Relationships and The Law of Attraction

Relationships and The Law of Attraction? might find yourself thinking. What could relationships have to do with The Law of Attraction?

Well...quite simply...EVERYTHING!!

Here’s the thing with relationships that many overlook. Although they might be aware of the Law of Attraction, although they might be quite aware and know that the Law of Attraction exists, they don’t fully understand or know about how the Law of Attraction operates.

One thing I can tell you is that it does so perfectly and precisely. It never wavers. It’s never out of harmony.

You may have been in undesirable after undesirable relationship and all the while perceiving that it’s those in your relationship who continue to fall short of your expectations.

But here’s the thing…

Unless and until you choose to look within yourself, what it is that is within yourself that is creating and projecting this frequency…this projecting of energy that is harmonizing with those who you are attracting into your experience, you will continue to draw those who harmonize with that way of being, who continue to fall short of fulfilling your expectations.

The Law of Resonance never fails or wavers. The Law of Attraction never fails or wavers.

The Universal Laws that govern the resonance and the energy that you choose to project provide you with outcomes that harmonize perfectly with that choice 100% of the time without fail.

It’s simply a choice. You can choose to do that or not. Choosing or not choosing isn’t right or wrong, good or bad. It’s simply a choice to continue having the same experiences. It’s a choice to limit yourself from experiencing who and what you truly are. From savoring and exploring the limitless and infinite variety that was, is and always will be available to you relationally or otherwise.

If that is working for you keep doing that. If it enables you to be happy and fulfilled, keep doing that. If you have been and enjoy experiencing less than desired relationships keep doing whatever it is that you have been doing. There is no judgment or discernment as to what’s right or wrong for you outside of yourself.

But if you are looking for the answer…the solution as to why those who you attract to you in the area of relationships continue to provide less than your expectations, looking outside of yourself will continue to be futile in changing anything.

You get to choose. You get to be, do and have whatever you choose. You get to pick and choose what you are drawing from the Infinite Field of potentiality and you get to experience just that in your physical life.

Just become conscious of that fact and then make your current choices based on this “higher truth.”

Then you’ll be exercising your right and the creative power provided to you in a conscious, intentional and focused way. You’ll get to see and fully understand the creative power that you hold to create the events, conditions and circumstances that you choose just as you choose.

If you are in some way dissatisfied with the choices that you have made in the past which are the reason that you have experienced what you have to this point, it’s as simple as making new choices starting right now that will enable you to experience something different in the future.

Isn’t it great how that works? Isn’t it exciting beyond description?

Wanna know what’s even more exciting? Take the word relationship out of the above sentences and replace it with anything you’d like. Physical, financial, emotional and/or spiritual and the outcome is precisely the same.

See how simple it all really is? So simple it’s profound. That’s why everything “seems” so difficult…because WE choose to complicate it. We allow our intellect to get in the way. It makes the simple and profound “seemingly” complicated.

The truth is though…the “higher truth”…it never has been and never will be with the exception of how complicated we make it for ourselves. We even get to choose that. How exciting and powerful is that?

I'm Finsihed With Relationships and The Law Of Attraction
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I'm Finsihed With Relationships and The Law Of Attraction
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