Relational Wellness

Understanding What Relational Wellness "Truly Is", Provides Yet Another Important Key To Experiencing Real Wealth, Real Joy, Real Harmony, Real Freedom and Ultimately, Real Fulfillment In All Facets of Life

Relational Wellness

Let’s talk relationships. More specifically let's talk about relational wellness as it applies to life. More specifically let's look at your relationship with life which is where relational wellness or it's polar opposite, stems from.

Your relationship with and to life as a whole is what determines, the kind and quality of life you’ll experience. Relational Wellness or it's opposite also determines the quality as well as the quantity of what you "receive" in life not only relationally but physically and financially as well.

It also determines the quality of your mental and emotional state which in turn determines the quality of your "spiritual connection" or perceived disconnection.

Relational Wellness isn't something that "needs to be" achieved, sought after or made real. It's an already existing fact. Our beliefs and perceptions regarding our spiritual connection or disconnection determines the level of relational wellness we'll experience or not experience in life.

At this "spiritual level", (or if you prefer metaphysical level) we're ALL connected as is EVERYTHING we receive and experience in life.

Simply put, what you "put out there" and your relationship with life which is determined by that you believe, perceive, think, say and do, determines the quality of your relationship with life in all it's facets.

Now you may disagree initially, but it's true.

First let's define and become clear on what the word relationship means as it's being used and intended here...

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word relationship in "general terms" as follows...

"The way in which two or more people or things are connected."

The word relationship encompasses people and "things." Our relationships and Relational Wellness isn't limited to intimate types of engagements such as having a boyfriend/girlfriend...husband/wife, friends, colleagues, or any other type of human interaction.

Our relationships, and the determining factor as to whether we'll experience "relational wellness" or not, extends far beyond the human interactions we have with others in life.

Relational Wellness extends into and applies to every aspect of your life.

In fact, everything in life stems from and is determined by the quality of our relationship that we "believe and perceive" to have with everything in our lives. How we view our relationship to life determines the kind and quality of our lives as individuals.

It also determines the QUANTITY of what we receive in ALL facets of life.

You have a relationship to objects, animals, money and of course to other people. The kind and quality of your relationship to everything finds it's root in the quality of our consciousness.

If you're sincere and serious about and equally committed to enhancing all of your relationships in life as well as your relationship to life as a whole, the place to begin DOING that, is nurturing, healing and "consciously enhancing" the relationship you have with yourself.

The single most important relationship you can have or DO have is with yourself. That's of vital importance, simply because what's happening within yourself is what determines the quality of relationships you'll encounter outside of yourself as you go through life.

These "outer relationships" determine the kind and quality of tangible and measurable relationships you'll experience in life.

Things and people.

Make no mistake, to experience relational wellness, with yourself, with others and with life in general, it's of vital importance to look at, observe and become "consciously aware" of the relationship that you have with yourself.

The quality of this all important relationship becomes most pleasing and desirable when you choose to develop and heal the relationship you have with your "inner child."

Healing your relationship with your "inner child" entails forgiving, forgetting and "letting go" of past mistakes, resentments, perceived failures, shame, disappointment and guilt...unconditionally.

Learning to Love, accept and appreciate this "inner child" unconditionally, automatically enables and allows you to Love, accept and appreciate yourself. When you fully love, accept and appreciate yourself...unconditionally, you become enabled to love, accept and appreciate others unconditionally.

Make that connection, DO that and all of your human interactive type relationships will improve as will your relationship to life, meaning, All things in your life, all facets of your life will improve themselves.

that most don't consider when they think about relationships.

Yes, even your relationships to those you may not fully connect and/or resonate with.

Think about it…if you had all the money in the world but no one to share it with, would it mean anything? Would it hold any Real Value or serve any real or meaningful purpose?

Or if you had vibrant health but no one to walk, talk, share, love and communicate with, what good is health?

I think you’ll agree, your ability to create, develop, engage and remain in wholesome and healthy relationships is some REALLY IMPORTANT stuff as is our relationship to life and everything in our lives.

It ALL begins at the mental, emotional and spiritual level. Since we ourselves determine the kind and quality of our "mental state", it becomes quite simple and easy to SEE that life and our relationship with life, in all it's facets, begins and ends with you.

That's what enables, allows as well as determines whether or not relational wellness will become a "tangible reality" for you or not.

Relational Wellness in life becomes real when the mental, emotional and physical are consciously aligned and harmonized.

That's what enables and allows the physical, financial, and relational aspects of life to become whole in a way that we love and desire.

Relational Wellness is, just like physical wellness, financial wellness, emotional and spiritual wellness yet another key understanding to become "keenly aware of" if you're sincere, serious and committed to experiencing "Real Wealth", Real Harmony, Real Joy, and ultimately, Real Freedom in life.

The human relationships we engage in throughout life whether love relationships, work relationships, family relationships or casual friend relationships are, like all areas of our life attracted to us and experienced as a result of our individual choices.

And our relationship to everything else in life, whether money, health etc etc. determines the kind and quality of the attraction which leads into the kind, quality and quantity of what we experience in physical life individually.

Some of our choices regarding our relationship in and to life may be and often are, unconscious...meaning we may not be consciously aware that any choice is being made.

These choices, whether made consciously or unconsciously, determine without fail and with unwavering certainty, the kind and quality of our relationship with life which determines the kind and quality of our experiences in life.

What we attract, engage in and experience as we go through life is determined by our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions about life which in turn determines our relationship to life.

We receive and experience life just as we think and believe we will.

Once we're made "aware of" the power and importance of our beliefs and perceptions regarding life and learn to become conscious and keenly aware of how "real and true" this immutable and unwavering fact is, the more focused and intentional we become. The more aware, focused and intentional we become, the more skilled we become at consciously, intentionally and consistently enabling and allowing relational wellness to take form.

We become enabled and empowered to embrace and fully experience the wholeness, love and purpose that each relationship is intended to provide during our unique and individual journey through life.

The diverse range of experiences we go through and have in life can also serve to guide us toward the desired changes that may be necessary to begin attracting and creating more of the kind and quality of the relationships that we consciously desire to experience.

The Relational Wellness Index will provide you with both a deeper look at where relational wellness and fulfillment is derived from as well as tangible resources to ensure your relationships become and remain fresh, exciting, wholesome, fulfilling and mutually rewarding.

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