The Whisper

A Poem of Love, Empathy,
Caring, Compassion and Healing

The Whisper

By Chuck Danes

I heard a whisper today as I thought about you
A whisper from Love due to what you’re going through
It was an unspoken whisper, unlike physical talk
It came through me to assure you, “You’re not alone on this walk”

Though my limited words could never express
The unfailing nature of Love’s sweet caress
Love nudged me...She whispered to reach out to you
With empathy, caring and a heart hug or two

The depth of such whispers, mere words can’t convey
The limits of language leave much left to say
But I’ll do all I’m able, do the best I can do
And share from my heart what I heard coming through

"On this human pathway, there are things you'll go through
Loss, grief and sadness can overwhelm you
Yet my Love’s always faithful, all things work for good
Amongst those who precede you, that’s SO understood

The losses you feel, can create human pain
A common reaction on your human plain
Yet beyond it there's comfort that can't be described
My unfailing Love, in all souls it abides

It is Love all pervasive, there's nowhere it's not
Yet that KNOWING gets blurry when you're feeling distraught
Know this and find comfort, your loved one is near
Any pain is imagined, there's nothing to fear

I know of your heartache and I see your tears
Yet both only happen by dwelling on fears
They both stem from worry, created in mind
They can blind you to Love, the Unconditional kind

Love's felt in your heart not heard in your head
The comfort that's found there replaces the dread
To some it's too simple, it may seem untrue
Yet beliefs such as those can be troubling to you

The wisdom is timeless the promise holds true
My Love, grace and guidance are all around you
As those who precede you, who've stepped through the veil
Would joyfully tell you, Love always prevails

What you view as death is truly new life
No pain, fear or sadness, the absence of strife
There’s awe, peace and comfort and a heavenly view
We rejoice with your loved ones, yet our hearts ache for you

Though absent in body, your loved ones remain
The connection not severed because Love never wanes
In heart, soul and spirit, though they watch from the throne
They’re always there with you and you're never alone

You can reach out and touch them when you’re feeling the blues
Recall the fond memories whenever you choose.
So do all your able and choose as you will
Just know loved ones who leave you are joy filled and still

They look down upon you and root for your good
They know of your heartache, though prefer that you would
Think of their lives in a fond, joyful way
Embrace, feel the Love that they send you each day"

There you go, there’s the whisper that I felt coming through
The message from Love that was meant just for you
So mourn if you must and do what you will
Yet those who await us prefer pain to be nil

I've been down this pathway and I do know your pain
Yet the Light shines so brightly beyond all the rain
So with compassion and caring I offer to you
My thoughts, love and comfort as this storm passes through

My prayers, they are with you and your family who mourn
That you might see the rose and not feel the thorn
Although I know little, what I do know is this
God’s Love, will and Grace…never, ever miss

Though mere words leave a void and there’s much left to say
My heart says “enough”, for you know the way
I just wanted to tell you, that Love's with you today
In heart, mind and spirit as you walk this pathway

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End of The Whisper of Love

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