The Case For Placebo
Healing The Body With The Mind

These Doctors, Scientists and Patients Know First Hand
The Power of The Placebo Effect and Our Individual Ability To Heal The Body With The Mind

The Case For Placebo Is Compelling and Growing

The Case For Placebo and your ability to heal yourself with the power of the mind
is, not surprisingly becoming quite evident and common in scientific and medical circles

The Case For Placebo and The Power You Already Hold
To Heal Through The Power Of Belief

The case for placebo as well as it's "polar opposite" the nocebo effect, although known of for more than a century is just now beginning to gain serious attention by some well credentialed, highly qualified and well known scientists, doctors and health care providers.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD , a cellular biologist and best selling author of 'The Biology of Belief', one third and more likely 2 thirds of ALL healings are the result of the placebo effect.

My personal belief is that these percentages will be much higher as more research is done and as more discoveries are made substantiating in a "tangible and measurable kind of way" the compelling case for placebo.

Although placebo and nocebo effects are common knowledge in medical circles, no in depth research has been done for the most part to understand and substantiate in a scientifically satisfactory way, how or why both placebo and nocebo effects happen.

It's certainly not nor ever has been a secret as to why. The latest discoveries by 21st century science supports and substantiates what the sages, mystics and masters of the past have always conveyed.

It boils down to nothing more or less than the individual beliefs you hold. As you believe you receive.

Recent research conducted by scientists, psychologists and medical doctors alike is providing compelling evidence as to just how "true" that is.

At the same time, as exciting as that is and as widespread as the understanding is becoming, as many doctors will tell you, it's not taught nor discussed in any depth in medical training facilities.

The "potential reasons" are many.

What new discoveries are revealing, as you'll see below, is that actual surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs may in and of themselves be activating the placebo effect even in cases where "real surgeries and real drugs" are being utilized.

That's quite a change. In the past most have "perceived" placebo to mean taking a "chalk or sugar pill" or some other substance that's "believed" to be a "real drug." The patient experiences relief even though no actual drug was actually administered.

The case for placebo is stretching far beyond what was once limited to chalk and sugar pills.

In other words a growing number of health care providers believe that it may not be the surgery or drug that's doing the healing at all but rather the "belief" of the patient who the therapy is being performed on and based on the "belief" that the procedure will help, it does.

It's important to emphasize...This includes placebo's initiated through both "real" surgeries and/or pharmaceutical drugs.

What's equally true though, is the nocebo effect is equally as powerful. A doctors "opinion" regarding someone's health more often than not affects and determines the outcome of the patient.

As I cover and share in depth in my latest e-book, 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells', a lot of what we've been led to believe and depend on for creating healthy and wholesome lives is based on outdated science and "perhaps" being intentionally suppressed.

As you'll see below, the case for placebo and the "true cause" of experiencing health and vitality may prove to be quite "different" than what you currently "know" and believe to be true.

It's certainly worth keeping an open mind, listening to what many scientists and doctors have come to know and once explored, discerning for yourself if it's "true" or not.

There's no question in my mind. As I share in an article relating to my then 2 week old son's healing titled The Greatest of These Is Love I know first hand the power available to and for us should we choose for it for ourselves.

You could say I've "been there and done that."

One thing I do know. It's well worth exploring and discerning for yourself. I and many like me know. But it's what you know and believe that matters as it pertains to you.

Elevating and enhancing your belief regarding how "true" it is could make all the difference for you and those you love at some point in the future.

It's my hope that you'll choose to discover it for yourself.

You can get a complimentary copy of my latest e-book, 'The Miracle Of You and Your Cells' that provides much more detail about how and why it's true.

The "tangible proof" below will assist you in understanding and seeing how the case for placebo is becoming known and understood by a number of others as well.

Recent Discoveries Substantiating, Supporting
and Solidifying The Case For Placebo

In 2002, researchers at the Houston VA Medical Center as well as the Baylor College of Medicine found that a common type of knee surgery known as debridement is no more and in some cases less beneficial than a placebo surgery.

A study was conducted with 180 patients suffering from knee problems.

The outcome is leading an ever growing number of doctors and scientists to believe that even surgeries performed on patients isn't necessarily "the cause" for alleviating "physical issues" but rather the "belief" of the patient that such procedures will provide the needed relief.

Here's what Dr. Bruce Moseley, an orthopedics professor at Baylor who performed both the real and placebo surgeries in the study, told United Press International.

"I was initially very surprised. I could not imagine anybody suggesting that anything we do in surgery would be beneficial from a placebo effect. I associate placebo effect with pills."

After conducting a two year follow-up, the 180 patients included in the study were unaware whether they had received the "real" or placebo surgery. Patients who received actual surgical treatments did not report less pain or exhibit better functioning of their knees compared to the placebo group. In fact, periodically during the follow-up, the placebo group reported a better outcome compared to the patients who underwent the actual procedure.

The following video with Dr. Moseley as well as a patient who received the placebo surgery say it best...

More In Depth Research and Discoveries
Making The Case For Placebo Are Underway

The following videos reveal what a team of scientists are discovering which appears to be developing into an even stronger case for placebo as well as how the "belief" of the health care giver can affect the outcome of the care given to patients.

Placebo - Healing the Body with the Mind (1 of 5)

Placebo - Healing the Body with the Mind (2 of 5)

Placebo - Healing the Body with the Mind (3 of 5)

Placebo - Healing the Body with the Mind (4 of 5)

Placebo - Healing the Body with the Mind (5 of 5)

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