can enable and empower you to be of real service to others while creating the comfortable life everyone desires and deserves to live including but not limited to financial wealth.

It's not only credible but proven to be extremely lucrative for me and many others around the world. The reason it has, is simply because it provides the ways and the means to provide incredible value, to those who recognize, take action and utilize the VALUE, the leveraging power and potential that it holds.

As I and many who have joined me can attest, it's a tool that HAS and will continue to assist those who it resonates with, with a simple, turnkey approach to creating a lucrative online/offline business for yourself, enabling people from around the world to access and utilize this same "tangible tool" to enhance the financial aspect of their own lives as well as contribute to others seeking the same on a GLOBAL scale.

Perhaps it will resonate with and can assist you as well.

Should you have the desire to learn more, click on the link or graphic below and you'll be redirected to a form asking for your name, e-mail address and the country where you reside. Filling out that form will provide you with enough information over the coming days to make an educated and informed decision for yourself if our "tools of choice" can assist you in, not only enhancing the financial aspect of your life, but creating what I like to refer to as Real Freedom.

Should you find our approach as exciting as I and many before me have, I'll look forward to meeting, working with and assisting you in creating whatever level of financial wealth that you envision for yourself.

Follow This Link To Learn the Simplest, Quickest and Easiest Way I'm Aware of To Enable and Allow Financial Wealth to Become a "Tangible Reality" for You

FG Xpress
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"Our Turnkey Approach to Online Home Based Business Is Taking The World By Storm, Creating Financial Wealth For and Changing The Financial Destiny's Of People From All Walks Of Life"

What do the words wealth and success
mean to you individually?

  • The Acquisition Of Financial Wealth?

  • The Time Freedom To Do What You Want When You Want?

  • Simply Having "Enough" Of The Material Things As Well As The Time Freedom To Fully Enjoy Life and Feel Secure?

  • A Sense Of Assurance and Security To Eliminate Constant Feelings Of Fear, Doubt and Worry From Your Life?

  • All Of The Above?

  • ?????????

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers to that question. The terms Wealth and Success hold many different meanings to various types of people. What one might perceive to be wealth may be considered quite the opposite to another. What one may consider to be extremely successful is often considered by another as not being successful at all.

The bottom line is that wealth and success...more specifically the meaning that wealth and success might hold for you individually are simply a matter of individual perception.

Although the acquisition of wealth and success can and do mean different things to different people and are based on uniquely defined individual perspectives, I've discovered that the underlying intention for working toward and attaining both wealth and success, regardless of the "what" it means for you individually, really isn't about wealth and success at all.

Rather IT IS an underlying desire to experience happiness and fulfillment in life...

...In a nutshell to "feel" good.

It's true...while many believe that once they have acquired some predefined and predetermined level of success, whether that means a desired amount of financial wealth or whatever other ideals they might hold for themselves in a physical sense, fully believing that once accomplished they'll experience happiness and fulfillment, the REAL TRUTH is that externals can't, don't and NEVER will.

Happiness and Fulfillment isn't achieved by anything external to you whether it be the ability to create financial wealth or any other form of external gain. Although monetary wealth and a level of success can and do play an important role in the big picture view of fulfillment and harmony in life, "Real Wealth" is and can only be achieved and experienced through developing an internal harmony within yourself.

My personal belief based on plenty of personal experience as well as the experiences of those who I coach and mentor, is that to experience all the joy, fulfillment, a sense of wholeness and well being that is readily available to us all, we must be open and become enabled as well as empowered to harmonize the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Does that Harmony exist and is it attainable? ABSOLUTELY!!

Creating The "Mindset" For Wealth and Success

Although this section of the portal focuses predominantly on and provides proven and credible resources for manifesting the financial or the material aspect of "Wealth and Success" as well as creating the time freedom to fully engage in and enjoy the other aspects of life as well, those achievements are only one small part of a much bigger picture.

To Create Significant and Lasting "External" Change As Well As Experience Internal Harmony, Something Else MUST Change First

There are many people from around the world who come to the Abundance-and-Happiness.com portal seeking to create change in their lives, a good many with the intent and desire of gaining the knowledge to create financial wealth.

Additionally, we receive countless e-mails from around the world asking for proven, no nonsense "tangible tools" that will enable them to begin acquiring and experiencing "tangible results" in their lives, predominantly in the area of "material" increase.

One of the most repeated requests we receive are questions regarding how to best utilize and harmonize the information taught throughout the Abundance and Happiness portal to begin producing these “tangible results.”

My answers are ALWAYS the same regardless of which area of life those questions are directed toward whether it be to create financial wealth for yourself and those you love or otherwise, and it boils down to one fundamental principle...

Something MUST change.

What is it that must change before you can live and begin experiencing the life you want?

YOU...Your perspective...Your beliefs...Your mind...Your heart...ALL of you.

It absolutely MUST change before you can expect any form of lasting change in your life and before you can ever expect to become truly successful whether financially or otherwise.

Allow me to clarify...

Before you can have lasting success, be filled with joy, understand fully what it means to experience abundance, happiness and fulfillment -- including being financially blessed beyond anything you've ever dreamed, YOU MUST FIRST CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS and then begin to take the kind of physical action that harmonizes with whatever outcome it might be that you envision for yourself and have a desire to experience.

Contrary to popular widespread "belief", there is absolutely nothing in the external world that needs to change before you can begin experiencing whatever it is that you desire to experience in your life including whatever you define as wealth and success for yourself.

What is being experienced in your life on the outside...in your external "physical world" is simply a direct reflection of what's going on inside. When you choose to recognize, become "conscious of" and choose to change what's going on inside...to become consciously aware of how you are responsible for creating each of the events, conditions and circumstances in each and every area of your life and once understood making a conscious and intentional choice to change the underlying cause of what is attracting and creating them, likewise, as you do, the outside changes....many times in ways that "appear" to be magical and effortless.

In a nutshell...Wealth and Success isn't dependent on outside circumstances...Wealth and Success is an "Inside Game."

When you change things on the inside the ways, means, people, conditions and circumstances begin showing up that enable your desires, regardless of how big or small they might be, to be fulfilled and experienced in your external world.

Once you grasp this fundamental principle and make the necessary "internal changes" wealth and success can seem almost "effortless."

In fact the formula for wealth and success is quite simple.

The Unfailing Formula For Attaining Wealth and Success

Contribute...Provide Incredible Value...Be Open To Receive and Experience Wealth and Success

If you truly expect to amass financial wealth and achieve substantial success in your life it's crucial to understand that in order to receive you must first give.

You receive in life based on the amount of value that you provide and give to others.

If you have a sincere desire to amass material wealth and achieve what you perceive to be success, but are not providing equal value to others, it will be necessary to change some things that you're doing in a physical sense to enable you to begin doing so.

Part of that change consists of and leads to another EXTREMELY important aspect of creating wealth and success..."Real and Lasting Success" for yourself which is understanding that the physical actions you take to create the wealth and success you desire...meaning the vehicle that you use to provide that value MUST consist of and be directed toward contributing and providing significant value to others.

The more you contribute to the wealth and success of others...the more wealth and success you'll personally receive and experience in your own life.

Here's another little understood yet key principle to achieving and experiencing wealth and success for yourself...

Lasting and sustainable wealth, success and fulfillment happens as the result of loving people and using money NOT using people and loving money.

Make No Mistake...Wealth and Success Are About Much More Than Money

To acquire and experience "Real Wealth" means much more than some predefined dollar value. Having money is only that...having money. I know of countless individuals who have substantial sums of money that most certainly aren't successful and are most definitely NOT content and fulfilled in the other areas of their lives.

Obviously to fully experience total harmony and fulfillment in life, sufficient financial resources are one of the key "aspects" but in and of itself financial wealth or material gain in any form will not fulfill you.

There's no question that being enabled to assist and contribute to others is an extremely important element in the "Wealth and Success" equation. It's impossible to contribute fully to others if you're consistently worried and stressed out about how you are going to satisfy basic survival needs of your own and your ability to do so is hindered by worrying about how you're going to make it through financially to the end of the month.

That's the purpose of this page...to provide you with proven and credible business models that we have discovered and personally utilize to not only generate income for ourselves, but which also provide people from around the world with the same simple yet powerfully effective online business systems for doing the same.

They may or may not be for you individually. If not that's OK. It's not our intention to "sign you up", "sell you on", or "convince you" that our choices are the best and/or ONLY choices for you. It IS our intention to provide you with a choice that we have found and believe can enhance your financial future based on our own experience, and provide credible and proven systems that we have found and KNOW to be powerfully effective tools for enhancing your quality of life.

Our Chosen Online Business Models For Contributing, Providing Substantial Value While Generating Material Wealth For Yourself

If acquiring material wealth is an area that resonates with you personally and you have a desire to experience the quality of life that financial wealth plays a role in providing, while at the same time becoming enabled to create, experience and enjoy the time freedom made possible as a result of working from home, you may find the following resources not only beneficial but rewarding and fulfilling as well.

After engaging in extensive research, taking into consideration that the average person is limited in their technical ability and business savvy, Enlightened Journey Enterprises chose the following online business systems that provide tremendous potential for creating financial wealth, time freedom and what we personally consider and "perceive" To Be "Real Wealth and Success."

The online home based business model we personally utilize and are opening the door for a limited number that we hand select, will learn first hand, HOW simple it can be to become a part of the Six Figure Fraternity .

Not only do we personally utilize and proudly endorse the particular business model we use, we do so because we KNOW in a very personal and real world kind of way just how valuable, transformational and beneficial it is for those who we invite to join us. We also KNOW that it CAN provide you with the "tangible means" to make your material desires a reality whether it be to attain financial wealth, simply supplementing your current income or if your desire is to enhance your ability in the material and monetary arena to make a more significant and meaningful impact in the lives of others.

The tools, systems and processes we utilize are structured in such a way that anyone can use them and become wildly successful if you'll simply follow the clearly defined and detailed step by step plan that we provide.

They are VERY SIMPLE and VERY POWERFUL regardless of who you are, your level of education, knowledge of technical skills, where in the world you might live, or how business savvy or NOT you might be.

Because of how this online home based business model is structured, the simplicity and clearly defined direction that we provide as well as the fact that the complete systems have already been created for you, provides both an incredible value as well as opens doors for a worldwide audience who without such ingenious and well thought out online home based business models being created and made available, might not otherwise be afforded the opportunity to engage in a home based business of their own.

I won't go into great detail here as to what this online home based business system is, or go into great depth as to exactly how it works, but I will provide a few key points as to how you might benefit from utilizing this same system to begin creating financial wealth for yourself...

  • Our systems have proven time and again to work for those who plug-into and USE the systems in place.

  • Begin immediately creating a stream (or multiple streams) of leveraged, long term income

  • No need to do any selling, telling or convincing

  • Everything required to begin your business immediately has already been created for you. (Website, multimedia training and marketing materials, etc.)

  • I and other leaders work closely with everyone who needs help.

  • The advertising resources are the best. (Most are free)

  • The marketing systems are automated and work on auto-pilot... no learning curve!

  • The compensation is leveraged so you can build your own team and create even more long term residual income for yourself and those you love.

  • All revenues generated are paid directly to you.

  • The products are truly desirable, sorely needed and provide an incredible value on a GLOBAL scale.

  • The unparalleled training and support we provide is unsurpassed in ANY industry

  • Average people from all walks of life and all around the world are succeeding with our team and word is getting out...unlike so many other old and stale business models and systems that are dying!

If our way of doing things and the idea of having your own online/offline home based business resonate with you, and you'd like to find out more, you can get ALL the details here.

I'll be happy to connect with you and answer any questions you might have regarding it, but only AFTER you have taken the full tour and have a basic understanding as to what it is, how it works and WHY it is SO POWERFUL in providing "desired results" for so many people globally.

You'll find our contact information on the site including our phone number.

Should you decide that we're a good fit and you're invited to come aboard with our team, I'll be looking forward to working with and assisting you personally in whatever way I can and get you quickly on track to creating whatever level of wealth and success that you perceive as possible for you and have envisioned for yourself.

To find out more about this online home based business model, simply click on and follow the links or banners below, watch the video and fully investigate what is being made available to you.

Whether it be the attainment of financial wealth you're looking for, time freedom, a legitimate and lucrative system for supplementing your current income, or simply the freedom and peace of mind that comes with working from home, you won't be disappointed once you discover how solid, proven, reliable and credible our system and way of doing business is.

A Truly Heart Centered Approach for Enabling and Allowing Financial Wealth to Become Real

A Very Simple, Powerfully Leveraged, Turnkey Approach To Your Very Own Online Home Based Business With Unparalleled Training and Support That Is Unsurpassed In Any Industry and Long Term Residual Income

My personal business of choice provides anyone seeking a credible, proven, no nonsense, online home based business model with unlimited potential for creating financial wealth as well as the time freedom gained through it's simple yet ingeniously created system.

It provides one of my personal sources of income and is opening doors of opportunity for people from all walks of life, from around the world and allowing those who, for any number of reasons, may have previously believed a rewarding and successful online business was out of their reach.

This business has changed all that and it can do the same for ANYONE who's sincere and serious about helping others.

The business I'm referring to provides a simple yet extremely powerful turnkey approach to online business with FREE expert guidance, extensive online multimedia as well as live personalized training, continuous support and provides incredible value on a GLOBAL scale that is unsurpassed based on the countless online home based business models I've researched.

Perhaps it will prove to be the vehicle of choice for you as well.

FG Xpress

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