Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment Based On The Teachings Of The Earths Most Insightful And Enlightened Masters

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment is much like the suns rays breaking through a
clouded pathway revealing a new, joyful, refreshing and exuberant
outlook in each and every moment of here and now

Spiritual Enlightenment - Awakening To Dimensional Consciousness

Regardless of your personal preference for finding meaningful answers to your deepest and most sought after questions whether choosing to refer to it as spiritual enlightenment, through a more tangible and scientific approach by engaging yourself in the study of quantum physics, metaphysics, spiritually based knowledge, the human physiology or through the simple observation of nature or all of the above it's amazing and equally exciting that all these "seemingly" independent avenues of exploration lead to the very same conclusions, to One ultimate Source whatever you might choose to perceive this Source to be individually.

That's where spiritual enlightenment begins. By coming to the conclusion that there is nothing...absolutely NOTHING that is NOT spiritual.

How so? Because anything and everything originated from the spiritual.

Spiritual Enlightenment becomes possible when one chooses to drop all judgments and preconceived notions and ideas about what's real and right and true in the world...who's right and who's wrong...what's good and what's bad and makes a conscious choice to open themselves and "allow"

This section of Abundance-and-Happiness.com which will be focusing specifically on Spiritual Enlightenment will provide you with a perspective based on my personal findings and experiences thus far during an intense yet extremely eye opening 30 year quest seeking answers to questions that up to one point I couldn't seem to find answers for.

It wasn't until making the choice to break away from what everyone "told" me was truth and begin my own personal and intense search which led me to discover what I now refer to as a "Higher Truth" that provided me with the answers I was seeking.

One of the greatest truths discovered is that regardless of how "Spiritually Enlightened" one might "perceive" themselves to be, there always exists more to discover, explore and understand.

Spiritual Enlightenment is developing the understanding that what is spiritual in nature (which is everything) is quite literally Infinite in nature and the deeper one chooses to look the more they understand that the horizon just continues to expand.

The more spiritually enlightened you become the more you understand just how little you understand and the more their is to discover, learn and understand.

It's ironic yet true.

Although this section contains my individual perspective based on my own individual search thus far it is my intent and hope that what I've personally discovered may provide you with some answers that you have been seeking, as well as serve as a tool that might assist you with establishing a deeper understanding in your personal spiritual quest and finding answers that will serve you in both finding and experiencing the completion that we all seek as well as serve to provide you with the fulfillment of your most sought after hopes, dreams and desires.

Spiritual Enlightenment, not to be confused with anything discovered through man made religious doctrine, and dogmas or individual perspectives based on "flawed information" due to "falsely established" traditional belief systems can be achieved by recognizing the fact that to discover what I choose to refer to as a "higher truth", an unshakable truth that is individual for yourself which can be evidenced as an "inner knowing" unshakable by anything or anyone external to you can be achieved by making the choice as well as the commitment to do so.

One such avenue which led me to discovering this "inner knowing" for myself is supported through studying what the greatest and most spiritually enlightened teachers in the history of the world have shared for thousands of years.

Amazingly, regardless of which of these you study, eliminating any preconceived notions or assumptions of truth received and established prior, you discover that regardless if it was Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna or any of the spiritually enlightened masters, the core message is exactly the same.

Spiritual Enlightenment is not about self, but rather recognizing the Whole as the One body and experiencing an inner calling to contribute to this Whole in whatever way your individual gifts and talents permit.

True spiritual enlightenment is achieved through allowing yourself to go within into the silence, eliminating the noise of external influence and conscious self talk enabling you to tap into an utterly profound yet extremely simple to comprehend sense of "unconditional love."

Spiritual Enlightenment is achieved by holding an underlying intention of sincerely seeking and asking for guidance and direction which is necessary to enable and empower you to touch, experience and discern for yourself what immutable and unwavering truth is for you.

Meditation has proven for myself and millions of others to be the answer to enter into and acquire that often sought after understanding referred to as "real" or "higher" truth which provides unquestionable direction and insight for those who choose to utilize the indescribable sense of awareness attained in addition to numerous additional benefits experienced through it's practice.

Contrary to majority belief, external perspectives, speculation and religious dogmas are not necessary to achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment but rather that ALL answers to all questions already lie within you and can be easily attained when provided with the understanding, belief and the know how as to how to go about discovering this "inner place" for yourself.

For those who are truly ready for these answers, the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation was a tool that I personally utilize and have found enables you to find that place of inner silence and tranquility and does so in such a way that eliminates the possibility of "flawed" external influence.

This section that we refer to as Spiritual Enlightenment" is in no way attempting to claim that our experiences, information, research and beliefs established are "THE WAY" but rather we provide them as "A WAY", what I have come to believe to be "the best way" based on "MY" perspective that may prove helpful in finding answers in your search and assist you with achieving the understanding as well as the harmony we all seek in reaching our individually desired quality of life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

Often times misguided beliefs established as the result of external influence and through allowing others to discern truth for you can and often does lead to unnecessary struggle unless and until a conscious choice is arrived at to discover what I choose to refer to as "Higher Truth."

This section of the site which we'll call "Spiritual Enlightenment" will provide a look at the greatest and most quoted and written about spiritually enlightened teachers in the history of the world.

There is no intent to change or sway you from what you currently believe or any attempt to persuade you to develop any belief based on these perspectives, but rather to provide a perspective based on my own search thus far that may provide you with an understanding that will shorten your path in finding the answers that you may be seeking resulting in greater peace of mind and a greater more harmonious life experience.

Contrary to many religious teachings of today, it has become my personal belief after years of "intense" searching, studies and personal experience, that man made dogmas and the various and NUMEROUS religions throughout the world who claim that their way is the "Only" way, have instilled and created beliefs based on fear and separateness rather than what the wisest and most enlightened spiritual teachers were attempting to convey and teach to the world during their time here. That message regardless of which culture derived, consists of a message of Unconditional Love and Unity among ALL people of the world regardless of individual religious beliefs, color, country of origin or any other perceived separateness instilled based on "man made law", that we truly are ONE and as individuals who collectively make up the whole, have the inalienable right to choose our own individual path without judgment or retribution.

If spirituality or the attainment of "Spiritual Enlightenment" isn't your personal preference for deeper understanding at this point in your search, you may choose to explore the Quantum Physics section of the site which provides a deeper look at the aspect of creation through what modern day quantum physicists have discovered with regard to what makes the physical aspects of life work. Quantum Physics is basically a deeper look at the fundamental building blocks which make up the physical world.

Either avenue together or separately in reality will assist in the attainment of spiritual enlightenment when it is looked at deeply enough.

Regardless of which avenue you might choose, you'll soon discover that ALL roads lead back to one single and simple understanding...one path...one Source.

Regardless of what you may choose to believe one thing has become VERY clear to me and that is the fact that there is no such thing as untruth but only effects in the physical world that will unfold perfectly and precisely based on whatever you may perceive truth to be.

Regardless of how much you may search or regardless of the amount of insight and wisdom gained, as you'll soon discover should you make Spiritual Enlightenment" your path, the more you discover with regard to Spiritual Enlightenment" the more you find that the horizon keeps expanding. I suppose it goes into "Infinity."

The following links will direct you to a number of profoundly empowering resources that I have come to believe, based on personal experience to provide the "Highest Truth" that I have encountered thus far in my quest toward Spiritual Enlightenment and I hope that it proves to provide IMMENSE benefit to you as well in EACH and EVERY aspect of your life as they have mine.

The Most Comprehensive Education Available For Developing Both an "Intellectual" as Well as "Experiential" Understanding of Spiritual Enlightenment

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy

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