Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness Is a Given; an Inherent Gift Freely Provided to All Yet Only SEEN and EXPERIENCED by Those Who Choose to Seek, Find and SEE the Infusion of Unconditional Love Which Enables and Allows Our Lives To Be as We Choose...However We Choose...Unconditionally

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is achieved through accepting and allowing what is to be
as it is without fear, doubt, anxiety, judgment, worry or concern. It is experienced as a result of
discovering, understanding and KNOWING the perfection of who and what you "truly" are. - Chuck Danes

Spiritual Wellness or as referred to by some, Spiritual Health holds different meanings for different people.

There are a number of people who view the spiritual nature of life as being somehow separate or apart from "physical life." The spiritual nature of life, as is Spiritual Wellness a gift that we can open and see or not. It's an already existing fact and equally an already existing PART of life.

Spiritual Wellness is a given. An already existing fact. It is, simply because it isn't something that must be searched for sought out or found.

It already exists within each of us. Many do seek, search and "try to find" Spiritual Wellness simply because where they have been taught to look isn't where it's found.

We're told and taught that Spiritual Wellness exists within yet guided and instructed to "look without."

Seeing, experiencing and KNOWING that spiritual wellness already is, enables and allows our lives to BE all that we aspire for them to be.

Seeing spiritual wellness as an already existing fact, simply requires consciously aligning and harmonizing the "seemingly separate" Body, Mind and Spirit facets of yourself in a "consciously unified" kind of way. This "Conscious Unification" enables and allows The Unity, Simplicity and Perfection Of Life to be seen, KNOWN and experienced by You.

Any perceived separation or disconnect between the "spiritual and the physical" is made "seemingly real, valid and true" based on our individually chosen beliefs and perceptions.

Our "acquired" beliefs and perceptions are just that...acquired from those who teach us what they believe and perceive as being "true."

Intellectually acquired "beliefs and perceptions" provide us with a "perception of truth" that is seldom aligned and harmonized with Higher Truth. Higher Truth isn't "intellectually acquired, it becomes KNOWN through direct experience.

Perceived truth can and often does, keep spiritual wellness from BEING or ever becoming a part of your life. We get to choose. It's an individual choice which keep many from SEEING and KNOWING that we are without exception existing, navigating and experiencing a "spiritual path" in a physical dimension whether we "think and believe" we are or not.

The fact of the matter is, there is no such thing as anything but a spiritual life. Literally every aspect of life is spiritual, whether you believe it or not and whether you ever choose to see it or not.

The magnificent, the awesome, the grand, the good, the bad, the ugly as well as the "seemingly horrific" events, conditions and circumstances we experience in "physical life" all stem from and find their root in, the spiritual realm.

Simply put, all things physical and observable come from the non-physical and non observable. Science has proven it and the mystics, sages and spiritual teachers since antiquity have always taught it.

The intent and purpose of the spiritual wellness article is to impress upon you that Spiritual Wellness is the underlying cause that precipitates mental, emotional and physical wellness also.

It serves as the seed from where physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual fulfillment is attained.

That understanding is solidified and becomes crystal clear when you fully grasp and understand that ALL things in their purest and most basic form are, as modern day science explains, a "collective whole" comprised of frequencies of energy.

Regardless of which avenue of discovery that you choose to explore the deeper aspects of life, you'll find that all things physical are derived from the non-physical, metaphysical or spiritual realm.

This understanding is further solidified and equally as important, experienced, when you understand and learn to accept all things physical, whether people, events, conditions and/or circumstances as they are...when you develop a level of self control learning to observe without adverse reaction, to remain calm and unaffected by what is "perceived" and appears as real in a "physical sense", enabling you to draw from the Infinite, future outcomes that harmonize with your way chosen way of "being."

ALL things that are physical and finite in nature are drawn from the spiritual and Infinite and it is your "beingness" that determines the outcomes experienced.

ALL things being experienced in a physical sense today are based on the choices made and the seeds planted at some point in the past which were drawn from the spiritual realm where ALL probabilities already exist..."Infinite probabilities without limitation.

Spiritual Wellness is achieved through developing an enhanced awareness of self, your "true self" as well as the world around you and personally experiencing the indescribable essence of "Unconditional Love" freely provided to you by The Source of your understanding.

Spiritual Wellness Is Most Quickly and Painlessly Achieved by Understanding
That "Love" Is The One and Only True Religion

Don't confuse spirituality with religion or man made denominations. They are quite different.

My personal perception and definition of what "Spiritual" means and how Spiritual Wellness is achieved individually is through developing a deeper understanding of the often times overlooked aspects of life that are "unseen or metaphysical" in nature...the essence if you will from where all things physical are derived. It's not all airy fairy and foo foo as many self professed gurus "claim." Spiritual Wellness is achieved through understanding the "unseen" yet at the same time recognizing the essential role that the "physical you" plays in the process.

It becomes possible when you learn to love and accept yourself just as you are without remorse or regret of the past or fear of the future and understanding that all things, regardless of how "perceived" work together for a greater purpose.

Once this understanding is achieved it's simply a matter of "consciously" harmonizing what is discovered with the "physical aspects of you, consciously aligning and harmonizing the physical with the "non-physical" enabling and allowing a qulity of life that most only hope, wish and pray for becomes a tangible and measurable reality.

Part of this "physical" process is, in many cases "unlearning" what you think you know. Once this step is taken it's simply a matter of re-discovering who and what you "truly" are, the core essence of the "real you" and being re-minded of the limitless power and potential that has already been freely provided to you by Source, what ever you might "perceive" Source to be individually.

This power is not a form of limited and finite power based on restrictive domination or competition but rather "allowing" and cooperation.

I believe another essential aspect of the process is learning to meet and accept all people where they are, learning to accept them as they are and contributing in the best way that you can to serve those who cross your path based both on your ability and their individual needs.

I have discovered in my personal search for "deeper meaning" and a more expansive form of spiritual truth, what I now choose to refer to as a "Higher Truth" is that nothing being seen and experienced in the physical world can be separated from the spiritual since all things physical are made possible and are derived from the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm.

This "unseen realm" exists as the "Infinite field" from where all physical harvests are derived. The kind and quality of the "tangible and measurable" outcome only being determined based on the choice of each individual to determine the kind and quality of seed that is sown.

The physical and the spiritual are inseparable and a choice to remain blind to that fact can and does lead to what many call disharmony and discord in the physical world.

Disharmony and discord in the "unseen realm" isn't possible. They become "real and possible in the "physical realm" simply because we believe and perceive disharmonious and discordant things that are misaligned and not harmonized with what we desire and would love to see and experience here.

Spiritual Wellness is derived and happens as a result of fully exploring and discovering that the Source of your understanding has already provided to you, everything required to experience a life filled with joy, harmony, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

It's simply an individual choice to accept and receive it.

By the same token lack, limitation and "perceived discord" is also a probability which CAN and often DOES become "real" due to our unconscious and uninformed choices.

All that is required to experience "Spiritual Wellness" for yourself as is described in the simple yet profound words of spiritual text is to utilize your inalienable right of free will to...

..."seek and you shall find."


"Be still and know that I am God."


"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

So how do you do that? How do you integrate those words of wisdom into modern day life.

That too is a matter of individual belief and perspective but from my perspective and the personal experiences I've had which shifted that perspective from traditionally held "cmmon views" it's VERY simple. It's a no-brainer in fact.

I've personally found that Meditation addresses and fulfills each of those. Based on my own personal experience, meditation provides the means to quiet the mind. What you see and experience when you do enables the "mind" to transform itself.

The issue "seems to be", that few "seek meditation" as an alternative due to what MOST are taught. I KNOW it's the shortest path simply because I've experienced the power for myself. But finding that "path" required "seeking" where few choose to look.

That finding...that being still and the profound transformation I personally experienced as a result, begins with and requires a "conscious choice" on your part to do so as well as a willingness to "do" what only a small minority are willing to do. Meditation provides with the ability to transcend and look beyond what can be seen with the physical eyes or experienced with the limitations of our other human senses.

It provides a kind and quality of KNOWING that can't be shaken or rattled and enables Spiritual Wellness to be not only experienced but sustained.

It requires seeing beyond what most do and developing a depth of understanding that what is yet to be seen is far more powerful than any event, condition or circumstance than is currently being experienced in "physical form."

How you choose to do that individually and the path that you choose to follow once the choice is made is something that only you can decide for yourself.

I, nor anyone else can provide it to you, so I only share a perspective...what I have personally discovered and experienced for myself.

Since we each are provided an inalienable right of free will, your individual path may be much different. What I do KNOW after navigating both, is that there is a long path and a short path. You get to choose yours. The beauty is, regardless of which you choose, at some point, ALL paths lead back to the One and the same path, all of which lead to One and the Same Source.

My personal belief based on many years of personal experience and seeking in all the "external places" is that only when you choose and learn to "become still"...unless and until you become willing to "Be Still" and look deeply within yourself where the ancient texts "clearly state" that the Kingdom of God is, will you become enabled and empowered to transcend all the external noise, the lies, deceit and deception that's so prevalent in the world.

That's when you discover that much of what you've learned and "thought you knew" is the very thing that keeps so many spiritually blind. That's what keeps Spiritual Wellness at a distance and from becoming a part of your life.

It's a choice and that choice is ours and ours alone to make...or not.

It's my personal opinion as well as my experience that Spiritual Wellness cannot be achieved through simply engaging and interacting in religious circles, listening to, believing and attempting to follow any "man made" doctrines and dogmas. Listening to man's interpretations of about what's right, wrong, good or bad are merely individual opinions garnered through what these same men who teach them were taught by the generations before them, never exploring beyond what they believe and think they know.

The very same doctrines and dogmas that often judge, condemn and separate the various denominations and religions of the world, but can only be tapped into and truly experienced when you fully grasp, understand and personally witness the Unity and Oneness of everything and everyone that exists in the entire Universe.

That "knowing" is made possible in the silence of meditation and transcends all common human logic and physical understanding. It enables you to touch and experience the indescribable essence of "Unconditional Love."

Spiritual Wellness in the light that I choose to address it means an acceptance of ALL people as a collective whole regardless of individually chosen religious beliefs, color, ethnicity or any other "perceived" differences that some might choose for themselves.

Spiritual Wellness can never be acquired "intellectually." It must be tapped into, KNOWN and understood "experientially."

The links below will provide you with what I believe to be profoundly empowering and informative articles and resources that I know can and will "assist" you in your search for completion should you choose to "allow" them to.

They'll assist you in developing the necessary intellectual understanding...the 1st step that enables spiritual wellness to be achieved for and experienced by you individually as well as enable and empower you to recognize, awaken to and begin to "consciously" utilize the many gifts already provided to you.

It's both our hope as well as our intention that you will be provided with everything required to enable you to discover and experience the "Spiritual Wellness" that is, always has been and always will be available to anyone who chooses to find it as well as assist you in acquiring the Spiritual Wellness that we believe to be an essential aspect of experiencing a wholesome, fulfilling and prosperous quality of life.

Whatever you choose for yourself, it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that each of those choices will lead you one step closer to a personal experience of love, joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity that is, always has been and always will be available to you simply by making the individual and "conscious" choice to find and experience it for yourself.

An experience that I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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