The Power of Prayer

The Power You Hold Is A Very Real Power and Engaging In Conscious "Heart Based Prayer" Provides "The Miracle Creating Proof" That Reveals Just How "True" That Is...Unconditionally

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer is all pervasive, all encompassing and unconditional. Unanswered
prayer is a myth that only lacks one vital component...Genuine compassion and heartfelt Love

Unlike many of the other Power Principles discussed, the power principle we'll be covering in this article delves into a more tangible principle...something that many choose to "DO" without being fully conscious of what they are choosing to "BE" as they're DOING it.

Namely, the unfailing Power of Prayer...more specifically "Heartfelt Prayer."

As true as that is, Heart Based prayer can mean different things to different people and extends beyond a ritualistic form of prayer that many engage in.

We'll also be delving into and exploring why the outward expression...meaning the physical action taken as we engage in prayer isn't what activates the miracle creating power that prayer so often reveals in a "desirable" and in many cases a "seemingly miraculous" kind of way tha quite literally transcends space/time as we understand it.

Miracle creating prayer of a "desired nature" requires more than simply engaging our physical selves at a conscious and intellectual level as we engage in a ritual of prayer and ask that our desires be fulfilled.

Contrary to widespread belief, the physical act of prayer isn't where the power of prayer is initiated.

It's what we "believe" and as a result "feel" as we pray that determines what is being communicated as well as determines the quality of the outcome.

Blindly or halfheartedly engaging in a ritual of prayer, regardless of how much we might choose to do so absent the underlying "belief" and/or "heartfelt feelings" only serves to creates outcomes that are often judged and labeled as being "unanswered prayer" and in many cases results in solidified perceptions that are more often than not disharmonious with the desired outcome being prayed for.

This is precisely why so few experience what they "perceive" to be miracle manifestations. It's not that miracles aren't unfolding ALL around us every minute of everyday, it's simply a matter of being unaware that every aspect of creation is a miracle and how the consistent miracles in every aspect of our lives show up and reveal themselves in tangible and measurable form as they always have, always do and always will.

Looked at in a scientific kind of way, it's through the resonance that we project into the unseen spiritual/metaphysical "field" that determines the kind and quality of our asking and without fail delivers to us precisely that.

We'll be discussing and delving into the Power of Prayer at a depth that provides a logical explanation as to how and why the Power of Prayer contains the transformational power that it does. It's what I refer to as a "Higher Truth" which clearly reveals that prayer is ALWAYS answered and why it's often "perceived" that so many of our prayers go unanswered creating a further dis-empowering "perception" that such a thing as "unanswered prayer" is "real."

It's my personal belief based on personally witnessing a number of what I consider to be "profound experiences" in my own life...what most would refer to as miracles...combined with decades of research and much trial and error putting what I've discovered into "practical application" that I can share with an unshakable certainty how and why the power of prayer works as it does as well as why so many "perceive" that it sometimes doesn't.

To do so is going to require delving in below the surface and explore paths that many "perceive" as having no connection whatsoever to prayer or how the the power of prayer is consciously activted.

It's my hope that as we delve into and explore the unfailing Power of Prayer below the surface, that the self limiting and self defeating paradigms so many hold regarding "unanswered prayer" will be shattered and that you might become enabled and empowered to consciously and consistently utilize the power of prayer in your life to begin seeing and experiencing for yourself, in a "tangible, measurable" and perhaps even in a "profound" kind of way, just how much creative power has been freely provided to you.

Our "on the surface beliefs" regarding the Power of Prayer is widely accepted yet at the same time often considered to be subject to a number of variables with regard to individually held perceptions and beliefs regarding ourselves. More specifically it's our individually formed and held perceptions and beliefs regarding our own sense of self worth, entitlement and as a result our willingness or unwillingness and our ability or "perceived inability" to receive.

In other words many "perceive and believe" that prayers are answered or not based on any number of individually held perceptions such as what kind of person we are, what we "perceive" as being true about ourselves and the outward actions that we take or don't take.

These "outward actions" are commonly referred to in spiritual text as "works." Although "works" are in many cases necessary to fulfill the manifestation of the thing or things prayed for

It's also a commonly held belief that such a thing as "unanswered prayer" exists. It's become my personal belief after many years of exploring the depths of science, (namely Quantum Physics) spirituality and a number of other venues combined with a number of "profound personal experiences" that transcend common logic and rationale, that there is no such thing as unanswered prayer but rather that the vast majority are "unconsciously" asking and initiating the Power of Prayer in a blind and/or disharmonious kind of way with what they "truly desire" and in the vast majority of cases are completely unaware of how the asking is being done.

In other words it's the "unconscious or subconscious" underlying beliefs we each hold, the perceptions that stem from these beliefs and a the resulting way of "being" that we ourselves choose to engage in that we often find ourselves existing within and often limited by the tangible and measurable outcomes that our choices create.

The quality of our chosen way of being determines without fail and with unwavering certainty precisely what we receive and experience in each area of our lives.

What we receive is continuous. There is no such thing as NOT receiving. We often "perceive" not receiving as being real only because we are "unconsciously choosing" what we ask for which due to the immutable and unwavering power of prayer we ALWAYS receive.

As one of the masters made SO VERY clear thousands of years ago...

"Whatsover ye desire when ye pray BELIEVE that ye receive and it SHALL be given."

There are 3 key words in that statement that when looked at deeply and the depth and power of the message understood, can eliminate all doubt with regard to the Power of Prayer as well as shed light on why so many erroneously "perceive" that unanswered prayer is real.

Those 3 words are "Whatsover"..."Believe"...and "SHALL."

Whatsoever implies just that..WHATSOEVER. There is no limitation in whatsoever. Whatsoever isn't limited to what we want or what we don't want. Whatsoever is Infinite in nature. There are no limits to whatsoever...whatsoever.

What determines our "whatsoever" individually are the "Beliefs" we hold with regard to what we desire. These "beliefs" go beyond hoping and wishing that something MIGHT be true and that we "may" be able to have whatsoever it might be. Our "beliefs" are without fail the determining factor as to what we receive and always harmonize with the "tangible creation" of that thing.

And then finally the word SHALL. Shall implies will. It WILL be carried out and done. Shall doesn't mean perhaps or we'll see or it depends on. Shall means shall.

To consciously initiate the creation of "whatsoever", we must simply "believe" and it "shall" be provided.

While the fact that the Power of Belief and the Power of Prayer are intricately interconnected and interwoven within each other as all things in the Universe are is also commonly understood, it's often not understood at a depth that enables most to consciously and consistently harmonize what they believe with what they "truly desire" to experience and pray for in the various aspects of their lives.

The fact of the matter is, asking for our heartfelt desires to be fulfilled through prayer regardless of how hard or long we might engage in the "physical action" of prayer absent heart felt belief, will always be "perceived" to be unanswered.

But it never is. It's simply a "perception" that it is due to not fully understanding the cycles of life and how they were created to operate perfectly, consistently, effortlessly and without wavering...EVER.

These "cycles" and the Universal Laws that govern these cycles NEVER err or waver.

Something is ALWAYS being created. Creation is a constant and NEVER ceases.

In the same way The Power of Heartfelt Prayer NEVER fails or wavers. It's our individually chosen "beliefs and perceptions" regarding prayer and a lack of deeper understanding regarding the power provided to each of us that yield "beliefs" which ALWAYS harmonize with and deliver each and every one of our results in life.

Our prayers are continuous...what we receive is continuous and what we are praying for is being determined by the underlying beliefs that we hold which in turn determines the resonance of energy that we project.

Although we might ask in a verbal kind of way through our prayers for a specific outcome, as much as we might WANT them, we often hold underlying or "subconscious" beliefs that conflict with what we consciously ask for and claim we want producing physical events, conditions and circumstances that are often "perceived" as our "consciously desired and spoken" prayers and supplications going unanswered.

The Power of Prayer Goes Beyond The Physical Act of Doing

The miracle creating Power of Prayer isn't initiated or realized through verbal communication alone. In fact verbal communication in and of itself has little or nothing to do with mountain moving prayer.

It's the non-verbal communication...a communication that's projected from the heart that reveals in a way that no one can dispute it the miracle creating power of prayer.

It's known as "Heart Based Prayer" that is consistently projected outward due to our "Heartfelt Beliefs."

Heart based prayer goes beyond "talking and pleading to God" or whatever the Source of your understanding might be. Heart based prayer in a number of cases is disharmonious or conflicts with whatever it might be that we are asking for which without fail overrides the physical aspects of engaging in the ritual of verbal prayer and delivers without fail what we "believe" it will.

To fully understand and grasp how the power of prayer NEVER fails sometimes requires seeking and venturing out beyond man made doctrines and dogmas commonly taught in religious circles.

One's choice to explore spirituality, the ancient texts, the science of success, quantum physics, the NEW biology etc. clearly reveals how the power of prayer is none discerning and is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS answered just as we are asking.

From a "spiritual perspective"...

God is no respecter of persons. God knows your heart. Even before you ask God knows what you need.

The Power of Prayer becomes clearly evident and it's power is unleashed without exception when the art of heart based prayer is understood, mastered and "consciously utilized."

Heart based prayer is determined by the beliefs that we hold...both conscious and subconscious with regard to whatever it might be that we're asking and praying for.

You could say that heart based prayer that consistently delivers what we "truly desire" is consciously projected and it's unfailing power released, understood and experienced in a "desirable kind of way" when you become "conscious of your consciousness"...choosing to become and remain aware of the underlying and often unnoticed beliefs that you hold at a subconscious level.

That's the first step in the process of "consciously initiating" the Power of Prayer and consistently receiving what we desire and ask for.

A choice to become "conscious of" these beliefs happens by becoming aware of and observing the consistent and habitual thought patterns that run through your mind every minute of everyday.

These deeply ingrained, habitual and self repeating thought patterns serve as extremely enlightening clues which clearly reveal what beliefs are held which in turn determine what we are praying for in a non-verbal kind of way and without fail determines what we will receive unless and until the "disharmonious beliefs" that conflict with what we claim we desire are elevated and changed.

This elevation I refer to is what I often refer to as developing a "Higher Truth."

Another common misunderstanding that leads so many to believe that "unanswered prayer is "real" is attempting to utilize the power of prayer to change something about someone else when we are praying for violates their own inalienable right of free will.

In other words we often attempt to change what someone else says, does or feels through our prayers and since it conflicts or is disharmonious with what they "truly desire" for themselves, unanswered prayer is often "perceived" as being the "reason."

It's not. It's simply not honored due to our attempts to force our individual will and desires on another when what we are asking for another is disharmonious with what they desire individually and are choosing for themselves. Put another way it conflicts with their will or desire.

We are each provided an inalienable right of free will and that will is ALWAYS honored without exception.

combined with the ability to master the emotions that we each experience.

There are no "right or wrong" paths we can take when becoming serious about exploring and discovering how and why things in life happen as they do and how the power of prayer impacts and determines what we receive as a result.

Spiritual text clearly states that when you ask you receive...when you seek you will find...when you knock the door will be opened.

Where you seek and the doors you knock on aren't limited to religion or any other individual path.

In fact a choice to "seek and find" answers, whether through the latest cutting edge scientific discoveries, timeless spiritual wisdom shared by the masters through ancient texts or any other venue you might "feel" is best for you will ultimately lead you to the answers that you seek and have a "heartfelt desire" to find.

All paths begin and end at the very same destination.

One of the many paths that I personally chose to walk down was exploring what modern day science has discovered with regard to heart based emotion and the power it yields in "consciously initiating the power of prayer in our lives.

The Power of Prayer...Heart Based Prayer Is Being Scientifically Validated

The Institute of Heartmath is the foremost leading authority on heart based emotion. New scientific discoveries clearly show that the projection of heart based energy is not only real but can be observed and measured with the latest technologies.

In years past although emphasis has always been predominantly focused on brain activity, recent discoveries clearly show that the electrical activity of the brain is superseded by 100 times at the heart level. The projection of electromagnetic energy, which although undetectable with the limitations of the physical senses is the "stuff" that surrounds us produced by the heart is 5000 times that of the electromagnetic energy projected from the brain.

King Solomon some 3000 plus years ago can be quoted as saying "Guard your heart above EVERYTHING else, for from it flow [all] the issues of life."

Modern day science agrees. They are discovering just how "true" that is in our lives and that the determining factor as to how life unfolds is based on "Issues of the heart."

These "Issues of The Heart" as a rapidly growing number of leading edge scientists refer to them are called and stored as cellular memory.

It's becoming more and more apparent as science continues and progresses in developing greater understanding about how "stuff works" the spiritual teachings and beliefs shared since antiquity are being bridged joining these 2 seemingly separate areas of understanding into one and the same understanding.

The Power of Thought is most certainly important but as is being made widely known today, it's the heart based emotion that is determining what is being prayed for and will be received in each and every area of life without fail.

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