The Power of a Reality Check - Part 2

Finding The Answer of ALL Answers to the "Seemingly Complex" Life Puzzle, is More Than Just "Possible", It's ALL Around You...No Need to Stress, Fear, Doubt, Worry or Spend Years Looking Further...It's ALL Been "Figured Out" Already

The Answer of ALL Answers that MANY seek, yet which only a small minority find, isn't elusive, complex, hidden or non-discoverable. It only
"seems" that way because it CANNOT be and will never be SEEN or found, if you choose to continue looking where MOST are choosing to look. - Chuck Danes

It's my hope that you enjoyed and derived enormous (or at least some) benefit from the The Power of a Reality Check Part 1..

If you haven't taken the time to read that yet, I HIGHLY recommend that you do, IF you're REALLY sincere and serious about "figuring out" the "seemingly complex" life puzzle.

Part 1 lays the foundation which means EVERYTHING as it pertains to "lasting results" that can NEVER be taken away.

If you have read it, and you make the choice to continue on through this and upcoming segments, you'll find any benefit received so far, is miniscule in comparison to the literally infinite number of "potential benefits" yet to come, IF you make the "uncommon choice" and do more than just "read" it.

Here's WHY I say that.

Reading is for learning and acquiring knowledge. Action and application of that knowledge is equally important and JUST AS necessary if we're to SEE and EXPERIENCE the tangible benefits that "the right kind knowledge" CAN provide.

Truth be told, there is no "right or wrong" knowledge. Although there's a "truth" that some knowledge serves to create happiness and some creates pain.

As you'll recall a VERY IMPORTANT thing we covered in Part 1, is the FACT that intellectually limited venues, in and of themselves can never, have never and will never, "enable and allow" the many "changes" that are sorely needed in this world to become tangible.

Nor can they, in and of themselves provide us with an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of how things "truly work" or fully reveal what's truly available to us.

There's a very rational, logical and simple reason as to why.

The "intellectual understanding" that we ALL receive, is subject to and limited by the "intellect" of those who teach us what they call "knowledge." In MOST cases, we take that at face value.

That's one of the biggest problems we face in the world. We're told that many things are good, accurate, holy, worthy, necessary and that we MUST do, and we believe it...without discovering for ourselves if it's a "truth" that serves us.

We honestly "believe" it's on target "knowledge", when, in MANY cases, the Higher Truth is, much of it is what enables and allows the shadows and the darkness in the world to grow, flourish, mislead, manipulate and continue to limit and even maim both ourselves and the "masses."

They're what I call "generational beliefs" passed down from one generation to the next.

These generational beliefs, handed down and blindly accepted as being "true", are what I like to call "memes that maim" rather than benefit.

Which brings us to a REALLY IMPORTANT point that would be "helpful" to understand.

There's a HUGE difference between "learned truth" and Higher Truth in 99.9% of the cases...REGARDLESS of WHERE or WHO it comes from.

Higher Truth, is not dependent on the limitations of the programmed and indoctrinated minds of the masses, nor the limited (and oftentimes self sabotaging) forms of knowledge that so many "believe" is true.

This Higher Truth is readily available, easily accessible and can be KNOWN and EXPERIENCED by those who are "sincere and serious" about FINDING and tapping into it.

It doesn't REALLY "need to be" found actually...only tapped into.

That requires an uncommon kind of doing, that MOST either overlook, avoid or are totally unaware of for MANY reasons, FAR too great in number to address in a single segment.

We'll save some of THAT for later.

That's WHY the Power of a Reality Check is being delivered in "segments." It's to reveal these "reasons", which in reality are nothing more than excuses that the indoctrinated masses use and lean on.

More about that soon, too.

As I also mentioned in Part 1, moving fully into the experience of the "good life", in tangible and measurable ways, is not only "possible", it's HIGHLY probable if you'll learn and DO what "must be done."

But, it's a process...a journey if you will.

In Part 1, we began the "journey." This segment is a continuation of that journey, just as future segments will be a continuation of the previous.

MOST make "excuses" as to why they can't embark on that kind of journey. In "most cases", it's due to claims of a "lack of time."

Sorry if this offends, but that's a "lame excuse", although HIGHLY common.

There is no lack of time, but rather a lack of knowledge that actually "seems to" increase "time" and enables the sincere and serious to achieve MUCH MORE in far less time.

I'll be revealing HOW to DO that at the conclusion of these initial segments.

Here's some great news...or, depending on how you do things, it may not be.

The duration of and the time frame to complete your personal journey can be as long or short as you choose. It depends on how willing you are to undergo and stick to the "process."

For the most part, this process is one of "unlearning and relearning", so our EXPERIENTIAL understanding of how things "truly work" and what's truly available to us can become "real."

Any desire we have and hold as dear, need not be a hope, a wish, a pipe dream or a passing fancy. Yet MOST remain "trapped" within that mindset, only due to their lack of knowledge and apprehension to learn how and then DO it.

Essentially, what that equates to is an unwillingness to stretch beyond the "knowledge" they've acquired.

If you'll recall, in Part 1, I stated, the entire purpose of The Power of a Reality Check is to enable and empower you to move into an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of things that MOST have no idea about or awareness of.

That "awareness" can be found and had, without spending years going through the motions as is required via depending on and Blindly believing" the many "generational "memes" we inherit, all the while depending on and doing things in a strictly tangible and intellectually focused way.

That journey CAN be far more simple, enjoyable and certainly less "painful" than many "think it is", should you embark on it, from day 1, with an EXPERIENTIAL understanding.

Getting there requires taking specifics steps in a specific order.

The first highly productive step in this portion of the process, is becoming "keenly aware" of the problem...the "perceived" problem that is. Part 1 "touched" on that.

If you read that, you're "intellectually aware" of what I shared. But here's the thing. To SEE the power of it, in the quickest, simplest and easiest way, it's not done intellectually, but rather approached, EXPERIENTIALLY.

That's what the Power of a Reality Check will assist you in KNOWING. And, it's a VERY POWERFUL and Highly Effective approach if you're "truly ready."

You "may be" and you "may NOT" be. That's up to you. At the very least, you'll find my approach to be quite unique. It IS very unique because how I do things eliminates the experimental, hit and miss stage and propels you into SEEING and KNOWING for yourself how our EXPERIENTIAL reality comes to be.

Once you KNOW that, you can more effectively and efficiently begin DOING things in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with whatever your aspirations might be.

Although unique in many ways, my approach addresses the WHOLE of life, meaning it addresses, in uncommonly comprehensive detail, both the Real and the Ethereal. In later segments, The Power of a Reality Check, covers what many call "the good" and "the bad", the evil and the light, the wrong and the right, the saintly and the wicked.

It's NONE of that on the ethereal side, yet the knowledge we've acquired has us "believing" it is, which only serves to "enable and allow" what we claim we "don't want" to continue.

Here's An IMPORTANT distinction to become "aware of" between the Real and the Ethereal

I say "real", only because MOST view reality as being real. But it's not real at all. It "seems like it", we believe it is and we make less than empowering "choices" because of that.

Science has "proven" that what we call "real" is subjective, meaning the reality we experience individually and collectively, is "SUBJECT TO" our "beliefs and perceptions" about what is "real" and what's not.

But as "real or unreal" as it all "seems", the Higher Truth is, ALL "perceived realness" stems from the Ethereal. Put another way, what seems real here in reality, is the ethereal solidified so we can experience it in "tangible" form.

As science has discovered and as the Masters have taught since antiquity, it's ALL Light...nothing more, nothing less.

Now...a personal question.

Were you taught about THAT in school? Of course not and the reasons WHY will become "clearer and clearer" as move forward.

Point is, you are NOT just a "meat suit." We are "Beings of Light" operating within an infinite field of Light.

If you doubt that or don't understand it, it doesn't mean it isn't true. What it DOES mean, is that you haven't yet discovered nor do you understand a Higher Truth.

EVERYTHING, in it's purest and most basic form IS Light, aka "energy."

It's where EVERYTHING begins, what EVERYTHING is, as well as where everything goes back to.

That's WHY the Power of a Reality Check provides the steps and the process for SEEING, EXPERIENCING and KNOWING, in a VERY personal kind of way, the "ethereal" (whatever label you choose to define that) FIRST.

You may already understand the enormous benefits that CAN BE derived from that approach, or you MAY be of the mindset that MOST are, and see little to no benefit of learning, exploring and understanding more about what you CAN'T see.

If you choose to limit your views to anything less than a "whole picture view" (the real and the ethereal) of life, you'll never be able to conceive, imagine, nor EXPERIENCE all the AWESOME things that life has to offer.

Although effectively addressing both the real and the ethereal is no small task, nonetheless, that's how I choose to do it. Doing so in that way, makes the attainment of "heartfelt desires" quicker, simpler and SO MUCH easier for YOU to find and experience.

In fact, they find you. Once they do, it's only a matter of recognizing them as the ways and means that they are, so you can DO something with them.

That is every bit as important as every other step. It enables and allows you to take the next step which is to SEE, HAVE and EXPERIENCE them.

It ALL Begins on the Inside and is Reflected on The Outside.

It's THAT process, done in PRECISELY that order, which enables and empowers you to master, what I often refer to as The Razors Edge. Master the "Razor's Edge" and you BECOME a master of life.

Just to ensure there is NO misunderstanding, this Razors Edge is the middle ground between the "Seemingly Real" and Ethereal however you perceive, define or view that.

It takes an uncommon form of willingness, fortitude and discipline to SEE and EXPERIENCE just how REAL and TRUE that is, for yourself...which is WHY MOST never do.

You're still here, so chances are good that you're in, or at least doing your best to get into this "willing space."

Now it's only a matter of learning how to use and project your "will" consciously, intentionally and on purpose.

In this segment, as well as future ones, we'll look at how to begin DOING that by addressing some of the concepts we covered in Part 1, in greater detail.

The time will come for that, but first, before doing that, there are a few more steps to take.

First, let's take a closer look at why I titled this publication The Power of a Reality Check. Doing so will clarify what I mean when I say, DOING a reality check is important.

While most think of doing a Reality Check as downsizing hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations via not being a "dreamy thinker", that MAY or may not be the case for you at all.

It COULD be, but it may not be. In many cases it has nothing to do with downsizing, but rather expanding "less than empowering" views about what's truly available to you.

That depends on you, where you've been, what you've learned, what you "believe" needs to be done to reach the next level AND what you deem as being possible or not possible for you.

It really depends on where you are mentally and emotionally and how you're "choosing" to show up in the world. That's what determines each and every outcome we experience as we engage in the game of life.

In most cases, DOING a Reality Check has little to do with becoming more rational, logical, practical or more grounded in how we approach life.

In fact, in MOST cases it's the exact opposite for the very same reasons we discussed in Part 1.

Making a choice and commitment to DO an in depth, honest, revealing and sometimes painful Reality Check, can serve you well. The reasons WHY are of a literally infinite variety, although they can be condensed into 2.

The first "reason" is because there are those who have bought into the highly commercialized hype stemming from The Secret, who go through life living in fantasy land. These are the ones who often come to the conclusion that The Secret isn't real, and/or doesn't work for them.

Forgive my candid approach and my way of saying things if it offends you, but BULLSHIT. It IS real and it works for EVERYONE ALL the time. It's not a Secret though.

That's nothing more or less than ingenious (and in most cases, NECESSARY) marketing language that gets the masses "interested" in learning more.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who have their feet so firmly planted on the ground, they can't see beyond the struggle and day to day grind that MOST feel hopelessly trapped within and "claim" they don't want to experience.

As The Power of a Reality Check reveals, there's a middle ground where your Real Power blossoms.

But the KEY is finding that middle ground. Ironically, that's also the challenge, which is WHY so few discover that it IS the KEY.

The Razors Edge is what we'll be calling that middle ground from here on out.

That's what the Power of a Reality Check is ALL about. It's a multilevel kind of Reality Check that encourages you to open your "heart", align and harmonize your mind with what's "in there" and continue DOING so, to the degree that you become able to conceive, imagine, SEE and KNOW the infinite nature of things FOR YOURSELF.

Not in a "pretending" or "wanting to believe" kind of way. In a fully immersive, EXPERIENTIAL kind of way that enables you to KNOW what's "truly available" to and for you, while still recognizing the importance of keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground so you might effectively and efficiently navigate through life, DOING what needs to be done to "GET" what so many are "looking for."

What "truly" needs to be done.

Here's the REALLY great thing about that...

When "the plan" is followed and "done" in the way it's designed, any doing that needs to be done, is of a kind and quality that is "loved."

No "hard work" or struggle necessary. Quick question...

Have you EVER "struggled" or felt as if you were working hard, DOING what you Really Love?

I haven't personally, but I've spent MUCH TIME doing what I Love and it REQUIRED "action" to get it done.

Although it "seems complex", it's really quite logical, practical and simple. Actually, it's "profoundly simple", although our programmed and conditioned minds and the self limiting "beliefs" we adopt, hold onto and make important life choices because of, CAN, and often does, keep us from SEEING that.

That's why The Power of a Reality Check is going to reveal what "I KNOW" to be the answer of ALL answers. So YOU might SEE, KNOW and EXPERIENCE a life that you Love for yourself...on ALL levels.

Because of the common forms of "programming and conditioning" we receive throughout life, it's also quite common to develop self limiting and self sabotaging patterns, via "thinking and believing" that finding the Answer of ALL Answers, is much more difficult than it actually is.

Be assured it's NOT....although it CAN and in most cases DOES "seem" like it.

It's my sincere and heartfelt hope that The Power of a Reality Check enables you to find YOUR middle ground so you might DO the same.

You could say, it's a kind and quality of Reality Check that has the potential to take you places that you haven't been able to conceive or imagine to this point, both tangibly and intangibly.

If you're unable to "conceive or imagine" anything beyond your current reality, you'll never be able to EXPERIENCE the awe and grandeur that exists beyond it.

But there's a flip side. In some cases, doing a Reality Check can also reveal the importance of brushing off the layers of glitter and fairy dust and "getting REALLY serious" about doing what MUST be done to create whatever "tangible and measurable" results you'd Love to have.

That's yet another of MANY very important things that I hope The Power of a Reality Check might assist you in SEEING.

Since the introduction of The Secret nearly 10 years ago, MANY "less than informed" teachers have emerged who "claim" that thinking right and feeling good is "The Way" to anything your heart desires.

That's "part of the story" but NOT the Whole Story, although many WANTED (and still WANT) to believe that.

For those who buy into that and choose to reside in "fantasy land", there's another benefit I hope you'll grasp, internalize and DO something about.

It's this...

Feeling good is AWESOME, but if results aren't tangible and measurable, they are NOT results

The point is, depending on where you are, what you've learned and what you "believe" needs to be done to reach your "desired destination", The Power of a Reality Check will point you in whatever direction you deem as being most appropriate and necessary for you.

Not only do I strongly encourage that EVERYONE...including YOU do that, I'll be introducing you to the tools that show you how in both an "intellectual and an EXPERIENTIAL" kind of way.

As I said...What it really boils down to is enhancing, elevating, aligning and harmonizing, what's going on in your head, with what's in your heart.

It's not a common approach, but it's MOST DEFINITELY an "extremely empowering and enormously transformational" one.

I KNOW, because I've EXPERIENCED it for myself, which is WHY I share it here.

Should you choose to read along and stay with me to the conclusion of The Power of a Reality Check, it COULD provide you with the answer that you're looking for. It MAY very well open your eyes to a Reality that you haven't been able to conceive or imagine, let alone believe that you (or anyone else) can EXPERIENCE.

So there you have it. That's what The Power of a Reality Check is, reveals, points you toward and will assist you with...if you make the "uncommon choice" to enable and allow it to, which is ENTIRELY up to you.

But let's be clear, it only CAN and only WILL...IF YOU enable and allow it to.

If you'll do your best, I'm going to do my VERY BEST to assist you in finding and entering into that enabling and allowing "space." It's profound, it's transformational and it's life changing. But ultimately it's going to require a commitment and your active participation to "get there."

I know I've said it a number of times in Part 1, but repetition has it's place, so I'm going to say it again.

To receive whatever it might be that we desire in life, learning the concepts is important. APPLYING them, so you might EXPERIENCE the benefits that we're unaware of is equally important, if you're to ever receive and HAVE those desires in tangible and measurable form.

Although MOST can't SEE how or why, enabling and allowing is THE single MOST important place to start.

That INCLUDES enabling and allowing yourself to learn AND apply what follows.

Before we get into all the HOW'S and WHY'S of getting your desires fulfilled, there's another important step to take first.

It's a step that will "enable and allow" you to become aware of who you're dealing with.

Taking this very important and necessary step "may" enable and empower you to better develop the kind of trust that is necessary to stick with, go through and personally EXPERIENCE the "seemingly miraculous" results this "process" we'll be going through can provide.

Since nearly everyone loves a story, the best and most effective way I know how to "enable and allow" you to see and know who you ARE dealing with, is share a bit of my own story with you and provide takeaways as I do.

It's kind of a love and horror story rolled into one, so regardless of your personal taste, that's the best way I'm aware of, to ensure that you'll gain benefit from my story.

Perhaps sharing that will assist you in SEEING, what steps I KNOW are important, WHY there's a "fire in my heart" to empower you, and there's a method to my madness as well.

So...just in case you're not really sure about who I am, where I come from, where I've been, why I do what I do, and how I do it, here's my story...

My name is Chuck Danes and I founded Enlightened Journey Enterprises more than 10 years ago.

More than 30 years prior to DOING that, the "Is there more to life" question" that we touched on in the previous segment, surfaced for me.

When it did, deep within me, I KNEW there was more. I couldn't put my finger on HOW I knew. I just KNEW there was.

You KNOW it too, at some level. We all do.

What I didn't KNOW, was how to go about getting it. I decided it was time to "figure out" how.

I think it's important to say that my background is one of meager beginnings, tangibly speaking. What stemmed from these "meager beginnings" as a child, was nearly everyone in my circle of influence often saying...

"All we need is a million dollars and life will be good."

That became one of my "defining, foundational beliefs." I wanted "life to be good" so, at a later time in life, I set out to DO what I "thought" would create what I wanted.

Needless to say, the "more" I was seeking when I embarked on my "personal journey" was to "figure out" HOW I was going to GET my million dollars.

Since that's what I'd heard, learned and ultimately "believed" in the early years of my life, that's what I "wholeheartedly believed" I needed. In my mind, if I could just figure out how to "get" that million dollars, life would be good.

So, I set out to get it.

It didn't "seem as if" my "welding career" at the time, was going to "enable and allow" me to DO that, so I began on this "seeking more path" as many do.

I sought out, acquired and IMMERSED myself in a number of traditional self help/personal development resources in the hope of "improving my lot."

Although inspiring to a degree, in hindsight, this initial introduction to the specific "form" of personal development/self help arena, was little more than motivational rah rah.

It would get you all fired up one day, only to find, a few days later, the excitement fades and you begin wondering what you were so fired up about.

It served it's purpose. It was part of what was yet to come, but as I would "learn" later it was a "limited approach."

Point being, Motivational Rah Rah, in and of itself, although motivational, somewhat inspiring and exciting in the short term, isn't nearly as helpful or effective as many "think it is" in the long term.

What you get excited about, fades. Maybe you've experienced the same, or something similar.

The predominant focus in that arena, is fixated on what to DO and how to do it, to get what you WANT.

That was right up my alley, so I did my best to DO what I was "told" was necessary.

Although there's certainly nothing wrong with that, it's primary focus, is more a materialistic approach to life, rather than a Whole Life Approach.

Nothing "wrong" with that either. I believe that's a VITALLY IMPORTANT "part" of life. Although of vital importance, it's NOT the main thing, yet to a degree, here in the tangible world, it's a very important thing.

Anyway, I spent a number of years listening to and "trying" that motivational "stuff."

To my delight, I did gain some benefit from it over the years, although it wouldn't be until years later that I discovered it fell short of providing my BIGGEST and most "heartfelt desires."

It definitely didn't provide "truly meaningful and lasting" change, although it did bring about a number of temporary "tangible" changes, in the "material aspects" of my life.

I actually changed career fields and became quite adept in business and the accumulation of "money and stuff." In fact I exceeded, many times over, what I was told and "believed" would provide me and my family with the "good life."

In a very short period of time, I was viewed as influential and highly successful. Yet, looking back, the way I went about it; the way I was TOLD to go about it, led to a host of other "problems" that I hadn't "thought about."

That's what I called them at the time...problems. That's what MOST call them. But aside from how I, or anyone else "labels" them, regardless of what we've "learned" and often believe to be true about the many "problems" we face in life, they're NOT really "problems" at all.

What they ARE...what they "truly are" is whatever we choose to believe they are. That's determined by and only dependent on, how we view life. The Higher Truth is, what we call problems, are really nothing more or less than a steady and "seemingly inescapable" flow of symptoms that we've learned to "judge, label and refer to as problems.

As agonizing, painful and annoying as these "symptoms" CAN prove to be, really and truly, their enormous gifts

At least they CAN be IF we enable and allow them to be. Doing that in this case, is simply a matter of learning to recognize these "perceived problems" as the opportunities and gifts that they "truly are."

Because really and truly, as "bad" as they can "seem", they're opportunities for growth and expansion.

When we get to the place that we become "aware of that", we can take the next step and trace these "perceived problems" back to their source, where we discover what the "real problem" is.

It's our "beliefs and perspectives" about what we "think we WANT and need", which in MOST cases leads to and sometimes keeps us trapped within MANY "needless problems."

As I discovered during my "problem solving" period, "stuff" in and of itself doesn't alleviate, cure or take away many of the other "problems" that so many are "trying so hard" (or in some cases, only WANTING) to resolve.

Yes, I acquired plenty of money and stuff in the years that followed. Yet I found that it didn't fill the void that eventually led up to the point, where once again I found myself asking the same "Is there more to life" question that had surfaced years before.

Once again, somewhere deep within me, I KNEW there was more. Now it was only a matter of figuring out what to DO, where to look and what to try next, to get it.

Little did I know then, what I acquired and accumulated to that point, wasn't the kind of "stuff" that ever could, or ever would, fill that void.

Nonetheless I continued on, JUST as I had, DOING what I thought needed to be done.

More years passed and during that time I surpassed a number of tangible milestones that I hoped, wished and prayed would provide the "more" I wanted.

I kept getting more and more, yet it was more of the same.

The "Is there more to life" question resurfaced yet again, but this time it was very different. Painfully and terrifyingly different.

Actually, to say it "resurfaced" is an understatement. This time, it screamed out and hit me upside the head like a ton of bricks. It was anything but subtle.

In what "seemed like" overnight, my life turned from what many would call "extremely good" into the exact opposite, meaning I looked up and realized that what I believed would provide me and my family with "the good life", ALL began crashing down...FAST.

There was no ignoring, suppressing or burying the overwhelming fear, doubt and worry, I was experiencing. It was BIG.

KNOWING there was more to life, yet feeling as if I was FAR WORSE off, than when the BIG question surfaced the first time, many years before.

The one word answer as to why that "happened" for me, is what I call a "Bit of Discontent.", Over time though, it had grown until it became "overwhelming and paralyzing."

Although I was "somewhat aware" that something was missing, based on what I "thought I knew", that was normal.

Based on a number of other things I learned, I honestly believed "That's "just how life is."

Because I truly believed that, I ignored it. Because I chose to do that, over time it grew...and grew...and grew.

Before I knew it, what I did my best to ignore, bury and suppress for a number of years, couldn't be ignored or suppressed any longer.

Over time, it had snowballed into a very heavy, blinding, paralyzing and extremely painful form of discontent of gargantuan proportion.

But this time, it became so intense, it HURT really BAD, regardless of how much I hoped, wished, prayed or wanted it to go away.

Believe me when I tell you, I did plenty of that.

The takeaway from that period of growth is this...

In spite of how things "looked and seemed" on the outside previously, I "chose" not to acknowledge or address what was happening on the "inside."

The fact is, although I did my best to ignore and bury it, the more what was happening on the inside, felt like DEATH.

What I realize now is, as the discontent grew, the outside "stuff" that I learned, believed and "thought" was SO important and would provide what I was "seeking", began to shrink. Due to my "choice" to ignore what was "truly happening", it dissolved...POOF.

All I had "worked" so hard to GET over the course of many years, all came tumbling down...VERY quickly.

Needless to say, the fear I felt and the pain that stemmed from it, became overwhelming.

Although previously, it "looked as if", and to many "seemed as if", I was living the good life, due to what had taken place "inside of me", combined with the REALNESS of what was NOW taking place on the outside, it "seemed as if" it was anything but "good."

Little did I know, then just how GOOD it was, although it CERTAINLY didn't "feel" like it AT ALL.

I found myself in a "less than desirable place", mentally, emotionally, relationally and materially. Based on what I "thought I knew" at the time, I called it REALLY BAD.

Thankfully my health remained in tact, but EVERYTHING else was I thought.

Needless to say, I was in PAIN...the excruciating kind. It wasn't "physical pain." It was more like a form of mental and emotional anguish, brought on by OVERWHELMING FEAR, which over time, snowballed and led to what can be best described as "mental, emotional AND physical exhaustion."

When you combine what you view as Really Bad things, with mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, things can "seem as if" they're way beyond Really Bad.

As you can imagine, going from having way more than enough money to no money, experiencing what "seemed to be" an amazing relationship that quickly turned into a living hell, combined with being "seemingly trapped" in a career field I grew to DESPISE, I was left "feeling as if" it was...or at least close to, game over.

Not sure what to do, where to turn, or how I could possibly change things, for very obvious reasons, the "Is there more to life question" surfaced yet again.

This time though, what brought it on, was BIG, PAINFUL and UGLY...on ALL levels.

Although earlier, I said it hit me like a ton of bricks, a more accurate on target way to describe it, would be to say, it hit me like 10 tons of bricks and left me "feeling as if" I'd been run over by a convoy of Mack trucks.

I KNEW that there was more, I knew how to get what my idea of more was, I had done it before, but, this time, I found myself unable to even DO what was necessary to get back to the place where I HAD already been.

Point is, in spite of all I'd acquired, here I was, once again, WANTING more. But I STILL hadn't "gotten to the heart of the matter so I might SEE what it "truly was" I WANTED more of.

Little did I (or could I) know at the time, just how MUCH MORE there was.

Being a slow learner, combined with a bit of "stubbornness", that took me quite a while to "figure out" too.

Here's what's amazing about that "seemingly horrific" period though...

Although it looked and seemed as if my life was falling apart, little could I, or did I understand at the time, that it was in fact, ALL coming together.

It definitely didn't feel like it and it most certainly didn't look like it. But aside from what I "believed" and despite how things looked and seemed at the time, that's what was happening, "under the radar."

It wasn't happening as I WANTED it to FOR SURE. But, it was happening just as it "needed" to. Don't misunderstand. That's not to say that it "needed to happen", as in everyone must go through that.

But it DID "need to happen" just as it did, in precisely the way it did, for ME.

I look at it today as a VERY intense, EXTREMELY scary and equally painful, wake up call, that transformed itself into an ENORMOUS gift.

The realization that it was all coming together didn't dawn on me then. Far from it. And although it DID take me many years to "figure that out" too, what I realize today, is that it didn't have to.

The reason why, which I HAVE since discovered, is because it's ALL been figured out already.

The ONLY reason why we experience the pain, hardship or discontent that we do in life, is simply because we don't understand the importance of learning, understanding and at some point, making the "choice" to align and harmonize ourselves with what HAS ALREADY BEEN figured out.

Because I still hadn't figured that out, the "story" doesn't end there...

I wanted more and once again, because of what I "thought I knew" I felt the need to "search" some more, try more, and do more.

Prior to and long after enduring that extremely painful period, I chose (and for a time followed) a few additional paths that many "answer seekers" do.

Although I had "dabbled" in a number of things prior, this time I was much more "committed" than I had been previously. I FULLY engaged. Pain has a way of DOING that. Because of the intensity of my "pain", I became even MORE sincere and serious about FINDING something...anything that could ease that pain.

I began to seek out "more answers" via a bit different form of personal development/self help. I also decided to mix that up a bit and mixed in some religion.

Although they were paths that provided some benefit and a useful "nugget" here and there, today, I refer to that "common approach" as the long path.

I do, because since personally navigating both of those paths for a number of years, I discovered there's a much shorter path that we CAN choose.

Before describing that, let me be clear...

I'm not here to down religion or the self help/personal development industry. They have their place and they definitely serve a purpose. But as I've since discovered, in 95% or MORE of the cases, these "industries" don't provide the answers that nearly everyone is looking for and "trying" to get.

They CAN assist, but in comparison to what's available to us...what's "truly" available, they are VERY limited as it pertains to "finding and revealing the REAL answers" that EVERYONE is "truly" looking for.

When you don't know the "right questions" to ask, finding the answers can be a challenging thing.

When you begin asking the "right questions" and make a choice to remain open, receptive and aware of when the answer shows up, you're led to, or as was the case with me, directly shown, in a literally indescribable kind of way, a Higher Truth.

It didn't come from ANY ONE or ANYTHING in this world.

What was revealed was much different than what I'd been taught and most definitely revealed that what I "thought I knew" regarding how to "get what I wanted", missed the mark in a BIG way.

It's this Higher Truth that EVERYONE is "truly looking" for, although MOST aren't aware that it even exists, let alone that it CAN BE, not only found, but EXPERIENCED in a very real, deeply penetrating, unforgettably REAL, yet indescribable kind of way.

I did A LOT of path walking and experienced MUCH PAIN, before I found it personally. In hindsight, it's all very clear that all that "suffering" was NEEDLESS on one hand, yet VERY necessary on another.

It wasn't without ENORMOUS "long term" benefit...that's for SURE.

Nonetheless, as painful and needless as it was, (or wasn't) those are the paths I chose and "the pain" I experienced as a result.

The point of sharing that with you isn't for the sake of telling you about me or my story. It's ONLY to reveal, what even the slightest form" of "discontent" can grow into, should you choose to suppress and ignore it, rather than face, look at, accept, acknowledge, and DO something to change it.

It took me MANY years to figure out HOW to do that. The fact, I'm still "working" on that as you, I and EVERYONE else always will be.

The reason WHY I share what I do, is because, since engaging in and doing what I do today, I've found that MOST are choosing the very same, or very similar paths...even though they "claim" they don't WANT to.

For the sake of time, I'll spare you all the minute details of the "ongoing journey." But, I will say, it was a "long, grueling, painful and disappointing " path to walk initially...humanly speaking.

In spite of that, I continued on, looking, seeking, trying this, trying that, falling and getting back up more times than I can count.

Then, one day, in the midst of a number of other "problems" I was experiencing at the time, something happened. Something quite profound. Way beyond profound actually. The pain, fear, anguish and wonder that permeated every cell in my body, disappeared in the blink of an eye.

It was replaced with a KNOWING.

In a FLASH, It ALL became VERY clear. EERILY, yet profoundly clear.

That EXPERIENCE can't possibly be described in human words, except to say that The Answer I had looked for, sought out and almost gave up all hope of finding, "seemed to" find me.

It was MUCH DIFFERENT than what I had previously "thought" I was looking for. What "seemed" really crazy to me at the time, is that an event of that magnitude could happen so quickly and provide a KNOWING of things that I had no idea could be found, let alone KNOWN.

The Answer I'd sought for so many years; what I refer to today as the Answer of ALL Answers, came to me in the blink of an eye.

For lack of a better description, it was an "immersion" of sorts that provided a KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING that cannot be known or experienced via "intellectual" means.

That's WHY I mentioned the difference between an "intellectual and EXPERIENTIAL" understanding in Part 1.

Although what I received could never be fully explained or accurately conveyed in 10,000 books or as many personal development/self help programs, I refer to what I received that day, as The Answer of all Answers.

I'll reveal my "perception of that" in the next segment, so please bear with me for a while longer.

What's amazing about that EXPERIENCE is, it didn't happen or show up in the way I "thought" it would, could, or "believed" that it needed to.

The fact is, based on what and HOW I believed things MUST happen at the time, I had NO IDEA that any answer, let alone The Answer of ALL answers could be discovered or delivered in this way.

But it was and when it came, I KNEW that I KNEW that I KNEW it was The Answer that I had spent so MANY years looking for.

I KNEW it was, because the fear, pain, confusion was immediately replaced with a sense of assurance, peace, contentment and a KNOWING that was SO ENORMOUSLY AWESOME, it can't possibly be described with the limitations of "human language."

For lack of a better phrase, It was a deeply immersive, all encompassing and awe inspiring, sense of Completion.

Although it may sound crazy at this point, it was an immersion and KNOWING of Love of the MOST indescribable, comforting and reassuring kind.

In fact, grasping it and understanding it to the degree where I knew HOW to apply it in such a way that it could "work" in the world, was STILL missing.

You could say the intellectual understanding of how to USE and "effectively APPLY" what I now KNEW in life, eluded me. I KNEW that I KNEW that I KNEW it was the Answer of ALL Answers.

As much as I KNEW that it was, integrating and applying this Answer of ALL Answers in a tangible world kind of way, was something I wasn't sure HOW to do.

In fact, I wasn't sure that it COULD BE done. I did the best I could, yet many in the circles where I had associated "thought" I had lost it...FOR REAL.

One of my "friends" at the time literally said...."Damn Danes, you gonna preach." :)

That DEFINITELY wasn't my intention. So, yet again, I needed more "knowledge" so I could "figure out" HOW to most effectively share what I was shown in such a way that I wasn't "viewed or perceived" as a preacher.

What a JOURNEY it was turning out to be!!!

That led me into yet another many year journey. An intellectually focused one. This time I got REALLY REALLY REALLY serious for sometimes 20 hours per day, "self educating" on EVERYTHING I could get my hands on.

I immersed myself in research including but not limited to MANY areas of science, the ancient texts from various cultures and many more areas of study far too numerous to list here.

That single experience and many since which were equally profound, supported, fed and nurtured by gathering all the data I could in the years that followed, eventually led into what I do today.

That brings us back here, where we are right now.

After working with a very diverse group of people over these past years, I've discovered that in spite of what we "think we know" and aside from what we do and how we engage in life "trying to find" any number of surface level answers and solutions of a very wide variety, EVERYONE is seeking the very same answer...although MOST are "unaware" that they are...consciously at least.

EVERYONE is looking here, looking there, doing this, doing that, searching for this, searching for that and TRYING many things that they "think" will ease their pain.

Yet like me, in the vast majority of cases, we spend years and years "trying" really hard to find it, in ways that can never and never will provide it, or at least enable us to SEE it.

Yes, we seek it in MANY cases, yet we attempt to DO our way into it. We get so "busy" doing that, we blind ourselves to the Answer of ALL Answers which is what we're all looking for.

That's why it's difficult to get people to slow down long enough to listen to anything that falls outside the line of what we've "learned and believe to be", logical, practical and feasible, due to what we "think we know."

Combine that with the hustle, bustle, busyness and "seemingly inescapable" grind of day to day life and it's easy to see HOW we can easily get caught up in a "less than desired" cycle that inevitably blinds us to and keeps at bay, the Answer of ALL Answers that we're ALL looking for.

Most "claim" they don't have the time. Based on how they SEE things, what they believe, what they do, combined with how they go about doing it, the reality is, they don't have the time.

But in actuality we do have the time. We ALL do. Because of what we learn and how we think things need to be done, we just don't understand the importance of prioritizing the time we do have.

I learned MANY years ago, that the Answer of ALL Answers is the "Main Thing."

If you KNEW that it was the Main Thing, would you take the time to FIND it?

What if someone pointed you toward it? Would it help?

We seldom get to the heart of the matter to discover for ourselves, how and why do things the way we do. We become so trapped in that cycle, we seldom learn WHAT to do and the order to DO it in, that enables us to "find it" so we might SEE that for ourselves.

That's also what keeps so many from thinking BIG, dreaming BIG, playing BIG and bringing it BIG as we journey through life.

One REALLY REALLY big thing we often DON'T DO is learn to SERVE BIG, so you might HAVE whatever your desires might be.

When you DO what truly needs to be done, you find that your desires CAN BE fulfilled and begin "showing up" in such a way that many either call "effortless, impossible or miraculous."

Although it IS THE Answer of ALL Answers and CAN provide anything and everything that you could hope, wish or dream for,

It requires a very "specialized form of doing." As REAL and AWESOME as it is, there are those who aren't ready, won't recognize it as such and won't DO it.

Through it all I've discovered and utilize very practical, logical and easy to apply concepts into very "simple" actionable steps, that enable and allow those who are sincere and serious to learn WHAT to do, the order in which to do it.

Real Freedom and Real Liberation becomes more than a hope, wish or novel idea, but a way of life.

Since you're still here, maybe you're seeking and equally serious about finding that same answer too.

Just as I "thought" at one point, I've also since discovered that MOST "think and believe" that no such "Answer" exists.

Take it from someone who "thought" the same, It DOES.

It's possible that you already "know" the answer, (or think you do) yet your tangible results aren't as "good" as you'd LOVE for them to be.

It's also quite possible, that you've achieved what MOST would consider extraordinary success in a tangible world kind of way, yet there's still a gnawing hunger deep within you, and you sense an emptiness that you can't seem to pinpoint or fill regardless of what you do, or how much "worldly success" you've achieved.

We each have to choose our own paths, but if you are feeling the same at some level, Do YOURSELF a HUGE favor and DON'T IGNORE IT.

Or maybe you're in a place where you're down, way down, and you're simply seeking out the ways and means to tweak your approach to such a degree that you can enhance and expand your results just enough to experience what you consider to be and what many call, a "good" life.

What if, regardless of where you are now, you KNEW that you KNEW that you KNEW, it ALL could become over the top AWESOME?

Would you at least consider it?

I don't personally know of anyone that would continue going through what "seems" horrific, so so, good, far above average or even extraordinary, if they KNEW that they KNEW that they KNEW things could become "Over the Top Awesome", do you?

Here's a big take away that I learned the "hard way" over the years, and many who I've reached have experienced the same.

The ONLY thing that keeps so many from SEEING and EXPERIENCING just how AWESOME things CAN become, is the lack of KNOWING that they KNOW that they KNOW, that such a path exists.

But you CAN KNOW and you CAN discover it for yourself. In fact you can EXPERIENCE precisely that in a way that will blow your mind.

At the very least, it will transform and "renew" your mind.

Once we're finished with these "segments" I'll be introducing you to that path.

That's one thing that The Power of a Reality Check was created for, will reveal and show you HOW to do. I can't promise nor guarantee you that you'll get there. What I CAN assure you of is that you CAN, if you'll make yourself a promise, get and stay SERIOUS, commit to the process, follow through and DO what "truly needs" to be done.

I can't possibly know where you are or what led up to your arrival here, but one thing I DO KNOW, is that you're here for a reason. Whatever that reason is, whether "known" or unknown, be assured, it has meaning and it DOES serve a purpose.

Perhaps much more so, than you realize.

Although I can't personally know what that purpose some level, you do. Perhaps that's what drew you and prompted your arrival here. Maybe it's something else. What I do know is that you're here for a reason and whatever you're experiencing, or how you view whatever experiences you're going through, it's being experienced for a "Greater Good."

You might not be able to know it, see it, or for the life of you, be able to "figure it out" right now. But I DO KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that it DOES serve a "higher purpose" and CAN assist you in moving closer toward what the "Greater Good" is for YOU...and the whole of humanity, IF you enable and allow it to.

EVERYTHING...and I do mean EVERYTHING always serves a "higher purpose" and ALWAYS in ALL ways serves a "greater good." But in order for us to SEE that in such a way that serves US individually, we have to make that choice.

Whatever that something is, it has meaning and a purpose that's unique for and to you. The possibilities are far greater in number than we can possibly cover here, but rest assured you CAN figure that out for yourself, with far less pain than I endured, IF you'll enable and allow" yourself to.

Look, it's my nature to be VERY direct and candid at times. At the same time, I DO that because it's my sincere and heartfelt hope that I might assist you in SEEING that EVERYTHING in life (even the dark and shadowy things) has meaning and purpose regardless of how you "perceive it."

It took me many years to "figure that out." BUT, in spite of the many years I searched, sought, fell and got back up, that doesn't mean, you must endure or experience the same. Although you very well may choose to, and you certainly have every right to, it's not a requirement to embark on a many year journey finding The Answer of ALL Answers, as I did.

The how and when will reveal itself when the time is "just right."

Maybe for you, the time is now. Maybe it's soon. Maybe not. Only YOU can determine that.

What I do know is that your journey toward finding the Answer of All Answers, can be much simpler, much quicker and far less painful than mine.

One of the BIG reasons is because you have someone to not only point out the path but walk it with you. Someone who's been there and done that."

That's what I do. Use my "experiences and my EXPERIENCES" to partner with and assist those who are "sincere and serious" about finding and choosing the path of least resistance.

When I began, I was ALL by myself...yet I still broke through. Your "breakthrough" needn't take nearly as long mine did. The fact is, the process CAN BE much quicker and without question, much, much easier.

As I hope you've discovered and realize by now, my approach has absolutely nothing to do rah rah motivation, man made "structured religion" and very little to nothing to do traditional forms of self help or personal development.

It has everything to do with Self Realization and "Personal Empowerment."

And yes, there is a HUGE difference, as I discovered the "long, hard way."

In closing, I'll briefly share those differences.

Traditional forms of personal development tell and show you what to do. Self Realization and Personal Empowerment aligns and harmonizes you from the inside out, with what you desire to BE.

Many esoteric forms of personal development/self help "garbage" "claim" (and in many cases unconditionally guarantee) they'll show you how to "get what you want."

Self Realization and Personal Empowerment resources reveal the importance of GIVING so you can.

As it pertains to "man made religion" and spirituality, the difference is similar and equally (if not more) significant.

Religion provides you with a peak through the keyhole.

Spirituality reveals the "infinite nature" of things and opens the floodgates.

Think about that for a time.

If you decide that you're sincere, serious and ready to learn more about the Answer of ALL Answers, keep your eyes open for The Power of a Reality Check Part 3.

We'll explore further, reveal the Answer of ALL Answers and get into more about HOW to APPLY that answer in logical, practical and transformational detail.

Stay Tuned. Things are about to get AWESOME...IF you'll choose to enable and allow them to.

Here's to You and Your Personal and/or Spiritual Transformation,

Chuck Danes

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