Stress Related Illness

These Little Known Facts Regarding Stress and Stress Related Illness and Disease Could Save Your Life

There are numerous statistics circulating today regarding stress related illness and disease, many of which appear to have been long outdated.

In fact based on the work of numerous scientists, it's being discovered that Stress Related Illness is much more common and widespread than the vast majority are aware of.

According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC) stress related illness accounts for approximately 85% of all illness and disease in the U.S.

Based on recent research performed by Dr Bruce Lipton PHD at Stanford University School of Medicine, the number of people in the world who are directly impacted by stress related illness goes much higher than was previously thought.

Dr Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist who is also the best selling author of 'The Biology of Belief' claims that stress related illness accounts for 95 PLUS percent of the health issues that so many are faced with today.

It's also been discovered that what so many perceive as being the form of stress that creates illness is something quite different altogether.

New and ever increasing scientific research is finding that contrary to the widely held perceptions regarding stress and it's overall effects on health, stress is not created by external circumstances.

Based on Dr Lipton's work stress is not limited to psychological functions.

New research is revealing that stress is stored in individual cells throughout the body which is now being referred to as cellular memory and is the primary cause in 95% or more cases for allowing illness and disease to develop.

In a recent interview with Dr Lipton, Dr. Alex Loyd, and Dr.Ben Johnson, some amazing yet at the same time startling discoveries were revealed regarding what stress "truly is" and how stress related illness and disease can be dramatically reduced and even eliminated.

Based on the recent research that is continually unfolding new findings regarding both stress and stress related illness, it seems that we each have much more control over our lives and our health than most are aware of.

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