Stress and Health

The Stress and Health Connection : Here's A Powerful But Little Known Secret To Eliminate Stress At The Source And Heal Your Body Safely And Naturally

"Once you're fully aware of the stress and health connection you'll understand how to supercharge your immune system and heal yourself physically, emotionally and naturally."

The Stress And Health Connection

Stress and Health are widely understood as having a connection yet little information is available to show us how to eliminate stress naturally and for VERY good reason.

As a result few are aware and understand that they already have the ability to achieve optimum levels of health naturally simply by eliminating stress at the source, without the need for pharmaceutical drugs or costly health supplements.

In fact thousands of people including doctors, are quickly becoming aware of this stress and health connection and discovering their ability to heal both physical and emotional issues without the need for modern medicine or pharmaceutical drugs.

What you are about to discover may anger you but at the same time will excite you. It provides an answer to the stress and health connection that will both enable and empower you to experience optimal states of health both safely and naturally.

In fact, as you'll soon discover, you already possess the most powerful healing mechanism in the world and all the pharmaceutical and health supplement companies in the world can't even come close to matching it's healing ability.

What is this healing mechanism? Your very own immune system.

Little do most know that your own immune system has the ability to ward off EVERY illness and disease known to man. It also has the ability to heal illness and disease that currently exists in the body.

Recent research has shown that the key is eliminating the stress which allows these illnesses and diseases to form and grow.

It's Not External Stress That Creates Illness and Shuts Down The Immune System

The kind of stress you'll be discovering isn't the kind of external stress that most associate stress with such as being stuck in traffic or other day to day external stressors, but rather a form of stress that resides at the cellular level which most aren't even aware exists within them.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr Ben Johnson call it, it's stress that is stored as cellular memory.

This is a form of stress that affects the para-sympathetic nervous system and diverts the effectiveness of your immune system by keeping the body in what is referred to as a "Fight or Flight response."

Although the fight or flight response is useful and necessary in cases where immediate danger is present and enables you to make quick decisions to take yourself out of harms way, due to numerous factors, cellular memories are created and this fight or flight response remains activated which is precisely what allows illness and disease to be formed in your body.

Once you understand how the immune system operates and the healing power that has been freely provided to you, you'll not only understand but become empowered to reactivate your immune system and enable it to both heal and maintain your body safely and naturally.

Contrary to the belief of many, your immune system was created in such a way that nothing external to you is necessary for achieving and maintaining optimal states of health.

The key to achieving this result though, requires becoming aware of what cellular memory is, where it comes from and taking the necessary action to eliminate it's effects.

Contrary to what the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry would have you believe there are numerous findings that support the healing power provided to you once cellular memories are properly dealt with.

Your body already has and was provided everything required to...

  • Dissolve Emotional Issues...

  • Super Charge your immune system…

  • Heal itself…

  • Eliminate ALL your pain, stress, fear, depression and disease…

  • Create new cells that will enable you to feel fresh and rejuvenated...

  • Turn your Defensive Cells into super Growth Cells that will not allow illness to develop within you!

Understanding this stress and health connection will show you how you can turn on healing for your pets, children and family suffering from disease simply, easily and naturally.

If that's true, why aren't you yet aware of it?

The problem lies in a lack of knowledge and understanding as to just how powerful your immune system is and how to utilize it in a way that eliminates the need for any external substance, whether pharmaceutical drugs or health supplements that have over the past several decades escalated into a multi-trillion dollar per year industry.

In fact the pharmaceutical industry has become the most powerful and profitable business structure in the world.

There is good reason why natural health cures are being suppressed and pharmaceutical companies most certainly have the financial resources available to make certain that they are.

In fact the masses have become intentionally programmed to believe that achieving optimum health is a complicated science that is best handled by our current medical industry.

What few fail to understand is that in the U.S., we have THE most expensive health care system in the world and rank 72nd in effectiveness!!

There's very good and obvious reasons for this once you are exposed to and made aware of information that the pharmaceutical companies have thus far been unable to suppress...information that is currently readily available to you.

This information clearly shows not only why nothing else is required to achieve optimum levels of health naturally, but how to eliminate the need for potentially harmful drugs as well and with far greater results.

Listen to this informative interview with Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson and learn how both Dr Loyd and Dr Johnson personally experienced the healing power of eliminating cellular memories which created what most would consider to be miraculous outcomes.

How do you do that? It begins by first understanding the stress and health connection and discovering how to eliminate stress at the cellular level.

Recent research has shown that stress begins and is stored at a cellular level. It's by dealing with these cellular memories that enables the immune system to do the job that it was intended to do.

Although drugs are often prescribed and used to lower stress levels, what few understand is that pharmaceutical drugs only serve as a band-aid to temporarily offset stress and in many cases cause complications resulting in far greater problems in other areas.

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) openly publishes facts concerning the stress and health connection and estimates the effects of stress to be responsible for approximately 85% of all illness and disease.

But according to new research performed by Dr. Bruce Lipton at Stanford University School of Medicine, the stress and health connection...more specifically the percentage of disease that stress is responsible for is as high as 95%!!

Even more shocking is the fact that this stress can be and is being dealt with at this cellular level, restoring the body's ability to heal itself and providing far greater benefit in the process of healing than any drug or supplement could ever hope to achieve.

When you have a basic understanding of how the stress and health connection affects your immune system and diverts the energy that your immune system utilizes to ward off illness and disease of EVERY type naturally, you're 99% of the way to experiencing optimum health.

How so?

Simply by eliminating the stress in your life at it's source. When you learn how stress and health are intricately interconnected and effect every aspect of your body...more specifically the healing functions of your body and the effects that stress has in diverting the functions of your immune system, you can make the choices to supercharge your immune system so that disease is unable to form in your body and even eliminate existing diseases once the immune system is fully functioning in the way it was designed.

The following 2 interviews will provide you with all the information you'll need to make an educated and informed decision for yourself.

This Interview reveals how Dr. Ben Johnson Eliminated a disease that conventional medicine couldn't cure

This interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how cellular memories create illness and disease and what you can do to stop it naturally

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