Wealth Creation Is an Inside Game That is Reflected In Your Outside World

What If Someone Provided You With Everything You Could Possibly Need To Begin Consciously, Intentionally and Purposefully Playing Full Out and Winning the Game?

Are You Open, Ready and Willing to Learn the Rules?

The Key To Wealth Creation - Real Wealth is achieved through harmonizing
the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

The Wealth Creation Game Can be Won Simply, Freely and Easily,
With Difficulty and Struggle, or Not at All...That's up to You.

When You Know the Rules, Strategies, Commit and Get Out Of Your Own Way, It CAN be a Fun, Awesome, Amazing and Richly Rewarding Game to Play.

We all have our own unique definitions of what wealth is and isn't. The ONLY definition that's important right now, is how you define it.

How do you define it? A more important question is, Have You defined it?

I ask because, if you haven't, would you agree that you definitely can't and certainly won't hit a target that you don't have?

That would be like expecting to win a big and important game without playing, wouldn't it.

We'll get into more of that later.

Right now, I want to show you what I've personally discovered that you CAN have, so you might decide if your definition of wealth aligns and harmonizes with that.

Fair? Once you find that out, if it makes you feel more comfortable, we'll use whatever your definition might be.

One thing is for sure. Just as you can't hit a target you don't have, you can't expect to experience a kind and quality of life that you're unaware is yours for taking, by simply "choosing it."

That's the great thing about the wealth creation game. You can choose as much or as little as you choose. You can play full out, or you can sit on the bench.

You always win the game because the rules never fail or waver. When it seems you haven't won or you think you can't, it's not that you haven't or can't, because you CAN. If you haven't, it's only because you haven't played at your full potential.

We ALWAYS win at the level we play. To this point, You've won at the level you've played. If you want to win bigger you have to play bigger. In order to play bigger you have to know that you can and you have to know HOW.

You also have to know what's "truly available", so I'll share my personal definition of what winning the game is to me.

In the broadest sense, my personal definition of winning the game means experiencing Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom in EVERY way...physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

That's what I know you CAN have, now it's up to you to decide what you WILL have.

Let me start out by asking you a few questions...

  • Do you have a sincere desire to experience Real Wealth but you're not quite sure that you can?

  • Do you think that the attainment of Real Wealth is difficult, requires hard work, pain, sacrifice and struggle?

  • Do you think that to EXPERIENCE Real Wealth you need something more; a formal education, more time, more technical skills, a higher IQ, more money, a new mate, or that something else in the world "out there" must change before you can?

  • Do you perceive yourself as being too young, too old, that your geographical location or your current state of affairs whatever they might be, would or could, in some way, shape, or form, keep you from experiencing the infinite number of joys and pleasures that playing the game skillfully can provide?

Regardless of what you might currently "perceive" and regardless of your current situation, whether mentioned specifically above or not, the fact of the matter is that you can achieve and experience a limitless supply of wealth however YOU define it...literally NOT figuratively...and begin to experience a kind and quality of life that fulfills EVERY desire that you hold for yourself...with ZERO limitations.

But if you're not currently experiencing it and you really desire to, would you agree that something is going to have to change before you can?

Whether you agree or not, something does. SOMETHING is going to have to change so you can experience the change that, right this moment is only a want. If nothing needed to change to get what you want, you wouldn't "want it" would you? You'd have it already.

Point being, something is going to have to change to get what you want and win the game in the way most EVERYBODY "wants to."

So let's look at the most fundamental kind of changes that are going to be required first...

The FIRST thing that MUST change is YOU. More specifically your awareness must change. Once your awareness is changed your mind must change. To change your awareness, you MUST make the choice to "change your mind" about what you "believe and perceive" as being necessary or unnecessary to create wealth.


Simply because, if you already knew what was necessary or unnecessary to win the game in the biggest way that you can, you'd already be aware, you'd have already changed your mind and would believe in such a way that that would have already enabled you to win the game in the way you "want to."

Very, very few win the game in the way and at the level that they want to. Do you know why?

In most cases, everybody is so busy working, trying, searching for answers and solutions and attempting to figure things out, that they overlook the single most important thing that MUST be done to make winning the game as simple, free, flowing, easy and rewarding as it CAN be.

Do you know what that is?

Getting to the seed level. Ancient philosopher Lau Tzu, the founder of Taoism said it best when he stated...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius."

That's why so many "want" to win the game, but don't. They "choose" NOT to start at the foundational level...the seed level.

Because they choose that, ultimately, they choose not to change themselves. Want remains and Real Wealth does too. The difference is, Real Wealth "remains" a future want.

Put simply, based on timeless wisdom from one of the ancient texts, they choose NOT to be "transformed by the renewing of their mind."

That's THE single most important change that MUST be made.

Look...I know how that can sound...I know that it can be perceived as out there or airy fairy. It may "seem or sound" that way, but it's what MUST be done. At one point, it sounded far fetched to me. But as I've since discovered and have taught many around the world since making that discovery...it's true.

If for any reason you may think or believe that it isn't true, before making any rash decisions, I'd ask that you at least consider that it may be based on a Higher Truth than you're aware of right now.

That's the case for MOST. In fact, many mistake their "perceptions of truth" as being definitively true, when in reality there is a Higher Truth that overrides and supersedes any "perception."

But it's VITAL if you truly desire to win at the wealth creation game however you might define wealth and what you believe is necessary for you to be, do and have before that's achieved and viewed as wealth by you individually.

That's AWESOME news if you choose to change your mind FIRST. If not...not so much. You'll continue to think and believe that the "wealth creation game" requires hard work, struggle, sacrifice, or simply can't be won.

You'll get to right, I'll assure you.

But making a conscious and intentional choice to "change your mind" first is necessary. Doing that will reveal in tangible and measurable ways how possible and simple it can be to win the game. The game certainly doesn't end there. But it DOES begin there....regardless.

The good news is you CAN begin to become more aware and change your mind anytime you choose. Actually that's GREAT news if you choose to.

What's even better than that is that I can and am going to be, doing my very best to assist in making it true for you too. I can't do it for you...I can't make you do it. But what I can do is show you the path that I and many like me have walked down that I KNOW will enable, empower, educate and equip you, so you can do it for yourself.

You DO have to choose to walk the path and continue to take the steps down it. That's what's going to be required before you'll be able to see how possible it is to win the game.

Let me assure you the path does exist. The judge and jury has already ruled on that one and the verdict is in. It can't be reversed in fact. It's the Law. Unlike man made laws that can be amended and changed, the laws that make Real Wealth and Real Freedom possible for anyone who chooses to can NEVER be changed...regardless.

What's required though is a choice on your part...an openness and willingness to discover the path as well as a willingness to take the steps that will enable you to fully experience the scenery as you walk down it.

See the thing is, whether you win at the wealth creation game or you continue to believe that you've lost, it's all simply about a choice. When you make the right choices you can't lose and you can't fail. You certainly CAN believe and perceive that you've lost or failed, but in the bigger scheme you CANNOT do either.

You CAN definitely receive less than you desire, but the system and the process that provides what you receive NEVER fails.

The fact of the matter is, it's impossible to fail or lose...literally, although we CAN view, judge and label ourselves, our outcomes and what we receive as "loss and failure."

But it's a very shortsighted, pessimistic and limited view.

Do you know the #1 thing that keeps so many from winning the wealth creation game?

Short sighted, pessimistic and limited views.

The only thing that keeps so many from winning the game is that they're not aware of which choices they ARE making and/or the quality of choices that are vital to make in order for them to win the game in the way and at the level they desire.

They often "think" they know based on what they've been taught, yet what they've been taught and think they know isn't producing the desired outcome.

When that happens, many keep doing the same or similar things, keep experiencing the same or similar results and based on what they receive, combined with what they believe and how they view things, they keep believing that they've failed or fallen short of success and winning the game.

Why so many "perceive" that creating and experiencing wealth for themselves is so hard, or in some cases impossible, is because they make the wrong choices. Not "wrong" in the bigger sense of the word but rather choices that lead them away from, rather than toward and closer to what they "claim" they have a desire to experience.

More times than not, it's a choice to write off as too good to be true, or wrongly perceiving that the steps that lead to the attainment and experience of wealth are "too simple" to be effective.

In fact that's the number one choice that so many make. That single factor keeps them from experiencing wealth for themselves...the choice to "believe" and claim that it's not possible for them and in some cases too simple to be possible for anyone.

In fact...it's the ONLY reason that keeps so many from playing the game in the most efficient way. Maybe that's what has you kept you from it too. So let's be clear...

The only thing that can or does keep it from coming true for you is...well...YOU.

Let's entertain each other for just a minute...OK?

  • What if you found that there is nothing outside of you that is keeping you from playing or winning the wealth creation game?

  • What if you could learn and develop a crystal clear and unshakable understanding that creating wealth really is VERY simple?

  • What if you discovered, realized and understood that the attainment of wealth or the polar opposite is simply due to your own choices?

  • What if I could show you how to change the choices that are and have been keeping you from experiencing it, whatever IT might be for you so that you could?

  • What if you were presented with a different set of choices to make that would enable you to create an unlimited amount of wealth for yourself?

  • What if you discovered that the process was extremely simple, fun and that by following some clearly defined strategies, that you couldn't possibly lose?

Would you play?

Here's the real, verifiable and substantiated facts about wealth and winning the wealth creation game...

You're already playing it. What's more is you already know the rules, you've only forgotten them. Because you have, you're not playing by the rules in a way that enables and allows you to win the game.

What does that mean exactly?

I've come to know and understand that we each have the answers to the EVERY question we have about our lives inside of us. That includes winning the wealth creation game. We need only learn how to draw them out.

That's not based on theory or speculation. It's based on fact. The fact of the matter is, there is a science and secret psychology to wealth creation. Unfortunately most people don't know about it. That's precisely why only a small minority ever master and win the "Wealth Creation" game.

That's also why the mass majority perceive it to be a minority sport too. Not because it is, but simply because they "think and believe it is" which keeps them from playing and winning the game that EVERYBODY wants to win, yet which FEW DO.


Simply because no one has ever told them they could play and if they did, they didn't show them the rules, the strategies or the strategic plays that would enable them to engage and win consistently.

To win at a game you must know what the rules of the game are as well as know how to play. Would you agree?

That's precisely why the mass majority never even come close to reaching their physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual potential...they never learn the rules of the game much less understand how the game is played in a way that it can be won consistently.

Do you know what's even more astonishing than that?

Many aren't even aware that such a game exists and if they are they're not aware of the fact that they have both the right and the ability to play and win.

Some do play, but it doesn't "feel like" they're playing. They take the game so seriously that they don't have any fun playing. They allow it to create stress, fear and anxiety and based on their experiences, it doesn't seem like a game at all.

That's another factor that keeps so many from winning.

Some even "believe" that the wealth creation game is designed to be won only by a select few...they believe that they don't have what it takes individually and as a result fail to ever discover that the wealth creation game can be both learned and won by anyone who's willing to learn how to play.

That's also why there's so many spectators and so few players.

They're unaware that regardless of externals, whether it be a lack of formal education, technical skills, age, race, gender, geographical location or any other number of reasons (excuses) why so many choose to remain unnecessarily stuck, choosing to sit on the sidelines while everybody else has fun.

The wealth creation game can be easily won by anyone who makes a "conscious choice" to do so and what's even better than that is that it can be really really fun as you move toward victory!!

There's only one thing that can keep you from it...your inability to recognize it and believe it for yourself. The ONLY thing that can keep you from winning is a belief that you can't.

You'll get to be right.

Perhaps that's what you think. Perhaps you think that you lack what it takes to play and win at the wealth creation game.

Maybe up to this point you've chosen to sit on the sidelines and be a spectator yourself.

Maybe you have a laundry list of reasons why you can't play. Reasons that you really and truly believe are keeping you from not only winning but are keeping you from playing at all.

Allow me to be blunt here for a second. Reasons are nothing more than excuses. Excuses will keep you from ever playing and as a result keep you from ever winning.

You certainly can't win at a game that you refuse to play. If you have all these excuses that keep you from ever attempting to play you most certainly can't win, right?

I've personally never heard of a team winning a championship or even a scrimmage for that matter by saying..."No, we can't play today because..."

It's not limited to any one specific game, but ANY game. If you choose not to play you can't win. If you choose to play with a limited number of plays and strategies, even though you might play for awhile; you might even play really hard and give your ALL, but at some point you'll decide that you simply can't win.

The Wealth Creation Game is no different. Refuse to play...refuse to learn the rules and the strategies that enable and allow you to...continue to make excuses why you can't and it's going to be and remain impossible to win in the way that you WANT to.

But what if someone showed you that you do have the ability to play? What if they not only showed you how to play the wealth creation game but also provided everything you could ever possibly need to win at the game consistently?

THEN would you play? OK...still a bit pessimistic? That's OK. Let's take it a step further...

What if, regardless of your amount of pessimism, cynicism and/or the amount of excuses you have initially, someone was willing to introduce you to the ways and means to do so?

What if they enabled you to begin to discover for yourself at your own pace why you can win and equally as important how to do so without fail?

Do you think that as you progressed and began to know more about the rules and the strategic plays that clearly showed you how to win without fail that the light bulbs might start coming on and once they did, IF they did, you'd be willing to play all out?

What if someone took you by the hand, clearly explained not only what the rules are, but also provided you with the necessary skills, the tools, the understanding, and then clearly charted out each of the strategic plays that made the Wealth Creation game not only quite simple to win but also ensured that it would be literally impossible to lose?

Would you say Yes or No? Would you accept the invitation or continue to make excuses as to why you can't?

Obviously that's an individual choice that only you can make for yourself.

If the answer is still No then I nor anyone else can assist you. If excuses are your choice, then I or anyone else is completely helpless in assisting you.

The Wealth Creation game requires a willingness...a heartfelt commitment...and active participation on your part before you could ever hope to win.

As simple and fun as it is, it still requires those attributes.

You certainly can't win at a game that you're unwilling to play. And you certainly can't play effectively unless and until you're ready to learn the rules of the game and how to play it effectively and masterfully.

A No simply means you're not ready.

But if you answered YES, if you're "truly" ready and are willing to learn...to participate and play full out, to make a heartfelt and unwavering commitment to both yourself and your success, you'll want to pay very close attention and digest EVERY single word that's revealed on this page.

It will be necessary to fully engage yourself for just a bit initially and make certain that you don't miss a single word or step.

We're going to begin by revealing some strategic plays. Not plays that require "physical participation" initially, but rather some mental activity. You're going to be asked to "think" about some things in a way that you may not have considered "thinking" about them before.

This mental activity is going to prove to be an essential aspect of the physical actions we'll be taking later and the strategies we'll be engaging in as we progress. It's going to serve as the foundation that we build upon for the upcoming strategies and plays which will enable us to have fun while at the same time enable and empower us to begin "consciously and intentionally" winning the wealth creation game consistently and in a big way.

Another thing I should tell you about us learning to win, is that there is no competition. When the wealth creation game is played properly, when the rules and the plays are acted on correctly, everybody wins.

Great game don't you think? You can't lose...neither can anyone else. Takes all the fear out of it doesn't it?

Maybe you think that takes all the fun out of it.

Now if you're the competitive type, don't be dismayed or disappointed. The lack of competition doesn't take the fun out of it. You'll have just as much fun as everybody else, maybe more. After all having a competitive nature is all about winning right? Good news...you get to win.

In fact, as I mentioned, you can't lose.

If you're "Truly" ready and serious about this wealth creation thing, your participation begins right now and although it will require some additional actions on your part as we progress, the first crucial step requires gaining a bit more understanding of the game itself, the rules as well as the plays that will enable you to win consistently.

But once you make that choice, everything you'll require to make winning the Wealth Creation Game a reality for you will be provided to you and not a single step will be left out.

You will have to make some additional choices as we progress. You'll be challenged to choose or not to "do" some things and although I can't choose for you, I'll encourage you to say yes to each one.

It will provide you with EVERYTHING you'll EVER need to not only win, but master the wealth creation game in such a way that you'll never want for anything EVER again.

Now...before we proceed, I'll ask you again..."Are you ready...'Truly' ready?"

Ok...congratulations. Now let's have some fun and head toward victory row.

Fill out the form below because the strategies as well as rules are going to be e-mailed to you.

Once you do that, we'll begin by laying a solid foundation and covering rule #1 which is absolutely essential to understand and necessary to begin winning the wealth creation game.

Just put your name and email address below and you'll receive rule #1 immediately. Over the next few days, we'll get you pumped up, primed and ready to start winning the game in a BIG way and having a lot of fun in the process.

Rule #1 in the Wealth Creation game...

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