Consciously Using Universal Law For Attracting Your “Perfect” Intimate Love Relationship

Looking For Your Perfect Love Relationship? Here's Some Relationship Advice That NEVER Fails. In Fact It Can't Fail To Attract The "Perfect" Love Relationship Every Time!

Love Relationship

"An intimate relationship does not banish loneliness. Only when we are comfortable with who we are can we truly function independently in a healthy way, can we truly function within a relationship. Two halves do not make a whole when it comes to a healthy relationship: it takes two wholes." -Patricia Fry

8 Steps For Attracting A Healthy, Wholesome and Lasting Love Relationship

Intention: Develop an enhanced awareness with regard to how we attract everything into our lives, including love relationships and develop a deeper understanding of the unwavering principles that enable and empower us to consciously and consistently attract wholesome, healthy and extremely fulfilling relationships into our lives. Consciously explore, develop and learn to use our creative powers to clearly define, envision and see in our mind's eye what we most desire to experience with that “special someone.”

As a side note and to provide just a brief reminder to all of us. We ALL create our own reality. We have all been provided with the “gift” to operate and create from within. What and how we do that is based on our inalienable right of free will and the various choice that we as individuals make whether it be attracting a love relationship or any other area of our lives.

Those individual choices, more specifically what our choices entail are governed by Universal Laws to determine with absolute certainty what we will experience in every area of our lives. We only need to understand and learn to utilize these Universal Laws “consciously” and intentionally to begin creating more of what we really desire to experience.

The law of attraction is one such law that when used “consciously and purposefully” will, without fail enable us to attract desired situations, events, things, and love relationships consistently and with predictable certainty.

Once you have developed the awareness as to how, you can use these laws to attract your perfect life partner, improve the love relationship you've already got or begin “consciously attracting“ anything else that you desire to experience in ANY area of your life.

1. Understand That You Don’t “Need” Anyone Or Anything - You Simply “Desire” A Shared Connection

One of the most important distinctions to make when considering entering into a rewarding, wholesome and fulfilling love relationship is that you shouldn’t feel that you “need” anyone to make you feel whole and/or complete. Expecting anything external to you, including others to somehow fill a void within yourself can only provide temporary and at best mediocre results and can only lead to long term disappointment.

When you fully grasp and understand who and what you are…an infinite being created in the image and likeness of Source, with the same ability, power and potential to attract desired outcomes to you at will, whether relationally or otherwise, you begin to recognize and understand that you truly do have the ability as well as the power to attract anything and everything that you “desire for yourself”, which in essence leaves you “needing” nothing.

Developing this ability to “consciously attract” your desired outcomes enables and allows unhindered relations with your “special someone” that will serve to create and project a vibratory frequency long term, that can only serve to attract more good to the relationship…”Infinitely more.”

The only limitations that are experienced in your life are based on the individual perceptions that you hold with regard to them.

Are you ready to experience a “blissful” love relationship? Following and taking action on these steps will enable you to “attract” and more importantly experience just that not only relationally, but in EVERY area of your life.

First let’s explore the difference between wanting, needing and desiring a love relationship.

I’m going to assume that you’re already quite aware of The Law Of Attraction and the fact that EVERYTHING which exists in the world, both the seen as well as the unseen exists in it’s purest form as energy and this energy resonates or vibrates at a given frequency. As an example emotions of Love resonate at a different frequency than do those based on fear. Depending on the level of frequency that you project outward through your thoughts and emotions, ensures without fail that additional energies that harmonize and resonate with the projected energy will be and must attract those energies to you and determine what will be experienced in your physical world.

This isn't limited to attracting love relationships but holds true with every event, condition and circumstance that you'll experience.

With that in mind consider for a moment the difference in energy frequency between “desiring” something and “needing” it. Having a desire to experience can be equated to loving something and through an “unattached” or non clingy projection of the “Love” for that thing, relationally or otherwise, you’ll project an energy frequency that harmonizes with the “desired” outcome that will attract and enable you to receive precisely what you love.

Needing or wanting on the other hand creates and projects a different form of resonance or vibrational energy frequency that also serves as your communication device with the “Unseen” which in turn implies and communicates “not having.”

God, Source, The Universe or whatever you might “perceive” Creator to be NEVER says no and provides precisely what you ask without discernment or judgment. Wanting, needing and clingy attachment to any outcome creates a resonance or projection of energy that can only push what you want, need or are clinging to away from you.

If, on the other hand, a fun, wholesome, fulfilling and intimate love relationship is something you desire, then you can have it…in fact you already do have it. You’re already connected to it at the level of Cause. All that’s left to be done to experience it in “physical form” is the asking, “allowing” and once it shows up an acceptance of it…in other words consciously creating and projecting a resonance that is conducive to already having it and rest assured, it will and must show up. It, whether it be a love relationship or any other “desired” outcome, comes easily and effortlessly when you are also OK without it.

Don’t confuse being OK without it to not “desiring” it. A form of Desire that attracts is simply a projection of or an expression of “love” for the thing desired and when asked for from a place of un-attachment with regard to the when and the how, you‘ll discover just how powerfully attractive and creative you are.

That’s not to imply that we don’t all have “off” days because we do. Those are quite natural regardless of who you are. We all get and feel a bit down, “anxious” and needy at times. This only happens though as a result of taking our focus off of what truly is, what’s “truly” available to us at the level of Cause, and shifting our focus to what we “perceive” reality to be which is what we see and experience in our “physical” lives.

Anything and everything being experienced in physical form is the result of the consistently held quality of consciousness chosen and held by you at some point in the past. What many “perceive” to be REALITY or “physical” in nature is merely an effect and was drawn from ACTUALITY where every potential outcome already exists as a probability. In your individual life, what is drawn from this place of ACTUALITY or Cause is only determined and experienced based on your individual choice and what you choose to keep your predominant focus on which at the same time conveys what you are asking for.

The key to attracting “desired” outcomes is to be whole, happy and relaxed, however and whenever you can, develop the ability to fully accept and allow those “off times” to be OK. When you do, you'll find that the law of attraction will work for you, flawlessly. When you allow neediness, anxiousness, and somehow “perceiving yourself as doing something “wrong” as so many do, it can only attract the opposite of what you desire and only serves to cause a kink in the flow of the universe slowing whatever the “desired“ outcome might be.

2. Establish Your Why And What With Regard To Your Perfect Love Relationship

Ok…understanding how the Law of Attraction operates and determines how it is that we receive things into our lives, next it’s time to explore what you really want from a love relationship, and why. The "why" always comes down to emotion. We all want to feel loved, appreciated, whole, adventurous, spontaneous, or happy. We think that entering into the relationship will help us feel those feelings.

What’s necessary though is to first get in the place that we really feel it and then once we get through these essential foundational steps, simply “allow” nature to take it’s course.

Establishing and understanding why we desire a love relationship and what it is specifically that we desire in the mate that we attract goes a long way in attracting precisely what it is that we do desire.

Fill in the following blanks with what you want to feel: "I want a love relationship because I think that in that relationship I will feel more _____________ and more _______________.

Here's a little understood secret! Feelings and emotions are two very different things. When you learn to consciously harmonize your initial “gut feelings”, in this case desiring a wholesome and fulfilling love relationship, with your “physical emotions” expect REALLY BIG and seemingly miraculous things to happen.

How you feel physically as the result of the emotions that you experience and those initial intuitive feelings received are two very different things.

Emotions happen and come from thinking about and processing inspired “feelings“ or what some might call intuitive guidance. Feelings come from what I personally choose to refer to as ACTUALITY, which scientists refer to as The Field and spiritual circles refer to as The Kingdom Of God. Emotions on the other hand, which determine how you “feel” in a physical sense, happen and follow as the result of a physiological response in the body that determines what chemical reaction is ignited in your “physical body” and determines which chemicals are released based on your emotional response or reaction to those initial “feelings.”

Feelings are ALWAYS experienced as an initial knowing, an intuitive calling if you will that comes from deep within you. Initial feelings can be skewed and become confusing at times if emotions conflict and are allowed to interfere with those initial “first thoughts.”

In other words you might truly “desire” a wholesome and fulfilling relationship, but due to past experiences, when you begin thinking about the undesirable things that may have happened in the past in relation to your “desired” outcome and you begin processing those initial feelings at the physiological level, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and discomfort can and often do ignite.

Feelings are completely non-physical in nature. They are derived and received from “pure consciousness.” They come from the spiritual or metaphysical level or dimension, not as the result of some physical brain activity which initially inspired ideas ignite. Feelings come from deep within NOT from without.

Emotions stirred that seem contrary or conflict with fulfilling a desired outcome based on initially inspired feelings are simply your ego attempting to keep you in your “comfort zone” due to those past experiences which brought less than desired results.

Understand that your love relationship won't make you feel more lovable or successful but it WILL most definitely stir some profoundly powerful emotions that will serve to attract the “perfect match for you and continue to attract the ways and means to keep your love relationship seeming like “Heaven on Earth“ as long as you continue to choose to experience the kind of emotions that harmonize with “desired” outcomes which in turn enables them to be consistently attracted to you.

3. Clearly Defining The What In Your Perfect Love Relationship

Ok…now that we know “why” it’s important to do this, let’s cover the HOW to do it properly so you can begin enjoying the love relationship you “desire” as quickly as possible as well as attract the kind of person that you‘ll enjoy being with long term.

To “consciously” use the law of attraction in your relationships, it’s necessary to get really specific and detailed as to what your individual desire entails. The most powerful and effective way to do that is by writing down those details.

Yes…I know, another writing exercise but if you’re REALLY serious about attracting your ideal mate, it’s important…essential in fact that you become VERY clear as to what that entails.

Why is it necessary to write out your perfect relationship picture? Quite simply because the average person thinks approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. You can’t expect to develop and maintain any clarity on a specific topic in a mind that consistently thinks 60,000 thoughts per day can you? Writing your desired outcomes down serves to organize and clarify your thoughts as well as gives you something specific to review and envision once your crystal clear love relationship picture is achieved.

In essence it is training the mind to begin focusing on specific results and planting them at a subconscious level. Practicing and mastering this technique serves two purposes. First, it will enable you to clearly state your “Intention” and through review at some future time will enable your mind to adjust, accept and absorb your reality picture and better enable you to keep your “Attention” on the desired outcome without any “conscious effort” on your part.

Start by thinking about what it is that you would love to do with your soon to be “perfect partner.” In other words, what specific activities will you be doing with your partner both short and long term? Although initially, most love relationships are all goo goo ga ga at the onset, you won't be hugging, kissing and gazing into each others eyes 24/7. You DO have to eat occasionally and at some point have other activities to engage in right? Although those initial fireworks are extremely enjoyable, to attract a partner that shares your likes and dislikes in every area of life long term, we’ll need to do more than just ask for a good kisser. J

It’s important to understand that your thoughts are things, and your predominant thought processes in this area will attract the type of man or woman who also desires to do those activities that you enjoy also, so it’s crucial that you get as clear and specific as you can in as many specific areas as you can.

For example, do you love to travel? What kind of travel? Can you see you and your “special someone” going on a cruise together, maybe walking hand in hand on a beach, having a quiet romantic dinner, or maybe even something as simple as building a snowman together?

Whatever that means for you, get really clear about what it is that you would love to do together. For some it might be something like working or raising children together. There is no right or wrong in this. It’s what makes YOU “feel” the most joyful, connected and fulfilled. Include anything and everything you can think of. Consider every aspect of your “perfect” love relationship…extracurricular activities, community involvement, spiritual activity, travel, intimacy, and daily life. What exactly is it that you would want your ideal partner to be, do and have with you. What specific activities would make you “feel” just SOOO connected and in love when you do them together?

Write out both the immediate as well as the long term events, conditions and circumstances that really resonate with you and get your emotions stirred. Describe your perfect date. Write out your most perfect day or week together. Write it all down and get a crystal clear picture that ignites all of your physical senses. What does it look, feel, smell, sound and taste like? Make it as real and engaging as you possibly can.

4. Clearly Envision in “Your Mind's Eye” Exactly What You Desire In Your “Perfect” Love Relationship

Now that we have a clear picture of why we desire a love relationship and precisely what we choose to experience with our “special someone” let’s take what we’ve done and consciously ignite the power that will draw it to us.

Since you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume that you’ve already “felt” the desire to engage in a healthy and wholesome relationship. Next, we’ll cover how to begin envisioning your perfect love connection and allow whatever emotions support that union to ignite.

First, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off any cell phones etc or anything else that might detract your attention. Take a few deep, slow breaths and allow yourself to become totally relaxed.

Next, close your eyes and begin painting the picture of the life that you and your special someone will have on the movie screen of your mind. Envision precisely what you desire in your perfect love relationship and allow yourself to really feel them in the here and now. That's where the law of attraction really engages and kicks in powerfully. If you already feel confident, lovable, successful and connected with your life partner, then you can attract more and more of the same in any area of your life.

During your visualization or holographic creation time, it’s important that you go for the emotions and literally feel what it’s like to have your “special someone right now, along with the detailed images (holograms) you are creating.

Based on your predominant method of thinking…your thoughts…what you choose to place and keep your predominant focus on…you WILL attract to you precisely what you are choosing. Put another way…Your Attention states and communicates your Intention to Source.

Since your Attention communicates your Intention to Source, what we’ve been covering here are extremely important steps and will serve to build a rock solid foundation for your love relationship.

When you learn to consciously and consistently use your “Minds Eye” rather than depending on what your physical eyes see and “perceive” to be real, you’ll have learned to consistently create what many would call miracles, not only in the area of relationships but every other area of your life as well.

5. Next…Begin By Taking Small Action Steps

Now that we’ve established the why and the what we’re looking for in a relationship at the “consciousness level”, it’s time to prepare for the ideal relationship you desire by taking the initial “physical” action steps. Where you begin personally could be very different than where someone else might begin. For example, I heard a story about a woman who wanted a relationship, but discovered she had no room in her life for a man. Everything she did was based on specific habits that were developed as a result of her being accustomed to being single. Her lifestyle and the way she did certain things didn’t allow for a relationship to show up. She came to the conclusion that she needed to change a few things to create room for her partner.

So she started parking her car on one side of the driveway to make room for another car. She cleaned out her closet to make some room for his clothes, and took other similar steps. She cut back a bit on her work schedule to allow the time for her and her mate to share some quality time together.

When she fully expected that a partner was coming (as was shown by her actions), and took some steps to make room for him, guess what? Yep…he quickly showed up!

What specific actions do you need to take? Go to places where you might meet that someone special. Take classes or travel to a weekend seminar. Open your life for the possibilities you are looking for. As “non-traditional” as it might “seem”, with the far reaching power of the internet today, it’s even possible to attract and meet your “special someone” online.

What you do individually will be unique for you. Learn to tune into your feelings and follow those that feel good to you. Don’t attempt to force yourself, simply go with the flow and allow yourself to take actions that feel right.

Attraction isn’t “logical” in a physical sense. However it might be that you personally attract your “someone, will be a unique experience for you, but make no mistake…some form of action, regardless of how insignificant it might seem to you, is always required.

Taking the action steps that you can take where you currently are, in the best way that you can (even if they seem very small and insignificant) shows the Universe that you’re serious and fuels the law of attraction to do the rest!

Often times you’ll discover that HOW you attract your perfect mate may happen in a totally different way than your limited scope of thinking can even grasp or envision. The how’s are literally Infinite” in nature and extend FAR beyond comprehension, so just do what you can and “allow” the rest to unfold. But it’s important to begin doing something in the best way you currently know how and then simply unattach yourself from how or when and just choose to let God handle the rest.

You’ll LOVE the outcome…believe me!!

6. Be Ready, Open And Willing To Allow and Expect Differences

You've more than likely heard about how the law of attraction says "Like attracts Like". This means that goodness attracts goodness, and light attracts light. There are numerous extremely happy and fulfilled love relationships where together a couple might enjoy common interests in ideals, goals and future visions as well as commonalities in any number of areas. As you begin to attract potential partners to you look for these similarities but also understand that regardless of how good your love relationship might be, there will be some differences between you and your perfect partner.

In the “physical world”…the Newtonian Physics world, polar opposites can and do attract as well. In fact, without opposites (polarity or contrast) the world itself would not even exist. Common examples of polarities include protons and electrons, yin and yang, up and down, male and female and other seemingly opposite pairs which also exist and are necessary to fully experience life as well as maintain harmony and keep the physical world together and fully functioning in a balanced and harmonious way.

Regardless of how close you come to attracting your “Ideal” partner, it’s crucial that you understand that you and your partner, each being individual and unique will experience opposites regardless of how “connected“ or “right for each other” you might be. We’re each individual and it’s that individuality that makes us unique. It’s essential that you understand that there will be differences and equally important that you “allow” those differences to be OK.

As an example, once you attract your perfect partner you might find that one of you likes to sleep in and the other likes to go to bed early and get up early. You might fully enjoy a Chocolate Martini but your “special someone” might prefer a Margarita on the rocks. You might prefer Hip Hop music over the other various kinds of music that your partner may prefer. One may prefer simplicity and rustic furniture while the other prefers elegant and ornate furniture. There are countless possibilities, but you get the idea. When we become uptight about small and insignificant differences it creates conflict. When we develop the ability to flow with them, then we learn to begin becoming grateful for our partners individual tastes and choices and even begin enjoying those differences. Sometimes we compromise, and sometimes we each do our own thing in our own way. Everyone needs their individuality and space.

7. Why Creating Your Love Relationship In Your Inner World First Attracts What You Desire In The “Outer World”

Did you know that the law of attraction is based on quantum physics?

The laws of quantum physics show that everything must be created first in the inner world. The inner reality is the matrix, the blueprint, or divine design, and then physical matter is attracted to this "template" by the laws of quantum attraction. This is quite literally how the world you see comes into existence!

The Universe provides precisely what you ask when that asking is done in vibrational harmony with receiving what it is that you are asking for. It provides to you much like a mirrored reflection. Whatever you choose to put in front of the mirror you’ll receive an identical reflection back.

You can learn and master these law of attraction techniques through practice and training. Once you learn this quantum process, you can easily manifest what you want in your "outer" reality. Create first in the inner world of thought (spiritual or refined matter) and the physical matter will form to the template or hologram you've created.

During your visualization times, Imagine the relationship you desire with such vividness that you really feel the feelings. Bask in the confidence of knowing that the "outer world" will follow your imagination.

8. Develop The Knowing Of How Magnificent And “Perfect” You Already Are And You’ll Begin To Know that You Are Worth It!

The last secret of applying the law of attraction in finding your perfect love relationship is to know that you are worth it. Ask anyone who’s ever studied psychology and you’ll learn that everyone has an inferiority complex. Part of why we are here on earth is to grow, get over that complex and learn to totally and unconditionally love ourselves.

Loving yourself first will play a big role in your ability to attract the perfect love relationship to you.

The law of attraction can’t and won't give you what you desire if down deep you feel you don't deserve it. You are worthy of love, joy, and abundance. We all are worthy of love, in spite of our shortcomings, hair loss and less than perfect bodies.

I remember in high school that some of the hottest and best looking girls still lacked confidence and didn't truly believe that they were beautiful. On the other hand, some girls who were more average (by objective standards) were so confident and fun that all the boys wanted to be around them!

The Law Of Attraction isn’t limited to physical matter or what someone looks like. It's ALL about what you project. Any Divine being is worthy of love, and you are that, so nurture that deep confidence and really learn to love yourself. Let your love and your light really shine! We are all social beings and being in relationships is one of the greatest teaching tools we can acquire in this school of life.

You now have the all the steps required to attract your own wholesome, joy filled and fulfilling love relationship.

Now take what you’ve discovered, apply the steps consistently and remain open and willing to accept your love relationship when it shows up and believe will!!

To share these eight secrets of finding your “perfect someone” and attracting the love relationship your seeking using the Law of Attraction with others, just use the "Share This Page" buttons below.

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